They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016:
Why did Bethany have on an Alison bracelet?

I think Alison did plan to leave if she didn’t figure out who was blackmailing her. I think that is why she created Vivian in the first place. 

That night was a huge process of elimination and Alison needed to find out who was blackmailing her. I think if she didn’t that would be when she would leave. And then of course her night ended with her being hit in the head and buried. (Images from google)


The thing that bugs me that I hope they explain is why Bethany was wearing an Alison bracelet. Charlotte’s story about Alison stealing her clothes would make sense if it wasn’t for the bracelet it  all has to be a lie. 

Charlotte wasn’t a patient at Radley it’s why she needed the pass to get in. This was our clue all along she was never there. And Mona was so drugged up she didn’t know who she was talking to.

So if Charlotte was never in Radley how the hell would Bethany get her clothes?

So remember how Charlotte told Emily that she was talking to Melissa about some videos. She said Alison called her and that everyone was freaking out. 

She was scared as hell because Jason was able to place her with Melissa. 

Well I think this shit is still important because Charlotte tried to kill Jason  after that.

In the Pll books Alison and Courtney were fighting and  Ian saw it all that night. He was drunk and saw two blondes and Alison killed him and his body was found weeks later. The reason why Alison killed Ian was because he was the only one that saw Ali with Courtney that night.

In the show Jason is drunk and he sees Charlotte and Melissa arguing and Charlotte is dressed like Ali. The moment Emily brought that information back to Charlotte she had to come with something. 

But Alison never said anything about calling Cece that night when she retold her story. She didn’t even know she was there. 

But then in 6x10 while telling her story Charlotte denied being there at all. Why deny it?

Why was it bad for Charlotte and Melissa to be put together that night?

It’s something that I think has to come back up Melissa and Charlotte had a connection. And it’s no coincidence that while she pretended to be Cece they never had a scene together. Never happened to cross path beside that night.


Then in 6x17 Hanna talks about running into  Melissa but really what are the odd? And the one time they run into each other Melissa is distraught over her and Wren breaking up. But yet their still together so clearly whatever she said it wasn’t bad enough.

Melissa says Charlotte called and spoke to Wren and told him about Bethany. Then dials the number to Welby like she knows it by heart.

I honestly feel like they are connected they have to be could they really be sisters??

But even if they are is Charlotte really Charles?

And what reason would their be to dress up Bethany as Ali in the first place.

Why was it important Alison die and Bethany stay a missing girl? (I’m definitely trying to figure out a reason but we still have no idea who Bethany really is) 

Drama 😢

So much is happening in the fandom right now, so much hate and negativity. It’s so sad. I’ve been in the TMNT Fandom for years and have known everyone to be so excepting to one another.
I don’t talk that much to other bloggers but I do know many to be friendly and kind. They’re good people and they most definitely do not deserve this treatment. If you’re someone that sends anon hate or cruel messages, then you should be ashamed.
We only have a bit of time in this life and this, THIS is how you want to spend yours? Being hateful and mean?
Hurting others?
What does it do for you or for anyone at that?
I’ve never been able to understand bullies, they just confuse me. How could anyone enjoy being mean?
To all the bloggers who have been treated poorly I, in behalf of Tumblr and the TMNT fandom, apologize.
And those out there sending the messages, here’s a piece of advice:
Read a book.
Pet a dog, call your mom, help somebody out for the sake of helping. Learn something new, find a better hobby then this. Don’t just sit at your computer all being a bully via internet. It’s dumb and useless and just plain old mean.

        I’ve been on here for six months now and have met some really amazing people in that time, some of whom I talk to pretty much on a daily basis and honestly I am the happiest person alive to know them. The 100 followers I’ve received on here, I’m truly grateful for and thank all of you, what makes this extra special is in the next couple of weeks it’ll be my year anniversary of returning to the Fruits Basket fandom as well as it being a year since I’ve created Asa. So, I’d like to thank all of those who have inspired me, welcomed me with open arms, and help me develop my muse; please follow as many as you can, all really.

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Okay, I know that this blog doesn’t do shipping headcanons, but this isn’t a headcanon. This is about the fandom.

I’ve been in the fandom for only over a year now. I’ve seen enough.

What even is the point of attacking people for shipping? What is the point of attacking people for not shipping your god damn ship? I am disgusted at this fandom. It is absolutely not okay to harrass someone just because you believe two characters are more compatible with each other than other character. How dare you do that.

Shipping is putting to characters together, seeing if they’re able to have a relationship or not. Maybe in different circumstances they could have been dating. That’s the entire concept of shipping. Maybe on different circumstances they could have been dating.

I do not understand why that is so hard to comprehend.

hey guys! soo my name is Alison, I’m 17. I’ve been a fan of panic! since pretty. odd. but I haven’t gotten really into the fandom since just last year. yayay aha I went to my first official panic! concert on my birthday and again just this past June. feel free to message me!! I’m always looking for new friends ((:

disclaimer: my blog isn’t exclusively brendon urie or panic!

@ everyone whos followed me in the past year and isnt aware that my biggest fandom for like 2 years was an anime about soccer, are you ready

It breaks my heart to see so many people chased out of something they love, something that was supposed to be fun, because of a couple of people’s cruelty and malice and refusal to let this go. I hope the people who have left will consider coming back when the pain has faded. I was also bullied out of this fandom for a while a couple of years ago, but I came back and found joy here again. It IS possible. To all those who left, please remember there is a large community here who loves and supports you, and we’ll be waiting. Take care of your previous selves and remember this will pass.
I no longer want to engage with this distressing topic, so this will be my final say on the matter.

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Because the fandom can be annoying, even though there hasn't been an incident in awhile, people will say things just to bait fans and get them riled up. Like some things won't even be started by an ARMY. It's not cool :/

Exactly, it’s not fair but it happens. Fandoms are supposed to be fun, but over the years, with the rise of Kpop, people are getting too butthurt and obsessive over every little comment or detail. Just chill out, folks (@everyfandomever).  

i had a thoughtful post about some of the weaker points in GF’s second season and things like that but 

I remembered Kyle MacLachlan voicing the bus driver and now I’m really emotional and focusing on what a GESTURE that is and how Mabel and Dipper are growing up off into the unknown and how it’s like a send off to the upcoming season 3 of Twin Peaks and the fandom itself growing up the past few years its been on and i’m just

remember when johnny galecki and kaley cuoco dated for two years and the fandom figured it out but none of the general public knew then when she revealed they’d dated and gave the general time of the breakup there were literally hundreds of comments on the article saying things like “I noticed that their characters’ chemistry was super off after that point!!” and those of us in the fandom who knew the whole time were like lol where were all of you talking about a change in their chemistry eight months ago when you apparently noticed it that’s right nowhere because there literally was no change in leonard and penny’s chemistry y'all just want so badly to sound smart now.

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My 2 cents. Ezra and Grant have both done problematic things but neither is bettter than the other. Nor do I feel either is a terrible person. They're flawed individuals as we all are.

I think this entire Grant vs Ezra thing is dumb as hell and I’m over it. I have no interest in movie Flash. As far as I am concerned, Grant is my Flash, Candice is my Iris, and Keiynan is my Wally. I wish whoever is playing those roles in the movie the best of luck, but it’s not going to change how I feel on the subject. I think this is quite possibly the DUMBEST fandom drama I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of dumb fandom drama over the years. 

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Hiii. I was wondering if bts is good? I've been watching this youtuber named hiiitsfeii or something and she is sooo cool. She does reaction videos of bts and they're soo cute. She also did got7. Should i give them a go? Also is there any drama?

oh yeah bts is great. i stanned them from debut until last year but their fandom is comparable to directioners & beliebers, theyre wild, and dramatic, and always do the most with the least.

if u dont like fandom drama then i suggest u just enjoy bts & avoid ARMYs (bts’ fandom name)