Our Promise - Loki x Reader

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Summary: As teenagers, Loki and (Y/N) agreed that if they were not to be married by 35, they’d marry each other. Loki then sabotage every relationship (Y/N) had until her 35th birthday, only to be force to tell her upon that very special day.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 2.9K

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A/N: wooooooooo !! This one actually hit me hard ((AND I WROTE IT)), but when I read it I picture Loki from the first Thor because he just seems so much more emotion and BOY is this story a RIDE

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This is the best

okay headcanon that when the losers club are all older they go to bills house a couple times a year just to have a Loser’s Night (dedicated time that they can all hang out bc they’re busy people now) and bill is a Talented Boy that knows how to play piano and they’re all gathered around his grand piano, richie laying across it while bill plays “Piano Man” by Billy Joel and richie plays the harmonica while the rest of them sing and laugh and have a good time and they’re all best friends who love each other so much and nsnjsjshshsjwjekd

Get Away  Joker X Reader

“ Y/N! Y/N! How did you meet The Joker. How were you able to become The Joker mistress” I kicked at all the people that surrounded me, pointing microphones and cameras in my face. “Don’t you see you idiots! I am The Joker!” I let out my imitation of J’s laugh, it was mediocre but it would give the press something for the six o'clock news. “Tell em Jimmy please” I said to Jim Gordon who held my arms tightly. When he ignored me I leaned into him flicking my tongue around in his ear. ‘Tell em baby’ I said before I was torn away by another pair of arms and thrown roughly in a cop car the door slammed in my face. I pouted running my finger down my face to symbolize a tear drop. He didn’t pay any mind only averting his attention to  dismissing the crowd. I shrugged off the heartbreak ol Jimmy had given me and looked around the rig. It was one of the “new’ cop cars. They were some brand spankin’ new sports car all tricked out on the inside to be completely “Villain proof” seeing that Gotham has it’s fair share of rogues. Basically they bulked the interior and made it harder to pick the door locks or to kick out the windows. Not much of an improvement but they were trying. I chuckled looking at the two male officers one was older and had worked for the GCPD long before I ever came to town, the other though was different. He had dark black hair, a handsome face and something nervous about him… I bit my tongue thinking what his dilemma could be. Most of the time cops were confident, or at least pretended they were unless they were- I clapped my hands together smiling at the boy. New recruits. He could be easily swayed. “Hey Mister old guy?” I said tapping on the glass. He looked quickly into the rearview nodding my head so I could speak. “Where are you taking me and is it going to be close because I have to go to the bathroom. You guys really shook me up out there.” The old man seemed to think for a minute then spoke softly into his radio. I leaned closer but was rejected when the old cop rapped his knuckle on the glass. ‘When we transfer you at the station then you will be permitted to use the restroom” I pumped my knuckle “Yes!” I exclaimed throwing myself back up against the surprisingly comfortable seat. If things kept going as smoothly as they were I would be back with J in no time. I stopped my excitement thinking of why I was in this position in the first place. He had left me unconscious at the crime scene not even thinking to send somebody back to get me. For how much of a man J seems to be he really is a coward. A coward and a brat and a self-centered, Narcissistic butthead. I crossed my arms kicking the seat slightly. Maybe I wouldn’t go back to him. I could always shack up with Two-Face, I saw him checking me out at the last shoot-out. A man has never looked at me the way Harvey did, maybe it was his old self peeking through. He was a gentleman. Not once did he order his men, or point his own gun, to shoot me even though I shot three of his people before taking a hint and stopping. I dropped my gun winked at Harv and climbed into J’s car. Not only that but being with Harvey would drive J wild! He would go off on a jealous rampage destroying anything in his path. I imagined J driving madly through the streets turning his gun to innocents walking down the streets, well most of the people roaming the streets during late night Gotham probably weren’t as innocent as one would think. My girly fantasies came to a halt when reality hit me. If he wouldn’t save me from the police why would he care if I was with Harvey. He wouldn’t even save my life, though I was capable of doing it myself a girl needs a little reassurance. I cast my eyes up to the rear view mirror. My black hair was all knotted and wild, my makeup was smeared slightly around my eyes, even my nails had started to chip everything was giving up on me. Sadly I slumped over picking at a piece of string that struck out of the leather seats until there was a loud knock at my door. It was the old guy. “We are here.” I popped up smiling. The show must go on. He tightened my cuffs holding my arms firmly but respectfully until we got into the building where he chained my cuffs to the prisoner bike rack. It wasn’t really a bike rack but had the same principal. It was a long metal bar that had individual chains, that were reasonable separated from one another so a rogue couldn’t grab one and do what they please. Anyway, the police officer then wraps the chain into the cuff and locks it with a padlock they are given at the beginning of a briefing. It was fun but not as fun as a real bike rack. ‘Hey Mister!” I said kindly “May I go to the bathroom now?” He sighed looking around hesitantly, I don’t blame him. If I were in his situation i wouldn’t trust me either. “I will take her” the cops little buddy exclaimed suddenly rubbing his hands together. The old cop looked at him questionably then nodded. “You know where the prisoners John is right Seymore?” He nodded frantically smiling shyly. “Down the hall three rights over.” I squinted suspiciously at his enthusiasm.  What was this guy’s motive?Suddenly I felt vulnerable. Usually J was by my side when I encountered strange men protecting me from any weird thing they might do. My heart ached at his absence. The young cop walked towards me unlocking my padlock with nervous hands. Slyly I snaked towards him nibbling on his neck. He stepped back calmly yanking on my arm. “Are you sure you can handle this?” Seymour nodded his head confidently and tugged on my arm impatiently. Panic flooded into my chest causing it to tighten it was never good when a cop doesn’t have a violent reaction to your sexual advantages. We walked down the worn halls of the GCPD his hands growing more sweaty as we advanced. I thought of running now, only at the risk of being shot which I had my doubts knowing that in my case they would shoot to kill and honestly I wasn’t ready to die. “Down here Miss” I snapped out of my own little world looking at him in confusion. ‘Misses?!?’ I thought to myself. “Oh right” I said striding towards him with false confidence. He opened the door letting me in first then walked in quickly behind me. The bathroom was really small, for convenience of detainment of course, and starkly white. So white it was almost uncomfortable. I slowly walked over to the toilet looking back at the officer. “A Little privacy please? Cops in this town” He just stared at me with something I had only seen in the eyes of the perverts that wandered outside of J’s strip clubs. He never allowed them in. “Those are very very bad men, my sweet.” he would say lightly dragging his white gloved hand up my chin. I would just smile at him and continue to get out of the car, noticing how their eyes lingered a little too long and how when they came towards you they stood a little too close. On that particular night I remember this younger man with light brown hair stalked towards me. I didn’t see him before hand. I was to captivated with how the pink and white lights sparkled around J like he was an angel. Abruptly I felt a squeeze on my leg. “Who the-” I turned around and froze in something I hadn’t felt in ages.. Fear. He tenderly put a knife to my throat and shushed me motioning me to come closer. I nodded my head discreetly tapping the bodyguards hand hoping he would heed to my call for help. My feet were shaky in my heels as I stepped down off of the curb. ‘Oh shit not tonight god please. Like I know we aren’t on the best of terms  but come on I look to good to die tonight’ I prayed quietly in my head. “My dear? May I ask where you are going?” J said curiously. I turned showing him the knife the creep had at my throat. Something close to anger sparked in J’s eyes but knowing him he would never fully show it unironically. “Look what you’ve gotten yourself. Ya’ know” I said stepping off of the sidewalk and down onto the street, the man pulled my arm harder wanting me to continue down the street. I stayed put looking into the blue eyes that came closer and closer. “She’s a tricky one you know” The man put the knife tighter against my neck quivering. “Step back or she dies.” he said lacking the umph he was hoping to have. J laughed wildly taking out his pistol and blowing him away. The knife streaked across my neck as the man fell. For a split second I thought I was dead. I was going to bleed out on my new dress but I didn’t. My arms seemed to throw themselves over J’s shoulders. He chuckled softly in my ear before leading me safely into the club.

“No one will believe you if you tell them and if you scream I will shoot” I was startled by the voice. “What” I said seeing  Seymour standing in front of me his pants unbuckled. A sour shock stung in my mouth. Fear. “Hey bud. News flash I ain’t yours to be touchin.” He stuck his gun to my head with a sinister chuckle. “Bend over” he whispered in my ear. Part of me screamed to fight back. Snatch the gun out of his hand and waste him. I would be cooked though. Shot ead by whatever cop stormed the door. So I just nodded bending over.

His hands were cold as they found their way to my hips violently he ripped my pants down with a groan. I bit back tears.


The cop stopped what he was doing. Looking quickly to the door. I laughed letting the warm tears fall down my face. “You’re as good as dead now”

A gunshot blasted through the door, ripping through Seymour’s poor chest. Drops of blood and chunks of skin splattered through the air. I sighed in relief watching his body slump on the ground, his blood spilling out around him like he was swimming in a pool of his own life. The door flew in and my knight in white.. Well my knight in a purple suit came in pointing his machine gun directly at me. “J” I said weakly happy to see him. “There you are baby” he said kneeling down next to me. I crushed my lips into his savoring every second. “Did he hurt cha baby?” he said jealously slowly collecting in his face. “He didn’t just please take me home. This place is a dump” I tried to shake off the day but he wouldn’t give. “Are ya sure kitten? Cause it looks like we’ve got a breather.” Mischief entered in his eyes as he motioned to the poor sack on the ground. I smiled “Well in that case-”

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Let’s Just Sleep || Peter Parker

genre: fluff ❀
pairing: Peter Parker X Reader
warnings: none, just fluff
summary: even as Peter Parker/ Spider-man’s girlfriend, you were still not used to waking up at night to tend to your boyfrend who got beat up, trying to save someone.

You thought you had finally drifted back off to sleep when you heard rustling from outside your room window. Looking at the clock, you couldn’t help but sigh to see that it was 1:20am, you’ve only managed to sleep for 2 hours the whole night. Something didn’t seem right, there was gut-wrenching anxiety filling your mind and body, almost as if your unconscious knew something you didn’t.

After shuffling around in the bed and attempting to get comfortable for a few minutes, you were slowly drifting back to sleep when you heard the clicking of the window before it slid open. Quickly and fearfully you reach over, turning on the night light on the bed stand and looking over at the window, only to see your boyfriend, cut and beat up pretty badly in his red spider-man suit.

“Peter?” you mumble in both relief and confusion, looking him up and down, only then realising the state he was in as he stood there giving you a half-hearted smile. “What happened?” you ask worriedly, approaching him as you carefully tracing your fingers over his wounds.

“I beat up these bad guys” he proudly states with a smile on his face, still trying to keep his voice low. It was hard not to return his cheeky smile as you instruct him to sit on the bed, grabbing the first-aid kit from the bathroom. “Do you mind elaborating what happened?” you ask as he stepped out of his suit and sat on the side of the bed, still smiling despite his physical state.

He watches as you tend to the cuts on his bare chest, softly dabbing them with antibiotics. “Well i heard these yells from the alley and these 3 guys were mugging this girl, so i swoop in and i’m like ‘hey guys’ so i start webbing them and stuff” typical of Peter to be so upbeat even in a situation like this.

“One of the guys was like 3 times my size and it was so unfair because they came at me at the same time, but it’s okay because i beat them up in the end!” your boyfriend finishes his story looking back at you as you were preoccupied with tending to the cuts on his face.        

You pause what you were doing and view his perfectly carved face, taking in his amazing looks and wondering again how you got this lucky. “I’m worried about you, you know?” you quietly confess and his eyes never left yours. “You don’t have to be, I stay alive because i could never leave you alone” his smile. Gosh, his smile. It was so pure.

“Okay, spider-man” you smile, cleaning up the first-aid kit before placing a kiss on his temple. “Come here” he says taking your hands and pulling you into the bed with him, “let’s just sleep” he turns off the lamp and pulls you close to his body, lulling your body to the much needed sleep.

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A/N: i feel like this was a bit rushed i’m so sorry anon! but tbh if i were to take a shot for the amount of times i used the word “flirty” or “flirt” i would be shitfaced.

  • PAIRING: Fred Weasley x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Fred and Y/N have a flirty relationship, (and/or a “flirtationship”) however when he catches sight of her at the Yule Ball, his feelings blossom into something more than that.
  • WORDS: 543
  • PROMPT: {requested by anon}
  • 3. “I didn’t know I could feel this way, til I met you.”
  • 27: “Are you checking me out?” “Heh, you wish.” {i kinda reorganized my prompt list i know it isn’t #27, it’s #28 sorry, but it’s still the same prompt}

“Oi Weasley got anyone you’re takin’ to the Yule Ball?” Y/N shouted to Fred across the hallway once she had sighted the redhead, who was talking to his twin brother George. 

The tall boy looked up to see the girl that he had flirted with back and forth, the girl that somehow always leaves him breathless with her witty remarks and sassy nature. His lips quirked a bit into a faint smile, the smile had vanished when she neared, only to be replaced with a smirk. That didn’t go unnoticed by his brother though, keeping in mind to taunt him about it later. 

“No not yet,” he paused, “why? Were you gonna ask me?”

She mirrored his smirk, a devious look settling in her eyes, “…I don’t know, maybe. Maybe not, who knows?” Y/N shrugged innocently, biting her lip. Out from a distance, she heard her name being called, along with a “come on!” Knowing it came from her friend, she bid the boy a farewell. “I’ll see you there.” The girl challenged, along with a flirty wink.

Once Y/N had turned around, Fred’s eyes were practically bursting out of their sockets, trying to take in the sight before him as George knowingly smirked.

On the night of the Yule Ball, everyone was ready and excited to party all night. Couples were proceeding down the staircase that led to the Grand Hall, Fred was hanging around there also, all cleaned up and put together that a group of girls couldn’t help the giggles that escaped their mouths. 

The giggles stopped when heels clicked their way down the stairs, Fred looked up to see something indescribable, that the simple word “beautiful” couldn’t be used if he were to describe the girl that was descending down the stairs. 

It was Y/N. Her hair and makeup done to perfection, her long dress cascading stopping at her ankles as it hugged her curves, complimenting her figure. 

Then there was Fred, at the very bottom of the stairs looking as dumbfounded as ever. The girl smirked, once she had reached the base of the stairs and was eye-to-eye with the redhead, she began to speak. “Are you checking me out?”

The boy then realized what he was doing, recollecting himself, all the while clearing his throat while scoffing, “Heh, you wish.” 

It was at that moment that she smiled up at him, it then dawned on him, as cheesy as it sounded, that she had the most stunning smile that he had ever seen. Dimples imprinted on each side, and sparkly eyes looking up at him. 

He realized he was staring too long when she snapped her fingers at him, making him freeze up, feeling self conscious all of a sudden. 

She looked back at him in confusion, he looked at her with a blank stare trying to regain his confidence. Fred then thought “fuck it” and decided to say the words he’s been keeping to himself since he first met Y/N.

“I didn’t know I could feel this way, til I met you.”

The girl stared back shocked, looking back into his eyes to see the gentle, caring look he had always carried in his expression. She was breathless. She decided to seal the uncomfortable aura with a kiss.

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“It hurts at first, but it will feel less like heartache and more like good memories as time goes on.”

The legendary Lightning McQueen decides he’s done with racing. Cruz isn’t sure how she’s supposed to handle going on without her best friend and mentor cheering her on from the crew cheif’s podium.

(Cruz-centric angst.)

Sixty Two


I woke up in the bed by myself and I looked around seeing if Randi was around. But I saw her phone was gone and so was her bag so I figured she had left. I grabbed my phone and called her.

“Hi Cay,” she said. I could hear that she was driving.

“Baby where you at?” I asked.

“Beauty supply store with Jada,” she said. I vaguely remembered her mentioning that last night.

“Why you leave so early?”

“Why,you wanted to see me?” She teased.

“I was gon give you some morning dick,” I said.

“Ew” Jada said. I chuckled.

“Jesus Cayden,” Randi said, “can never put you on speaker.”

“I don’t care if your lil friends hear,” I said with a shrug.

“You’re the worst,” she complained. “I gotta go, I’m here.”

“Aight. Well when you get home I’ll give you the dick down then,” I smirked.

“I’m hanging up,” she said.

“Bye,” I said. She hung up.

I got up out of bed and got in the shower. I washed my hair which was growing a little long, and so was my beard but I was going to the barber with Ty, Pat and Rambo. Randi wanted me to keep Rambo close since he was doing whatever with China, but he was my nigga so I didn’t mind.

After I got ready I went to grab my keys. I wanted to take the lambo but when I saw Randi’s keys for the rover I realized she took it. I kissed my teeth and grabbed my other keys for my other car. She didn’t even like driving it so I wasn’t sure why she took it. I put a hat on and left the house.

My barber had the chair open for me when I got there and I dapped him up.

“Ey,Cayden. What’s good my nigga?” He said.

“Not much man, busy as usual,” I said, sitting on the chair. He fastened the cape around me.

“Where the crew?” He asked. I almost always came with a few niggas.

“They comin.”

“How’s the wife?” He said, setting up some clippers.

“She good. How yo kids?”

“Man, growing too damn fast. They starting to be real trouble now,” he shook his head. He had twins at home which was just wild.

“Oh man,” I chuckled. He set up the warm towel around my beard.

“Low on the hair and everything off the face?” He asked.

“Randi likes the goatee so just the sides,” i shrugged.

“Gotta keep the mrs. Happy.”

The guys started pulling up as I was getting lined up. We were talking about the weekends basket ball game mostly.

“We stopping by the warehouse?” Ty asked. I turned my eyes to him and fixed him with a look that said shut the hell up. Rambo was my nigga from pretty far back but he didn’t run the game with me and I was picky about who I discussed business around. The less people that knew the details of operation the better, especially locations like the warehouse where a lot of shit went down. Ty sat up straighter. “Or strip club?”

“Always the strip club,” Pat said, recovering the situation slickly.

“Wifey lets you go to the strip club?” Rambo said. I chuckled.

“I go to the strip club for the wings that’s it,” I said honestly. “They got the best buffalo wings round here. She know that.”

“Damn. That’s why you locked it down and married her,” he nodded. I laughed. Randi was really chill and put up with a lot of shit I did.

“Yeah but she took my lambo this morning so I’m second guessing that decision,” I said. The barber brushed my hair and my face too and finished me up. “Good looking out,” I said, handing him a hundred like always.

“Lets go see some titties,” Pat said. We left the barber shop.

Rambo was busy getting a dance from a girl when I pulled Pat and Ty aside to the bar.

“Y'all make the delivery I told you to?” I asked, referring to the money to pay off the eye witness.

“Yeah. You were right. It was someone just trying to make money. Some call girl who was working the corner at night, saw the drop go down I guess,” Pat said.

“She gon stay silent?” I stressed.

“She not gonna go back to the cops,” Ty said. “The reward was a fraction of what she got.”

“Good,” I said. “Any leads on the mole?”

“I’m pretty sure I know who it is,” Pat said. “I’m handling it,” he said.

“I’ll let you know if you handling it,” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Didn’t mean no disrespect,” he said. I nodded. “It’s at the first warehouse, so I thought I’d deal with it, but it’s up to you.”

“Aight,” I said. Less on my plate was a good thing. I had a pretty big shipment to deal with right now anyway that was actually gonna take me out of the country. “Make sure it gets done then.”

“Got you,” he said.

“Aight go do your thing, I’m done,” I said, turning to the bar to order a drink. They left and I checked my phone to see if I had any messages.

“Cayden?” A familiar voice said. I turned around and to my surprise I saw Keisha, one of the girls I used to hook up with before Randi. I’m not talking once or twice, she used to come by once a week like clock work.

“Keisha?” I said, standing up.

“I didn’t know you come here,” she said, crossing her arms. It was a little distracting because she had lingerie on.

“I ain’t know you work here…” I said awkwardly. She blushed but laughed.

“It’s new. Pays good money,” she said. I nodded. She looked to my hand and back to me. “You got married?”

“Yeah… I got a girl at home now,” I said. She paused.

“Well I’m happy for you. You’re a nice guy Cayden, not all guys are like you” she said, looking around at the niggas that were smacking girls’ asses as they walked by.

“You know, I could get you a job Keisha,” I said, looking over her attire.

“I’m not really good at anything else,” she shrugged.

“I meant a job with me, I got a few females hustling at the warehouse. They make more sales than the niggas,” I chuckled. She laughed.

“are you being serious?” She asked. I nodded. “Ok… I’ll think about it.”

“Let me know. You got my number,” I said. She said ok.

“I better get back to work…” she twisted her hair around her finger. “Thanks Cayden.” She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and it took me a minute to respond. I just put my hand on her back awkwardly.

“No problem,” I said. She pulled away and smiled before leaving. I finished my drink at the bar and decided I was gon go home before any other weird shit happened.

Randi had gotten back from her shopping and was unloading her car as I pulled up the driveway. I got out and walked up to her. I gave her a kiss since it was the first time I’d seen her all day.

“I got it,” I said, picking up the bags. “Go head inside.”

“Ok,” she said, grabbing her purse. She went inside and I made a few trips back and forth to get all the stuff inside. When I finished Randi was coming down the stairs.

“Thanks baby,” she said, coming to wrap her arms around my neck.

“You’re welcome,” I said, putting my hands on the small of her back. I slid them further down and grabbed her legs so they were around me. I walked over to the couch and sat down with her on top of me. I realized now was probably a good time to tell her I had to leave. “Gotta talk to you bout something babe.”

“Sure,” she said, playing with my hair.

“I gotta go away for work. I leave tomorrow night” I said.

“For how long?” She asked.

“A week,” I said. Her face switched to clearly unhappy.

“That’s a long time,” she said.

“I know. This one just gon take a little longer,” I said. She didn’t respond. “I was think you can go stay with China and Jada, or have them come over here. Y'all like sleep overs and shit,” I smiled trying to cheer her up.

“We haven’t been apart that long in a while,” she said, playing with the hair on the chin. She picked out a sparkle that must have come from Keisha but she didn’t comment on it. “I like having eyes on you so I know you’re ok.”

“I know. Imma call you all the time though. Ty can always get a hold of me if you need anything,” I touched her frowning lips.

“Well I’m gonna miss you.”

“Gotta make you miss me a little so that you appreciate me,” i teased. She fought a smile.

“I already appreciate you,” she bent down to brush her lips on mine.

“Don’t know if I believe that,” I mumbled against her mouth. She shifted so that she was right on top of my manhood.

“I could prove it to you,” she said. 

“Im ok with that,” i nodded quickly. She laughed and pecked my lips. I put my hands under her butt and stood up, lifting her along with me. I was gonna show her everything id been planning since i woke up.


**two days later***

Cayden woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and he was in a bad mood off the jump. His temper was real short and he didn’t seem to be in the mood for conversation about it either. I felt bad and was worried about him and whatever was on his mind but i couldn’t put much effort into babying him because I felt really sick that morning and i had a lot on my mind too. A few things weren’t adding up and there was a slight possibility that I was in in for some deep trouble. Well I didn’t think I was but Jada had put the idea in my head.


Jada and i were out running errands and getting stuff for the salon. She made us go in to target because she wanted a few things for herself so i took the necessary exit and pulled up to target. 

We were walking down the feminine care isle because she was looking for tampons and the little worry in my head that i had been facing the past week was begging to be let out. I decided i had to spill the tea.

“So i need to tell you something because i gotta tell someone and China got a big mouth and apparently so does Cole but i know you can keep a secret,” i said. She turned to me immediately.

“Are you?” she asked, as if that was supposed to mean something.

“What?” i said. She gave me a ‘come on’ look. “oh. How did you know?”

“What else would it be?” she said, gesturing to the isle we were in. I sighed.

“Well i dont know. All i know is i haven’t had a period in a while. And i jumped someone in the club, thats not like me,” i said.

“You haven’t taken a test?” she asked.

“I did, it was negative,” i shrugged. “But i don’t know, could be early.”

“What you gonna do?” she asked.

“Nothing,” i said. “Just gonna wait and see, its not the first scare ive had so not gonna assume anything yet. Plus my period been messed up after all the weight i lost 2 years ago then put back on, it does this sometimes” I said. She nodded, grabbing my hand.

“Damn you gon have a baby daddy" she said, smacking her lips all ratchet.

“You always jumping to the worst case, its most likely nothing,” i said sternly. I refused to freak out over possibilities. 

“Well either way, im here for you, and i won’t tell nobody,”

I nodded.

“Thanks, i appreciate that.”

***End of flashback***

Cayden was out most of the day and I spent it laying in bed in the computer doing some work then watching some shows after that. I fell asleep while empire was playing and I only woke up when Cayden opened the bedroom door.

“You sleeping already? It’s only 7 pm,” he said. I looked over at the alarm clock groggily.

“I dozed off,” I mumbled, sitting up a little. “Where you been?”

“Warehouse,” he said curtly.

"You mad at me?” I asked him, looking for a reason why he was acting this way. He shook his head.

“Nah I’m not mad at you Randi. I just don’t have a lot of patience for shit today,” he said.

“Well ok. I’m sorry you having a bad day,” i tried that seemed to soften him up because he came over and he gave me a hug.

“Thanks baby,” he said. “I’m gonna go for a quick run to clear my head. We gotta go meet that accountant dont forget. We’ll go right away when im back so be ready.”

“Alright i will. Have fun.”

A while after Cayden went out for his run, i decided to take a quick test. He came back sooner than expected though and i could hear him on the other side of the bathroom door quickly changing then going downstairs. I told him i just needed a minute.I sat on the tub scrolling through my phone waiting for the test to do its thing. I was so used to doing these things i wasn’t really feeling nervous or anything. After a few minutes when it hadn’t beeped i leaned over to look at the screen. It was still loading but it had been a long time so i wasn’t sure it was actually working. Cayden yelled my name and i jumped because he had gotten mad last time i took a test without him and I knew I’d be in trouble. When I jumped i hit my hand on the counter,making me drop my phone.

"We gotta go Randi! Damn, why you always gotta make us late everywhere we go? I told you we was going 2 hours ago…” Cayden went on hollering at me from downstairs. I didn’t have nice Cayden today and he had been in a mood since he woke up. I swallowed to mositen my dry throat.

“Coming,” i said, voice shaky. The test still had nothing anyway and we really did have to go.
I grabbed my phone off the floor and the screen was completely cracked. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. Cayden was waiting impatienly by the door. I put my phone down on the little table where we put keys to put my shoes on.

“The fuck happened to yo phone?” he said, picking it up.

“I dropped it,” i said.

“Dropped it or threw it?” he chuckled looking at the shattered screen.

“Fuck you Cayden. Lets go,” i grumbled, grabbing my phone and stepping outside.

In the car Cayden was irritating me because he kept driving way above the speed limit and i was telling him i didn’t wanna get stopped and i was getting motion sickness. He of course ignored me and we ended up in some fight so we were both mad by the time we got to the bank.

“Mr and Mrs Jones, lovely to see you,” the accountant said. I smiled because i was a polite person but cayden was still in his feelings. “So we’re here to make your account a joined account?” he asked. I was about to say yes but Cayden answered first.

“The savings account is just gonna be under her,” he said. I turned to him and gave him a wtf look.

“Ok, we’d have to open it as a new account and transfer all the funds there then put it under her name. Is that ok?” He said, typing.

“Yes” Cayden said and i tried to get his attentio but he was ignoring me. I didnt wanna make a scene so i said nothing.

After the meeting i grabbed his arm.

“Why would you put only my name on the account. How are you gonna withdraw anything? What if im not with you? That was stupid Cayden.”

“Its your money,” he said. I shook my head.


“I told you when you graduated that there was money for you,” he laughed i think at my face.

“And you gave me the money to open the salon,” i said. He laughed again and i was getting annoyed. I flicked him in the arms and he flinched back.

“what was that for?”

“Cayden. Explain why theres an account under my name with $200,000” i said. He sighed.

“its the money i been putting aside for you for 2 years” he said. I was speechless.


“I’m not taking it back so,” he shrugged. He opened the car and got in. When I was still standing outside he honked at me and I jumped. I got in the car and slammed his door which I knew he hated. He laughed but it was humourless. “Keep being bold Randi,” he said.

“What you gon do,” I stuck my tongue out.

“You getting on my last nerve. I’m glad I’m leaving,” he mumbled. For some reason that hurt my feelings more than it should have and I went silent for the rest of the trip home.

When we got home he was packing his bags because the car was coming to get him shortly. I made us a quick dinner and we sat and ate together. I suggested that he take a nice shower before having to get in the plane and he took my suggestion. I was sitting on the bed and he had just stripped down to get in when he came and grabbed my hand. He pulled me up and started to take off my clothes as well. I let him drag me in with him and we just had a nice shower together which we actually hadn’t done in a while. It felt nice having his arms around my waist while the warm water relaxed my body. I took in the smell and feel of him before I had to let him go.

He stood by the door with his bag and I watched him put his shoes on while holding my sweater closed. We had sort of made up and forgotten about the petty arguments of the day, mostly because he was leaving. He leaned down and kissed me and I held on to his shirt tightly, even when he had pulled away.

“I love you,” he said. I couldn’t hide the overwhelming separation anxiety I felt but I tried to keep it together.

“I love you too…” I said, wanting to say so much more but I knew the time wasn’t right. I watched him turn and go, getting in to the car and then driving away. I closed the door and rested my forehead on it’s cool glass.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to go a week without seeing him. He was like a routine that I was so used to, and just not seeing him, especially at night would be weird.  I’d be worried most of the time too and I didn’t need the extra stress in my life. But I knew things were just gonna get worse and him leaving was gonna get harder. We’d have to figure something out, and fast. Looking at the test when i got home made that abundantly clear. Things were gonna change now, because I was pregnant.

Begging of the End

A/N: This is for the Anon that asked  Shawn Mendes Treat You Better inspired with an abusive ex? With Alec. Xx I hope you like it

This is not Beta read so all mistakes are mine and mine alone sorry,

Summary: The reader is in a relationship with a man named Danny but not everything is the way it seems 

Warnings: Talk of abuse. please be careful when reading this.

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