killing stalking is not a love story

it’s a horror/thriller. it’s not supposed to be fuel for you to romanticise abusive relationships. you’re not supposed to ship it and if you do you’re gross pls block me. 

What people in the fandom are saying: but the Autobots are just as evil, if not MORE evil, than the Decepticons! It’s an abhorrence that Megatron now wears the Autobot symbol! How dare Megatron do that to the Decepticons!

What people in the fandom should realize:

-Megatron’s redemption arc isn’t about the Decepticons. It’s about him recognizing he was wrong. It’s about him removing himself from something which only enables his terrible behavior. The struggles the Decepticons are facing now will never outweigh the slaughter of BILLIONS which Megatron carried out with no remorse as the faction’s leader.

-Megatron was never what this fandom positively associates as a ‘revolutionist miner.’ He wanted to be a revolutionist, and at one time his ideas and writings were his protests, but his anger and hatred led to his own corruption. Instead, Megatron was a terrorist who used unlawful force and violence to coerce others and governmental powers to follow his social and political objectives. Destruction and murder became an appropriate way to get what he wanted.  Megatron and his Decepticons didn’t attempt to liberate their species from an oppressive government; Megatron went beyond fighting for the freedom of everyone to instead wanting to punish, to destroy, to be the oppression and ruled as a tyrant. He didn’t fight for the rights he once thought Cybertronians deserved, and rather, rose to be a force nearly as bad as the Senate.

-The word ‘Autobot’ was reclaimed from off-worlders by Orion Pax and later again by Optimus Prime after Zeta Prime’s failed leadership. The true Autobot cause didn’t exist before the war; it came to be during the revolution as Optimus amassed an army large enough only for the sake of defeating Megatron’s Decepticon terrorist movement. Instead of being used as a slur referring to their species as ‘automatons’ because they seemingly never changed, it evolved to mean ‘autonomous’ as Orion Pax suggested it should mean. The word became unpopular because of Zeta Prime’s ruthlessness and neglect of the citizens of Cybertron. However, it was canonically established that Optimus Prime wasn’t corrupt like the Primes who preceded him. He turned the Autobots into a cause for morality and freedom, one which would ensure justice to those who threatened the sanctity of others, their world, and every other world. Optimus has never strayed from those ideals, even though others attempted to bring out the worst in him.

Most importantly, the choices and actions of a few do not represent the cause as a whole. For instance, Decepticons such as Thundercracker who opted to adopt a dog, spend his time writing screenplays, and gets along relatively peaceably with others do not lessen the atrocities of the Decepticon cause. And, the Autobots who slip up, who act more violent or make questionable choices do not lessen what the Autobot cause stands for or what it has accomplished in protecting the lives and freedoms of others.


Please support ToppDogg and their comeback. They’ve gone through so much and they’ve worked so incredibly hard. They were the bridge that led me into the K-Pop world and they have always had a special place in my heart. I really cried so much when I found out they were finally having a comeback again, and the wait was definitely worth it. ToppKlass is really the only fandom I would associate myself with. Not because I don’t think other fandoms are amazing or not as great, I just never liked being labelled to just one fandom (multi-group fan). But it’s because of this group that I would set aside my personal feelings and be known as a ToppKlass fan over anything. They were my first, and will always be special to me. 

Thank You ♡♡♡♡(and no, I will not be like those people who tag every single K-Pop group or the ones that are super popular just to get this group noticed more because I know how annoying that can be. I’m going to let people love them and find them on their own just like I did.)

You know why Nefarious Asexual seems to be so involved with fandoms? Because Nefarious Asexual is a fandom. She’s the villainy fandom.

anonymous asked:

Hello, how are you? So I was looking for some photos of Norah Jones and I came across some (old) photos of her with one of her children, and I noticed a resemblance in the child Seth, I really found it very similar, and how Norah never revealed who is her Partner, and Seth is single a long time (which I highly doubt), could he be the father of her children? Could they be a couple since 2 sleepy people? Or did I just go crazy? Please help me.

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I ummm, uhhh, have no response to this at all. Let’s just leave it at that. 

the venn diagram of some of my favorite fictional kinks/tropes and the venn diagram of my actual legit panic-inducing triggers is so near a perfect circle that it HAUNTS me

its so foreign to me that people immediately hate others because they’ve given them a title and associated everyone with that title as an awful person. like its the weirdest thing that there are people out there that will just /hate/ a person because of what they think that person will do without giving them a chance

most some people in the swift fandom: *spend several months focusing more on taylor’s relationship than her personal achievements and attributing her happiness to some problematic ass guy pretending she wasn’t happy before and making stupid posts about it*

tayvin: *break up*

that same people in the swift fandom: umm?? excuse me?? Taylor is NOT defined by her relationships, stop making everything about her relationships!! and stop linking her to people who’s no longer in her life!! she’s not a character in fanfiction!! she’s her own person!!!! LITERALLY FUCK THE MEDIA!!!!!!! always doing the same shit!!! Fuck the media. Fuck the media. Fuck th-


==> Conner: Introduce yourself

Your name is THE GIRL WHO COULD FLY SERIES FANDOM; And yes, you’re a series now. You also go by Conner, and honestly, you’re adorable. After seven years of waiting, you finally have another book to continue a story that definitely needed to be continued. No matter, the past is the past and you have to introduce yourself. 

Aside from the obvious being a fandom, there are a variety of interesting things about you- including your HOBBIES AND INTERESTS. You love FLYING and tend to spend a lot of free time READING, even if it is your own books. You also like to DANCE, and even though your fandom isn’t associated with it, you love THEATER. This feeds into your love of SINGING but you’ve loved that since before you can even remember. Does that make sense? You hope it does. Besides that, you also love to CARE FOR ANIMALS, and sometimes even insects. You may or may not get teary eyed at the occasional CRICKET or two, but that’s bad memories and you’d rather not talk about that.

You are an AWAKENED PROSPIT DREAMER, and your chumhandle is soaringNavigator, though you’re bad at checking your messages. You’re a ROGUE OF TIME but you don’t know that yet, and you won’t know that for quite a while. 

ANYWAYS- You have a game to be playing and new people to meet.

==> Conner: Make Some Friends!

i figured some people might benefit from a network like this, so … here goes!

the safe voltron fan network is a network dedicated to creating a safe space for vld fans to interact without fear of coming into contact with any Bad Things or people!


  • apply to the group here!
  • no shaladin ships or shippers allowed (no abusive ships, period)
  • no support of any racist/fatphobic/etc bloggers/fanartists/so on
  • please respect one another and try to keep drama within the group to a minimum if possible!
  • reblog or like this post if you apply (preferably the former, but no worries if you can’t!)
  • please treat each other kindly if you can!


  • a place to discuss voltron (or other topics as well!) without some of the Bad Things the fandom is typically associated with
  • a place to vent about voltron fandom issues without receiving hate for said venting
  • new friends who also love voltron and dont support gross things within the fandom!
  • we can all yell into the void together in skype (if you’d like!)
  • above all, a safe space where you should not have to worry about being unwelcome or feeling unsafe! (if ever something makes you uncomfortable, please please feel free to talk to me about it, and i will do my best to resolve the issue!)
My Take on Traits for Each of the Hogwarts Houses


Below is a list of the traits I associate with each house. To remain unbiased, each house has the exact same number of points. FYI, this is the list I refer to when I’m sorting a certain character.

Feel free to ask questions or disagree. However, haters will be prosecuted and expelled from Hogwarts/the fandom. Enjoy :)


Traits Associated with the Element Earth:

  • Conscientious, perseverant, responsible, careful 
  • Cautious, reliable, respectful


  • Love of family, comfort, and living things
  • Least likely to care about individual achievement
  • Good team member


  • Practical, value something that’s known over something that’s unknown
  • Prefer practical skills over something cool but less frequently used
  • Rather do something that’s safe and reliable than flashy but risky

Representative of Human Decency:

  • Peace-loving, harmony-loving
  • Humbled and patient
  • Like to play fair

Potential Negative Traits:

  • Sometimes conflict-avoidant
  • Can be overly forgiving to the point of naiveté
  • May be walked all over
  • Not always big on risk-taking


Traits Associated with the Element Air:

  • Brilliant, curious, independent
  • Propensity to develop new ideas and tell stories

Love of Learning:

  • Excitement for learning something new makes them adventurous
  • Want to gain knowledge for the sake of it
  • Want to challenge themselves intellectually in the subjects they’re interested in


  • Excited by future possibilities
  • Interested in the unknown
  • Some of them are known for being out-of-the-box thinkers
  • Creativity is another trait typically associated with this house


  • Don’t mind being alone, can occupy themselves with thoughts and ideas
  • They try to find ways to express their uniqueness

Potential Negative Traits:

  • May have a superiority complex
  • Can be rude in the face of those deemed “ignorant”
  • Sometimes impractical, too busy living in their own heads
  • Can be neglectful of their duties when pursuing something of interest


Element - Fire:

  • Enthusiastic but sometimes impulsive
  • Very passionate, put their hearts into things that matter


  • Want to stand up for others when they see injustice
  • May have a “saving-people-thing” (as Hermione pointed out)
  • Willing to sacrifice for the greater good


  • Thrives to stand up for yourself
  • Have a strong moral compass and are not afraid to defend it
  • “Go big or go home” mentality


  • Willing to confront the darkness or their personal fears
  • Can be attracted to dangerous things just because they’re dangerous
  • Good improvisers who can and dare to think on their feet

Potential Negatives:

  • May value glory over doing the right thing
  • Could be following a moral compass pointed in a questionable direction
  • Can be overly reckless and hot-headed
  • Often known as the house that gets bored most easily


Element - Water:

  • Secretive and private, very selective (e.g. when making friends)
  • Attracted to mystery


  • Confident but afraid of losing dignity
  • Thirst to prove themselves
  • Honest and don’t take shit from anyone
  • Value relics of respectable ancestors/predecessors of their group/house/culture


  • Not afraid to take risks that can bring them benefits
  • Meticulous and thorough when working towards a goal
  • Good leaders who aren’t afraid to be in charge if the need arises


  • They are good at applying their knowledge for use
  • Prefers to plan ahead instead of think on their feet

Potential Negatives:

  • Could use questionable methods used to achieve their goals when desperate
  • May be overly obsessive about power and negligent of other aspects of life
  • Sometimes lack patience for incompetence
  • Can be quite vain