my thoughts on the current zuke thing:

the only “evidence” i can find is screenshots that could have been easily edited that are from a 4chan thread that has been debunked

and from a video that was apparently trying to stir up drama and blame amed/*t shipers and has since been privated

i can’t find a single direct, sourced quote from tumblr, twitter, youtube, reddit, or 4chan. i went on 4chan

as far as i can tell, this is just a bunch of rumors that got blown way out of proportion

if anyone has any sourced quotes, feel free to correct me. no, i don’t mean that one post that has an unsourced compilation of easily-edited screenshots that are vague posts from an unsourced random blog, that originates from 4chan. because so far, that is the only “source” i have been given. i don’t mean that post. i mean actual sourced info

note: i’m not trying to say that i think Nothing Happened. and i’m not gonna defend lauren zuke or rebecca sugar Until My Dying Breath. i just refuse to join in with this cesspool of hatred towards both lauren zuke and rebecca sugar that seems to be based on Absolutely Nothing. i’m not taking a side or believing that any of this even amounts to Anything until i get some proof

until then. until i get some proof. i s2g i am blocking lauren zuke’s name because i am tired of seeing all of this drama and hate

In light of recent Holby City spoilers I currently feel like trash because I’m kinda really excited?!?
Obviously I’m not some kind of sadist, but the thought of CR & JR having something so dramatic to sink their talented teeth into thrills me. Oh and call me naive- but I truly think Holby City will dodge the death trope for Berena, and things may be angsty as hell but it’s storytelling and it’s air time for our ship and it’s a platform for our two faves to shine. Bring it on.
(I’ll be crying and screaming whilst the ep airs but I’m kinda trash for this-sorry)

HAPPY HOLBY TUESGAY!! Just a bit of silliness to get a fan girl through Robbie’s reappearance 😋


Team Natsu on a job, sharing a bed. Gray at the far left, arms and legs splayed, snoring, half his body out of the blanket. Erza next to him with her inconvenient hair all over his face, knotty and messy, and she’s dribbling. Lucy lying on her side, facing Erza, hair pulled into a messy bun and smiling in her sleep with plue curled against her neck. Natsu facing away from them all, snoring loudly, breathing small flames as he dreams, legs out of the covers. Happy curled at their feet, on top of the covers.

They are all happy.

They have never been hurt.

They got what they deserved.


So this had been my weekend. Fandom Fest was my first convention, and I got to meet some INCREDIBLE people! I was shaking, I had been so nervous These three are so nice. It was truly  a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much @lordminion and @foxtrot44 (and Bob, of course!) It was an honor to meet you all! ^_^

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Opening - Mukami Brothers