Soooo the goggles for my becky lynch costume came in. I can’t wait until Fandom Fest to show it off! (They light up so I’m super excited for saturday night.)

This weekend I’m working on putting the stripes on her shorts, unfortunately I probably won’t have the big steampunk coat because It’s going to be super hot.

Larried In Vegas Fic & Art Fest!

There’s no deadline for this fest, no sign ups, and no rules other than there must be at least one member of One Direction included in your pairing. 

All pairings are welcome, all authors and artists are welcome! 


Simply write your fic or create your art and send us a link to it on AO3, a link to a Tumblr post about it, add it to the AO3 Larried In Vegas collection, or just tag it #larriedinvegas and we’ll reblog it. 

**Big thanks to the Married In Vegas Fanwork Fest for excluding a large portion of the fandom from their fest and giving us the idea to run our own. 

it sucks that you have to investigate everything in this fandom including fic fests and exchanges. i wasn’t going to say anything because i wasn’t even participating, but since i’ve pretty much switched over to blogging about fan fic and fan art and you know what i’ve confirmed? larries are inclusive. we may not agree with you or believe what you believe, but we’re not going to tell you that you can’t participate in a fic exchange or fest. we’re not out there policing people who submit signups to our fests/exchanges, lurking on their blogs to see if they’re antis or not, making posts that say “everyone is welcome EXCEPT YOU!” 

what a bunch of assholes. 

so be aware, if you are a larrie and were planning to participate in the 1D MARRIED IN VEGAS FIC FEST, they’ve made a post specifically stating that they will not be including fics written by larries. 


So this had been my weekend. Fandom Fest was my first convention, and I got to meet some INCREDIBLE people! I was shaking, I had been so nervous These three are so nice. It was truly  a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much @lordminion and @foxtrot44 (and Bob, of course!) It was an honor to meet you all! ^_^


Joey Fatone at Fandom Fest Louisville
Pics by: @sarahg0286, @WhoaRichard, @ravynphoenyx, @bonehard_71, @kristie_sacch, @tracywilliamsltd.bazzel, Michael Sellers, @kendle87, @lornasaurusrexx, @leggettn, Rachel Marie Booth, @ddunn0409, Bozz Crezo, @Mindymin04, @ZME_SeanMcCann, @lanasitterly, @backrowjenni, @manokaty, @theturian, @catieshelby, @sassyhulk, @mysteriousramblings, @sofdlovesbsb, @katiedlo, Haley Renee Kinslow


Calling all Captain Swan Fans!!!!!            

I know today has been a wonderful day and a hard day all at the same time. We are all still thriving off the hype of last nights episode, but were devastated by Jen’s departure.

Fret not! As a Big Bang from the CS fandom as a whole, I’m going to make a CS fan video to the song A Happy Beginning. To do that however; I need your help.

The goal is to make a video of fans, like myself, who are completely in love with this ship, holding handwritten or typed lyrics that will go along with a certain part of the song. Many, many, music videos have been made this way. It would be cool for everyone to come up with a unique and self-expressive way to do this.

Also, if you have videos or pictures of interactions with other Captain Swan fans and you want them included that would be great! This is basically just going to be a a CS fandom love fest. Something we can give back as a thank you to Colin and JMO for stealing our hearts onscreen for 5 seasons.

If you are interested and want to be apart of this please drop a message or send an email to

Once I have confirmation you want to be apart of this I will send you a line from the song to do your video to. Then in whatever from is easiest for you, Private youtube video, dropbox, email, etc…..send your video and get this party started.

You can also find me on my main blog @eala-captian

Tagging a few people: @eala-captian @walkerfairytales @laurnorder @captainswanismyendgame @seastarved @killianemmajones @ilovemesomekillianjones @cat-sophia @xhookswenchx @laschatzi @mindyourhelm @tlynnwords @singingisfun @mrs-emma-swan-jones @captainswanbookclub @teamhook

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Sickfic where they are both sick at the same time?

“You’re sick,” Isak says, and Even rolls his eyes. He’s busy taking Isak’s temperature for the 5th time today. Isak’s had the flu for a few days now, and today is the worst so far. Even can wait for Isak to get better before he deals with his own cold. It’s not important right now.

“No. I’m not sick, you’re sick,” he says, taking the thermometer from between the younger boy’s lips. He frowns. 39.3.

“Well I can’t be sick because you’re definitely sick,” Isak shoots back.

“No. You’re definitely sick and I’m definitely taking care of you.” Even kisses his hot forehead. His own head is aching and his throat is sore, but it doesn’t matter. Isak needs him.

“Well, we definitely can’t both be sick. That just doesn’t work,” Isak says. Even smiles.

“Not at all.”

“We could…trade off. You can take care of me first and then I’ll take care of you.”

“Fair. Do you want tea?” Isak smiles.

“Thank you. Make lots and have some yourself. It’ll make me feel better.”

“I can see through this trickery Isak, mann i mitt liv.”

Hi hi

Whoops, I’m a bit late! I’m @opalescentgold AKA Opal, and this is my first time participating in a fandom activity like 007 fest. I know it’s going to be great fun!

00Q is my primary ship, and some of you may know me from my primary fic struggle atm, Redamancy. I don’t think I’ll be able to get another chapter of that out for July, but I hope to fulfill some of the prompts and one-shots I’ve been keeping in the backlog. 

Also, maybe I’ll host a few watch parties? I really need to review Quantum of Solace, and that Bond timeline I’m trying to cobble together has been on the back burner for so long…

Rise to the Occasion

With the hiatus so long and so hard, we’re all a bit stiff. We all need a jab to get us excited for the season. Get that jab in the form of Jaime’s Awkward Boner. It might seem a bit nuts, but we want fic, art, manips, even just dirty thoughts, about Jaime getting erect around Brienne. 

Although we’ll be in full salute, there are no rigid rules about this fandom fest. Let it swing free.

I can’t wait to see what comes up!

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Different anon tagging onto the previous ask... How do you go about becoming a beta? Are there lists/groups? Thanks!

Ohh yay, there always needs to be more betas in the world! It’s awesome that you’re looking to get involved in fandom that way! <3

For the most part, if you’re a writer (be it for fandom fests or posting your own WIPs), you’ve probably reached out to your friends to read over your fic to check it for spelling and grammar mistakes. Most of the time when I’m beta reading it’s for my friends’ stories, but I’m always on the lookout for beta communities/beta list directories to put it out there that I beta read. It’s not hard to become one, you pretty much just start and put it out there that you are willing to help out! Otherwise if you’re interested in being a beta there aren’t any set ways to become one, you kind of just do it and start offering your help to anyone that needs it.

There’s two different levels of beta readers if you’re looking to get more into it - the alpha reader and the beta reader. An alpha reader is someone who isn’t going to look at any spelling/grammar mistakes (SPAG for short), but will read to get a feel for the story. Usually they’re someone who can point out any plot holes or be kind of a first wave cheerleader to help with the first draft of the story. The beta reader is someone who is going to either just do a SPAG/flow check, or can be someone who does that AND helps with story structure/plot/continuity of the story/etc. I’m someone who tends to do both at once, usually. Different writers will have different preferences about what they need checked over in their story.

There’s also different preferences for how you’ll read through a story and leave comments/feedback/suggestions/correct spag mistakes. I personally prefer to do all of my beta reading through a shared google doc on suggest mode (note: not editing mode, because I want the writer to be able to accept/reject suggestions at their ease and also track the changes I suggest - it’s easier than writing comments directly into a story and highlighting them). The only reason that’s my preference for beta reading is because that’s how I prefer people who beta read the stories I write to work with me.

As for lists, there’s a tumblr one for HP betas put together by the lovely @actuallydrarry and there are a couple of beta reading communities on LJ where people search for beta readers: here and here. And on the off-chance you like reading Voltron, I put together a beta directory for that fandom at @vldbetareaders! I have a few beta reading resources there as well!

AFTG Big Bang 2017

Who: You lovely people of the AFTG Fandom

What: Fandom creativity fest that ensures Writer/Artist collaboration


  • Writers - 15k words min
  • Artists - full color and lineart drawing/painting/book cover/min 6 panel gifset/podfic/edit/playlist of 6 songs/fanvid and others!

Where: There will be a collection on AO3 and all tumblr link posts will be reblogged on this tumblr once posting begins


  • Writer Sign Ups close Jan 1st
  • Artist Sign Ups close March 31st
  • Halfway writing point summaries and 50% drafts due March 26th
  • Information about claims will be sent out to artists
  • Preview for Artists April 1st
  • Artist Claims open April 3rd (more info closer to claims)
  • Artist Claims second round open April 10th
  • Posting date claims open July 8th
  • AO3 Fic/Art posts July 22nd onwards

If interested in pinch hitting (picking up a not finished art or writing prompt after April 1st) please also fill out the form


How: Writer Sign Ups  Artist Sign Ups  Beta Sign Ups

More detailed information can be found here!