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Spencer Reid x Reader 

The team can hear Garcia’s scream from their desks. They used to jump up and run to her office, but now … not so much. Reid sighs and shakes his head, while Prentiss and Morgan laugh and shake their heads. JJ emerges from her office on the second level of the Bullpen and looks down at the three members of the team below her. “What happened now?”

Prentiss smirks and goes back to writing, laughing to herself. “You never know with Garcia.”

The woman in question bursts through the glass doors right then, a flurry of blonde hair and bright colors as she says, “Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” over and over.

“Who announced they’re getting married now?” Prentiss asks. “Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?”

“As much as I would love that, no,” Garcia responds as she rushes over to them. “What I want to know is what this is!” She stops in front of Reid’s desks and thrusts her phone (her second spare one, that is) in his face. “Enlighten me, Dr. Reid?”

Reid blinks at the sudden intrusion of his personal space before taking Garcia’s hand and moving it back so that he can see what’s on the screen. He swallows when he sees it’s an Instagram post from your account displaying the picture that he currently has set as his home screen on his phone. Reid and you are cuddled together with him placing a kiss on your cheek, and you laughing.

He raises his eyebrows and spins back around in his chair, burying himself back in his work. “Right. That.”

He can practically feel Garcia’s body heat rising. “That’s all you have to say?” she squeals.

“What is it, Baby Girl?” Morgan asks, leaning over in his cubicle/desk. Prentiss does the same.

Garcia walks quickly over to him. “Only our favorite doctor cuddled up with the nicest, most beautiful woman on the planet!” She thrusts the phone in Morgan’s face. Prentiss leans over and looks also.

After examining the photo for a few seconds, Morgan raises his eyebrows playfully and faces Reid. “What is this, prettyboy?”

JJ sighs from where she still stands on the second level. “Did (y/n) post the picture?”

“Yup,” Reid responds, still not looking up from the file he’s reading.

Prentiss looks up at JJ. “You knew about this?” she asks.

The blonde raises her eyebrows. “He’s the Godfather of my child. Of course I knew.” She smiles and walks back into her office, leaving Garcia, Morgan, and Prentiss gaping at her. But they quickly turn their attention back to the doctor.

Morgan whistles appreciatively. “Almost a million likes. Who is this girl, Garcia?”

“She’s totally famous on Instagram and practically everywhere else!” Garcia exits out of the picture of you and Reid and scrolls through your feed so they can see the rest of your pictures. “She’s not really a model, but she also is? I guess? She’s mostly a role model, for, like, everyone, and she raises money for charities and all of that amazing stuff.”

“So this is your girl, kid?” Morgan asks.

Reid finally looks up from his file and looks at Morgan. “My girlfriend, yes. (y/n) and I met about eight months ago when she was on a trip here to D.C. Things just kind of escalated from there, and…here we are. We didn’t really want to tell anyone and let it get out until we were ready.”

“And when, pray tell, were you going to tell us, then?” Prentiss asks.

Reid smiles. “She’s coming to team dinner at Rossi’s on Saturday.”

Garcia makes an almost inhuman squeaking noise at the news, while Morgan and Prentiss just smile. “There we go, kid!” Morgan yells.

“Hey.” The four team members look up at Hotch, who had just walked out of his office. “When you’re all done, BAU room. We have a case.” After they all nod, Hotch continues on his way to their meeting space.

They all stand up and start to gather their things for the meeting. Garcia walks by Reid and places a big kiss on his cheek. He can’t help but blush at the physical contact. “Congratulations.” she says sincerely.

He smiles. “Thanks, Garcia.”

Prentiss and Morgan walk up to him next, and the latter claps Reid on the shoulder with a grin. “Way to go, prettyboy. Your charms finally worked.”

Reid chuckles. “I didn’t even have to use magic this time.”

Morgan grins and wraps his arm around the boy’s shoulders, pulling him into him as they walk up to the meeting.

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I figured I should probably make it easier for you guys, so I’ve made a Masterlist of all my Dunkirk imagines.

Aneurin Barnard

He proposes 

You see him again at a high school reunion

He comforts you after you see Dunkirk

You realize you love him

You’re attracted to one another

Barry Keoghan

You go to his Dunkirk premiere (MxM)

He gets hurt on set

He takes care of you while drunk

You get hurt and he gets protective

You have a nightmare

You end up in the hospital

He takes care of you when you get a migraine

Cillian Murphy

Feelings are admitted

You’re his co-star

Your brother sets you Up

Fionn Whitehead

You meet on set  

Cillian gets protective when you two flirt

He takes care of you when your sick

You get into a fight

He comforts you after a bad day

He sings you to sleep

The cast forces you to admit your feelings

He asks your brother for permission to marry you

He surprises you (smut)

You save him from fans

Jack Lowden

You meet him at the pub

He gets jealous

You meet him at the Dunkirk premiere

He admits his feelings at movie night

You work with him on set

You fly with him in a Spitfire

You meet his parents

He asks you to move in with him

You get married

He’s your ‘fake’ date for the VMA’s

He comes home drunk

He knows too much about your perfume

You’re reunited after 6 years

He drags you home after getting jealous

You’re Harry’s ex but fall in love with him

He just wants to cuddle 

You see each other again after a break ip

He proposes 

Some sexual tension is relieved after dancing together (smut)

He takes you to Scotland for your birthday

He takes you to a haunted house

Tom Glynn-Carney

You surprise him for his premiere

He’s your best friends brother

You have a panic attack (Brother)

Harry introduces the two of you

Harmless flirting leads to more (smut)

Tom Hardy

You’re attracted to one another

He stops you from marrying someone else

He defends you in front of the media

Pregnancy reveal



He shows his caring side


You help him get home

You’re his nurse

You tell your brother your dating him

You help him out of the cockpit

You clean him up after a fight


He comes home from Dunkirk

You help hin get to the beaches of Dunkirk 


You tell him you love him


You comfort him after George gets hurt

You help him with Georges article


He saves your life

You meet on the train

You welcome him home (male x male)

Shivering Soldier

You comfort him

A Kiss and Some Makeup

Request: Can you do an imagine where it’s Joe Keery x reader. And maybe the reader works on set and joe starts to fall for her, and she starts getting attention forom Dacre and Joe gets jealous?
Pairings: Joe Keery x reader
Words: 1,246
Warnings: Light swearing
A/N: I loved this idea! To clear any confusion, the reader is Joe’s makeup artist, also the ending is a little rough but I didn’t want to drag it out to be too long. Remembr, I’m always open for requests! 

Joe saunters into his designated chair as you shift through the powders carefully laid out before you. You squeeze a small amount of fake blood to the back of your hand that will soon become the gashes on Joe’s face. You offer him a quick smile and a quiet ‘hello’ as he situates himself, he watches your movements as you dip the makeup brush into purple eyeshadow. “Are you ready to get your ass beat today?” You jokingly ask the actor, Joe huffs in response, dramatically rolling his eyes.

“Let me remind you, I fought off a demogorgon and a couple of demodogs, Steve Harrington does not get his ass beat.” Joe tries his best to keep a serious face with you.

“Oh yeah?” You challenge, “Then why does your script say otherwise?” You nod to the script he left a few hours ago when he last saw you.

“So we’re snooping through each other’s stuff now? That’s what this friendship has come to, Y/N? How would you feel if I just went through all of your makeup?” Joe’s lips twitch, even as an actor, he can’t ever seem to hide his smile around you.

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Jealous Pirate - Harry Hook x reader

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A/N This is a Harry Hook x reader imagine. This is my first imagine so if you guys want more you can request it, just send me a message. Also feel free to give me feedback, sorry if it sucks. I do not own the Gif. Also it is in your point of view.

Summary: You were a VK kid and apart of Uma’s crew. Everyone knew about your crush on Harry Hook, evern Gil and we know that boys not the brightest. One day when you are talking about it Harry joins the conversation. Then one lie leads to a jealous pirate.

Link to masterlist:

“Y/N just admit that you loooooooooove Harry,” Gil said with the biggest smirk on his face. “Oh shut up, I do not,” I said trying to hid the blush that was creeping on on my face.

“You so do, Y/N and Harry sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-,” Uma sang but was cut off by you. “Ok, ok, we get it. If I say I like him will you leave me alone?”

“Say you like who”, a thick accent asked. 

“Harry, hey. When um, when did you get here,” I said trying to make my voice not shaky but failing.

“Just now, so you were saying that you liked someone,” he questioned me with a foreign expression on his face I had never seen before. Jealousy maybe?When I didn’t answer Gil decided to answer for me. Perfect.

“Y/N was saying how much she loves-” 

“GRANT! I have a HUGE crush on Grant,” I shouted out just so Harry wouldn’t know it was him. I looked over to Gil and Uma who were shooting daggers at me.

“Grant?” Harry questioned with a puzzled look.

“Yes Grant, you know, Mother Gothel’s son,” I stated. I have never seen so much hatred and sadness in a person’s eyes as I did when I looked at Harry’s.

“What is so great about Grant?” He asked with venom dripping off his tongue.

“Me and Gil are gonna go so you two can have more privacy,” Uma said with a sly smile. As Gil and her walked out the room she gave me a wink before closing the door.

“Y/n you need someone who will treat you like a queen. Someone who would drop everything they have to be with you. You need a man, not some silly boy who will end up hurting you. He’s not good enough for you, y/n. He isn’t even half as good as he should be.You could do so much better,” He said with so much convention in his voice.

“Do you really think that,” I asked with hope laced in my voice.

“Of course I do, love,” He said as a smile spread on his face. “Harry, why do you care who I like anyway?” I questioned with a little hope that he would say he liked me.

“I-I, It’s just,” Harry sighed. “Y/n I love you. I know you like Grant but you are worth so much more then him. Trust me when I say he won’t treat you right. Y/n I could make you happy. I could give you the life you deserve. I could give you the world,” He said with so much love in his voice, as he stroked my face with his hook.

“Oh Harry, I don’t like Grant. I just said that so you wouldn’t know I liked you. Oh who am I kidding? I love you, not like you. I can’t see my life without you,” I said as a rushed forward to hug Harry. He immediately hugged back, carefully placing his hook on your back.

“Y/n, please be my girlfriend and let me treat you like the queen you deserve to be treated as,” Harry said as he pulled away to look me in the eyes.

“Yes, of course Harry!” I replied happily. Harry smiled widely and pulled me into a kiss.

“Finally!” Gil and Uma said at the same time. I pulled away from Harry and started to laugh. “You guys better run,” Harry said with an amused tone as we started chasing after them.

A/n Sorry if it seemed a little out of his character, I am going to write more imagines with him so I promise I will write it more like him.

I really want in infinity war when tony and Stephen strange meet to be in the middle of a battle and Stephen points out something really obvious(“ these things just don’t give up!” Idfk) and then tony who’s right next to him and blasts one of the attackers away from Stephen to just say “ NO SHIT SHERLOCK” and just continue on fighting

“Delete That Footage!”

T’Challa x Reader

A/N: All Xhosa dialogue is made with google translate, so I apologize if the wording isn’t one hundred percent accurate. Translations are at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!!

WC: 820

Warning: Very very slight Black Panther spoilers

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T’Challa hears yours and Shuri’s laughter the moment he steps into his little sister’s lab. He smiles at the sound of the both you enjoying each other and begins to walk down the ramp. When he reaches the bottom, he clasps his hands behind his back. “Hello, sister.”

Both you and Shuri jump at the sound of his voice, and although at first, he thought it was just because of his silent approach, he doesn’t miss the quickness in which Shuri hides her hands behind her back. He frowns slightly and tilts his head in suspicion. “What–”

“Nothing!” Shuri exclaims, causing you to jump again as her voice echoes loudly around the near-empty lab. Your innocence flies out the window when you clasp a hand over your mouth, trying to smother your laughter that hasn’t stopped since T’Challa first entered. Shuri clears her throat and puts her other hand behind her back, straightening up in a vague attempt to mirror her brother. “We were laughing at nothing,” she claims, biting her lip to keep from smiling once she’s done speaking.”

The king cracks an amused smile and shifts his feet. “Alright, what is going on?” he asks in a playful tone to match yours. 

You and Shuri glance at each other, and your smile widens at the bright gleam in her eyes. “Shuri was …” You look away from the princess and clear your throat before meeting T’Challa’s suspicious gaze with yours. “She was showing me how the absorption tech of your suit works.”

Your boyfriend tilts his head back in acknowledgment to your words and lets his eyes slide back to his sister, who’s still simpering slyly. After analyzing her face for only a moment, the realization dawns upon him. “You did not.”

Shuri tilts her head innocently. “I did not what, ubhuti?” She giggles at her brother’s obvious exasperation despite the way she dodged his question.

“You showed her the video, didn’t you?” he sighs.

“Of course I did.” Shuri nods her head as if it was obvious all along and pulls her arms out from behind her back, letting the paused video reappear in front of her. “If (y/n) is going to marry you, she has to see you in all of your glory and honor.” She presses play just in time to see T’Chall be thrown across the lab. You burst out into laughter at Shuri’s wording and the image of your fiance flying through the air. T’Challa meets your gaze with a blank look and immediately cover your mouth once again in an attempt to cover up your giggles.

T’Challa rolls his eyes to the ceiling. “Alright, alright, enough.” He points a sportive finger at his little sister. “Kodwa khumbula ukuba akuyena kuphela ividiyo ihloza.”

She tilts her head as if in a challenge. “Awuyi kuzama.”

“Ngaba andiyi?”

“Hey,” you interrupt before T’Challa can respond, holding your hands up between the two siblings. Shuri taps her bracelet and the video disappears from view. “I’m still not fluent, remember? All I got was ‘embarassing’ and a ‘dare.’“

Shuri chuckles and T’Challa steps towards you. “Ah, but that’s more than last time, sithandwa sam.”

Ndiza kufika apho.” You grin, and T’Challa shakes his head good-naturedly in return. He takes your hand and gently runs his thumb over your knuckles.

Shuri frowns at her brother’s absolutely love-struck gaze and rolls her eyes, beginning to walk away. “Fumana igumbi.

T’Challa whips his head back toward his retreating sister. “Shuri!”

“Did she just tell us to get a room?” you ask, chuckling softly.

“Yes, she did.“ The King shakes his head in exasperation. “Hey,” he calls after his little sister, “Where are you going?”

Shuri turns around with a grin on her face and walks backward as she responds, “I have to check on our impisi emhlophe.”

T’Challa nods affirmatively, and Shuri disappears around the corner. You look up at him. “What’s the White Wolf?” you ask.

“A new project. I’ll show you when she’s finished it.” You nod and squeeze T’Challa’s hand. “However, because we can’t ‘get a room’, why don’t we go back to the palace for dinner?”

You smile coyly and stand on your tiptoes so you can wrap your arms around T’Challa’s shoulders. “We’ll be able to soon.” You smile and peck his lips softly. He hums affirmatively and tightens his grip on your waist so he can kiss you again. Once you pull away, you drop back down to your toes and re-interlace your fingers with T’Challa’s. “Dinner sounds good.”

He smiles, and you allow him to lead you up the ramp and to the elevators. “Good.”

“Maybe you can show me exactly how you pulled off that graceful stunt of yours.”

Your boyfriend groans and chuckles softly, letting go of your hand in favor of gently guiding you by the small of your back. “I’m never going to live that down, am I?”


(1) “Brother”

(2) “But remember you are not the only one with an embarrassing video.”

(3) “You would not dare.”

(4) “Would I not?”

(5) “My love”

(6) “I’m getting there.”

(7) “Get a room.”

(8) “White wolf”

Ivar Liking You Headcanons

-Ivar being surprised by the realization that he is attracted to you and at first it causes him to be rude to you as he tries to deny how he feels.

-Once he eventually accepts how he feels he starts to try to be kinder to you. The sudden change in behavior actually ended up worrying you at first because it was so unexpected.

-Ivar finding himself being particularly drawn to you when he sees you on the battle field, covered in your enemy’s blood.

-Ivar often finding himself fantasizing about you coming up to his chariot, at the end of a battle, and kissing him right there in celebration of your army’s victory.

-Him bristling with pure rage whenever he sees anyone else take interest in you.

-Ivar often watching you from afar, observing and trying to figure out if there is anyone who peaks your interest and what he could do to attract you. Trying to figure out anything he does not know about you.

-Feeling eyes on you while you sit, sipping your ale in the great hall. Eventually you turn your head to try and find the source of your unease only to find Ivar staring intently at you.

-His brothers starting to make comments and poke fun at him during feasts when they notice his behavior towards you. He quickly shuts them up with a few harsh words and a deadly glare.

-Refusing to talk to anyone about how he feels. He will not let any of his brothers in and finds he does not even want to discuss his feelings with Floki despite how close they are.

-After months of hiding his feelings he ends up admitting his feelings while the two of you sit on the dock watching the ships. It was a rare moment of honesty from him that took you by surprise.

Flirtatious Pirate - Harry Hook x reader

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A/N I just read this over and it is trash so I’m sorry. I’m still going to post it though because it took me a but to write it. Still don’t own the gif.

Summary: You and Harry have been friends for a while. He, being the person that he is, always flirts with you. You of course flirt back. What once started as simple flirting turns into something more.

Warning: Not super sexual but it has some pick up lines that are sexual. I don’t know if you would call one part of the story sexual harassment because it doesn’t go to far (As in rape) so if that bugs you please do not read.

Link to masterlist:

“Y/n, I must be huntin’ treasure, ‘cause I’m diggin’ yer chest,” Harry said with a smirk on his face.

“Well if you dig them so much want to go back to me ship and rock the boat,” I asked winking and trying to suppress a laugh.  

“Will you two get a room already,” Uma asked with a playful tone. 

“Oh shut up, you know we are just friends. It is harmless flirting,” I said even though I knew it was more than flirting. I was madly in love with the flirtatious pirate and I would do anything for him. I looked over at Harry waiting for him to agree with me but he avoided my gaze.

“If it helps you sleep at night,” Uma said with the biggest smirk on her face.

“Whatever, I have to go anyway. See You guys later,” I stated. They mumbled their goodbyes as I quickly exited the shop.

~Time skip brought to you by Uma’s fabulousness~

I was walking back to the shop hours later feeling exhausted when I felt a hand wrap around my face. The unknown person pulled me into a dark alleyway.

“Hey cutie, want to have a little fun with me,” the slimy creep asked. I wasn’t able to reply because a thick accent did for me.

“Sorry mate but I think she would rather kiss a pig then kiss you,” Harry said the rage clear in his voice. He stormed over to where we were and grabbed the man by the collar.

“If you will give us a second darling,” Harry hissed out as he carried the man away from my sight. 

All I could hear was the screams of that man and a sound that must have been bones cracking. Harry walked back to where I was with his hand and hook bloody from beating the guy up.

“Are you ok?” Harry asked with worry in his voice. I didn’t answer him I simply wrapped my arms around him. He hugged back immediately.

“Y/n, you and I both know we’re not just friends,” He said barely above a whisper.

“I know,” I whispered back just as soft as he did. We stayed in eachothers arms for another minute before Harry pulled away.

“Come one, let’s get back to the shop,” Harry said as he started to walk away. Before we got out of the alley he stopped me and lightly put his lips on mine. It was a short kiss but filled with so much love and passion that was built up over the years.

We pulled away smiling like lovesick idiots and started walking back to the shop, hand in hand.

Fourteenth Imagine, Time for a Pregnancy!

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Dean Winchester x Reader-Supernatural

Word Count: 1,258

Warnings: I’m just gonna let you know ahead of time that I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to writing a pregnancy so just bear with me okay?

Disclaimer: I own neither you nor any elements of Supernatural. Also, none of these GIFs are mine, and neither is the above edit but it is fabulous, kudos to the creator.

A/N: So this is another one for a writing challenge, this time hosted by @oneshoeshort. In this one,  you chose a word then based your imagine on it. I chose galvanize, which means to shock or excite someone into taking action. Also, I have been told to tag @dean-imagine-reblogs in my Dean imagines so yeah. On that note, would you guys want me to start a tag list? F

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was also partially inspired by an imagine from @spn-imagines-nation

Summary: The Reader discovers that she is pregnant, but then discovers that Dean wants to give up fighting the Mark of Cain.

You weren’t sure what it was you were feeling. Shock? Horror? Joy?  Truthfully you may have been feeling all at once. So many questions were running through your head now too. “How did this happen? When did this happen? What did this mean for you and Dean? What did it mean for you as hunters? The little pink plus sign on that little white stick was so minuscule but it was throwing your entire life into the shredder.

And what about Dean? What was he going to think? Would he be happy or upset? Would he try to make you get an abortion? You knew that Dean probably wouldn’t do that, you just couldn’t help but worry. You decided that for now at least, you weren’t going to tell Dean. Not until you had a better idea of how he would react. So you threw away the positive pregnancy test, put some toilet paper over it, and left the bathroom.
A few weeks later and you still hadn’t told Dean. You had managed to sneak out of the bunker for a couple prenatal appointments, and to buy some supplies, and hoped that you had gone unnoticed. Although your hormones were starting to surface in the form of mood swings, the boys probably just thought you were on your period. As far as you could tell, no one knew about it, but a certain angel kept giving you weird looks. You didn’t think much of it until Cas came into your room while Dean was on a supply run.

You were sitting on your bed reading a book when you heard the light, hesitant knock on the door. You sat up quickly, well as quick as you could while pregnant, and marked your book before setting it on the nightstand. You were starting to show a bit so you positioned yourself so that it wasn’t noticeable at all.

“Come in,” You called. The door opened to reveal Castiel, a hesitant and maybe even slightly nervous look on his face.

“Hello Y/N,” Cas greeted you, shutting the door behind him. (I don’t know why, but it just felt…wrong writing that)

“Hey, Cas,” You smiled at him and patted the bed next to you. “What’s up? Is everything okay?”

“That’s what I came to ask you.” Cas sat next to you with his hands folded in front of you. You heard the bunker door in the distance, but you were focused on the conversation at hand. Cas was tense like he was ready to bolt at the mere hint of trouble.

“What do you mean,” You laughed nervously. “Everything is fine. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Y/N please don’t lie,” Cas pleaded gently. “There is something wrong and I can sense that you know it too. It seems you have a child.”

Your eyes went wide. “You know? Did you tell Dean?”

“Not yet,” Cas confirmed. “But you should tell him.”

“I can’t Cas,” You stood and began pacing the room, suddenly more stressed than maybe you should be. “What if he gets upset or he doesn’t want the baby? PLus with the whole thing with the Mark, he really doesn’t need a baby on top of all that.”

“I think a child may be exactly what he needs,” Cas argued. He stood and opened the door, letting in the sound of voices. From their tone, you could tell they were yelling, but you couldn’t make out what they were saying. Castiel extended his hand to you and you slowly stood and took it. He leads through the corridors, the voices getting louder as you walked until you could tell it was Sam and Dean. You kept walking until you were just outside the map room so that you could hear the brothers clearly, but they couldn’t hear you. (Where Jack was right before he woke up Cas)

“-just giving up?” Sam sounded very frustrated and was loud enough that you were surprised you didn’t hear them before.

“I’m not giving up Sam,” Dean yelled right back. “All I’m saying is that we need to have sort of backup plan for when this thing makes me go nuclear! I can’t fight it forever!”

“Then we just have to work harder so we can find a cure before that happens,” Sam argued.

“We might be too late Sam,” Dean’s voice broke and quieted for a moment as he paused before he resumed, sounding just as frustrated just not yelling. You stepped from where you were hidden and into view, but you still went unnoticed. You saw Sam pacing and Dean sitting at the map table with his head in his hands. “I’ve already massacred an entire house of people, I’m already a monster. Y/N’s afraid of me, she can see it, and she’s right! So why can’t you?”

Sam stopped his pacing and looked at Dean. “Dean, what are you talking about?”

“Oh come on Sam,” Dean scoffed. He looked genuinely convinced that you were terrified of him and you felt a tear run down your cheek. Why would he think you’re afraid of him? Why were you even crying? Stupid hormones. He began making wide gestures with his arms like he did when he was frustrated. “She’s constantly sneaking out of the bunker, she doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going, avoids me and barely speak to me, and when she does she’s all jumpy-”

“You think I’m afraid of you,” You finally spoke up. Sam and Dean froze and turned to look at you, which was when you realized Cas had disappeared, but you didn’t worry about it right now. You couldn’t believe Dean thought were scared of him, and the idea itself horrified you. No matter what he did you could never be afraid of him, especially when you knew it wasn’t his fault. “So you want to give up?”

“I’m uh, I’m just gonna,” Sam quickly left the room leaving you and Dean alone.

“Dean you can’t really think I’m afraid of you.” You sat next to him and put your hand over his, making him instinctively intertwine his fingers with yours.

“Then why have you been acting like this,” Dean retorted, his eyes pleading with you. “If you aren’t afraid of me then what?”

“Dean,” You hesitated. “You can’t give up because you jumped to conclusions. You can’t give up at all. I need you. We need you.”

“Who you and Sam?” Dean shook his head. “You guys would be better off-”

“Not me and Sam,” You interrupted. You guided his hand down and rested it on your stomach. You watched his face carefully for his reaction. At first, it was an expression of confusion but then his eyebrows shot up in realization.

“Oh my god.”

“Yeah,” You laughed. “I’m pregnant. You’re not upset are you?”

“Are you kidding?” His face broke into the biggest grin you had seen since he was cured, which made you smile just as wide. “This is amazing!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before,” You looked down at his hand in order to avoid his eyes. “That’s where I went when I left, I was going to prenatal visits. And I was acting nervous because I was nervous about how you would react if you found out and I was worried I was gonna slip up. I didn’t realize it until I found out, but I really want this baby.”

“Well that’s good,” Dean smirked before leaning forehead and giving you a sweet kiss. “Because I do too.”

“You do realize this baby may have to take priority over the car version right?”

“I can’t make any promises.”

Bowtruckles and Their Trees

Newt Scamander x Reader

Disclaimer: This is so fluffy your teeth might rot. Read at your own sugary risk. <3  This was also only supposed to be like a tiny oneshot. It became an essay. Not even mad.

Enjoy ;)

- K

WC: 1,913

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“You have a bowtruckle in your pocket.”

Newt halts in his fiddling with the locks of his case and looks up at you through the wispy, caramel hair covering his eyes. You’re perched on one of Tina and Queenie’s dining room chairs, which you had dragged into the living room when the four of you and Jacob met in the living room earlier that evening. Newt had offered his seat on the plush lounge to you, but you had refused, telling him you could handle a conversation without a cushion, thank you very much.

Your tight-clad legs are daintily crossed at the ankles under your chair, and you lean forward slightly as you consider Newt, or, more specifically, Pickett, who is huddled shyly behind his neck. Only the top of his head and his little eyes can be seen as he peers at you, and you smile sweetly. Your perfectly curled, shoulder-length (h/c) locks frame your face and flutter like curtains in the breeze when you move. Your visage is curious, and after analyzing you for a moment, Newt realizes that you’ve never seen a bowtruckle before. The corner of his mouth flips up into a fond smirk at the thought. 

“That I do,” he responds, shifting in his crouch as he finishes locking up his case. 


Newt blinks in surprise at the bluntness of your question and tilts his head to look up at you fully. Your (e/c) eyes meet his inquisitively, and he looks away before you can see his face flush. He rolls out of his crouch with a sigh so he’s sitting on the ground, legs propped in front of him. “Well,” he starts. “I have bowtruckles in my case, but Pickett has what Queenie calls ‘attachment issues.’”

You raise your eyebrows and smile amusedly. “Attachment issues,” you repeat blankly. 

Newt backtracks, eyes flicking to the ceiling as he thinks of a way to explain. He holds his hand up in front of his shoulder so Pickett can wrap one of his little limbs around his thumb and pull himself up. Once he’s standing on his palm and facing him, Newt runs a finger over the top of his head. “He doesn’t like his tree.”

You chuckle softly, leaning forward even more to get a closer look. Pickett shies away slightly, blinking up at you with caution. “But aren’t bowtruckles guardians of their trees?” Newt nods, and you laugh again. “Why doesn’t he like it?” 

Newt shifts so he’s cradling Pickett in both of his hands and sits up, crossing his legs. He regards you with a small grin, green eyes twinkling with mischief. “He says the other bowtruckles bully him, but actually he’s just sensitive.” 

He whispers the last part as if it’s a secret, and you laugh again. Pickett whirls around to glare adorably at his keeper, who frowns right back down at him. “What? You and I both know it’s true.” Pickett blows a raspberry, and Newt rolls his eyes. “Again, that behavior is so beneath you.”

You snicker and slide off of your chair and onto the ground, leaning next to Newt on one hip with both of your legs folded on top of each other. Although you keep a respectable distance between the two of you, when you settle next to him, the magizoologist flushes bright red from the tip of his ears to his chest. He’s glad you’re too occupied with mesmerizing Pickett to notice–The little creature shied away from you a little more when you moved closer, but now he watches in fascination as you conjure flowers about the size of the pads of his fingers out of the tip of your wand. They float serenely to the floor one after the other, and Pickett watches them all the way down.

“So,” you shoot a baby blue flower across the room, causing Pickett to spin around in search of it, “Does that make you Pickett’s tree?”

Newt whips his head around to look at you, his mesmerizing green eyes wide with surprise at your question. “What?” he splutters.

You grin at his reaction and unthinkingly magick an array of tiny, yellow flowers to rain around Pickett, some of which land in Newt’s hands. “Like I said, bowtruckles live to guard their trees. And if Pickett is always with you…” You turn your head to look at him with a teasing smile, “that makes you his tree.”

Newt gapes at you, jaw moving slightly as he tries to conjure up something to respond with. What does one say when a beautiful woman compares you to a tree? He swallows to clear his dry mouth and mumbles: “I suppose it does.”

Your lips spread into a wide smile and you snicker giddily at the baffled expression on your new friend’s face. At this point, Pickett has climbed up the lapels of Newt’s collared, white shirt, perched on the collarbone furthest away from you, as he’s still wary. You look away from Newt and back at the creature, but the mesmerized man doesn’t move his head an inch. He gazes at you affectionately as you twirl your fingers in a “hello” at Pickett. Your nose crinkles when you smile, and Newt’s mouth twitches up once again at the observation, this time with a glint of his teeth shining through.

A breathy laugh slips through his lips when you raise your wand and resume your flower shower. Your easygoing smile evaporates when you look up and see the way Mr. Scamander is looking you. You’ve only known him a couple of days, but from what you’ve seen, he’s never held a significant amount of eye contact with anyone. You wouldn’t describe him as shifty, but he tends to keep his head bowed with his eyes only coming up for certain moments of eye contact.

Up this close, you can see that his forest green eyes have little flecks of golden-brown in them. You find yourself searching his eyes for every last one of those beautiful imperfections while he gazes down into yours, his eyes soft as he beholds you as if for the first time. 

His eyes flick down to your lips briefly before they rise back up to look at you again. Your cheeks flame up at the minuscule motion and you look down at your lap, seeing Newt doing the same out of the corner of your eye. Your fingers tap your knees idly, thoughts about what just occurred racing through your head so quickly that you can’t begin to even process them.

“Miss (l/n)?” Newt’s quiet, husky voice penetrates your being, and you barely suppress a shiver. You look up at him through your lashes to let him know you heard him. His eyes falter from his lap to your eyes and then back again, and he smiles bashfully. “Would you like to meet the rest of the creatures?”

A soft, but still-shy smile spreads across your face. “I’d like that.”

A full-out grin breaks across Newt’s face and he scrambles to his feet, gently pushing Pickett up so he’s perched on his shoulder. He holds out a hand to you and you smile, allowing him to pull you to your feet. Neither of you is quick to let go of the other’s hand. You quite like the feel of his worked, calloused hand in yours. 

He’s the one who lets go first, but only so he can crouch down and flip the locks of his battered case open. He prys open the top, letting the top end fall to the opposite side of the floor with a thump. He stands back up to his full height and huffs out a breath. You tilt your head up and look at him curiously as he looks back down at you. His lips quirk up into a subtle smile. “Ready?” he asks.

Your heart flutters, and you feel like the lightness of your chest is about to lift you off of the ground. You nod fondly. “Ready.”

Jacob steps over the Goldstein’s threshold with a relieved groan, taking the door with him so Queenie can step through behind him. His eyebrows raise as they scan the living room, jaw dropping slightly and lips drawing over his teeth in confusion. “What the hell?” he exclaims.

“What?” Queenie chirps, bouncing clumsily into the flat after him. She catches Jacob’s shoulder to stop herself, and her blue eyes widen as she takes in the living room. “Oh, dear.”

When she, Jacob, and Tina had left a couple hours before, the Goldstein’s living area was meticulously clean (thanks to the elder of the sisters). Now, what seems like hundreds of tiny flowers lay scattered across the carpet. Most of them are concentrated just around Newt’s closed case. It looks like a meadow exploded.

Jacob closes the door behind the pixie-like woman as she walks further into the room, doing her best not to step on the tiny blossoms. “We’re lucky Teeny got called in,” she chimes. “She would not have been happy to see this.” She tilts her head back at Jacob when she senses his still-prominent what the hell happened? thoughts. “It’s a simple spell, really, conjuring flowers.” She snorts softly and then giggles, returning to her examination of their sitting area-turned-field. “I just don’t know why either of them woulda done it.”

Jacob spins around slowly, his face still comically scrunched up. “Where are they?”

Queenie squints. “I don’t know …” Her eyes flick down to the worn, leather case laying in the middle of the living room. She grins toothily and hums at her epiphany, scurrying over to the case and kneeling in its surrounding flowers. 

“Don’t tell Newt I did this,” she whispers as she points at the locks and mutters, “Alohomora.” They flip open with a metallic click, and then the two of them are peering down into Newt’s garden shed.  Queenie then proceeds to tip her body over the side of the case so her torso is dangling over the edge and into the other world. 

Jacob splutters and grabs ahold of the back of her calves, just in case she starts to slide. “Jesus, Queen, what’re you doin’?” he hisses. “There are many easier ways to do this. Like climbing down the ladder.

She ignores him and turns her head to the side, blonde curls swishing into her face as she does. She blows harshly so they fall back and out of her way before falling still again, blue eyes flicking around the shed as she searches the through the different beings in the tiny world. It doesn’t take long for her to find you.

Pretty–Soft–Warm–Beautiful–Handsome–Freckles–Soft hair–Pink lips–Excitement–Shyness–Love–Attraction–Fear–I want to kiss her–Please kiss me–Pretty–Pretty–Pretty–Freckles

Queenie grins toothily and swings herself up and back into the real world. Immediately, yours and Newt’s thoughts cease, and all she can feel is Jacob’s confusion and exasperated mood and Mrs. Esposito’s frustration because apparently, Janey brought another boy in and she caught them in a trying position. Jacob rips his hands off of her legs to avoid being sat-on as she concludes her return to her original position.

She huffs, still smiling, and Jacob raises his eyebrows at her seemingly-crazed state. Her bob is now more of a frizzy sort of pom-pom look. He raises her eyebrows as her smile widens, practically twitching with excitement as what she just felt whirls around in her head. “We best not bother those two for a little while.”