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I guess lil baby Kanaya Grub has to learn the ins and outs of knitting yet! I would imagine it would be tough with those tiny lil claw leggies anyways.

Drawn: January 1st, 2017


So I haven’t posted much in the way of my knitting projects for a while and that’s because I was working on this Cersei Lannister/GoT afghan for Miss @westerhos!

The red panels read (left to right) CERSEI, LANNISTER, and HEAR ME ROAR. The LANNISTER panel is flanked by lions (adapted from a Harry Potter pattern, lol, especially cause both times I bought yarn for this project I was asked if I was doing a Harry Potter project, haha) and then some gold cabling on either end cause 1) I love cables and 2) Cersei has had some interesting braids over the years. 

When it came time to send the blanket on its way, someone refused to stop snuggling it so he stowed away and should now be settling into city life. 

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> In the opening screen of Mystic Messenger Zen's ponytail is shown to ge thick enough to be put into a very thick braid. However, in the rest of the game, his hair is fairly thin, about the thickness of 20 pieces of yarn. The fandom makes it even worse, by contributing work in which it varies from very, very, very thin to very thick. And I know I'm caring too much about this bUT I JUST WANT A CONSISTENT HAIR THICKNESS FOR ZEN.<p/></p>

Lucifer!Castiel with pink wings because Mark Pellegrino said that it’s Lucifer colour so it’s canon.

few h in Krita

Fandom Yarns On Etsy!

Here’s a compile of etsy stores I’ve found that stock beautiful, great fandom related yarns!



Yarns shown here: Tardis Smooshie, Peacocks, Starry Night.


Yarns shown here: Hulk Smash, Tardis and Iron Man.


Yarns shown here: Lasso of Truth, For Amy, Gallifrey Falls No More.


Yarns shown here: Thor, Sherlock, The Woman.


Yarns shown here: Miss Hannigan, Elementary Dr Watson, Agent P.


Yarns shown here: Mean Girls, Stargate, Game Of Thrones.


Yarns shown here: Vincent and the Doctor, Purple People Eater, Northern Lights.


Yarns shown here: Kaylee, Lady of Lorien, Discworld.


Yarns shown here: Allons-y, Firefly: Wash, Princess Bride.


Yarns shown here: Second Breakfast, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee.


Yarns shown here: Lothlorien, The Shire, The Black Pearl.


Yarns shown here: Madame Maxime, Fangorn Forest, Slytherin Birthday.


Circle Of Warmth

A small circle of lamp light and warmth and hope under the endless (post-apocalyptic) desert sky.

100% superwash Merino wool. Super soft and squishy
100gr/~200m (DK weight)
This yarn stands up to a gentle machine wash (wool/silk cycle) but for this colourway I would strongly recommend cold hand wash the first few times. 

This first dye batch has about 1/3rd lamp light to 2/3rds sky - the future version will have the same colours but a little less lamp light (perhaps ¼th). If you want one of these first four I suggest you don’t wait to order, and please put your preference in the comment box. I will accomodate if I can.

And because I’m having a lot of warm fuzzy feelings for the Fury Road fandom, use HITUMBLRFRIEND0715 as a coupon code and you’ll get 10% off :-)

Experimenting with a slightly fancier Version of the ‪Tom Baker‬ scarf. In the upper right corner you can see just the basic knitting‬…looks a bit like a ribcage, doesn’t it?! The other 3 pictures are versions of how it could look when braided. It is made from leftover ‪yarn‬ of my regular Season 12 scarf, and I dont really know yet how long it will be in the end. I’m not really happy with the colorchanges, but it will do for an experiment :)

Yarne [90 Icons] 100 x 100

Character: Yarne

Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening

These icons are requested by unwravelingyarne but others are free to use them.

If you are going to be using them, a like or a reblog would be nice! And if you are up to it, credit me (by linking back here).

Disclaimer: All art used for these icons do not belong to me. Some of these are slightly edited (i.e: text being erased, etc.) Please notify me if I made an icon of a person who does not wish for others to use their art for RP icons.

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Fandom Blankets

So, sometime in the nearish future I will be making fandom blankets which will have this basic description.

Crocheted, quilt-like blanket with symbols from the fandom embroidered onto the squares. For example, I am making me and a friend of mine a Supernatural one. It’s going to have various symbols on the squares. 

So the fandoms I would most likely make them in are Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, possibly Hetalia. If there are any suggestions, message me. I would probably sell these for between 20-40 dollars. I’ll know exactly what when I make the ones from me and my friend. I just want to get a guage on if people would buy them or not. :3

YarnCrafters of Carol Corps/Comic Fandom, WE NEED YOU!

Friends and fans, the Carol Corps Yarn Brigade is in need of yarncrafters to contribute to a project. You do not have to be a Carol Corps member to be interested in this project. The commitment is not large. Please reach out to carolcorpsyarnbrigade[at]yahoo[dot]com to learn more and to see if your'e interested in joining up. 

Also, please signal boost the everloving shit out of this.