fandom ware

Let’s try this again… I think I may have priced myself out of the field last time, so here comes EVAN’S SUPER LOW PRICED WRITING COMMISSION EXTRAVAGANZA!!


All prices are SET, there is no negotiation. These prices are as follows; 500 words for $5 $2, $2 extra for self-insertion (I’ll need details e-mailed to me), $1 extra per OC (Again, I need character descriptions e-mailed to me.)

I will try to do any fandoms you ask of me, but keep in mind that some are harder to research and write than others (i.e. Naruto or One Piece are gonna be harder to research than Gravity Falls or My Little Pony.) I’m really in no position to refuse an offer, but keep this in mind and gauge your time expectations accordingly.

Shipping is perfectly acceptable, even self-ship, but I WILL NOT WRITE SMUT, SO DON’T ASK!! Any asks for smut will be immediately rejected with no follow-up. You’ve been warned.

Payment can be received through the donation button on my blog, but remember to donate what you pay for. If you try to short change me I WILL report you.

Anyway, I think that about wraps this up, so get cracking! I will accept any requests through my ask box, and you can e-mail me at for any further information (I will respond as readily as possible.)