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He’s still mine. (x)

BATIM Fandom...
  • BATIM Fans: Boi, we sure hope we don't fuck up the fandom like FNAF or Undertale!
  • Chapter 1 Fandom: Joey is abusive towards Bendy and Boris, Joey killed Boris, Bendy's a smol innocent bean, Boris's a smol innocent bean
  • Chapter 2 Fandom: Alice Angel?? Henry the sheep! "Bendy-Sempai notice me!"-Sammy, Bendy thinks Sammy's a creep,HOLY FUCK IT'S BENDY!!, #Borislifematters
  • BATIM Fans: ... šHįT
Mystic messenger as phrases I heard at university

Jumin: “I signed up for classes, not for asses so you can go out and bang all the girls you want I’ll be here getting my degree.”

707: “Who told you to be sad, we agreed to be sad together. Do schedules mean nothing to you people?”

Yoosung: “I hear screaming can burn calories, is that why I’ve lost a lot of weight recently?”

V: “I have two moods, either showing up late or not showing up at all.

Saeran: "I’m not a bad person, I’m just picky and when I say ‘don’t fucking talk to me.’ I’m just saving my time, the time that you’re trying to waste.”

Thoughts On... Jealous of Blaze

Aphmau: We don’t have fingers.

Blaze: …

June: …

Rylan: …

Aphmau: Or mouths.

Blaze: How the heck are we talking then?

Hunk Thoughts Regarding Season 2

So, I’ve seen a lot of people not like how much Hunk talked about food this past season since it seemed like it was reducing his character quite a bit.  I’ll admit it was bothering me too because Hunk is more than the food guy.

Until I began to wonder if that’s just how he figures out problems for himself.

Hunk has A LOT of anxieties, except when it comes to food/cooking.  He’s so much more confident and chill figuring out an alien recipe than in anything else, and what if that’s just how he figures things out.  He managed to take over a restaurant in like a few hours and he was NOT letting himself be pushed around there.

He figures out problems by thinking of them as a recipe or as a type of food and that allows him to quickly understand it.  He is super smart when it comes to technology, and maybe connecting it to cooking is just how is works for him and it’s possible he’s been silent about it before, but now that he’s bonded with the others more, Hunk just says his thoughts aloud more.

Hanji Thought!

What if the SNK fandom will never escape hell because we are all slowly being absorbed into the napes of are own SNK obsessed, mind-less titans forcing us to wander the earth devouring anything SNK related until we’re either chopped down, or ingest the spinal fluid of one of the nine titans allowing us to shift from titan to human, but making us fight until we ourselves are forced to be eating to pass on our titan or die in battle! It will never end!

(This is why my friends have started calling me Hanji…………… I go into “Hanji-mode”…………… I happily embrace my Hanjiness!)


Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [2016.07]
└ #SummerDatingGoals (2/?) ♥


Aphmau: *Is the first to see flying Travis*

Also Aphmau: Well I can’t NOT acknowledge him.


Please do not continue reading this if you don’t want the movie (Wonder Woman) to be spoiled for you.
I have a theory.
I am convinced that Steve Trevor reincarnated into Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.
They have so much in common.
They are both played by someone named Chris.
They are both heroic.
Steve probably was inspired by his past self ( and maybe Diana) to fight in the war.
DISCLAIMER: I did not read the comics ( because where I live comics are really expensive) so there might be something that might make this theory deemed incorrect.
Also I just heard this from a fellow friend of mine after watching the movie and she didn’t really do that much research into it.
If you can deem this theory incorrect then feel free to reblog this with your own thoughts.