fandom t shirts

The types and their clothes

ENFP: You definitely notice what they wear (is this good or bad??). They like to change their fashion persona every so often. Flower crowns? YES. Neon shoelaces? YES. Blue hair? YES.

ISTP: Usually semi comfortable clothes (lots of pockets to keep knives in). Mud stains/rips/grease here and there

ENFJ: A cozy sweater is a staple

ISFJ: Likes to look nice and presentable but may not always be super familiar with current fashion trends. Their outfits are pretty mainstream and non-threatening. 

INFP: You can’t decide whether you like their outfit or not? Similar to ENFP but is scared to draw too much attention to themselves (secretly wants to wear the flower crown but feels silly). T-shirts with a message. 

ESTP: Camo, neon, sports jerseys, sporting gear. Thats it.

INTP: Wears the same baggy sweater and fedora every day. Running shoes on feet but never goes to the gym. The entire look is boring but is an archeological dig, you never know what you will discover under the dust.

INTJ: Similar to INTP but cleaner. Refuses to wear contacts because glasses do the job just as well.

ENTP: Fandom merch. Their t-shirts will either shock you or make you laugh (maybe both). They secretly like the disapproving looks they get from other people ;)

INFJ: Clean, except for the one stain thats been on their shirt for 3 years and they still haven’t noticed it (until an ISTJ points it out to them). Doesn’t care too much about the world of fashion but still ends up looking nice anyways.

ESFJ: ALWAYS wears lipstick before walking out the door. Fashion accessories galore 24/7!!

ENTJ: You’ve never seen them in sweatpants. They own the most ties you’ve ever seen in your life. Expensive taste.

ISFP: Probably half their clothes are either handmade or second hand. Beads, beads, beads. Guilt tripped into buying jewelry made by orphans in Africa. The only leather and fur they wear is vegan friendly.

ESFP: Sometimes you catch a faint scent of alcohol on their clothes (sometimes). Doesn’t own a bathing suit because they prefer skinny dipping. Either they are the best dressed out of everyone in the room or the worst.

ISTJ: Never seen this type in sweatpants either. Likes to look presentable. Their outfits are pretty mainstream causing them to blend into the crowd. Always wearing a watch.

ESTJ: The sleeves to their dress shirt are rolled up. Owns an apple watch (so much more efficient than a regular watch!). Has their clothes tailored because they can never find a pair of pants that fit JUST RIGHT.

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Today is March 6th, Happy Birthday Lil’ Cookie Monster!  (≧◡≦) ♡ I love you so much!  ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc) Have beautiful day with your loved ones and fandom╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

PS: His t-shirt is from the teddy he gave us~ Also I added his freckles just because he looks cute with them ^x^ Btw I realized that the display looks bad because I drew it small *goes to corner and cry*

I’m the girl that will bring you dinner if you’re working late.
I’m the girl that will watch an entire tv series in one sitting.
I’m the girl that will buy you things because they remind me of you.
I’m the girl that gets more excited over meeting a stray cat than bumping into a good friend.
I’m the girl that will remember pointless, sentimental moments.
I’m the girl that’s satisfied with beer and pizza.
I’m the girl that will try to recapture the romance.
I’m the girl that likes being a regular but hates being recognized.
I’m the girl that collects scraps of nostalgia with every intent of making a scrap book.
I’m the girl with two nice outfits and drawers full of fandom t-shirts.
I’m the girl that would rather stay home.
I’m the girl that will keep trying even when it’s obvious things are over.
I’m the girl that tries too hard, cares too much, loves too deeply.
I’m the girl cheering you on from the sidelines.
I’m the girl who is left alone.

The Hero Damar - comments and constructive criticism welcome while I am getting back into the swing of doing art. 

As always, hit me up if you are interested in a commission or would like to see a specific character - other fandoms welcome!

Hopefully t-shirts and stuff to come in the next few weeks!

What Supporting A Comic Book Should Be Like

Step 1) Go to Comic Book Store.

Step 2) See that the book you want is there and then buy it.

Step 3) There is no Step 3.

What Supporting A Comic Book Is Actually Like

Step 1) Go to Comic Book Store.

Step 2) See that the store didn’t order any copies of the book because they didn’t think it would sell.

Step 3) Buy the $4.50 copy of Previews Magazine so you can find the code to order a copy of the issue three months from now.

Step 4) Give your code to the Comic Shop owner and ask them to please order it for you.

Step 5) Continue to do this for every issue of the series only to realize that the retailer is still only ordering the one copy you wanted and refusing to order any extra copies for any customers who might want it.

Step 6) Start ordering five copies of the book and giving them out to your friends and asking them to order it as well.

Step 7) Realize that somebody else at your comic shop is ordering ten copies of Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman each week so now you have to order ten copies of the book you want just so it can cancel their overpurchases out. 

Step 8) Realize you now don’t have enough money to buy any issues other than the ten copies of the one issue you wanted to support.

Step 9) Create an online movement for the book, including creating facebook and twitter accounts, fanart, names for the fandom, t-shirts, etc. 

Step 10) Wait and hope that two thousand other people out there are also doing the same thing across the country.