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I honestly think you sh/eith shippers... or maybe it's just you, I dunno... are getting ahead of yourselfs on the pairing front. Just because the staff likes a few sh/eith-related stuff doesn't mean it's going to happen. I'm also pretty sure they've teased other ships. Anyway I hate to say this to you personally, since you seem very chill and I feel really bad about coming onto your blog and sending you this. But I think I'd rather the show end w/ no endgame pairings, but at least we're all sad.

Oh! Okay, I see what you mean. As I’ve said before, the staff being a fan doesn’t hurt. It’s a bit exhausting seeing people claim the relationship can only be interpreted as brotherly, particularly when you see an episode director drawing sheith art captioned “Shiro loves you baby,” and the show runner likes fanart of them making out But I don’t mean to say that automatically makes it canon at all. I more so cite it just because it proves the staff can see their relationship in a romantic context, and are perfectly comfortable liking and supporting it that way. 

But like, that’s not the main reason I believe sheith will happen. It’s because of how their relationship is written and built up in canon. I’m a writer first and foremost and I love analyzing the narrative and visuals. That’s why I’m so into meta. I think sheith has a pretty good chance because the show runners have said they’ve been fighting for lgbt representation since the beginning and the only relationship I think reflects that would be sheith. I ship it because it’s written completely differently from Matt and Pidge’s actual sibling dynamic, so I don’t see it as brotherly. I ship it because it’s written with very purposeful parallels to zaggar. I ship it because, in Joaquim’s own words, “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship.” (source)

I ship it because Keith is the person Shiro most desperately wants to see, because that desperate desire to be with Shiro is far more in line with unrequited love than anything platonic in my mind. I ship it because Shiro has always been there for Keith and Keith vows in turn to always save him. I ship it because of all the romantic archetypes it falls under. I ship it because friends to lovers built on mutual love and respect is my thing. I ship it because the way their background has been carefully hidden from day one makes me feel like they’re hiding something very significant about the exact nature of Keith and Shiro’s feelings. I ship it because Keith’s behavior towards Shiro is very relatable to me as a bi guy. I think their relationship would make for really great representation. And if we were just only given one lgbt character, I would still want it to be Shiro as I think he’d make for the best representation

Sheith is unique in that their relationship has also always been an overarching theme of the main plot, and will likely culminate in the same final decision faced by Keith in the original–choosing between saving Voltron or Shiro. Much like how Zarkon chose Honerva over the universe. And given all the foreshadow to Keith meeting this inevitable crossroad, it’s really interesting to me that we’ve already gotten another Black Paladin’s version of this story from a romantic angle. I don’t think that’s coincidental. So yeah, there are lots of reasons why I think sheith is very possible, and that basically all stems right from canon. 

And, I’m not sure how to really phrase this, but like–this kinda stuff isn’t my whole life, you know? It’s fun! :D I like it, cause it’s fun. It makes me happy. It’s nice to think about it. I get the idea that it’s too soon to celebrate or the asks worried about me being disappointed. But so many other people are very careful and cynical about it, so I don’t see any harm in being the optimistic one, you know? And I mean, I make these kinds of posts for other people who like sheith. It’s never my intent to rub it anyone’s face or anything. It’s just, this is fun for me. And I don’t see any harm in that really. My actual life is pretty anxiety ridden, depressing, and stressful. All the stuff I do here is just supposed to stay chill and be for fun. 

To get back to what you said though, I’ve seen plenty of other people say they’d rather see vld end with no ships too! It’s not something you’re alone in. Whatever makes you happy, you know? Especially with all the drama in fandom, that’s understandable. It just so happens that this is my thing though 

I get the feeling that the sns fandom is not as active as before -in tumblr that is, yes I know it’s not the same on twitter. But here I am, looking for new stuff, digging old posts and content when I don’t find it, checking for fic updates like there’s no tomorrow, like no bitch I’m not going anywhere, I don’t care what happens, sns is forever I will NEVER LEAVE. I’M NOT DONE WITH THESE BOYS AND I DON’T THINK I’LL EVER BE. (Anyone care to spell “denial”? I think it’s my middle name by now.)

Full offense, those who say things like “i hope TLK flops” or “let this series die” are being, like…pretty selfish, tbh

Like it or not, the TF movie series is what first introduced a lot of people (myself included) to the fandom in the first place. And like it or not, a good chunk of those people (myself included) either still enjoy it or have regained their interest.

Had the movie series ended early on, or never happened at all, would we still have all the good shows and stuff that came out over the past 10 years? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say NO.

Okay, okay, I get it, you want a reboot. Maybe be patient and let this movie series run its full course, though, especially now that it finally has new writers and some interesting ideas (animated Cybertron prequel; beastformers; etc.) that may become movies later on if TLK does well?

Otherwise, kindly fuck off.

PS: Casual reminder that the next TF movie is not directed by Bay, just sayin’…

Fandom wars is fucking bullshit

My brother died only 6 weeks ago.

I got drunk a few nights ago and sobbed over him.

Everytime I think I can get back to normal, something triggers a break down.

I have also been mentally ill for a decade, as well as surviving a toxic, abuse situation for…oh god…even longer than a decade…

My coping mechanism is to delve into fantasy to escape, and enjoy certain characters that have this woobie effect for me ( I see myself as broken, bad, and wanting to be saved/save myself)

hence why I love characters like Kylo Ren. I relate to them. And no one gets to tell me I can’t identify with a character.

But he has (baffilingly so) become so politicized, and people who like him as a character are called nazis… and I can’t even fucking deal with it.

Tumblr was supposed to be the one website that is more progressive, and open about fandoms (any just different kinds of people in general), and just full of better people–so I wished.

If bigoted assholes call Tumblr users “sjws” I am proud because I love those kinds of more progressive, inclusive, diverse people. And I am a proud “sjw”.

But When I show my love for just a dumb character from a fake world, I get fucking attacked over the most trivial things.

I recently tried to reach out to explain to certain people why it’s not cool, and outright damaging to engage in this “call out” culture, or or fandom wars or shipping wars, which only makes things so fucking nasty and intolerable for everyone….

 I cited my brother’s death…my abuse from childhood…and why the nastiness just pushes traumatized people further into the fringes, to the brink of explosion (which is where I am at as i type this, in tears, clutching a wine bottle)….

Hell, the night before the wake was the first time I would see his body since the accident….My stomach was in knots, but I scrolled through Kylo Ren fanart and fanfic and it grounded me.

If anything…life is too short to keep spreading negativity…to keep living in it….

I feel like I am back in highschool….all the abuse my mother and my peers lashed upon me (To the point of self harm and an eating disorder)…and I couldn’t escape…i suffocated…And when I sought help for it…people told me to stop whining…My problems werent real…They gaslit the shit out of me

I feel like a child again….helpless…wanting to scream but my mouth is sewn shut.

And this person actually told me even though I was an abuse survivor, and am using certain characters as a coping mechanism…I need to stop liking what I like (I guess because I am not doing things the way this person would do things) Because MY way is wrong and THEIR way is right

This person actually told me not to cope….


Fuck fandom/shipping wars and fuck this “call out” culture where everything is problematic and real people cease from being real people.

I wasn’t even trying to argue some higher minded ideology–rather, I was trying to get this person to understand my personal emotional standpoint and why their words hurt me (and also hurt other people). But they completely said “fuck you” to my trauma. It took me back…I was shocked….How someone could not even see my trauma as real, and how they didnt see me as a person.

You dont get to shit all over people like that….We arent even talkiing about real canon stuff here…It’s all fan made stuff!!!!

What happened!? Why and when did fandoms get so toxic!? So Problematic!?

What good does ANY of the discourse or vitriole or flippant attitudes about people’s pain do?

“Call Out” culture is never motivated by any real world important issues. These shit posters only ever want to be seen as the most enlightened, never motivated by empathy.

After you lose someone so young and so unexpectedly…it changes you…After you come to terms with your own childhood abuse…it changes you….You realize…so much of what we tear each other apart over…doesn’t matter….It doesnt matter….

If i died tomorrow…I don’t want to regret having been drowned in so much negativity and harassment. My brother taught me…we need to just embrace what makes us feel good–it could all be snatched away from you in a single second.

If the pain of my brother’s loss won’t move anyone to sympathy…how about we think of what Carrie Fisher would have done (The Queen of Star Wars)

Anything to do with shipping or fandom in general, Carrie would just giggle and encourage you to make some awesome fanart or fiction.

Can we do that from now on? Think…what would Carrie do?

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I have words to types Re: Ships

There’s been some stuff about, and as I reblog a goodly amount of obiyuki I had some words to types:

Maybe it’s because I’m old; but I don’t know what the deal is with people caring when other people “ship” a “different ship”? Like, it doesn’t diminish yours at all~ It doesn’t affect canon~ BUT ALSO BECAUSE IM OLD OMG HERE IS MY 2CENTS ON IT (^ω^)

I love hakyona so much I LITERALLY started learning 日本語. I know there are people that wish Yona was with other dragons, or Lily, or even Suwon…..but I can’t understand why that should upset me. Can I identify with them? Absolutely not!!! (草凪先生 clearly made Hak as The Perfect) So, for 暁のヨナ canon has me completely covered. I’ve never even read any Yona fic (I’m sure there’s amazing stuff out there but I’m all full up~)

赤髪の白雪姫 is also a wonderful manga. But, for pretend romance, I prefer the background guy; the one that unrealistically sacrifices themselves with no real hope or expectations. The slow burn and the Colonel Brandon. (Re: Hak) That’s not an insult to Zen’s character, it’s just what I PERSONALLY enjoy. So, canon here doesn’t really do it for me. Its just not the entirely fictional romance type I personally enjoy most~

TBH I DON’T believe obiyuki will ever be canon. It’s a 少女 and that’s not the kinda shit 少女’s pull. I think it’s evident that zenyuki is endgame. However, obiyuki is a pretty popular ship and あきづき先生 (or her editors) love to periodically toss us a few scraps. I won’t lie, finding those scraps, as hopeless as they are, is the most fun I have reading the manga.

I don’t have ANY hate for zenyuki–but I’m not particularly interested in it. I definitely don’t have any desire to “like” random fandom stuff about it. It just doesn’t make me happy~

Plus, let’s be honest here, there’s a coterie of RIDICULOUSLY talented obiyuki women who have created something that is rare in any fandom; or even any thing xD. Their stories are more fun for me than canon; because this particular canon wasn’t made for what I enjoy most.

If you love zenyuki I’m happy canon gives you so much~. I would never want to take that away from you (and in order for obiyuki to be canon it would; which is why it won’t ever happen–although if people want to hope for that there are worse things to make a meta-string-analysis-board about)

It’s all not real. For all great stories the truth is what you make out of it. As long as we are enjoying it (and buying it–please buy it!!) I think あきづき先生 would be pleased with any way we interpreted her work. We all have far more in common than that which divides us.


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a rant. okay this fandom(not everyone) is pissing me off. this is why i hate becoming 'close' i guess you could say with being someone's fan because some of the people within the fan base can be so fucking cruel and out of line for no. fucking. reason. i swear some of them live, eat, and breathe drama. for multiple examples, giving laur unnecessary hate because she was at shawns party, giving ellie bamber unnecessary hate for aCTING IN A VIDEO, for unnecessary hate toWARDS HIS SISTERS BODY.

a rant, continued. and then how some girls are like “shawn only belongs to the mendes army” “shawn is mine, get your hands off him” are you serious!! shawn isn’t some toy for us to pass around and share. HES AN ACTUAL PERSON. he does not in any way “belong to us” and i get the whole “shawn no not a gf” but dear lord some girls need to pick up their panties because at the end of the day their chances with shawn are slim to none.

(a rant continued, again) yeah i think of me and shawn together but i also know we aren’t going to ride off into the sunset on a unicorn. i also know what lines not to cross & how to respect his private life. I can’t believe that sometimes these girls go as far as to call the girl a bitch. (i.e the stuff that happened when tnhmb mv came out) i can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when he DOES get a gf. i may get jealous, i may sing JBs that should be me, but i would NEVER send her hate.

I very much know these people are in almost every fandom and I agree with that but I also think if you only see these people, you’re around the wrong fans then. Most people on my dash here and the people I talk to are in love with Ellie and the job the did in the music video. She was amazing and she had such a cute vibe and did a great job. As you can obviously see, my ask is filling up with people saying how amazing Aaliyah is and how people doing this to her is sickening. And I agree, it should never happen. It should never happen. Either of the things you’re mentioning but sadly, it does in almost every fandom. We got to try and find people who are the same kind of fans as us. I’m fucking rooting for the day Shawn gets a girlfriend, I’m here for when he falls in love and I honestly cannot wait. I know these things happen and they shouldn’t be but we can’t control other people and what they or mean, we can only stick to the people sharing the same values as yourself. And luckily, I love being a part of this fandom because I’ve found a group of people who are the most amazing ones. They’re super supportive and sweet, they treat Shawn with respect and they’ve all been respectful towards what he’s done and what’s to come. I try to shut out the negativity from others and stick around the people who are not. I found my base in this fandom where there’s not any hating or talking shit nor is their any rumors or people “fighting” over Shawn or shaming the people he’s around. 


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I can’t believe this! The walking encyclopedia of weirdness (Me) has 200 Followers now! :‘) Thank you sooo much! Hiiiiii to all the (100!) new people! OMG!

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I can’t believe you all like my stuff. This is amazing! Thank you so much, this means a lot. (I‘m here for years now with my other personal blog and nothing ever happened :D ) and noooow so much love ♥️ I thank you all for never hating around or something. You are the best squad!!

Much love and big shoutout to my precious sweethearts @cheekbonesofbenny @alpaca-milkshake @giulygambotto @fandom-b13a and @piercetheaicha. You helped me so much to feel good here, with always having time for a little chat or something , reblogging, liking and comment ♥️ also thank you to @fellinlovewithart and blueboxian (I can’t tag you :( )who are also reblogging cuties all the time! ♥️

And special mention goes again to my precious @merthur-sheriarty ! You are wonderful ♥️ thank you ♥️ (especially for great villains and glowing vampires :D nononono, especially for everything!!!!)

And a real Thank you to all of you!!!! We are 200(+Myself) now. Imagine us in a room together, eating chocolate (or whatever you like) and watching Sherlock ♥️ It‘s amazing. You are all amazing!

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hi. i have a question. the rest of your ships are so good but why do you ship roxy and john? it looks like such boring het to me and roxy deserves better than him i think but youre good at explaining things and i dont think youre the kind of person who just ships a boy and girl main character because they stand beside each other so why john/roxy instead of roxycallie?? i really want to know. thank you

I really liked John & Roxy’s interactions in the aftermath of Game Over and I was always attached to the idea of them growing closer over the fact that they are the only ones from the main cast truly “FROM” that timeline, if that makes sense. They are the GO versions of themselves, they survived those events, Roxy was THERE for those events and will always have those horrific memories, and John was the one who was there for her, John is the one who found her, and Roxy is one of few people around currently who has some idea of the true SCOPE of what it was John did with his retcon powers. (Terezi is the only other one who really does, I think, and that’s debatable depending on how you interpret the events of Remem8er.) 

So you have this mutual thing where Roxy is almost the only person John has to TALK about that to who can really comprehend it and John is almost the only person Roxy has who she was inarguably, irrefutably the “correct” Roxy to – remember, the Roxy from the current alpha timeline DIED. The Roxy we have now slipped in through a cosmic technicality arranged by Typheus and Nyx and it’s implied that the Roxy that Jane killed died BECAUSE Roxy made the decision to go on with John. That is some heavy, heavy, heavy shit! The narrative never really DEALT with that, but our current canon Jane Crocker literally murdered the Roxy Lalonde from her timeline in cold blood, and presumably will also always have THAT memory. 

Please note I don’t in a bajillion years think any of the kids would ever consider Roxy anything other but THEIR Roxy and treat her the same, but like, she’s NOT, right? And Roxy knows that. And John is from her timeline and doesn’t have memories of some phantom Roxy that wasn’t ACTUALLY her. If that makes sense. 

Plus I mean there was canon attraction there, canon flirting, they were cute, I don’t think them being het detracted from their chemistry. It was cute seeing John scrambling to impress her and it was cute seeing Roxy be kind of immediately smitten with John’s ability to, even in the worst actual possible situation, regroup and be determined to somehow fix things. Roxy was ready to give up. John is the one who convinced her it was worth it to keep fighting. 

So yeah. I liked them. I realize there’s a whole fucking boatload of fandom garbage happening with Roxygen right now because every fucking nasty homophobic asshole on the planet is crying salty crocodile tears that The Last Bastion Of Het In Homestuck was breached, but like, Jesus. Some of us shipped it cause it was a Good Ship, y’all. Had a lot of interesting stuff brewing around in it. 

I don’t find Callie that compelling of a character comparatively and never liked how young she skewed compared to Roxy and blah blah blah blah blah I’ve talked about why I don’t ship RoxyCallie on here before. They’re cute. It’s nice that Callie has someone after living such a lonely life who will spoil her with unconditional affection. I just don’t personally have any attachment to it or think there’s much chemistry there that is explicitly romantic. I can see them as queerplatonic at most and considering I always kinda read Roxy as a more sexual character it just doesn’t gel with my headcanons.

I’m happy for RoxieCallie shippers that are getting what they want; grats on being canon. I’m also kinda sad that my ship sunk, and on top of that, fucking assholes from shithole communities are poisoning the well on it in the aftermath, because it’s still legitimately my 4th favorite ship in the damn comic despite no longer being canon. Sigh.

hoo boy alright here we go

Hello! I’m Charlie and I’ve been RPing for a few years, but I’ve never entered a new fandom like this since I started, and I’m kind of terrified.

Please like or reblog if you’d be interested in writing with everyone’s favourite Peeling Boy**, the one and only Charon? I’m open for New Vegas (<3) and FO4 too! Useful stuff for mobile users:

profile | rules | ask

** alright, second favourite since Hancock happened… *incomprehensible grumbling…*

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It’s really upsetting to hear that’s happening. I usually think about how stuff like this happens in the bigger fandoms and doesn’t usually happen in the smaller ones like this one. Guess we’re not immune :(

It is upsetting, and it’s been a longstanding issue. And it’s also the #1 reason I never post about ships and opinions and try to maintain a neutral space here really because that kind of stuff always bums me out in a major way. This blog is positive towards and loves every character and every actor and every ship and every journey and every person that participates on the show or blogs about it. Past or present. 

I’d suggest going back and listening to the wise words of Dr. Akopian for guidance on this matter.

Dear Voltron Fandom

I know no one will read this, but I’m going to give my opinion on the stuff that’s been going down. Please feel free to correct me if anything I say is wrong or misinformed.

The show has been out for a couple months, and you are already self destructing.
You do realize that all this hate is either a) scaring people out of the fandom or b) scaring people away from watching the show.

You know what this does? It causes views to drop.

You know what that leads too? The show being cancelled.

Please stop. From what I understand there has been no actual 100% confirmed information about anything, just statements from crew and cast members that all seem to end up debunking each other. If I’m wrong please correct me and point me to an official site.

Please let people have what ever head cannons they want.

Please let them ship whoever they want.

Please wait till things are 100% confirmed before you start loosing your shit over ethnicity, ages, etc.

It will really suck if this show gets cancelled due to all this hate. Please stop and think about if your actions are worth it.

All I’m seeing are a lot of people hurting each other. People are bullying each other out of the fandom, black listing them, and now I hear people are actually sending Shiro/paladin shippers child porn. I can’t even describe how messed up that is. I personally hope that if this is a thing, that they get reported for distribution and possession.

I have never been more happy to not have contributed anything to a fandom then I am now. Sure, I’ve reblogged and liked, but I have made nothing for it.

The stuff that’s happening right here? This is why people think Tumblr and fandoms are toxic.

On Falling Into a Fandom Backwards (Or: HOW THE INCEPTION FANDOM IS SKILLED AT INCEPTION AND THAT'S THE ULTIMATE INCEPTION) (or something, I'm still new here)

So here’s what happened. 

I was reading all these AUs, right? And I read a bunch of different fandoms. But what I realized was I kept coming back to Inception. I read this newspaper AU, I read this quick little AU where Eames is a writer of novels and Arthur is his editor, I read this Viking slave AU. They were all utterly fabulous. 

And then I realized that, somehow, I’d stopped reading AUs and was just reading straight fic, this one and this one and this one

And around the time I stayed up until 2 am reading this ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Pretty Woman AU (that isn’t finished yet, so beware on that one, but, like, SO GOOD, you guys), I decided to admit it: I am absolutely in love with Eames. It is no good trying to pretend otherwise. I am fond of Arthur, too, of course, very much, but I *identify* with Arthur, I *am* Arthur, so of course I am in love with Eames, so is Arthur. One of the authors’ notes on one of the fics I read said something about how the fandom is full of love letters to Eames and I didn’t think anything of that except that then they sidled their way into my brain and now, forget it, I could write him a love letter, too, and I hope these fic-writers are happy about that because I am fully convinced that they planted that idea in my brain and now I hear him making sarcastic comments about everything in my head. 

So then there came a day where I was reading a fic where Eames is a knight and Arthur is his stable boy, and at first I was like, “Please look at your life choices here,” and then Arthur was complaining about how a jousting tournament has no purpose and is stupid and Eames said, “Could you possibly try to contain yourself, Arthur? I can’t think all the fun you allow yourself to have can be good for your health,” and I laughed and laughed and laughed at how much I love them and so basically at that moment I was like, “OH, FORGET IT, I WILL GO AND BUY THIS MOVIE, THEN." 

Thereby proving my own theory that fandom does nothing but increase the value for the original copyright holder. 

And so I came to watch Inception tonight. I’d seen it before, actually. But I saw it on a plane, which is the worst for catching what actually’s going on in a movie. So the first time I saw it, my main takeaways from it were: (1) Everything you do can be made to seem SUPER-IMPORTANT if you do it to Inception music; and (2) I didn’t really care for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. And I watched it again wondering how I had missed Eames. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS CRUSH?  

Here are my takeaways from my second time through this movie: 

(1) Oh, my God, does Joseph Gordon-Levitt look good in a suit. I have no idea how I missed this the first time around, but no wonder Eames spends every fic waxing poetic about this, because yes. 

(2) FANDOM IS THE BEST THING EVER. Because Arthur and Eames have, like, three minutes of screentime total and exchange maybe a dozen lines of dialogue and do you know what you gorgeous, wonderful fangirls did with that? YOU CREATED ALL OF THESE FICS THAT HAVE GIVEN ME SO MANY HOURS OF DELIGHT RECENTLY. You took *that* and you made all of *this* and we are just the BEST EVER. 

I know that fandom doesn’t need much. I mean, I write Mystrade, who had never actually shared a scene ever when I started writing them. But I came at them from the canon first, before arriving at the fanon. Inception? I know the fanon. And it was fantastic, to see where it all came from, how incredibly clever all of you were. Like, Eames uses a single term of endearment the whole movie, as far as I can tell, and, granted, it’s a good one, when he calls Arthur "darling,” but you guys took that and you made one of my *favorite* Eames characteristics (my absolute favorite is when he calls Arthur “petal,” WHAT IS THAT IT MAKES ME GO INSANE WITH DELIGHTED SQUEALING EVERY TIME HE DOES IT). 

I see where the ship came from, even with only the couple of minutes. I mean, if you watch the movie *for* the ship, it does feel like it’s right there. From the first time Eames’s name is mentioned and Arthur *immediately* knows where he is to the fact that practically the only time Arthur smiles in the movie, as far as I can see, is when he tells Eames that he’s going to lead security on a merry chase. And, actually, just the moment when Eames gives Arthur the kick was probably enough for fangirls to hang an entire relationship on. 

And that is what is SO GREAT about fandom. The *creativity,* it kills me. From those very bare bones of two characters we get only the merest glimpse of, you made *so* *much* *stuff,* and it’s all so fantastically wonderful, and I cannot tell you how much I love fandom, basically. I love your Arthur, and I love your Eames, and without you guys, I would never have met them, because I watched that movie and didn’t *see* them, and then you showed me and I re-watched it and I was like, “Look at that, there’s this whole epic unrequited love happening here, and I never would have *seen* it.”

So, basically, fangirls: If we set our minds to it, I think we could take over the world. But I’m very pleased that instead you gave me *Eames,* you clever, clever people. 


‘there’s racist stuff about [insert character of color here]?!?! what?!?! this can’t be right, I’ve NEVER seen this happen!!’

you owe us money now. all of us. every single fan of color. you have to pay all of us $50. like do you think we make this shit up for shits and giggles? paypal donation link is in the sidebar, chop chop.

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When did you start reading Homestuck, and what was your experience with it?

iii started reading homestuck back in 2011 and i think the first big event i was in the fandom for was cascade? like i caught up during the lull before cascade dropped, i guess a little hiatus? so really ive had. a lot of experience with it over the years. 

i guess the main thing looking back at early homestuck life were how NASTY shippers would be abt “canon” ships like johnkat and davejohn and karezi and gamtav??? ppl who shipped those would get so nasty to anyone who shipped anything else (back when davekat was a crackship, i got so much shit from people who shipped karezi ?? and i got a lot of shit from gamtav shippers for enjoying flushed gamkar back then too). 

but then theres shit yknow the kids miss out on like emi hu??? ? emi was my IDOL (IS my idol) artistically speaking. she used to be so popular in the fandom that she was what sunny is now; hussies go to, various prints for sale on whatpumpkin, back when they sold their own merch all the time yknow, and she had. fucking. 4chords. which was like the first big humanstuck au to memory and is still to this day my hc for human karkat and gamzee. my shitkat?? basically 4chords karkat. it was supposed to wrap around to being gamkar in the end but she got so much shit for it and got so bored of it that it ended on a gamtav note and i to this very day am </3 abt it. i wish emi would come back to the fandom if only for one last huzzah,,,,, :(((

but then its like yknow obviously as time goes on people started shipping more and more out of the box shit and we had memes like pantskat wash thru the fandom and fucking broadway karkat who i still lowkey listen to a lot,, stuff like that i feel like someone who reads homestuck now would just ?? yknow ??? theyd just never come across shit like the magic cupcakes???? kk 2teal2 hand2??? or the fkn like

upd8 culture is a huge thing

people who read homestuck post-content (which we still,,, arent) are never going to get to see upd8 culture. and that bums me out. i miss upd8 culture when it was something that happened u know continually, now its just here and there whenever hussie throws us a bone. but the cosplays?? that would crop up within the hour?? the art?? the conversations and discourse and shit??? it was all so amazing, seeing the same frame 200 times in a row, seeing people react real time, seein gsomething specific and knowing exactly who on your dash is going to lose their shit and camping their blog. thats something im definitely going to miss big time.

hiatus culture was obviously really fucking fun too. gigapause and omegapause memes were fucking hilarious. and the counter blogs that just got more and more incoherent as time went on??? no ones ever going to look back on those once its over yknow. new kids wont see stuff like that. im kinda sad abt it. theyll never see the reemergence of so many homestucks after a year long hiatus, appearing at the ring of a fuckin bell yknow. 

idk,,, ofc u have the convention shenanigans but as someone whos never bene to a convention that was never really relevant to me tbqh. but you can for sure see the impacth omestuck has had on cons no doubt lmao

mmm,,,, idk !!! idk. im just kinda. i feel kinda lowkey sad that theres just so much thats in the past now that people who read homestuck these days wont have. there wont be the same sense of community as someones reading as there was when the updates were coming out. there wont be the same baited breath when you can literally just hit next between two pages that were literally over a year apart. theres none of the build up and mystery when you can just cohesively read it. none of the wild fan theories and discourse that cropped up that was later proved true (success!) or entirely debunked (au’d). its,, just,,, kinda sad i guess. i wish more people could have been here for the long haul bc theyre going to miss out on what i consider a huge part of being a homestuck.

A Case For AO3

Dear fellow fanfic writers,

As more of a reader then a writer I am asking you to please consider posting your fics on AO3 ( I understand that posting across platforms takes time, but here are my reasons for asking:

1- Some of your blogs are hard to read (but not all!). As someone who has needed glasses since I was 4, large print is key. AO3 not only allows users to create their own theme for how they view the site, it also allows you to download fics in formats that work with most ereaders. This allows me to download fics onto my kindle and read with much less eye strain (as the screen of a kindle is much easier on the eyes then a phone, tablet, or computer) AND I can increase the font size to what works best for me. This makes reading a fic a more enjoyable experience, and I can read for longer without having to take breaks. [sidenote: along this same vein, it is much easier to download as one big fic, then as many parts to a series. Please consider posting as multiple chapters in the same story, as opposed to multiple stories linked together as a series.]

2- It is easier to find all of your writing. Unless you are really good about updating your masterlist, it is much easier to find all of your writing because AO3 creates a masterlist for you. It also gives me a description (and tags) of what each story is which is way more than 90% of masterlists on tumblr have.

3- It has a better tagging system then tumblr so I know what I am in for before I start reading a fic. Some of you are great with posting this kind of stuff on tumblr, some of you are not.

4- It keeps your long fics together so it is easier to read. If I want to start at chapter one and read all the way thru a series, it is so much easier to do so on AO3. Unless you go back and edit your posts, or create a good series masterlist, there is a ton of clicking back and forth to be able to read an entire series in one go.

5- It is much easier to search for fics that you want to read on AO3, when you search for tags on tumblr a lot of things come up, not just fics. When I am in the mood for something specific I always turn to AO3 to find it.

6- I can subscribe to you as a writer, or to a series. When you do that on tumblr you get notifications about ALL of your posts, this way I can get notifications just about the posts that I really want to see.

7- AO3 is a safe place for fanfic and started with the goal in mind to never take things down because of ‘questionable’ (i.e. stuff that other people don’t like and were able to get other sites to take down, not going into that here but just look at what happened to LJ and content. It is a site by fans, for fans, as a safe place to express your love of fandom without fear of being removed. This is such a beautiful thing guys. Tumblr is great, but who knows what will happen to it if it ever gets sold or wants to be bought out.

8- There are no ads on AO3, it is completely supported by user donations and is a nonprofit organization.

I understand if you do not want to do this for short fics. But please consider posting anything long, with multiple chapters or parts onto AO3. I’m not trying to tell you how to do anything (keep doing what you do, you rock for even writing fanfic!), I just want you to understand why I would appreciate crossposting to this particular forum. My eyes thank you.


A lover of fanfic

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fandoms and addiction

this post is specifically about the graceland fandom but just to be clear all fandoms are shit and this can apply to any show/movie/etc where a character struggles with addiction, so listen up please

how the graceland fandom treated mike warren’s drug addiction will never cease to downright baffle me. everyday i see people reblog my gifsets with tags such as:

and i really have to say, as a former “scruffy druggie”/”pill head”/”junkie,” all this is getting pretty old for me. when mike’s storyline first started, i was excited because i love mike and i was finally going to see a great character that i relate to a lot go through the exact same thing i had and i knew the show would handle it well (and it did; in fact, mike’s addiction is the best handled addiction storyline i’ve ever seen in anything), but how the fandom treated mike during and after this storyline really shocked me. i can not tell you how annoying (and frankly, sometimes triggering) it is for me to constantly see stuff like “lmao whose fault is this mike” and “see what happens when you do drugs?” and “mike warren: the ultimate bad boy doing drugs” (as if he wanted to be like this??) and even just dealing with urls like @savemikewarrennfromhimself2k15​ and @mikewarrensjunkieeyes reblogging and liking my stuff. here i thought we were past the basics of blatant violent ableism (such as victim blaming, slurs, and mocking), and then there’s the entire aspect of how sexualized mike’s addiction is (more on that later)

so i guess what i need to do for this fandom (and anyone who happens to be reading this) is to set up some guidelines/basic manners on how to talk about a character struggling with addiction, since nobody seems to know that yet:

  1. don’t call him a junkie/addict/pill head/etc. if you have never struggled with addiction, you don’t get to use those words. people who have struggled with addiction can use that if they want to as a way of reclaiming the word, but not you; they are not your words to use. you say “a person with a substance abuse problem” or “a person struggling with addiction” if you need to refer to them in that context. read up more on how not to dehumanize people 101 if that’s a concept you struggle with
  2. it is not his fault. none of it. addiction is a mental illness, and mike was already canonically neurodivergent before s3. nobody sets out like “you know what i really want to do? I think i’ll become addicted to painkillers. that sounds like a fun thing to do. i don’t know why more people don’t go get addicted to drugs.” mike literally says that he only kept taking the pills because he wanted to get back in the field but he was still in a lot of pain after his near death experience and then he felt so ashamed of himself later on when he knew he had a problem but couldn’t stop himself, because without the pills he couldn’t function. and yet, for weeks i had to watch the fandom making fun of him, because something about that is hilarious
  3. here’s a post where tumblr user @mcreary tags a gifset of mike during the scene where his coworkers hold an intervention: “#mike was so shitty this entire ep” while the only things he did in the episode were: crushing and smoking oxy and blacking out for two days, going through withdraw and being humiliated in a big intervention in front of all his coworkers (including the person that tried to have him killed), and then sobbingly apologizing to his friend when she calls him out for using and says “this isn’t what you want with your life. you never let anything beat you. what are you doing?” if you want to know why i especially have a problem with that tag, refer back to #2 and consider the fact that withdraw feels like your skin is peeling from the inside out and makes you say stuff you don’t mean because you’re simultaneously dealing with the shame and self-hatred of knowing you’re addicted (similar to the shame and self-hatred involved with an intervention), the physical agony of it, and an actual mental illness that affects the chemistry of your brain in addition to the pills that affect the chemistry of your brain
  4. we know that mike is a child abuse survivor, that his father was an alcoholic, and that he has ADHD. all three (abuse, family history of addiction, and neurodivergence) are known to make people more susceptible to drug addiction, plus after everything mike goes through he keeps taking the medication (and then self-medicates) because “i just needed to get back to work. i needed to stay upright.” and yet. for weeks people just made fun of him, because it’s just a common, okay thing to hate people that vulnerable
  5. now: the sexualization of mike’s addiction. i get it, everybody thinks aaron tveit is hot with a beard. i understand, i really do. however, there are other ways of expressing that than calling mike ableist slurs or referring to his “hobo junkie trash aesthetic.” and as far as the simultaneous infantilization and sexualization of mike (“oh my poor baby” and “junkie mike is so hot” coinciding so often), mike is a grown (neurodivergent) man. neurodivergent people already deal with being treated like children and like we can’t take care of ourselves without you jumping in wanting to baby him and “save him from himself.” also please stop referring to aaron tveit with a beard his “hobo look.” homelessness and drug addiction are not aesthetics for you to exploit
  6. i’m not even going to get into the fact that half this fandom still ships mike with paige, the person who: psychologically and physically abuses him, threatens and manipulates him, tries to make him have sex with their superior so he can get that superior to give paige something she wants, is directly responsible for his almost-death, shoves him to the ground a few days after that murder attempt doesn’t quite work but he’s still in pain and in recovery, and repeatedly makes fun of him for “going crazy” during his addiction/when he’s desperately trying to understand why he’s still alive when he thinks he doesn’t deserve it

in conclusion: please stop infantilizing, objectifying, blaming, and making fun of mike for his addiction. i know that nobody, especially fandom, cares about addicts (or male abuse victims…), but please try not to make your hatred so blatant

The 100 3x14 - Shepherd’s Warning?

That was a nice episode!

By nice, I mean that I didn’t really have any expectations and so I was totally chill about it. THE SAME CAN NOT BE SAID FOR 3X15 HAVE YOU SEEN THAT PROMO.

I’m just doing the one recap post this week because life is wild. Honestly, no real cons this week at all! So I’ll just tackle the episode plot chunk by plot chunk.

So let’s have at it.

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Outlawqueen fanfiction masterpost for Este and Priss or anybody who wants to cry and curl up because these fic are hella amazing :

- Room Service, which is my personal favorite, why : BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING AMAZING where : SB, Granny, a hotel room, when : post second curse, what’s happening : Regigi and Robbi hate each other, but not really because there is this sexual tension, which the writer brilliantly kills you with, and stuff happen like them getting drunk and i can’t tell you but it’s hot, them resisting the attraction and fake marriage and stuff like M rating GO FUCKING READ IT, plus : i made a gifset for this fic here

- Baker’s Dozen aka da novel of the fandom, because it’s long and it’s a novel okay, why : CHAPTER TWO AND THREE AND ALL OF THEM AND THE RECEPIES GOD THE SEX TOO AND THE WRITING, where : AU, New York, no magic no curse no evil monsters, when : Autumn and then winter (you can expect cute ice skating moments), whats happening : Regina owns a bakery, makes nutella croissants and that’s when you fell in love with the story NUTELLA CROISSANT OKAY, Robin comes in every morning because he fell in love with her and it took him 3000909 days to finally ask her out and she really likes him too so they just ijzeoiajeoj you, plus : BD is a universe so you have cute OS and a prequels and stuff besides the story

- Fester aka the fic that wasn’t updated for six month but that i still read daily, why : it’s angsty, always angsty, it never ends, it’s painful but you’re going to love it. What is the most amazing in this wonderful masterpiece is that you can’t tell when or point an exact moment where Regina and Robin fall in love and (spoilers) became a couple it’s progressive and the writing is quick, you can never catch a breath while reading this. Where : missing year, YES GUYS MISSING YEAR PUTAIN, when : still the missing year ya know, whats happening : Robin and Roland find an inconscious Regina in a hallway, her arm is a disaster cause she’s depressed and so she kinda wants to die but not really, it’s really psychologic and hella good, plus the Snow/Regina is pure gold. Plus : the angst and the deepth of all the caracters AND I CAN’T TELL YOU BC IT’S SPOILERY BUT SOME PEOPLE HAVE MAGIC IN DAT PEOPLE LIKE ROBIN YES HE HAS MAGIC PUTAIN C'EST GÉNIAL

- Take these Broken Wings, or heaven for nature lovers and dimple queens (oh fester has dimple queen too a lots of it), why : it’s au, the most iojezoiajk one it’s about trust and new love, it’s angsty and so so amazing, where : AU, Robin’s kingdom,  when : after Daniel’s death, whatz happening : Regina is forced to wed the lord of the Sherwood Forest, Robbi da cutie pie, she founds herself in a strange land, completely surrounded by nature and the setting is beautiful thanks to the writing, and the slow burn will probably kill you, the bath scene too, the battles, the everything gods i’m dying. Plus : Cora is such a bitch and Robin protects his wife with all his being and Regina protects her husband with all of hers too, literaly, go read it and die.

- Ethics and Morality, for fucks sake this is some good au, why : the sexual tension from the first lines, the universe, AND THE PROFESSOR STUDENT RELATIONSHIP WE ALL FANTASAZE ABOUT, where : AU, London, modern and perfect, when : 2015 maybe i think, whats happening : a lots of philosphy, a lots of smut and gods dimple queen again, also the struggle of Robin the teacher being with his student so he fight but haha he can’t, spoilers they do this on the desk. Plus : it’s an universe, so you have thousands of cute OS future past plus the fic.

- Red, aka the blushing smut (see what i did here red : blushing the name is Red yeah i’m good with words hmhm). Why : the evil queen and broken Robin. And sexual tension. Just sex and a lots of angst, PLUS GOOD WRITING. Where : AU, EF, when : EQ reign, Robin lost his wife, Regina is looking for someone to kill snow and take her heart so season one EQ, whats happening : Regina is in a dark place bc she wants to kill Snow but thats normal okay and Robin is in a dark place and lonely and oq in this is really hot and very very smutty beware of the angst too. Plus : the writing is very very veryyyyy gooooood.

- A Sliver of Hope aka the first oq ff i’ve read so it’s close to my heart and angsty, i’m sorry but ouat is angsty go read some glee ff if you want humor sorrey, why : m i s s i n g y e a r, where : m i s s i n g y e a r and AU and oq, when : m i s s i n g y e a r, whats happening : tension, dimple queen, oq friendship, SMUT AND WHO DOESNT LOVESMUT and the second part is heartbreaking and the ending i can’t tell ya GO FUCKING READ THIS, plus : the make out in the barn oops spoiler

- Did You Know You’re Knocking Hips with a Killer Queen, aka super long title for super super great fic, why : struggling of feelings and kisses :)))), where : MISSING YEAR !!!!§§11/!, when : still, what’s happening : Robin and Regina kiss but that’s nothing everyone kiss they can still hate each other right? NO they struggle hard (that’s not the only thing that is hard i have a dirty mind) plus : THE WRITINGNGNGNNGN AND the smut, always the smut.

- Madam President and {x} it’s new and has good writing, did i tell you i’m a sucker for a good writing and complicated character yeah that’s me hello okay, why : IT HAS SCANDAL ALL OVER IT but without the affair bc Regina is not married and Robin too so it’s not Scandal but they have to hide and pretend and make love instead of sleeping yeah jsuis morte. Where : AU, Washington, the White House, when : today?, whats happening : Regina is elected president of the USA, Robin, her bodyguard and best friend and soulmate and love of her life and stuff ya know, became the head of the security and does stuff like sneaking to her chambers, they hide and they are cute and they never sleep in this fanfic so yeah Scandal. Plus : SCANDAL, GO REVIEW GO READ

- Keep Breathing, this one is french, it’s new, a 3 chapitres et j'en peux déjà plus, so if any of you can read french go review okay, why : M I S S I N G Y E A R ISN’T THIS FANDOM AMAZING???, where : da year da is missin, when : … Really?, whats happening : Regina wants to bury her heart, she get away from the castle to hide it in Rumple’s castle BUT the merry men are here and they shoot her with a poisoned arrow ROBIN STOPS THEM ONLY THREE CHAPTER ET JSUIS EN PLS MARRE DE SHIPPER OQ MARRE MARRE MARRE. Plus : c'est en français (ah ouais), et très très bien écrit, missing year en plus les gars.

- What happens in Vegas : by Baker’s dozen writer. Do i need to tell more? Why : Regigi and Robin gets drunk in Vegas, they don’t know each other and GOT MARRIED i fucking love this, where : AU, Vegas, when : modern days, whats happening : Regigi and Robbi have drunk sex, a lots of it, they wake up in a bath and Rob is cray cray he propose to stay married to Regina to proove to her that marriage is awesome spoilers she agrees can you feel the sexual tension i can in my head they stay married but that’s just me daydreaming and we only have five chapter as of yet. Plus : BAKER’S DOZEN WRITER.

- Our Gentle Sins, by Taylor she’s amazing and she’s writing this for me after my personal prompt : jealous Robin. Why : THE WRITING AND JEALOUS ROBIN GUYYYS, where: the MISSING YEAR, when : ef missing year again, whats happening : i asked for an os but Taylor is an excellent writer and was like “no i can’t just give you 2k I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU 4510000K of oq struggling with their feelings and each chapters will revolve around the seven deadly sins and it will be complicated and you’re going to love it” it has one chapter as of yet but i’m so excited about this !!!! plus : the w r i t i n g

- La Sorcière et le Voleur, FRENCH AND CUTE, why : moyen-âge, donc c’est juste trop trop cool, where : middle ages blablabla, when : MOYEN AGE, what’s happening : Regina is a witch and they burn witches at that time she gets a lot of shit in this fic poor baby, BUT THEN ROBIN AND ROLAND, j’suis pas bien. 11 chapitres de cutance extrême. Plus : it’s in french, everyone loves french.

- The Ichor Spring aka 3 chapter of MISSING YEAR SMUT, why : just go fucking READ IT, where : missing year, in the forest spoilers oopsie, when : am i going to say missing year again? whats happening : Robin, Regina and Charming have to go on an adventure oooh, but then the two idiots drinks from a spring and PAF they get poisoned the only way they can survive it is too fight … or have sex :)))))) plus : do i need to tell you what they choose? THREE FUCKING CHAPTER 

- Modern Fairytale, REALISTIC AU OQ IN MODERN WORLD, why : professor Locksleys :))))), where : AU, New York, when : nowadays, whats happening : OQ ARE NEIGHBORS THE MOMENT THEY MEET THEY WANT TO DEVOUR EACH OTHERS MOUTHES (they do that just two or three chapters after that) I T ‘ S GOOD, and real, it’s feels real and simple, just how modern oq would be. plus : they have sex in every chapter these two are sex addicts

- Let’s Play a Game : new smutty (i’m not obsessed with smut guys but every oq fic is smutty IT’S NOT MY FAULT ps : i love oq sex) hella good cute angsty fic, why : the sexual tension and the … games, where : m i s s i n g y e a r when : m i s s i n g y e a r, whats happening : regina is bored so sometimes she make bets with robin, her thief *heart eyes*, and the challenges gets more and more dirty UNTIL (can’t tell you). The last chapters were a bit angsty so *heart eyes*. Plus : a chapter involved peaches. I’ll leave it to that.

And of course all the oq one shots, AUs and PWP that you can find here, i could direct you to specific writers but really every oq writers is FUCKING AMAZING.

I know i forgot 1245690 fics but these are my personal go to fics, good luck with the feels, Este et Priss j’ai pas écrit tout ça pour rien donc lisez tout, bisous jvous aime ♥

anonymous asked:

Do you still like Tyler Posey?


of course.

ok, so, my dad is my favourite person on the planet, but if it came down to it, we would fundamentally vote for very different things in a general election (he would probably vote for Cameron, i would be there waving a banner screeching NOOOO CORRUPT MPs OMG NOOO, and my dad’d be like, ehhh it’s politics, i want to vote, he’s the best of the bunch)

and the thing of it is, my dad is my favourite, my inspiration, his office is my favourite place in the world, i’m SAFE there, and yet, we still FUNDAMENTALLY disagree on basic politics.

my reflect it back calendar came, no parcel, just Posey starfishing in boxers over three other dudes in boxers on the front cover, i had it deleivered to my parents address, JUST IN CASE u never know, etc. my dad told me something had arrived for me.

my dad. doesn’t understand tumblr. doesn’t get why on earth his twenty five year old daughter would be purchasing a calender that’s ultimately a shitload of half naked dudes laughing at stuff happening off camera, posing in the bath and shit, but still says, “hey Amy, you seem to have a package" no irony, no judgement, just, here is the thing you like, it has arrived, please take it. my dad does’t understand tumblr. he can’t wrap his head around the idea of "fandom” if asked what his favourite celebrity were to be, he would laugh and say “uh, Linda Carter?” because Wonder Woman was his jam back in the day. and she is still a “famous” person to him. 

Posey said something. god, something that must have been building inside of him for a really long time. imagine you’re told you’re going to be the star of a tv series. you’re psyched, right? you’re like FUCK YEAH, i’m gonna be super into this, gonna give my fans my all, gonna give this everything i have. and then… everyone digs the secondary character more than you. ok, fair enough, YOU LOVE THE SECONDARY CHARACTER, TOO. you dig it he’s hilarious, your character is sort of more… salt of the earth, general tv specific male lead, “i can do no wrong, for i am a good boy, i can’t kill anyone, or be seen to treat women badly except when i’m REALLY HURT FOR MAN PAIN REASONS, i must be good al the time, moral black and white personality default” I CAN SEE WHY PEOPLE LIKE THE DUDE WHO IS QUESTIONABLY A DOUCHE SOMETIMES.

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