fandom shitfests always get names

ugh i know i said i would stop talking about this, but i have to get it out

some of the doom-and-gloomers are talking about how sterek will never happen because its all boils down to money: two ‘supposedly straight’ main characters start a relationship –> lots of people get offended and stop watching —> lower ratings –> show gets cancelled

but i’m just thinking about teen wolf’s past. a year ago this fandom barely existed. i started right at the beginning of season two, because like many other new teen wolf fans i saw all these gifsets of these two guys, stiles and derek, and had to ask myself, who are these motherfucking homosexuals? going by the teen wolf tag in the weeks to come, i saw this story over and over again- people who started watching because they liked what they saw and/or they genuinely believed stiles and derek were dating.

that’s the joke, right? you started watching and were all, who’s this scoot kid and where’s the gay?

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