fandom secret: i don't ship them

anonymous asked:

I am the anon from before . Sorry I can't understand why you think they're together and why you think they're not with their partners . I respect you become in them, but I don't get it . I don't ship anything, I just want to understand . And how can I believe in them when I have no proofs ? I don't get why you guys need to be so secretive with everything .

Hi again anon.

We’re not secretive with the proof we have, we make a choice to not share because we want always the good of ours boys.  They suffer a lot only by themselves and with the live they need to carry on. We don’t want to put some fandom mistakes in the mix. It happened before and we saw the consequences, we don’t want them to be happened again. We want help them, not drag them even more down.

You can believe in them even without proofs. I believed in them even before I read a single masterpost. The first time I saw them together out of the set was to the SBL premiere and if in the previous months I started to follow them I thought they could be something more than just friends and colleagues, seeing just those pictures I was sure. I never ever doubted  of them or thought that the pr bullshit might be true. So the eyes work just fine.

I know they’re together, because the bullshit they want us to believe it’s just bullshit. I admit I had a little help to understand some marketing stuff.

But you can’t really believe in a relationship where the gf kicks the bf in the leg or put the nails in his neck or the bf brings the gf to every even he goes, even in the bathroom the next time, and the start of their relationship change as much I change my underwear. You can’t believe in a relationship when the gf call the bf by insults or that the second they don’t know about the camera they walk with miles between them. You can’t believe in a relationship when a third person live with them. You can’t believe that a beautiful person like D’s one can be with that person who jokes about others deaths. And list goes on and on and on. You can’t.

I can’t make you believe in things anon, I can make you understand and try to observe, but I can’t make you believe. You have to do that by yourself.

I told you before, try to observe, listen and I’m sure you’ll see everything I saw. 


Saw the birb fandom trying their hand at this meme and had to try it for myself, with my own little twist for my personal fav OT3

In other news, I’ve completely fallen in love with this boy’s character and found the first anime about robots that I’ve actually loved and managed to keep watching without growing bored.

Even though I feel like the characters could be fleshed out a liiiiittle bit more, I’m actually enjoying where season one is going (I’m currently right at the part where Rina assassinates the Kaidou dude…after he got assassinated once already…and yes I know what he is - I was already suspecting that - but the question is now WTF is going on???). And this show always catches me off-guard because, wait, people actually get to die in this show???

Also, I accidentally started episode one of the second season and I am also jumping up and down to meet Hiro bc omg his story looks cool and I love, love, love everything about that episode even if I had no freaking clue at the time who the “Innovater’s” were or why Ban was so proud of Achilles being put on sale.