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Ok, so. I made some of these “fandom” scarf things but… a little bit differently as I’m not talented enough to come with up with super fabulous little icons and some fandoms don’t HAVE things which are translate-able to icons. So I came up with this goodies. I kind of went… insane on the ME ones and right now there is only a few fandoms but I imagine soon I will whip up some more. Future fandom wise there will possibly be The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones aanddd maybe some random celebs jus’ cause. 

Credit & Instructions.


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Kingdom Hearts Keychain Scarves!!!

To install use the instructions found here.
(Temporary) Preview here!

The margin top amount I’m using btw is “-40px” as I designed them to end at that height.

If you use them I’d really appreciate it if you credited me somehow!!!
Either through means of a credits page, having the scarf link to my blog, or by placing a hover text credit in the scarf’s coding html such as demonstrated on the preview on my personal like so:

<scarf1><a href="”><“your scarf code here” title=“©babetiering|tumblr" ></a></scarf1>

Easy enough, right?
The maker of the code also requests that you credit them properly as well and you leave the link to their blog/the other fandom scarves unless you credit them else where on your blog (such as if you change the scarf to link back to me <3).

You also may NOT use these keyschains as a base to make your own or to edit!!!
I consider it very disrespectful so please respect the artist’s wishes U ~ U  . If you want them longer for some reason or another you can try contacting me through my askbox and if i have the time & it’s something I can do relatively easy I might do it for you~.

Current Keychains available:

I’ve made a version for blogs with darker bgs and lighter ones. If you use the one appropriate for your value background, I think you’ll find they look much nicer or just try both and see which one works for you!

First up are the destiny island’s trio keychains and my two personal faves~.
You can right click on them and select ‘copy image url’ for easy installation.

For Lighter Background Blogs:

For Darker Background Blogs:


I’m planning on making the BBS trio’s keychains and a few other’s that may include a version of kairi’s good luck charm and namine’s good luck charm (the paopu and the meat repliku one cause hEH).

Requests Info:
I’m NOT taking requests for other specific keychains at this time, but if you’re so inclined you may contact me through my email listed on my blog or through my askbox if you’re interested in commissioning me for one.
Prices would start at 3$ and may increase or decrease depending on complexity.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy <3 .

Edit: added ventus’ and aqua’s keychains and reuploaded the dark bg version of riku’s keychain since i noticed it didnt look quite right!!!

Scarves and Banners

Put them on your blog with this code. You can also find scarves made by other people there. 

Requests: Closed.

Template! Yes, you may make your own banners with this. :D Linking back to me somewhere is nice I guess but not strictly necessary. 

Banners in this post were made by me unless stated otherwise.

1) Regular scarves: 

Merlin, True Blood, Harry Potter, The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Tolkien

2) Banners: 

The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Merlin, How To Train Your Dragon, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Heroes, Firefly, Psych, Farscape, Stargate, Star Wars, Portal, Sherlock, Avengers and a few other Marvel related banners, Legend of Zelda, Deus Ex, Grimm, Arrow, The Mortal Instruments, Kingdoms of Amalur, Joss Whedon, Leven Thumps, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Bands, Icelandic magical staves, Astronomical symbols, Zodiac signs

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Hanakumamii 10 Colourful Days Challenge
↳ Day 8: Red-haired character || Lavi

::Hetalia Fandom Scarves::

I made a few basic ones!! I tried making some other ones but I couldn’t because I suck haha….Maybe I’ll make some others later and add them to this post??

Sorry they’re a bit boring and sameish…

Other fandom scarves and instuctions on how to install can be found: here!