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I just found this randomly online from polyvore, but no artist. Hope to find this artist because this is the perfect specimen of Oropher, father of Thranduil.

“He was the purest of High-Elf–eyes as grey as a summer storm filled with flecks of gold that whenever anger found him would appear to flash like lightning. He towered over everyone; broad shouldered and strapping he never failed to intimidate anyone even in kindness.his silky hair was fine as muslin and the color of the finest gold and took its course liberal he passed his shoulders coming to a stop short at the small of his back. Strong features set up on the smoothest and lightest skin, the color as the halo of the sun that failed to wrinkle even during one of his tirades.”–TKWR Trilogy by J.M. Miller

RotE Fans

Today I’m very emotional (I don’t know it is the correct word XD). I wanted to say THANK YOU to all fandom of Robin Hobb. I know that I don’t speak so much with you (my English is a shit) but I love you so much! I like the friendly environement, and the respect and camaraderie. You are AMAZING. The fandom in Spain is small and… cold?, and some people don’t ship Fitz and Fool XD. It’s weird to explain it hahaha. For this reason, thank you. Thanks for sharing your fan arts, views and make this world more beautiful. And thank you for value myself and my art, and don’t judge me. THANK YOU


You are about to become my queen, love.
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It’s fun finding fandom everywhere :)

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft to cope with going non-tumblr before the release of ACOWAR, and I discovered in my Realm there is a Blood Elf demon hunter named Rhysand.

They are a different faction and their item level is 55 lower than mine.

BRB, going to find/kill Rhysand…

BtW if any of you are also on WoW and want to say ‘hi’, just look for Kerridwynne-Silvermoon on the alliance side, I spend most of my time in dungeons/raids and on the broken shore :)

You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 

Young Fool from the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb!

This was a Christmas gift from the lovely @kieppu, drawn by the talented @taikova!! Thank you both, I framed the print version as soon as I got it ; v;

[[posted with permission]]


The Seven Realms is a must-read series. From the day I finished reading it I haven’t been able to get it out of my thoughts. I loved the series so much that some of the characters felt like close friends. Each one was amazingly developed. I will miss them and, because of that, know that I will eventually pick up these four books again. 

The Dynamic duo
  • Behind the scenes:
  • Morganthe: *holding shoe* has anyone seen my shoe!?
  • I swear if I don't find it, ppl will die!
  • Undying Malistaire:
  • Morganthe: don't be stupid, I already checked my hand
  • Undying Malistaire: *shoots wand flares at Morganthe*
  • Morganthe: Malistaire! Quick I need your opinion. This black dress or the dark purple one?
  • Undying Malistaire:
  • Undying Malistaire: You're better off in a garbage bag
  • Morganthe: STOP BEING SASSY.
  • Morganthe: *casting bone dragon* hoo ha ha hoo he ha hoo *fizzles*
  • Undying Malistaire: even after 20 years you're still horrible with magic.
  • Morganthe: what's happening? Who could have followed us here?
  • Undying Malistaire: dont you have eyes? Look for yourself.
  • Morganthe: no poptarts for you.
  • Undying Malistaire: *EARRAPE BASS BOOSTING SCREAM*
  • Morganthe: !!!! Is that Santa?!
  • Undying Malistaire: Morganthe, you're far too old to---
  • Morganthe: *screams and runs at Santa*
  • Morganthe: Stuffed shirt, can you gift me crowns?
  • Undying Malistaire: no
  • Morganthe: well fuck you then.

anonymous asked:

I don't know how I found your fics, and I'm not familiar with any of the fandoms that you write for, but I read them because your writing is gorgeous. I read that Yuuri/fairy one and it was brilliant, beautiful with lovely dialog. I'm reading the Hannibal/circus one now and I'm already enjoying it.

thank you so much!! I know that feeling: there are writers I have happily followed into strange realms and fandoms where I have ZERO INTENTION of ever consuming the canon.

the hannibal circus story is probably the work of mine that took the most hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth to complete, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

anonymous asked:

How will you be tagging your future Peaky Blinders posts? I joined the fandom two weeks ago and am very confused about what's happening. Like I have no idea what's going on? I just really like your writing and want to make sure I stay up to date on your awesomeness.

We’re all confused honeybun let it blow over you and welcome to the family! We’re glad to have you here in both the fandom and the sceawere realm. You are now an honorary goat, feel special. much love.

Also, i’m going to keep tagging the main tag until someone can directly give me a solid argument to the contrary. From what I’ve seen some people’s problem seems to be with ‘spamming’…I think? I don’t at all think what I do can be constituted as spam, considering how and when I post, and how many edits I make to space things out. 

I have always made an effort to post respectful, varied, entertaining, and love-filled content ever since I joined the fandom the day the first ep aired. Starting a new blog and putting fic out just evolved that love. This has been a long, beautiful journey for me and damn it if drama on tumblr dot com is gonna put me off. 

I’m incredibly grateful for all the beautiful people who read my fics, like my content, comment, message, request, join the chat, every single one of you are precious to me. I’ve only been on this side for like…2/3 months now? And the pouring in of love has been incredible for me to experience. I hope to give back as much as I can. Stick around nona, i’m gonna work on that awesomeness for you :)