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Name: Caillie
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hi! I’m really interested in having a penpal, either snail mail or email. I’d love to meet someone from another country or even just another part of the US (I live in the northeast). I’m near the end of my freshman year, and let’s just say that the drama seriously kicked in and now I either need to fill the empty space in my friend circle with ice cream or a super cool penpal. I like comedy (podcasts, youtube, standup, etc.), music, books, and plenty of fandoms. I’m a mellophone in my school’s marching band, and I’m so down to exchange some spicy band stories. I’m also learning German, so that’s a thing if you speak it or are learning it. If I get to know someone I tend to be loyal and if anyone wrongs you, you can expect me to become 5 feet of pure fury on your behalf. I can be overbearing and maybe a little pretentious, but usually just because I’m insecure. Lastly, I’m bisexual, so if that makes you uncomfortable… bye. Anyway, hope to hear from someone!

Preferences: 15-18, any gender/preference/etc. just be a nice person! Also, you’d probably have to be able to handle friendly insults (i’m just slightly salty), but I can play nice, oc.

Podcasts with Great Sound Design?

Podcast fandoms, I’m wondering if there’s a list of podcasts, or a review of podcasts, that have great sound design? or in general are really pleasant to hear. I’m talking The orbiting human circus sound design, Night vale calming yet dark atmosphere, Alice isn’t dead music and tone. 

I’ve found Night vale presents podcasts have a rhythm of the sound design and unity of music/voice/effects. are there any others you can recall that have that same unity?

not just ‘it has sounds other than voice?’. I’m talking about sound design/music that just is good to listen to. Like the whole episode is a lil composition.

b0yhaveidied  asked:

im really curious about how taako looks in your style :0

i havent drawn taako before so im not super clear on how to draw him?? 

i hope these are acceptable spicy tacos i couldnt pick a hair colour

Special fan podcast


We decided to do a fan special podcast dedicated to your questions, and your answers to our questions. We will be doing a separate podcast this week specially for you guys! So please flood our inbox with any questions you like! (Try to keep it Ghost related, we know nothing else.) 

(This also isn’t Sister Envy covering for the fact that she forgot to check the tumblr before the weekend podcast. That definitely inst it at all, why do you ask?)

We will be recording this hopefully this week, along with the ones we got last week as well.

Our questions for you all:

Your favorite Ghost song?

Your favorite Ghost video?

Favorite Ghost merch item? (or one that you’re eyeing, or both!)

Have you been to a Ghost concert?

What is your ideal Ghost concert set list?

Who was it really who showed the d in the Year Zero video?

(We think it’s either a stand in or Linton tbh)

Poll Time:

Who’s better? 


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~Sister Envy~

I cannot believe that drama king dork john cameron cannonly has a movie star boyfriend he is seeing in secret and julian witnessed them being lovey-dovey

  • Akmazian:
  • - is an (alleged) intergalactic terrorist
  • - head of the black market on a giant space station
  • - managed to avoid getting caught even though he is priority #1 criminal
  • - travels into very dangerous areas of the universe to see murderous people on the off-chance they have information on why he was framed
  • - blows said people up (and was pretty clever about it, too)
  • - generally unimpressed with everything and everyone
  • - lives in an abandoned cargo bay with rats (or something) the size of dogs
  • Also Akmazian:
  • - decides a cloak that makes him look like Robin Hood is the perfect disguise and suuuuper inconspicuous
  • - sends people cheeky winky face smileys via text
  • - uses angry shadow puppets to get his point across
  • - is as subtle as a brick about his crush on Ryan
  • - calls his space ship 'Silent Storm'
  • - takes mission photos for his scrapbook (or pretends to to get a picture with Ryan)
  • - uses his position in the black market to get his crush a kitten

Jimmy, describing his show as “stupid junk” that he doesn’t take seriously, accidentally pinpointing exactly why his show isn’t better, while pretending most of these greatest hits aren’t linked back (with timestamps) for context, a context that changes absolutely nothing about the content of these transcripts, which he keeps mistakenly placing in quotation marks for some reason. 

So basicallyIt’s just locker room talk.