fandom pies

  • jack before the island: sings c#
  • start of the book jack: aggressively sings c#
  • end of the book jack: sC RE AMS c#. the sheer c# sends chills down everyone's spine. his lungs have developed into something inhuman. the c# causes minor earthquakes. clouds cover the skies and lightning strikes behind jack, illuminating him in his c# glory. he laughs maniacally in c# melodic minor. there is no escape
fandom vs. book

fandom ralph: cynical no-one-touches-him prince, all aloof and cool and level-headed, always finds witty insults for jack, tough, smarter than everyone, everyone’s love interest, popular with everyone, good at everything

book ralph: quite airheaded and oblivious, moderately smart, often pissy, confused a lot, sad a lot, looks tough but is not, taunted by jack, moderately decent person, tries to be righteous, no one actually likes him except for a couple of people, mostly wants to go home

fandom jack: always stupid, either extremely hot or extremely cute, either punk rock or weirdly woobified, unpopular with other characters, always softer than his book version, either complete nerd or complete jock, no one takes him seriously, his whole purpose in life is to impress ralph

book jack: moderately smart but mad, scary, ugly af, ambitious af, agressive, both nerd and jock, obsessive, very manipulative, knows how to make himself popular, his purpose in life is actually stepping over anyone who gets in his way

fandom simon: always feminine and small,  flower crowns, always needs protection, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes smokes weed, is the epitome of the woobie

book simon: vulnerable child because of health problems, very smart, very wise, always knows the real cause of the problem, brave, strange af, looks like mowgli from the jungle book

fandom roger: either emo or goth, wears makeup a lot, weirdly has feelings for things other than murder, is inexplicably in love with either simon, jack or maurice, also sarcastic af, always has deeper backstory than other characters

book roger: small but scary, loyal to anyone who likes murder, doesn’t react much, stoic and quiet, you literally don’t know anything about him except that he’s a child sociopath

fandom piggy: quite accurate most of the time, except that he is in love with ralph and is brave enough to confront jack, often forgotten

book piggy: tries to be useful, knows a lot of useful and useless things, p smart but not the smartest, quite dislikes ralph, is terrified of jack, also wants to go home, is thrashed by everyone through the entire novel before he gets murdered, is literally the saddest case

the major groups of fans in the lotf fandom:

the ralph fans - protect the cinnamon. constantly draw ralph with crown and call him king/prince. don’t generally like jalph because they prob see jack as abusive. a lot of them also hate jack. some of them like ralmon tho

the simon fans - where the jesus jokes come from. make occasional sad and angsty posts about the tragic fate of the cinnamon. draw simon wearing flower crowns and playing with lizards. tend to feminize simon to extremes. also cry a lot

the jack fans -  probably biggest and wildest group. many fanatics. constantly make jokes on jack’s account and change their urls to merridew puns. a lot of them have the hots for jack because they prob see him as a 12 years old hercules. the vast majority are also jalph fans

the roger fans - to them roger is emo/goth cute cupcake who is angsty and melodramatic and has the hots for jack. usually rogermon or jager fans

piggy fans - very few because piggy is fat and people are shallow. but they’re dedicated. don’t know a lot about them cause they’re rare. I know some of them are ralphiggy fans

maurice fans - these see maurice as the meme master who wears skater shoes and always cracks jokes

the other characters’ fans - include bill, robert, samneric and littluns fans. they occasionally post diverse headcanons about these characters. the most repetitive theme is bill with sunglasses

  • Roger: *throws rocks toward the littluns*
  • Roger: *is a merciless hunter who kills for fun*
  • Roger: *murders Piggy with a boulder*
  • Roger: *tortures Sam n' Eric into joining Jack's tribe*
  • Me: ah yes, my son
  • someone: jack can be a sub too!!
  • me: thinking about how this character’s whole meaning was to conquer and dominate, how he literally got bonkers and destroyed everything because he couldn’t stand being under someone else’s authority, how his greatest will was to undermine ralph and make him eventually bend to him, how he burned the whole island and wanted to murder ralph because ralph still didn’t want to be part of his rule, how he was enraged about people not following him, how he hated ralph because ralph gave him orders, how he got vicious and wrathful over anyone trying to tell him what to do, how he got maniacal and overly excited every time he showed his power through violence, how he would have most probably turned much worse as a grown-up
  • me: ok

Hater: No, Wander, you can’t hug that monster to win, you dumb hick.
Wander: But I’ve got d20!
Hater: <…> *mumbles* …stupid Wander and his stupid luck…

So, here is introduction to my DnD&WOY AU — crossover between Wander Over Yonder and Dungeons&Dragons. In short, our favorite foursome makes characters in DnD setting and has fun. Of course, not without silly situations and stupid puns. In the next posts I’ll show you all characters sheets with short descriptions, and then (hopefully) there will be short comics and arts (I have a lot of ideas for them). Also I must say that I had a lot of fun in the process of selection of races, classes and names for their characters and I do hope you will like it too! 

DnD&WOY AU sideblog

Pickle Inspector: Okay, okay, let’s have a try of each others candy. Then we’ll see which one is superior. 😄

Diamonds Droog: You can’t beat Swedish Fish Inspector. You’re setting yourself up for failure my friend. 😎

(They then proceeded to have tea, and nibble on candy for an hour)

P.S. People don’t be afraid to ask me things :)

In anticipation of Halloween here are Peeperstein and Bride of Peeperstein =D

Why Peeperstein?
- cool design
- lightning bolt on his helmet fits perfectly in Frankenstein origin

Why Bride of Peeperstein?
- such beauty, such grace
- stitches are badass