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In Today’s Edition of #FandomStruggles...

I made a bunch of Fitzsimmons edits this weekend (including 3 that I’m borderline obsessed with) that I can’t wait to share. 

Only problem is I *am* waiting to share them, so that they count for EvB points. Patience has never been a virtue of mine- I never hold back fics or graphics longer than a day or two (and that’s only if a fic is getting beta’d, which *cough* is probably why most of my work goes unbeta’d *cough*). So the struggle is real…

TL;DR: Waiting until Monday to start posting these edits is going to be hard! The things I do for Team Engineering, haha ;) 

anonymous asked:

So rpos are only allowing photos of ph when he's without mm and allow tweets of ph sightings, if he's without mm. Like what kind back ass ward logic is that? Chelsy spent time with her fam, in SA, while trying to earn a law degree in london and finding time to spend with harry while he was in the army. It's a miracle that they were photographed together with all that going on in their lives. It's interesting that the sugar used chelsy as if mm comes close

Correct anon, she is meant for the darkness, Chelsy was light a real girlfriend that everyone could see. I feel bad for Harry that the fandom won’t see it that way. We must remain strong as August approaches. 

thanks anon

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Calling all Tangled fan-artists!

So, for awhile I’ve been thinking about making Tangled Fandom Resurrection buttons.

Because wouldn’t it be cool if you were in LA and someone who worked at Disney saw that and was like “Wow the Tangled fandom must still be strong because they have buttons. Maybe we should make them another short!” (Ok I know that’s kinda far fetched but whatever).

Or at Disney parks, you would probably be asked about it and you could just talk about how the Tangled fandom is still strong and super amazing and how we will grow even more if we get more Tangledy things! :)

But anyways, is there anyone who would like to make a design for the buttons? If someone makes a design, then I’ll order a bunch and send them to every Tangled fan who tells me they want one for free! If the person who designs it wants me to pay them since this is sort of a commission, I totally will! I might even take some with me when I go to Disneyland and give them to people if they are like “Hey cool button!”

So if you would like to design one, send me a message with a concept and maybe a link to what your artwork looks like!

AND! Tangled fans! Do you think we should hold this as kind of a contest? Like people submit designs and then we vote on which one we want? Let me know!

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how does one survive benedict cumberbatch??

one does not, one has no chance of survival against this glorious creature, one must learn how to keep ovaries from exploding and tongues from licking screens, one must train themselves to not cry when he does amazing-

ly dorky things

one must learn to control the thirst, no matter how real it maybe, if ones thirst is strong and cannot be resisted, then let the cumberlord be with you in spirit. especially when one is thinking of all the high pitched doggy talk he probably did:

one must be strong to be in this fandom, one must, prepare, act, survive. 

Why so hostile? It’s pretty clear that it’s not ~about~ romantic relationships, but that doesn’t mean they can’t ~happen~. Also it’s -okay- to wish for relationships to happen.

I hope you remember Dean and Anna, Dean and Lisa, Sam and Jess, Sam and Ruby, and even (if one-sided) Meg and Castiel all happened. (Heck, Cas even had an intimate relationship with that one April chick).

Now so what if people -want- Dean and Cas together. It probably won’t happen, and they know that but they can ~dream~ about it.

Please respect those viewers. Let them be passionate how they want.

(I know the text didn’t mention ‘destiel’ but the screengrab attached to the text is implying it.)

I’m sorry, but we don’t need this war in the fandom.

TL'DR: There is no need to be hostile towards shippers, so long as they’re supporting the show.

mjolnir1990  asked:

I picked up Jared. You're welcome :)


so, well, first of all THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL MOMENT AND CONGRATULATIONS!! you literally picked up jared!! you had him in your ARMS OMFG…you must be super strong, that’s really impressive btw. the fandom is freaking out rn about you that must be so strange!! 

ahhhh that^^ was the best moment of my year weekend!! 






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