fandom meets other things

Shipping Cycle: From being a casual viewer to a hardcore fan

do you know that feeling when you start shipping this pair from tv/movie/book/anime/manga/real life/multiverse without the certainty that they will end up together?

you first remark on your OTPs’ palpable chemistry, then go in a fangirling mode in every OTP moments they have

made you even more convinced that they really REALLY REALLY SHOULD END UP TOGETHER

you join your OTPs’ fandom and made an oath to SHIP THEM TILL YOU DIE ( figuratively )

when you’re into deep that real life is getting in your way with your OTP

then you meet other shippers on the rival fandom and things start to turn nasty

you might even start a fandom war

but the most heartbreaking of it all is when the people behind the  tv/movie/book/anime/manga/real life/multiverse start screwing around and messes with your OTP


when you cant make sense ( or in a very deep denial state ) on why your NOTP become canon

so you end up with a broken fangirling heart

and you force yourself to move on and immerse yourself with fanfictions/fanworks of your co-OTPs, spending your time with whole lot of wishful thinking…

and just when…

when you thought you have already recover from the trauma of your OTP not being canon you started watching another series 

and the vicious cycle begins again…

This big discussion about the way Riley is treated by the other characters reminded me of something that really bothered me about Girl Meets Rah Rah.

In an episode where Riley was determined to put herself out there, make herself vulnerable and go after something she wants (which we know she’s been struggling to get better at since season one) with no support from anyone–in fact, active discouragement from everyone–the gang, Cory and Topanga included, spent two thirds talking down to her, telling her it was a waste of time, poking fun at the very idea that she thought she would be good enough. And suddenly pulling a 180, switching gears at the last minute doesn’t erase that. In one of the last scenes Maya asks Riley, with disbelief in her voice, if she ever thought they would let her ring the bell and give up.

I certainly did. Because they’d spent the entire episode pressuring her to do so.

How am I meant to reconcile that with the closing scenes? Like what was all that other stuff???? Just having a laugh ridiculing the 13-year-old who, only two episodes ago, was hiding in bed, reduced to tears by the bully that was targeting her with threatening texts? Why am I supposed to find this funny???

I MEAN???????

I was so proud of Riley in this episode, maintaining that belief in herself when all her loved ones told her she wouldn’t be enough. And for the show to pull something like this, letting the other characters jump in at the last second, when her hope finally starts to slip, and give them the moral high ground to lecture her about not giving up… that really pissed me off.

stages of pentaholism

1. an obsession with ptx’s music (watching all their youtube videos, buying all of their album, listening to every song/cover they’ve ever done. EVER)

2. an obsession with PTX as people (discovering and savoring the sweet, organic, realness of superfruit, falling in love with all of their personalities, stalking them all on twitter/snapchat)

3. an obsession with PTX’s fandom (meeting other pentaholics online, fangirling over every little thing PTX does and basically living that pentaholic thug life with all of these other wonderful and amazing people that you have a chance to connect with because of PTX)