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What fan service thing? From your horikoshi post?

Anything Mineta does. Yaoyorozu panty shots, cleavage nonsense, the story bending over backwards to justify midnight’s everything, the way the story likes to call attention to the fact that Hagakure is naked fairly regularly just purely so that you’ll think about her being naked and not for any other reason.

Fanservice is a common term, especially in anime or video games, for sexualizing female characters for no reason other than to give the audience something sexy to look at or imagine doing. Usually, something becomes “fanservice” when it’s completely nonsensical and gross, like when the camera placement or costume design of a character is clearly mostly about their “assets”. 

Horikoshi defends his fanservice pretty hardcore. He says that he’s a bit of a pervert himself so he likes Mineta. It’s the only thing about bnha that I hate and it isn’t going away anytime soon. This is a man who draws All Might the way he does because his editor complained that he didn’t like it and continues to do so out of spite. So yeah.

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But like, Rosie will at one point start calling Sherlock ‘daddy’ too and at first he’ll start correcting her ever so often but with the time he’ll just accept it.

And then one day he’ll pick her up from kindergarten and one of the kindergarteners will ask him if he’s Rosie’s father and he’ll just go “yes” without thinking about it.

You know I’m not really a baby person but sometimes I like to imagine future families for ships I like, especially when egged on by fandom co-conspirator courtney-tumbls, with whom I have puked up at least three* of the following losers??? Whoops. 

Top to bottom:
Scourtney: younger son Duke, older daughter Daisy
Duncney: twins Logan and Audrey* (designed in their entirety by Courtney)
Trentney: as yet unnamed children, an older son and a younger daughter (disclaimer: I’m actually not that into Trentney but I know it’s a popular Courtney ship, so I gave it a whack) probably some pretentious-ass yuppie names
Gwuncan: older son Caleb, younger daughter Morgan
Gwent: son Jonas*