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Sunday Six

It’s been a while!  Here’s six paragraphs (or at least it was before I put more spaces in because I can’t stop tinkering after posting) from the Two Weeks’ Notice AU I’m working on for @stileslovesderek, who won one of my Fandom Trumps Hate auctions.  The auction was for at least 5k words, and I watched the movie last night and have 6k words already, and I’m just getting started.  ;-)


Derek startled as the car lurched into motion, the sheaf of papers in his hand falling to the seat between them as he scrambled for his seatbelt.  “I..I left my car back there…”

Stiles rolled his eyes, snatching up the papers.  “I’ll call you an Uber,” he muttered as he flipped through them, eyes scanning over each page so quickly Derek was sure that he couldn’t be absorbing half the information.

Derek grabbed his precious papers back, smoothing them down nervously.  “If I could just show you —”

“I have a proposition for you, Derek Hale,” Stiles interrupted.  He was lounging back in the corner of the car, head lolled back to expose the smooth, pale line of his mole-dotted throat.  The man had a werewolf bodyguard, there’s no way he didn’t know exactly what he was doing.

“I’m not sleeping with you,” Derek blurted out, not entirely sure which of them he was trying to convince.

Instead of taking offense, Stiles’ eyes crinkled in amusement.  “That’s not what I was proposing,” he said evenly.  “Not that I — or anyone with eyes — would turn you down, I mean, you’re hot like burning with this whole naughty librarian vibe you have going on, but I had a different…position in mind.”

Derek was still trying to wrap his mind around the whole ‘naughty librarian’ thing, looking down at his cardigan in confusion when Stiles leaned in, a wicked smile spreading slowly across his face.  His voice dropped to a low, seductive purr.  “Derek Hale, I want you…”  Derek held his breath, his attention focused raptly on the words coming out of Stiles’ lush pink mouth.  “…as my Chief Counsel.”

Sunday Six

Six paragraphs from the Sterek Two Weeks’ Notice AU that I’m writing for @stileslovesderek, who won my @fandomtrumpshate auction!  The auction was for 5k words, but I’m at 8 chapters and 13k words and Derek *just* gave his two weeks’ notice, lol. 


“At least stay until you can train your replacement.”

Derek let out a long breath.  This was what he had wanted, but it was odd how relief felt a little more like…disappointment.  “I’ll find you an amazing replacement.  Someone great.  Much better than I ever was.”

Stiles turned away, but his voice was thick when he spoke.  “Good, because you’re horrible.  Just awful.”  He pulled in a breath that sounded a little shaky.  “The absolute worst.”

“Stiles.”  Derek put a hand on Stiles’ shoulder, squeezing.

And he was not sure exactly how it happened but suddenly they were hugging, Stiles’ arms wrapped tight around Derek, his forehead buried in the crook of Derek’s neck.  Derek hugged Stiles back just as hard, breathing in his warm, comforting scent.  It felt unbelievably good, to have Stiles in his arms, fitting against him just right.  Derek closed his eyes and breathed him in, squeezing tight.  

It was Stiles who pulled out of the hug first, blinking rapidly and clearing his throat.  “All right,” he said, his voice hoarse.  “I’ll tell HR to send up some resumes for you to screen.”