fandom is a full time job

So I had a really shitty day yesterday. I’m dealing with the worst eczema flair up I’ve ever had (my eczema is usually stupid mild and infrequent and it’s covering my body now), I got insurance through my job just in time to find out that my contract isn’t going to renew (got exactly two weeks notice even though they had to have known before benefits enrollment), and if I can’t find a full time position with benefits by the end of the year, my necessary birth control prescription is in jeopardy because it won’t be required to be covered under the ACA. But in the last 24 hours @sineala gave us the gift of well conceived not quite? identity porn, @musicalluna put out some sorely needed hurt/comfort on Ao3, and @not-close-to-straight wrote some delightfully fluffy fluff and it’s helped so much. I needed a little escape to reset my brain and can-do attitude and they delivered. Thanks y'all.

Recently been feeling a bit stressed about fandom and my presence within it, so I think I will be stepping back and slowing down.

I wrote the last strawpoll under a pretty tight deadline (considering I work a full-time job and am basically the housekeeper in my home) and I think I might’ve burnt myself out a little. I am not going to put a timeline on this new genyatta strawpoll compilation and will probably release it as I go as a result.

Thanks guys. 

“leave the devs alone!!!!! they are trying their best!!!!! we should be thanking them for the game!!! be positive!!!!”

yea okay but did anyone tell u that u can in fact….be hyped as hell for andromeda but…..recognize there might be some problems with how they’ve marketed the game as a whole, especially their complete sidelining of lgbt+ romances? they’re completely selling this game on the “pretty good banging” and yet the only romances we’ve seen so far are straight romances? and??? people aren’t supposed to be the least upset or frustrated that sara has had 0 cinematic trailers??? bioware has marketed themselves on their inclusiveness and im sorry…..i just haven’t seen it yet

also, shocker:

they’re adults able to take constructive criticism!!! like adults!!!!!! amazing 

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


Why good/long fics are rarely updated?

Every once in a while I get that question or see that question appear in review section of fics I read/comment. So, in case someone wonders I want to give just a few pointers.

  • The first one is simple - the authors have real life that usually comes first (I say usually, because on rare occasion you neglect everything because it’s one of that days/nights when the story just flows and you need to write it asap, because otherwise you will miss the moment). When you have a full time job and some non-fandom usual RL stuff to take care of, you might just not have enough time to write - it has nothing to do with the lack of ideas. Currently I have at least a dozen or so ideas for new fics (they multiply) - and I simply have no time to write them (give me a Time-Turner of Flash’s speed then I’ll have it done in no time). Then again - the fact that most of us works in front of the computer screen causes that sometimes we have no wish to spend some more hours on typing; that usually leaves weekends for writing - not that much time.
  • The betas also have real life and need to have time to check the story. Their work is pratically invisible (when done efficiently), but they greatly contribute to deliver the best product possible. I consider a fic to be a product of sorts - the fact that it’s “only fan fiction” doesn’t mean for me that it can be done poorly. So kudos for all betas! They also deserve some credit.
  • Writing a long, multichapter fic (and by long I mean at least 50k words) is different than writing a ficlet - in needs careful planning and keeping hold on many threads - main plot, subplots, often multiple POVs. What’s more concious writing is not just writing whatever comes to your mind - it’s getting your characters to a specyfic place or/and putting them into a specyfic situation in a logical, believable way. Often it means correcting or fleshing out something that canon itself neglected - that’s why AUs and fix-it fics are so popular. The fact that the author doesn’t update a story every week doesn’t mean that they don’t think about it, don’t plan in their head what should happen next, don’t write bits that will take place far in the future… or even in the sequel! There might be a lot of blank spots to fill in, but the authors have the bigger picture in their head when they start to write a story.
  • Reading 5k or even 10k words chapter doesn’t take long; writing a short comment takes a couple of minutes - but writing chapter of that length takes literally days.
  • Posting comments consiting only of “update more” or “update soon” doesn’t help.
  • Not posting any comments doesn’t help either.
  • Active authors might have many stories opened at once - that’s why it’s worth to keep a track on their profile.
  • And who said that when it comes to fandom activities the authors are only writing? ;) They might be also fanart artists or gifset makers. Or simply be also the readers who comment on the works of others - because they’re well aware how much time and effort it takes to write a story.
  • Vegeta: I was suggested to have surpassed the strength of Goku in SSJ3 just because I got mad that Bulma got slapped and also was handed the ability to use God Ki without the need for the ritual because I needed to be kept relevant.
  • Fandom: Omg you're so amazing such a great character never give up senpai!
  • Trunks: I was able to, depending on the version, either alter the multiplier of SSJ2 to be on the same level as a god ki-infused Goku at SSJ3 or use a spirit bomb as a sword that formed at random.
  • Fandom: Oh wow Trunks so great you're so underrated!
  • Gohan: I chose to forgo my training for years to be a family man and work a full-time job, but after finding myself so weak I could barely remember how to go SSJ I chose to start training a bit on my downtime and found myself able to take on someone nearing Buu's levels of power while poisoned and blinded in a short time.
  • Fandom: ...that's great and all but why aren't you "Mystic" or whatever we're calling it now? Oh well, good job on doing the thing!
  • Krillin: I fought PTSD and depression for years and had recently given up on being a martial artist to be a police officer, but due to the urging of my family and desire to make them proud, I agreed to start training seriously again and found myself in a mystical forest that taught me how to remove my mental blocks, overcome my fear, and opened me up to a level of power I'd not seen in years. I kept training for several months after, even sparring with Goku. And I just now managed to show I have a tactical mind and have some new moves when I managed to ring-out Gohan and showed some improved strength when I fought Goku and even pushed back against his Kamehameha, even though I know he was holding back. But hey, I'm not so bad after all I guess!

It’s sad to hear that The Creatures ended their channel, but I guess it’s for the best. Jordan has a full time job and Dan didn’t know what to do with the channel and is now streaming. Overall I’m just thankful for what the channel did to me, when I was in high school I was bullied , because I wasn’t the norm of our school, but when I started watching the creatures and joined the fandom I realized that there were people like me and people who can accept me. The creatures had me laugh when I felt like crying the whole day, their community made me feel better about myself. 

Everyone who was part of the Creatures had a big impact on my life and I honestly wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now if it wasn’t for them. 

ladyknighttime  asked:

How much has your blog changed/ how many new followers do you have since the crucifix nail stuff?

This time last year I had just under 1000 followers. As of right now I have 11,269

My inbox went from silent to anywhere from 20 messages to 200 if it’s a busy day. Most of it not spam and I always feel bad that I don’t manage to keep up.

I could make posts without people trying to admonish me for talking about certain things, or treating me like a news source. But on the other hand when I do post other things I am faced with overwhelming love and support that is quite frankly humbling. The kindness is more common that the other.

I get tagged in so many posts so often I can’t keep up. Tumblr has straight up stopped telling me when I get comments on posts. It doesn’t even tell me when I get new followers anymore, despite having these settings turned on.

Random mad cap ideas I never thought much of have ended up being turned into novel ideas. As such I don’t have time to write much fanfic but I miss the Dishonored prompts every now and then. My dash used to be very fandom focused but now it’s mostly politics and fundraisers and answering a lot of questions I don’t always feel qualified to answer. I miss the former, but know I have to use whatever small platform I have for good.

In short, it’s gone from fandom and fun to being a near full time job that I don’t quite know how to keep up with but am nevertheless immensley thankful for, for the found family it has brought me, and the friends who are closer than blood.

Even when people insist on spamming me with my own shit post editing stories that refuse to die :p

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam! I'm curious about your magical time management skills: you have a full-time job, are super active in fandom, answer countless asks, write fanfiction and books, and still have time for jogging and many other stuffs. How do you organize yourself? I feel super overwhelmed due to lack of time and end up not doing what I want do. Do you allot time to do stuff? How does your typical day looks like? And any useful tips for us slackers.

I dunno how helpful it’ll be – I mean, some of it is time management, and some of it is that I have spent a long time working on arranging my life so that I have as much free time to pursue my own interests as possible. This hasn’t consciously meant giving up things like close brickspace friends and romantic relationships but in some ways it has kind of worked out that way. (Not that I couldn’t have those things if I chose to work towards them, in other words, but they don’t come naturally to me and I don’t mind the lack.) 

So, I will give you a rundown of my average day, but before we begin, I will also give you some context! And this will be long so I’ll put it under a readmore. 

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Hello, all!

I recently had surgery, and to help with my finances, I’m opening up writing commissions! Here’s a static link for the commission details, but since you’re here, keep on reading below!

Signal boosts for this post are much appreciated! If you’re not interested in a commission but want to help with my medical bills, I wouldn’t say no to a Ko-Fi! Thank you so much for helping out.


I’ve written fanfic for over 15 years, and have written professionally for 5 years. I can safely say I have been a fanfic rodeo clown for a real long time. Here’s my AO3 account for samples of my work!

I’m familiar with a large array of fandoms, included but not limited to:

  • Tales Of (Zestiria, Berseria, Vesperia)
  • Attack on Titan
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Mother series (Mother 1 /2 (EarthBound) / 3)
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • CLAMP (pretty much any series)
  • And many more! If you’ve seen me reblog something from a given fandom, it’s basically fair game. Ping me if you’re not sure.

I’ll also write for your OCs/personal projects if you give me the necessary details!

I reserve the right to refuse any request on the grounds of my personal comfort with the subject matter. However, I can safely say I don’t have a lot of hard restrictions on things I won’t write.


  • $7 for a 500-word piece
  • $12 for an 1,000-word piece
  • $22 for a 2,000-word piece
  • Pieces over 2,000 words: Negotiable. Throw me a word count and I’ll give you an estimate!

I work a full-time day job; however, I strive for a turnaround time of about a week, unless the piece is especially detailed or long. If I run into delays, I will let you know promptly.


First, I’d like you to fill out this Google form so I’ve got your info neat and tidy in my records. Once that’s done, I should email/ping you in Tumblr chat within 48 hours to chat with you about the details of the request. Remember: the more details I get, the better your fic will turn out!

If you’d like to talk with me via Tumblr ask/chat about the details, I’d be happy to do so; however, I’d still like that form filled out for record-keeping.


I only accept Paypal. Once details have been arranged, I will send you an invoice; once payment has been received, I will start the piece.


I’ll deliver the final product to you via email in the format of your choice (Word document, PDF, smoke signals, etc.). I will not post your fic publicly without your permission. Shh, it’s okay. That kink of yours will stay between you and me.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you’ll let me write the anime bullshit you’ve been dreaming of!

I have no idea how this post is going to be received, but I’ve seen a few things today that set my teeth on edge.

This is a friendly reminder that fic writers and artists do what they do for free. People who run fic-finding blogs do what they do for free. People who make gifs do it for free. People who put together amazing rec lists do it for free. People who read and reblog every fic they come across do it for free. People who write amazingly-detailed, insightful or funny tags on their reblogs do it for free. And we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. How cool is that? There’s so much amazing stuff out there for us to consume, and it doesn’t cost us a penny. It makes fandom fun and it makes fandom better.

And all of these people - the artists, the writers, the finders, the giffers, and the reccers - also have lives of their own. They go to school. They work full-time jobs. They have families and significant others and friends and hobbies. They have health problems. They have mental health issues. They have fandom for fun, and they have fandom to escape. Some people like to talk to anyone and everyone who hits up their inbox. Some people are more introverted. Some people prefer to keep a small circle of friends, or got cautious about making new friends after they’ve been burned a few times (haven’t we all run into toxic people online at some point?). Some people follow thousands of blogs. Some follow a few.

What they don’t have is a debt to fandom. They don’t actually owe anyone anything. Whether it’s an update on a multi-chapter, a response to a prompt, a new piece of art when someone requests it, a list of their favorite bed-sharing fics, a gifset, a like, a reblog, a comment, or a beta. 

(I’m not saying that feedback or likes/reblogs/comments aren’t important, obviously. *waves* Hi, I write fic. Of course it’s important. That’s not why I’m writing this.)

A lot of times people expect these things, and in some cases people demand these things. It’s not cool. And when the artist/writer/blogger doesn’t deliver, they get anon hate and snotty comments. One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen in the fandom - that good fics by lesser-known authors get ignored - is trying to be addressed by a new blog specifically devoted to promoting these authors. Amazing idea, right? Someone saw a problem and is making a genuine, good-hearted effort to fix it.

That blog is less than a day old, and they’ve already gotten anon comments along the lines of, “Why bother? It won’t help,” and “Why are you waiting before you start reccing? There are authors need your help now.” I repeat: that blog is less than a day old. Someone decided to take time out of their life to try and shed a spotlight on new/lesser-known authors - for FREE - and they’re already getting shit on.

So, I’m a writer. I don’t know how “famous” I am, or how famous other people think I am. I follow very few blogs because 1) I tried following hundreds of people when I first started on Tumblr and it got incredibly overwhelming for me, 2) I’ve gradually whittled my dash down to be as drama-free as possible, and 3) I follow authors and artists who I know from experience post quality content that I know I’ll love. And frankly, I can’t even keep up with everything they post and feel like crap when I fall behind on fic-reading.

Y’all, I work full-time. I have friends IRL and online. I follow a few blogs that make me happy. I try to write. I have serious struggles with depression sometimes. I hang out with my asshole cats. And I am tired. I don’t live in an online bubble to deliberately exclude people. All I do is try to make an online experience for myself that makes fandom more enjoyable for me, rather than more stressful.

I… don’t have any sort of grand thesis or conclusion here, other than we need to be nice to each other, and maybe take other people’s experiences into account when evaluating their behavior. And please, if you find yourself getting angry at authors or artists or gif-makers or rec blogs, remember that you’re getting angry at people who spend hours producing content for you to enjoy, for free. They never had to give you anything, but they still do.

Shadowhunters: A Broken Fandom?

So you all know that I am a Dark Artifices account and I remain pretty strict about that in terms of content. But some of you may know I am also a fan of Shadowhunters (the show) because when I have gone off topic in regards to TDA, I am almost always talking about the show.
BUT, it has recently come to my attention that some people within the Shadowhunters fandom are blaming the “brokenness” of the fandom on people within the fandom who have voiced their disappointment with several issues addressed on the show.
LISTEN. During season 1 I defended this show so hard because of all the criticism it received from book stans that was ridiculous. I defended the cast who was attacked for no reason, I defended the producers who were attacked for no reason, I defended the writers who were attacked for no reason. And NO, I’m not talking about constructive criticism, because I still fail to see how calling Kat talentless and ugly is constructive or how calling Emeraude slutty was constructive BUT I DIGRESS.
This season, the writers, cast and crew have made a lot of mistakes that were absolutely avoidable. I have seen the fandom make reasonable and constructive requests and reviews. And I have seen the rest of the fandom tear them apart for it. (FOR EXAMPLE: the fact that serious issues such as sex slavery, sexual assault, suicide, etc were addressed only to never be addressed seriously again). I was one of the many people advocating for the writers room to apologize for the demon rapist plot line, and I was literally attacked by members of the fandom telling me I had no right to tell the writers how to do their job.
There were several members of the LGBT community upset that while hetero couples are given screen time during intimate moments/sexy time, Malec wasn’t. There was also disappointment because Magnus did not give full consent in the scene shown…
There has recently been disappointment with Emeraude stating that Izzy is not Latina, though se prided herself on playing a Latina character on TV that wasn’t stereotypical, after a Latina fan voiced her disappointment about Isabelle’s yin fen addiction.
The fact that people within the fandom have the audacity to say that the reason our fandom is so messed up is because of people who have voiced their disappointment, is pathetic.
The fact that you would rather put the blame on communities who actively advocate for issues that matter to be portrayed respectfully, rather than to admit that the cast & crew of Shadowhunters can DO BETTER is disappointing.
You do not have to share their disappointment. You may not even feel that their disappointment is valid. But don’t say that our fandom has turned negative because of those people. Do you know why our fandom has turned negative? It’s because of people like you who think they can decide for communities of people what they can be upset about and what they should probably shut up about.
If you are not part of the LGBT community and think their opinion on Malec & how they are represented on the show isn’t valid, keep it to yourself.
If you are not Latina and think their disappointment over Izzy’s yin fen addiction and Eme’s comment is not valid, keep it to yourself. And to those of you who are part of those communities who feel you need to have a different opinion in order to be accepted by the fandom, I feel sorry for you.
This fandom is not negative or broken because some have been disappointed by the mistakes made in this season. This fandom is negative and broken because of the way we treat other people in our fandom. This fandom is negative and broken because we have convinced each other that we must take sides and have uniform opinions rather than to encourage each other to have diverse opinions that are respectful and constructive.
So if you would rather those who have been disappointed by this season shut up and sit down, and you think that’s how our fandom will be healed, I’m sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong.
This is my first and final comment on the issue, and I promise to my TDA followers for this long rant on their feed. I promise strictly TDA from now on!

  • Me last week: I dunno man. I have a full time job and a mortgage and shit. Fandom ideas just don’t come to me anymore. I still love my old fandoms but that creative spark all goes into work. Maybe I’m past my shipping days. I’ll just make my blog into a personal and aquarium/octopus themed place and settle at that.</p>

anonymous asked:

You aren't an actual writer. I think its insulting that you would charge money for fan-fiction when there are actual published authors who struggle worse than you do. If you honestly struggle that much get a real job or two like most people actually have to do.

First of all, not that it’s any of your god damn business, I do have a job but I’m also a full time student who has a shit ton of loans to pay off. Second of all, how dare you say that fanfiction isn’t real writing. I might not be the best writer out there but I’ve read scores of other fanfic authors that deserve to be published and probably could be published if they wanted to. I think you forget, dear anon, that writing is an art form. So why is it perfectly acceptable and encouraged for fanartist to do paid commissions but the writers of the same exact fandom can’t do the same without getting shit for being greedy and unappreciative?

One good thing that came out of this for me

This isn’t even me being negative but more a little bit grateful about it.

Most of fandom doesn’t really believe in Robert. (I mean, that’s okay, it happens sometimes with characters in couples. One of them is always less than.)

I had really fooled myself into believing that both the show and fandom would stand by the character of Robert even if he made terrible choices. I’m not even talking about condoning his actions, calling Robert out on his stupidity/bad choices is a full time job as a fan, but more that when he messed up, he’d get consideration and understanding and yeah, love. 

I spent the majority of my time in fandom, until recent months, really, just wearing what I called my Robert hate deflect suit of armor. Like I would always be aware and could just shrug it off. It was my own fault for not keeping that sucker near by anymore, lol. But I thought it had. I thought yeah people get that he is a mess and an idiot but that ultimately he isn’t worthless. I thought after the abuse story, his growth as a person, SSW, his love for Liv, his attempts to save his brother, and generally being a good person that yes we have arrived. Robert can maybe not always have feel like he trying so hard to be accepted and just be accepted. 

So it was a little shocking (still is a bit but I’ve got the armor back on so it’s becoming less and less sad for me) to see that nope. Robert is still considered garbage. That nothing he has done means anything. That he is a liar and always was. That not one of the amazing things he has done was worth much because he messed up. I mean I’ve actually seen that being said. The hate and the vitriol is sickening to me but it is what it is. 

So I have to be grateful to ED for this story because it reminded me that Robert will never be accepted or loved or protected or cared about the same as Aaron or Adam or Chas or Cain or any other character. I knew that coming in of course but had thought with character growth and Ryan’s amazing characterization that had changed for people. 

It hasn’t. 

And that is totally okay because I think he is just never going to be that character for a lot of people. They’ll like him again, maybe, when he starts acting the way they want, which I mean duh, lol, that makes sense. I just have to remember that always and deal with my constant need to hug him while calling him an idiot. I’ll have to deal with wanting to cry a little at all the effort made by him. I’ll protect him and love him and that’ll have to be enough. 

These are just feelings I’ve been having and I wanted to share them. <3

Writing Hiatus

I never thought I’d write a post like this, but I can’t put it off any longer. I need to take a hiatus from writing. 

While writing is something that I absolutely love with every fiber in my being, it has started to feel like a chore. Add some fandom drama and hateful words throwing gasoline on my already raging anxiety and depression. Then, there’s the fact that I’ve been sick for well over a month. Started with the flu for 10 days. Now, it’s a sinus / ear infection and bronchitis. I cough most of the night, so I’m not sleeping. I cough during the day; not as bad as at night, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a pain in my ass. Oh yeah, I work a full time job and I have three kids. Mix all of that up and the love for writing is diminishing.

What does that mean for the WIP’s? Don’t worry. They’ll still get written. I’m not going to ever stop writing. I just need a break.

How long? I’m not entirely sure. I need to focus on a new medication for my depression. I’m also working on trying to get a companion dog… we’ll see what our landlord says. 

I’ll still be here. Tag me here or my main blog [mamapeterson] in any fics you want to be read. There is also the album fanfiction challenge that’s in process. That will continue as planned. I can’t wait to publish the master list of all the fics that have been written [and will be written]. They’re all so amazing!

I love you guys. Sincerely. Every one of you that has shown me nothing but love and support. 

anonymous asked:

Moving back to LA where she had a home, her mother had a home, and tons of her friends live is different from up and moving to London. And what you said last night about her being set for friends in London is blatantly false. Even her Londoner friends have barely been in town, c'mon. I appreciate that you support Taylor no matter what, but I don't get the need to massage the facts to make them look like this is all perfectly normal.

A few things to address in this ask:

  • It’s not like she had never talked about moving to London before. She was at a point in her career where she had the flexibility to live and work anywhere. A new relationship isn’t going to work when the people live on two continents, period. Is it perfectly normal to us? No. Is it that weird in the world of celebrity? Absolutely not. Was it necessary if the two of them had any shot? Yup. 
  • As to her Londoner friends — Ed was in London full-time until early January, and was also there for much of February and parts of March and April. Cherry is there full-time. Suki and Lily Donaldson spent virtually all winter there. So did Cara, on and off. Lily Aldridge and Dixie were there full-time. So was Ellie Goulding. And those are just the friends we ~know~ about. So yeah, she was pretty much set for friends. 

Most importantly, I hate that there’s this weird fucking culture in this fandom that it’s WRONG to support Taylor no matter what. We are her fans! It’s our job to be there for her! I will happily call her out if I think she’s made a mistake or a misstep — and if you look through my archive, you’ll see me do just that. But as a fan, I see my role as being here TO support her. Not to question her or judge her or “teach her a lesson.” She has real people in her life. It’s my job to back her up. And to be totally honest, this choice? Pretty easy to back up.

Take Your Fandom to Work Day

What is Take Your Fandom to Work Day?

It’s a challenge where you really get to write what you know - whatever you do in real life, it’s time to dump your favorite characters into your workplace.

Think about what you do for a living, pick any fandom - put them together and go forth and write! (Or draw, if you’d rather.)

Do I have to sign up?

Nope! Everyone is welcome to jump in and participate at any time.

Is there a deadline?

All works published by May 14, 2016 June 1, 2016 will be added to a Masterlist for 2016. You’re free to continue after that, but a new list with new works won’t be added until next year.

How do I make sure I’m included in the list?

Tag your post on tumblr with #fandomworkday2016, send a message to this blog with a link, or post on AO3 with the Take Your Fandom to Work Day tag.

I’m a full time student and I don’t think the world needs more high school or college AUs, can I still participate?

Feel free to use your summer or part time job, your internship, or your favorite extracurricular. Or, just write about what it’s like for your characters to be in your major or at your school, specifically. Teach us something about what your life is like!

I’m actually unemployed right now, can I use a previous job?

You can use a job that you used to hold, or you can write about your life as it is now, whether that’s job hunting, raising children, running a household, or something else entirely.

Does my work need to be complete by the deadline to be included?

Yes. This is one of the main reasons the deadline was pushed out from the original date, to give people time to produce complete works.

Please respect the writer!

So, I’m having a conversation with a writing buddy of mine, and I have to say, that while we fanfic writers enjoy what we do and bringing joy to our readers, there are a few times we are made to feel stressed and frustrated with what usually brings us happiness.

We love our fandoms, we love writing about our favorite characters, and most of us enjoy–above all else–sharing that joy with people by fulfilling their requests, but ever so often, we’ll run into a person that doesn’t respect us as people. Perhaps they only view us as someone who is meant to fulfill their requests rather than people who have lives outside of the fandom. Some of us are adults with jobs. I, myself, am an adult with a very demanding job that often requires me to take home work. Some of us have children which is a full time job itself. Some of us have to deal with other things such as anxiety, depression, etc, and one of the reasons we’re so passionate about our fandoms is that they can take us away for a little bit and help ease the stress we endure in our every day lives. I think most people who send us requests understand this, but there are some who don’t and will be downright rude to us if we don’t fulfill their request fast enough or if they don’t get exactly what they want from us.

Fanfiction writers are human beings.

I’ll say it again and put it in bold.


We do this because we love it and we do it for free. We’re taking time out of our day to share happiness with people in our fandom, and if we didn’t love it so much, a lot of us probably wouldn’t put up with this kind of treatment. Please understand this if you ever feel the need to pester, insult, or be rude to someone you’ve submitted a request to. Think of how much joy that person has given you and think about what you are doing in return. You are making what we do less enjoyable. Please refrain from this kind of behavior. You are not entitled to have your request fulfilled fast. You can wait several weeks, months, or even a year or more, and you still have no place to be mad at them. You’re not even entitled to anything at all. Let that sink in a bit. I’ll say it again. You’re not even entitled to anything at all!

Fanfiction writers put their hearts in what they write. Please do not be rude to them as they balance this very time consuming hobby with their lives!