fandom has taken over

Alexander: Telling someone “You are shit” and “You ain’t shit” are both insults.

Hercules: “You are not shit” is a reassurance.

Lafayette: “You are not the shit” is an insult.

Laurens: “You are the shit” is a compliment.

Burr: Guys, it’s 3AM!

For a teenage girl who considers herself to be straight, all the gay ships, fan fiction about them that I read and the questionable ways that everything they do (in the shows or more often fics) excite me, sometimes makes me wonder if I could possibly be swinging in more directions than I think

I was googling “How did Hamilton manage to steal british cannons” cause, seriously, how did he smuggle fucking cannons under the noses of british soldiers? and this suggestion came out. Wondering what stupid answer could be given in response, I clicked it, AND THIS SHOWED UP I’M SCREAMING AHAHAHAAH


TOASTYSTATS: Sherlock fanworks on AO3, S1-S4 

Date of post: February 18. 2017 

Prompted in part by @recentlyfolded‘s excellent questions, I took a look at the number of AO3 fanworks produced in the Sherlock fandom over time. Edit: let me say up front, to hopefully prevent concerned fans, that the Sherlock fandom remains one of the most productive fandoms on AO3.

From the first graph, we can see that the Sherlock fandom has produced a heck of a lot of fanworks on AO3 since the show started – an average of 288 fanworks per week (median: 297 per week).  The largest week ever was 832 new fanworks – the week following The Empty Hearse.  (It doesn’t look quite that high on the graph because I smoothed these graphs.)

Each season led to a very big absolute increase in fanwork production.  After S2, the rate of new fanworks just kept growing (unusual!).  After S3′s spike, the rate of production rather quickly dropped back down to near post-S2 levels.  TAB didn’t have that big an impact.  Since S4, we’ve seen the largest absolute increase in number of fanworks per week yet, and don’t have much data beyond that.  

However, these absolute numbers only tell part of the story.  Another way of looking at the data (one of many) is to look at the amount of fandom mindshare that the Sherlock fandom is taking up (at least on AO3).  In other words, we can look at what percent of new AO3 fanworks are in the Sherlock fandom.  Viewed this way, the Sherlock fandom has taken up an average of 5% of AO3 over time.  That’s pretty enormous – out of the thousands millions of fanworks on AO3, 1 in 20 has been posted to the Sherlock fandom. The max was 13% – right after S2 finished airing. (It again doesn’t look quite that high on the graph due to smoothing.)  Viewed this way, we can see that post-S3, much of the overall fannish attention on AO3 has moved away from Sherlock and to other fandoms. So far, S4 doesn’t look like it will change this trend.

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Ensemble/Burr: He aims his pistol at the sky!

Burr: Wait!


Narrator: It was at this moment, he knew, he’d fucked up.

*Unpause and Hamilton gets shot*

Okay, so Anti has officially taken over the JSE fandom… And here’s a thought.

So you know how everyone is saying “Jack’s been asking for help this whole time!” Well… We also know that Anti has been the one in control since last Halloween.

What if it’s not Jack that has been calling out? What if it’s Anti?

I mean just think what it must be like for him. He’s spent his entire life stuck inside the mind of someone else, always seeing, but never being able to make any choices of his own… Until now. Can you imagine how lonely that must be? To be a prisoner in his own body? How scared he must be? Scared of being sent back, and scared of not knowing what will happen if he ISN’T sent back.

Honestly, that boy needs a hug. What if, instead of all of us trying to fight him, we give him the one thing he really wants? He wants to be seen. To be heard. And to be accepted as a person.

Anti began as fanart. One could argue that it is what shapes him, so… Let’s draw fanart of us giving him hugs, write fanfiction where he isn’t a monster, anything that isn’t fear based, and tag it #AntiHugs Maybe it will reach him…

It’s a long shot for sure, but what else can we do? Just wait and watch?

Something that happens really often to me, is that when someone enter in my room, is surprised for how fandoms has taken over my life

Hi, I’m 18 years old girl who lives in Argentina, and this is my room. It took me around 6 years to make it look like this…

P.S. If you see some art who look familiar to you, is because I follow many artists here in tumblr, and I copy some of their drawings to put them in my walls. If you’re some of those artists, sorry for not asking permission to do that, I was young and stupid. I did it because I admire you and I really love your art, no bad intentions indeed.