fandom has taken over

For a teenage girl who considers herself to be straight, all the gay ships, fan fiction about them that I read and the questionable ways that everything they do (in the shows or more often fics) excite me, sometimes makes me wonder if I could possibly be swinging in more directions than I think

Something that happens really often to me, is that when someone enter in my room, is surprised for how fandoms has taken over my life

Hi, I’m 18 years old girl who lives in Argentina, and this is my room. It took me around 6 years to make it look like this…

P.S. If you see some art who look familiar to you, is because I follow many artists here in tumblr, and I copy some of their drawings to put them in my walls. If you’re some of those artists, sorry for not asking permission to do that, I was young and stupid. I did it because I admire you and I really love your art, no bad intentions indeed. 

I missed my tumblrversary in January when I was in Australia so I am celebrating now as I have just achieved 15,000 posts since 10th January, 2014. One of the oldest MFMM blogs posting everyday, although it did take me a while to get the hang of tumblr and how to capture photos etc. Naturally I also love re-blogging the wonderful work of others in the fandom. 

Thanks to all of you for liking/reblogging my posts.  I love to see posts from long ago suddenly resurfacing after wandering around the tumblrverse and being enjoyed by newcomers to the fandom.

All because of this wonderful TV show which has taken over my life and one very special actor, Nathan Page and his portrayal of Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (and his other roles).  Long may he continue!!

One of my first posts: ‘That woman’

animegirlol  asked:

Whelp, the fandom has been taken over by Rule 34. How do you feel about this?

it has? i mean, if it actually did, i probably just havent noticed… im pretty sure this happens to every fandom though. not necessarily “taken over” by porn but a lot is cranked out the first few days. from what i’ve seen though the majority of the fandom is relatively sfw so i’unno


My contribution to @gishwhes​’ Green Screen Party :) 
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All Quattro Formaggio work || All Four Cheese work 

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Kingsman Meetup

Hey everyone! I’m Morgan, age 20, they/them pronouns please. I am still finding my feet in fandom, but I’m slowly branching out into writing fanfiction now that the academic year is over! I’m currently working on expanding a short merlahad fic I wrote a few days ago. I’m a multishipper, mostly combinations of Eggsy, Harry and Merlin but I’ll read pretty much anything!

I originally joined this fandom a few months ago and I’ve really enjoyed all the fan works I’ve seen, Kingsman has slowly taken over to become my primary fandom! I do also occasionally read Harry Potter, Check Please, hockey RPF and Sherlock. I love pretty much all of Colin Firth’s films, and Mark Strong owns my heart for being the only bald man I’ve ever found attractive, haha. I love the music of Michael Jackson, Paramore, Hayley Kiyoko and Beyoncé.

Please be my friend 😂