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Iggy Stardust and the Recipehs from Insomnia

Bonus Prompto and Noct FreakingTheFuckOut™ now that they’ve discovered Iggy’s secret alter ego and corresponding double life.


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

“You’re an angel?” (Pt 1 ????)

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Warnings: Violence??

Fandom: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League??

You are a superhero who has recently gotten her powers and has finally gotten a chance to use them. You run into Flash, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. This prompts them to try and recruit you into the Legion of Superheros. What happens next can’t be summed up in a paragraph.

I might make this a series??? Tell me if you guys like it!

            You scampered frantically across an abandoned rooftop, mind racing at a million miles an hour.

Today was the day.

Or- maybe it was the night- if you wanted to be technical.

Finally after months of bothering and pestering your adopted father- he was letting you do what you wanted.

You wanted to help people.

And now at this very moment- the people you needed to help were in danger.

You skidded to a stop, white boots scraping against the cement roof.

On the street below the man- or thing- that you had been tracking was tearing up the street below.


And he had company.

Super company.

Supergirl streaked through the air, a large projectile flung from her arms as she passed over Clayface. It took you a second to realize that the projectile had been Green Arrow.

You cringed, watching sympathetically.

Arrow landed solidly on Clay’s head, jamming two arrows into the mud cranium to give himself a better chance of staying on. This would have been a good move- if Clayface wasn’t actually made completely out of clay. Arrow’s feet suddenly began to sink into Clay’s head, the mud becoming thick and heavy around the hero’s legs.

GL seemed to realize what was happening just as he was setting the charges on his arrows. Green Arrow cursed, realizing he couldn’t move the bottom part of his legs. He was stuck- knee deep in clay.

Supergirl seemed to realize this, making a detour in her flight so she could get Arrow out before he blew.

Clayface saw her, softening his right arm. Once Supergirl was close enough, the deformed villain flung his giant mud arm in her direction, clay connecting with Kryptonian.

Unfortunately for her- she wasn’t as immune to clay as she was to bullets. Supergirl stuck, unable to move as Clayface flung her straight into a building.

You wince, debating if you should just intervene.

Suddenly, a blur of yellow and red streaked past Clayface, grabbing onto Green Arrow.

This would have usually freed GL from most traps.

But- Clayface was pretty sticky.

The red streak stopped, unable to run any farther.

Your eyes widened, even though you were unsurprised.


You nodded, wondering if any other superheros were hiding in the shadows, waiting to pop up and fight.

Oh wait.

That was you.

The two arrows exploded, mud spraying everywhere. But instead of that helping, the explosion just seemed to piss off the giant mud man. Clayface simply reformed, but instead of smiling- he was frowning.

Flash looked back frantically, seeing his friends legs still covered in clay. There was a long line of muck stretched tight across the road, one side connected to Arrow…

And the other was, of course, Clayface.

Flash cursed, realizing what was about to happen.

Clay face sneered, craggy mud face crinkling evilly.

Suddenly, Supergirl flew out of the building she had been thrown into, once again ready to fight.

But so was Clayface.

The long rope of clay that held Arrow and Flash grew taught as Clayface grabbed it. He swung the two superheros right into Supergirl, the group clashing in mid-air.

Clayface laughed, sounding like someone stepping in squishy mud.


The three superheros were across the road, most of them not moving. Clayface began to move forward like a huge slug, leaving mud everywhere as he moved towards the downed superheros. You frowned, making up your mind.

“Nasty.” You said to yourself as you jumped into the air.

Clayface loomed over the three superheros, left hand hardening into a spiky ball as he sneered.

“I don’t know why everyone has always made such a big deal about you three. I should have done this years ago-” Clayface was cut off.

Instead of dealing his finishing line this came out of his mouth:

“BLRAGHGHBLURR!” He screamed as his mouth was filled with a jet of water.

You snickered from across the street, holding the the crushed fire hydrant in you arms as you angled the torrent of water at the clay behemoth with your foot.

“I’m sorry were you saying something?” You ask, smirking as you tipped your toes to the sky and watched as the water began to deform the villains face.


“I’m sorry I- I can’t understand you. Is there something important you were doing earlier?” You asked. The villain made his way over to you, deteriorating as he did so. He was five feet away now, trying to raise what looked like his old spikeball arm.

You didn’t worry though.

He was too soaked to do anything to you now.

Clayface made a frustrated noise, mud flying from the hole that used to be his mouth.

It almost got on your face- ew.

You angled the spray up, flooding the monster’s face until you couldn’t here his screaming anymore.

Just bubbles.

You reeled backwards and then let yourself shoot forward, bringing both fists down on top of Clayface’s head. The mass of clay crumpled, sagging into a defeated pile of mush.

You nudged the lump with the toe of your boot.

Clayface didn’t move.

You nodded, satisfied. Turning to the open spout of water, you realized that this fountain had been spraying water all over the street like rain.


You shoved the hydrant back on the water spout, even thought you couldn’t exactly figure out how to fit it back on. You tilted you head, the fire hydrant standing crooked.

Good enough right?

“Excuse me?”

You turned, forgetting there were people here- this wasn’t one of your training simulators.

Fixing your homemade mask as you turned around, you gripped the sleeves of your black hoodie.

You came face to face with the three you had just saved- Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow.

Your (e/c) eyes widened under your mask, finding it weird they were actaully talking to you.

Well- you did save them so it made sense- it just wasn’t how you expected this night to go.

You expected civilians- maybe even reporters.

Not superheros.

Supergirl was waving at you, an awkward smile on her beautiful face. You looked at her- and then Arrow and Flash as they walked over to you, brushing off drying clay from their suits.

“Yeah?” You asked, trying to straighten up and look cooler than you were.

Which was hard to do when you didn’t actaully have a suit- just a hoodie, leggings, boots, and a cheap dollar store mask.

You hadn’t really planned this past the fighting.

“Who are you?” Arrow immediately replied, suspicion evident even under the mask.

You blanked.

Had you even considered a codename?

You felt mud crawling up your leg as you thought. Looking down angrily, you kicked your leg and stamped on the clay.

But it was sticking.

You groaned and bent down, poking at the clay with a scowl on your face.

“What is it?” Flash asked, leaning down to look with you.

“He’s reforming.”

You made up your mind.

“He needs to be taken in.” You said out loud, even thought you were mostly talking to yourself.

You rolled up your sleeves and sat in a crouch, placing both hands onto the damp clay.

“What do you mean-”

“Please don’t talk. Last time I tried this I passed out. I don’t want that happening.” You told Flash and then turned back to Clayface.

Your powers were tricky.

You didn’t even know everything you could do. You weren’t even sure if this would work.

But you never know unless you try right?

You pressed your hands against the clay, focusing on picking up the electrical impulses from Clayface.

Well- you hoped he was still human enough have electrical impulses.

White energy crackled around your hands as you looked, some energy arcing through your (h/c) hair. The three superheros just stared, faces cast in a white glow.

Your eyes snapped open, hands pulling away from Clayface. Your hands still crackled with energy, but now so did Clayface.

You were shocked.

“I did it.” You said out loud, a small smiling forming on your face.

“Did what?” Supergirl asked, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. You stood up slowly, keeping your hands out in front of you like your powers could shut off at any given moment.

You pursed your lips.

“I’m not exactly sure, but I know I can do this!” You said and snapped your fingers.

Clayface disappeared.

 Flash jumped.

You smiled, scampering to the spot were Clayface had just been.

“You killed him?” Arrow asked, tone angry. You scoffed as you kicked your feet around the area where the villain had just been.

“Of course not. I sent him to Arkham Asylum.” You said absently mindedly, stopping slowly as you realized what you just said.

“I sent him- to Arkham Asylum.” You said again and turned around, facing the three superheros slowly. They looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to say something.

You were an idiot.

You sent Clayface to Arkham without alerting the people who worked there.

You felt a feeling of dread wash over you.

What if he hadn’t even gotten there?

What if you had killed him?


Oh that wasn’t a fun thought.

“I have to go.” You said quickly.

“You what?” Flash asked.

“I have to go! Sorry I couldn’t stay. But uh- Clayface. Prison- he may not be there. And if he is… people need to know. Yeah. That sounds right. Bye.” You said, all of your words coming out scattered as you began to walk away.

“Wait- we don’t know-”

”Bye!” You said and jumped into the air.

You flew away, white energy trailing after you.

The three superheros watched you go, completely silent.

“Someone needs to help her.” Arrow said, thinking of all the dangerous things you could do without guidance.

“Yeah.” Supergirl agreed, arms folded with her eyebrows knitted in concern.

The two looked at Flash- who was smiling.

“Cisco is gonna have a cow when we tell him what kind of things we just saw.”

A few thoughts on the Framework arc...

I haven’t really spoken out that much about this current arc of Agents of SHIELD, and more specifically, the FitzSimmons storyline. This is mainly bc I’ve really enjoyed it. But the level of disappointment coming from this fandom has gotten me thinking about how we perceive the show in general, which is why I wanted to explain my point of view. Hopefully, this may help others enjoy it a bit more as we move into the final two episodes of the season. 

To put this into context, I watch quite the variety of shows across different networks. AOS is my fave, but I also devotedly watch Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and How to Get Away with Murder (besides a shitload of others that aren’t so dark, lol), but these are the shows I’m going to be discussing alongside shield. 

For me, AOS is doing something that not many shows can get away with - telling a highly complex story across 22 episodes of television with a production value of some major movies. But AOS is not on HBO, or Netflix, or cable. It’s on network television, and that is where I let go of unrealistic expectations. Not my expectations for the quality of the story, oh no. I’m talking about the expectations of what a show of this caliber is capable of doing under those circumstances - 22 episodes on a major network. 

For shows like GOT or Mr. Robot, where the networks basically worship them (legit - I think USA Network will let Mr. Robot get away with anything at this point), the creators and writers have a lot more freedom. For Mr. Robot, creator Sam Esmail directed the entirety of season 2, and they’re even pushing back season 3 bc he wants more time to develop the show to make it better. GOT was pushed back to summer bc of the current story arc, plus the creators David and Dan have a lot of sway as far as how the story unfolds. (and although I don’t watch it, Westworld is doing similar work, and they literally stopped production for months to write the final four scripts to figure out a better story for the entire series.)

In other words, they have time - time to write intricate stories, where every detail is thought out, so fans can rewatch the episodes to catch everything they missed, where everything actually connects

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rubyphilomela  asked:

Umm I think through hypaalicious? Not sure. However I found it I'm glad I did! I love your writing and your amazing!

Truth be told, @hypaalicious helped boost my visibility a lot back then by reblogging my stuff, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of my earlier followers found me by her way. But my writing has gotten better since then, and I think I finally found my place in this fandom a bit more. Thank you so much for the love! 💜

Your Anger is NOT Valid

One of the things that pisses me off the most in the Voltron fandom is the rabid shipping war that has gotten 10x WORSE

Before, everybody was excited because we were finally getting more material after almost a year long hiatus and everyone had their hopes up to ridiculously high levels. People’s headcanons went wild with assumptions and they assumed that DreamWorks Animation was stalking the Voltron tumblr tags for ideas. But that’s not the case at all. 

During the “Go Lions” podcast interview with Tim Hedrick and Mitch Iverson, two of the head writers for the series, they comment that the fans have very minimal influence on the show due to how tight the production schedule is for the series. So they literally work on a episode all the way up till the day it’s supposed to be shipped out. 

That means they already have planned story arcs, character arcs, and worlds planned out for the series in their own “Voltron Bible” as they describe it. 

People who’re pissed right now are the ones who believed the most that their slash ship and headcanon was going to get canonized in the 2nd season of the series. Which is already a stupid thought process considering DreamWorks Animation hopes to produce around 78 episodes of the series all together. So there’s still plenty of time for the series to flesh out ALL of the characters and relationships. 

I’m not saying it’s not OK to be upset that your ship didn’t get any moments together or your #NOTP got more moments than you, but the extent these motherfuckers have gone to express that anger is absolutely fuckin ridiculous. We’re talking harassment, we’re talking call outs, we’re talking tagging hate purposefully in the ship tag they hate. We’re talking about people becoming complete pieces of shit just because they didn’t get their way in a series. 

Newsflash children: not everything has to go your way just because you scream about it loudly on tumblr. That’s the literal definition of entitlement

In my opinion season 2 of Voltron was GREAT. We had world building, character development, relationship development, and we got a lot of answers to the questions we asked in season 1. So DreamWorks Animation gets a passing grade from me and honestly the people who’re upset about the new season can shut the fuck up. 

Adelaide Trevelyan

A present for @stardustlings, who has been the largest inspiration for my contribution to this fandom. I’ve wanted to draw her OC for a looooooong time, so I’m thrilled to finally have done so. <3 So… hope you like her. :)

Adelaide is from her gorgeous Solas x Trevelyan fic Les Mots, which is one of the best examples of realistic Sovelyan that I’ve yet read.

anonymous asked:

Heey! I'm a new yuri on ice fan and I JUST FINISHED THE SHOW AND MY LIFE IS IN PIECES. And I saw everyone talking about a yoi movie and dvd? What are they?! What, When, why and promise me it won't be only japanese! I need eng sub!! (Firstly I want to know what the hell is happenning)Can you explain it?

Welcome to the fandom! Sorry this took forever, it’s finals week for me!

Basically for the movie, on April 29th the original cast of YOI got together for the Yuri!!! On Stage event- and at that event they announced that the movie has gotten green lit. It was said that the movie would not be a recompilation from the anime and that is all the details on that for now.

Concerning YOS, it was said that the movie -for the event- would be available for dvd and blu-ray on July 28 but whether or not those come with subtitles is something yet to be seen. It most likely will, at a later date of course, be released for the states with English subtitles.

Now concerning the DVDs, there are a set of 6 DVDs and each disk has 2 episodes. Right now they are only in japanese and as usual, will most likely be released to the states and other places at a later date with English subtitles. For now it’s only japanese.

I hope that was able to answer your questions!

Another PSA

Sorry I gotta keep making these, things have been crazy as of late, and there is stuff I want to address.

I want to address something y’all keep referring to as a “private server”. For starters, it’s less a “private server” and more a smaller, group chat, like a friend skype group. You all probably have group chats exclusive to your close friends that you wouldn’t invite just anybody to. This is what this is meant to be.  A few of my fandom friends and I wanted a smaller, quieter place to talk outside of the group chat. It’s not some high end exclusive cars fandom chat, it’s just a group of friend’s personal place to talk and mess around.

I really didn’t expect, well, drama to spew from this really! It was never created to cause harm, it was made as something my friends and I could use as a place to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed when we talked about something we loved. The big chat was just too overwhelming for our tastes. I may have said it before but I’ll say it again, there is no written rule saying there can only be one fandom chat. The cars fandom has grown immensely over the past few months, and it’s just reality that some fellas will spilt off and form their own friend circles within the fandom. That’s how any fandom works, especially when they are very big. There is probably billions of so//nic or f//naf servers across discord, and not everyone is able to be friends with everyone.

My following has gotten very big. I can only keep meaningful and strong friendships with so many people. I’m sorry to those who may feel left out, but that’s just how it is sometimes! I still appreciate everyone in my fanbase and all you have done for me over the past year, mostly good has come out of this fandom, and I love that.

Anyways, hopefully last post I have to make like this for a while. Kiwi, out.

The past year I spent months at a time working on the Sin Anthologies because I truly believe that people should have freedom of creativity in the community.

For over a year there have been people trying to police content in the community. The Reylo Sin Anthology was created because one of my good Reylo friends was harassed in the community because she wrote a story where Kylo had multiple personalities. People didn’t even bother reading the story and she was attacked and called ableist. The attacks were out of control and I decided the policing in the fandom needs to end.

For a year we have had projects so people could have freedom of creativity to create and consume. The policing has only gotten worse. Why? The people who are policing create just as questionable content than the stuff myself and other people participating in projects do. Apparently freedom of creativity only goes as far as to what gets THEIR rocks off.

That person who went off on me earlier was right about one thing…things are always going to remain the same. Everything myself and others have worked for has been in vein. The same people who are bemoaning my so called “cringey” posts draw bestiality and write tentacle rape. They mock myself and other content creators for creating content they don’t like and say makes Reylos uncomfortable while making what should be more controversial content that makes Reylos uncomfortable with no regard to how it makes them feel.

The policing is never going to stop in this community. Hell its gotten worse because you have a bunch of hypocrites who make arguably more questionable content saying that certain Reylos make “cringy” content and posts because it’s not something they enjoy.

So after taking a lorazepam to calm the fuck down from the anxiety this issue has caused me I’m finally drowsy enough to say….to hell with this. To hell with the hypocrisy…to hell with people who think the hypocrisy is perfectly fine and to hell with spending my time trying to have fun with freedom of creativity. The fandom is never going to get any better because it worships hypocrisy.

Enjoy the policing and the content our overloads allow you to create and enjoy. I’m too tired and done to give a damn anymore.

The results are in

So hey, thanks again for helping me out with my little feedback poll.
The results have been… interesting, and pretty unexpected, which I guess means it was necessary.

So first up: y’all are so ready for BNHA. This actually kind of follows the impression I’ve gotten that Haikyuu has been going through a bit of a break lately. A lot of the fandom (including me) is very much enjoying the hype around Superhero Harry Potter.

I have several remarks

  • At least two of you were all ‘can you just do all of them’, which, yes, eventually. But I am a person with a job and stuff. It’s cute that you’re so enthusiastic, tho.
  • I wasn’t expecting the Aomine to be so popular? I wonder if some of you just want me to finally finish a story that’s been in draft for so long. Motivational feedback.
  • None of y’all asked for full on porn, even in an anonymous poll (the 16% is the TenSuga), which is funny cause those are By Far my most read stories. I’m guessing tumblr has a more discerning audience than AO3.

So what happens now?

Well, first I’m going to finish LKS, which has been a main focus for over a year and which is Very Close to completion.
Secondly, as I mentioned in the poll post, I’m coming up on another follower milestone, so I’ll try to prepare a few things for a little thank you event. I had several ideas, and you’ve given me a few more.

Thanks again for your help, it’s been enlightening :)


Hi friends!

Been avoiding Tumblr for a while now.  It started with avoiding spoilers in Andromeda and then I decided I needed to minimize internet time in favor of some physical/mental self-care.  But I’ve (finally) finished ME:A and (mostly) gotten the rest of my shit together (or at least brought it back to something that resembles normal for me), so I’m hoping to slowly reemerge into the fandom in the coming weeks.  

For all the tags and lovely fandom works I’ve missed, I apologize.  I’ll be trying to catch up, but if anyone has any recommendations of things I might have missed in the interim, I’m definitely open to places to start.  I look forward to being back and seeing everything y’all have in store!


The End [ PT. i ] | Carl Grimes x Reader

request: nopety no

fandom: the walking dead

warnings: spoilers from 7x01, angst

word count: 4,400 (it’s kinda long bc of background info)

a/n: it’s finally up y'all! this oneshot is so sad to write, so i apologize for any typos bc my tears may have gotten in the way. i’ll upload pt. ii soon, please do message me for any feedback and if you want the pt. ii rn or y'know… soon. enjoy reading!

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Hi everyone! I know that this blog hasn’t been as active as it once was. I have a new job and I just moved to a new city so I’ve been pretty busy! Today is actually my birthday and I have the day off. So as a celebration I’ll be posting a few lists of fics that I’ve read or that the lovely nerdyderekhale has compiled for SHF. That’s another thing! Please help me welcome nerdyderekhale (who we’ll call A) to SHF! She’ll mostly be helping with the monthly theme recs, but occasionally she’ll be helping with everything else when I get super busy. I think that’s all… Anyways, here’s a list made by A that I was supposed to post on Valentine’s Day, but life got in the way. Anyways. Happy Reading!

A Sip Of Happiness by erciareyes (Complete | 2,916 | General)

“You like lavender?” Stiles asked, turning half around to face Derek, his hand in mid-air above the blender.

“Nothing against it but it isn’t my favorite either.”

Stiles threw the crushed leaves into the blender with a cocky grin. “That’s because you haven’t tasted it my way.”

Derek heard Erica chuckle from where she was still decorating cupcakes and shook his head.

“There’s no use in asking a customer if he likes something if you are gonna put it in anyway.” Derek said and he saw Stiles shoulders shake in a silent laugh as he went into the backroom.

if this be error and upon me proved by gryvon (Complete: 6,465: General)

Stiles has a crush on the new English teacher, Derek Hale. His crush gets a little more complicated when he sees Derek’s wife and daughter.

First Valentine by fandom-madnessess (Complete: NR)

Finally, he and Derek are getting their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. They’d gotten together only a few weeks after last year’s Valentine, so they just missed the romantic holiday. Stiles had been bummed, because he had a thousand ideas of how he wanted to celebrate with his boyfriend. Those thousand ideas would have to wait another year, though, because his boyfriend had insisted on being the one to plan this year’s Valentine.

Hotsky to Trotsky by paintedrecs (Complete: 3, 317: Teen) ***

Derek had his future mapped out: there’d be graduation, followed by college, followed by (he hoped) a good grad school, then a career as a professor whose students didn’t spend their time flicking paper footballs at each other and obsessing over their dating lives. He had good friends, a good family, and no time to focus on distractions like high school gossip or relationships.

He hadn’t factored Stiles Stilinski - lacrosse player, class clown, part of the popular crowd, currently spending his entire day staring at Derek and smiling - into his plans.

Because That’s Love by Dexterous_Sinistrous (Complete: 3,110: General)

Derek hated carrots. Derek hated a lot of things Stiles liked. But none of that stopped Mr. Popularity from asking Stiles out.

Untitled by Haihaipanda (Complete: NR)

He stepped out onto a balcony and sighed into the cool night air, feeling slightly better. He sipped his punch and sat on a bench in the darkness, staring up at the stars. He wanted to return home. He wondered if his father missed him, if Scott had made any progress in wooing Miss Argent, if the new lord would need his assistance.

Loving You by Dystolilo (Complete: NR)

Perhaps the true reason Stiles loathed high school so much lied in his failed romantic life. With everyday drawing closer to his sixteenth birthday and no soulmate mark to be seen, Stiles began to despair. Sure, there were some who never got their marks, but they were the social outcasts of society. Stiles didn’t think he could bear a loveless life with a menial job keeping him out of the public view.

Untitled by Acountrygirlsfun (Complete: NR) ***

Stiles would like to register a complaint with his high school guidance counselors. Because they lied about what college was going to be like. All through high school, teachers and counselors and adults all professed that college was going to be great. It’s going to be so much better than high school.

Well they lied.

College is torture.

Don’t Go by poetry-protest-pornography (Complete: NR)

Four times Stiles and Derek say “Don’t go,” and two times they are exactly where they want to be.

Untitled by Haletostilinski (Complete: NR)

Derek laughs into the kiss, gently extracting Stiles’ hand from his neck. “Stiles, babe, I have to go, they called me in, I can’t just ignore that.” Even though I want to, Derek thought to himself as Stiles flopped down onto their bed with an exasperated sigh, bare chest on display, tempting Derek to just say fuck it and give in.

“I just wish we could lay in bed all day forever,” Stiles pouted, his golden brown eyes enticing Derek in a way no one else’s ever could.

♥ thank you by Bellakitse (Complete: 1,558: Teen)

See the thing that Derek Hale knows about himself beyond a shadow of a doubt is that he attracts crazy.

Enter Stiles.

Hope You Know (I Won’t Let Go) by Hales-republic (Complete: NR)

Derek’s been away for almost three years when he’s awoken in the dark of the night by the telltale beep of an incoming text.

Strange Moon by 50_points_for_ravenclaw (Complete: 4,322: General)

Stiles is an agent with the Federal Department of Supernatural Inquiry (or F.D.S.I. for short). Derek owns a coffee shop in Beacon Hills. He’s also the alpha of a pack with unregistered betas.

Like a Fire in your Heart by LacrimaDraconis (Complete: 4,770: Explicit)

It was one of the slow night shifts, that Stiles got assigned one Derek Hale, captain of the local fire department, as a patient.

You’re a stranger but there’s something in your eyes by Marishna (Complete: 4,795: Teen) ***

“Derek,” Laura started patiently. “You’re out here on your own and we worry about you. Now you have someone to look out for you but we don’t even know his name! We weren’t sure if you were keeping secrets for a reason, if you were in trouble—“

“If you were lying,” Cora interjected with a pointed look that made Derek want to shrink in on himself.

He heard the toilet flush and the washroom door slam shut and he winced because this was it, it was all over. Not only would his sisters find out that he didn’t have a boyfriend but he was going to be totally humiliated in front of Stiles and he’d never hear the end of—

“Babe, you’re running out of soap in there,” Stiles announced as he breezed up to the counter casually. His gaze fell on Laura and Cora who were staring back at him in disbelief and he stopped short.

The thing I have come to appreciate about this week on the Arrow fandom, is how to many people that didn’t even care much about her, this episode and the disgraceful manner of her death has made them go “This show is just not that good”

People are pissed not only because they are Laurel fans, but for how her death means the show cares so little about actually being good. A shock death, that is manipulative, hasty, un-heroic, disrespectful of a legendary character and filled with problematic tropes IS NOT GOOD WRITING. And people all over the fandom are finally accepting how bad this show has gotten, and Laurel fans are just a portion of it. Even the most positive podcasts don’t think her death make sense, even in podcasts that dislike her they think it was a shit episode.

We Laurel Fans might be the angriest, but we are not the only ones. And it fills me with hope that overall, as an audience, people can see how hard this show has fallen. 

Hey guys

Okay so I’ve noted that there has been a large amount of hate and negative vibes in the fandom lately and I felt it better suited to address it rather than to ignore it. To be honest it has driven many creators away or willed them away from creating due to the negative environment and honestly it’s gotten on my nerves as well. I tend to stay as kind and open as I can for those who come to me but I will be blunt and harsh to those who wish to divide us. I’m not even sure if anyone is reading this or where I’m even going with this but I guess my final message is more of a warning. WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CREATE FOR YOU. If the negativity continues to perpetuate throughout the fandom I will leave. It will make me depressed and extremely upset but I would simply end up that way if I were to stay around such a large amount of negativity. For once I just want people to be selfless and let people enjoy and imagine and I don’t know have an opinion? You do not by any means have to agree with it but goddamnit please be respectful. That’ll be all for tonight.

"Why is your OC a girl?"

I’ve had this question asked to me many times over the course of being a Brony musician. I used to see Forest Rain as being androgynous– without a gender. So I used gender neutral pronouns “sie” and “hir” to describe the character. My OC has always been a reflection of who I am. However– people learn more about themselves, and change and develop as life goes on. And this leads me to an important announcement:

I have recently come out as trans.

This may come as a shock to some people, and others may be asking, “What do you mean, trans?” I am a transgendered individual, who was suffering from gender disphoria– I was born as a boy, however I’ve always felt something was kind of off. Through (many) years of self-discovery, I realized I’ve always identified more as a girl than a boy, and I wanted to do something about it.

In this past year, I’ve been undergoing medical treatments to feminize myself, and I’ve finally gotten the courage to come out to everyone close to me– including my parents and boss.  This has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Physically and emotionally, I feel so much better than I ever have.

Being transgendered isn’t scary. I know many people like me. I’m not depressed, or confused, or anything like that. I’m happy, in love, and I’m planning to move to the States to be with my fiancé, Rebecca. I’m probably the most normal and boring person you’d ever meet, aside from the stuff that’s happened in this fandom.

Forest Rain, as a personality, showed everyone that a “normal guy” can be a brony musician and make music about love, beauty, accepting yourself, and celebrating differences.

That was one of the things that I was afraid would be compromised if I came out– that suddenly the “normal guy” would become a weirdo, and suddenly Forest Rain would be discredited somehow. But I realized– because of who Forest Rain is– because I celebrate differences, and teach people to accept themselves– it would be disingenuous of me to hide who I am.

I’m proud to be a part of the LGBT community, and I will always stand up for the rights of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer people.

But what does this mean for Forest Rain, the Brony Musician? I’m still working that out. I know I will continue to make music, I’m just not sure exactly how my transition fits into how I make my music. I will continue to be a part of Canterlot Hill, and a regular host on Elements of Harmony, and my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr aren’t going anywhere!

So, why is my OC a girl? Cuz I am a girl! And I’m proud to be one!


aka Forest Rain

hard out here: a modern!au bumbleby fanmix

in which blake is a passionate faunus rights activist, yang is her loving/supportive girlfriend, and both are empowered, bad-ass women who strive to smash the sexist, anti-faunus patriarchy of remnant. (mix inspired by my fic of the same name.)

with some motivation from the @montyoumproject, i’ve decided to get out the next chapter of my bumleby fic and post a mix to go along with it! i’ll be posting the new chapter a little bit later, but i couldn’t wait to get the mix out so this’ll have to do for now.

i’ve been meaning to post this mix for a while, but what really pushed me to finally publish it was the fact that today/tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of monty oum’s death. although i wasn’t part of the rooster teeth fandom when he passed, the legacy he left behind has deeply impacted my life and i’m extremely grateful for what he contributed to this fandom while he was alive. this is my way of paying homage/respect to such a gifted, talented man i wish i could have gotten to know better.

so kick back, relax, and enjoy some songs about girls power and girls loving girls, which is basically what my fic and rwby as a whole is about!

Happy Anniversary, Strange Magic!

This is what I have been working on. I was stuck for the longest time thinking about what pencil piece I wanted to do. My heart wasn’t in it. Then I came to the realization, that I didn’t HAVE to do a pencil piece. So I did a painting!

This is mostly acrylic with pencil making up the little lines on the wings and letters. I put a varnish/glaze coating over the wings, flower, and letters so they shine. The wings have a glitter glaze to them as well.

It is two separate pieces that you hang on the wall side by side.

The final scene, where Bog and Marianne kiss, was the inspiration and partial reference for this.

I originally was just going to have the two wings with a sunburst behind it, but it looked like I had ripped the wings off and stuck them to the piece. The Primrose has gotten a bad image in this fandom, but it is essential to the movie and I felt for an anniversary piece, it fit. Plus without it, everyone would not have come together in the end!

I was somewhat inspired by @straighton-stranger‘s piece here.

I know it isn’t what you guys have come to know me for, but I hope you like this as well.

This movie and this fandom have come to mean so much to me. I have met some amazing people, and found my muse to get back into art. Thank you, Strange Magic.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Lofe, Katie

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