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So I did… this. I wanted to do this for the longest time, probably since I first heard this line in Jack’s voice, but I never knew how to display it properly so… CHIBIS. ISWEARIAMNOTLAZY.

Anyways, Sean and Signe, I love you and wish you both happiness and love!

Voice audio - Gone In November
Melody - The Beginner’s Guide OST - Rooftop
(I love both games so much)
//btw. the bad quality of the voice audio is intentional, cause I wanted to make it sound like Jack left a message on answering machine

Hey pals. Apparently this is a thing that we, as an internet femslash community, need, so it is time for Grouchy Aunt J’s Guide To Fandom Deportment.

1. I know that you really like your favourite actors, especially the ones involved in your fave wlw ships. I totally understand this! They are pretty, and wlw fandom is really fun, and if your ship is also a canon ship then it is super exciting and validating to see yourself reflected in media that you love. I, too, love that feeling and get really passionate about the media that I watch, which is why I am a Fandom Old.

2. The actors in your favourite ships are people. Like, real people, with anxieties and food preferences and sometimes they have weird hair days and some of them are introverted and some of them are extroverted, etc etc etc. When they are acting in your favourite media, they are going to work.

3. Part of an actor’s job these days is to sometimes be around on social media. Sometimes not! If they are kind/friendly/available on social media, that is a fun perk of someone who is going the extra mile for their job. You are not entitled to this.

4. Even if you super like a ship and are really passionate about fandom, there are things it is not alright to do. Actors are people, and when fans start treating them poorly it is unkind and potentially frightening or traumatic. Plus, your behaviour reflects badly on all fans and means that fandom as a whole doesn’t get to have nice things anymore. (Thanks, jerks.)

5. It is never okay to:

  • harass actors on social media because something about their character is interfering with your ship/they’re not supporting your ship enough/they’re supporting the wrong ship too much/their character is problematic/the ship you think their ship is better than is problematic/just whatever please stop it this is not their problem. Tweeting at them will not fix whatever is upsetting you on the show you like, but it is probably pretty hurtful for them and not something they should have to put up with.
  • harass/question actors who are involved in queer ships about their sexuality in public spaces. People’s sexuality is private, and being involved in portraying a queer canon or subtext ship doesn’t give fans the right to know about an actor’s queerness or lack thereof unless they choose to volunteer that.
  • tell actors on social media about any sexual fantasies you may or may not have about them, b/c sexual consent also applies to actors.
  • send actors unsolicited links to/hand bound novellas/lovingly hand-lettered scrolls of fanfiction, especially smutty fanfiction, especially especially if that author is not aware that their fic is getting sent to actors inappropriately.
  • send actors your nsfw fanart about them, or someone else’s nsfw fanart about them, oh my g o d.
  • ask them to read your fanfiction or autograph your fanfiction, damn.

5a. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I, or another a reasonable person, want to see this [insert fanwork of varying levels of nsfw] about a representation of myself/themselves? Most actors are actual people who find this just as upsetting as you might find it, if someone drew fanart of you and then brought it to your workplace.

5b. Yes, I know, there is a certain amount of distance involved in creating fanworks because they are about fictional characters and that storytelling and play is one of the things I love about fandom. But I also never, under any circumstances, would want any of the actors involved in my ships to read my fanfiction because it would be super uncomfortable and that’s the point

6. Also, your favourite actor’s non-actor family and friends are just that: not actors. Don’t bother them. Don’t - hypothetically - stalk them and try to catfish them to get information about your favourite actor. It’s super super not okay and it’s a huge boundary violation.

In conclusion: social media is super great and has changed fandom in a lot of neat ways, but having cool TV and movie actors available to connect with in that way is a privilege, not a right. Let’s all act like we are worthy of it.

So, you’re new to Yuri!!! On Ice, and you’re looking for people to follow? Well, here’s my blog roll! I’m completely floored at how many followers this blog keeps getting, but totally hope this helps you find some new people to follow! The beauty of this fandom is how welcoming everyone is! Thanks to all of these amazing people for making Wednesdays during the fall so fun, and for continuing to create content and be a wonderful, active fandom!

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Please note: These are just who I’ve been following, this is absolutely not a complete guide, and this fandom has a gazillion amazing people in it, so there’s for sure so many more people out there! (and hey, if you’d like to be added, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll add you to the post!)


that’s it, that’s the whole show

Lesbian Fandom Guide

Just realizing there there isn’t a complete domestic and int’l list of lesbian fandom couple names. Well now there is. If I forgot any let me know and I’ll update. (Updated 8/24/17. Thanks for all the suggestions! Some of these I didn’t even know were a thing.)

[Notes: 1. Only listing ships with cute name mashups, 2. Now alphabetical, 3. C=Cannon, 4. *=Currently in progress.]

Adams Foster=Lena & Stef Adams Foster [The Fosters] C*

Agusleria=Agustina & Valeria [Vecinos En Guerra] C

Alby=Alex Parrish & Shelby Wyatt [Quantico]*

Aurelia=Aurora & Celia [Seis Hermanas] C

Ballie=Bea & Allie [Wentworth] C

Bechloe=Beca & Chloe [Pitch Perfect]

Bering & Wells=(Myka) Bering & (Helena G) Wells [Warehouse 13]

Brittana=Brittany & Santana [Glee] C

Cabeson=(Alex) Cabot & (Olivia) Benson [L&O SVU]

Calzona=Callie & Arizona [Grey’s Anatomy] C

Clarina=Clara & Marina [Em Familia] C

Clexa=Clarke & Lexa [The 100] C

Cophine=Cosima & Delphine [Orphan Black] C

Cristabel=Cristina & Isabel [Tierra de Lobos]

Dalice=Dane & Alice [The L Word] C

Docubus=Doctor (Laruen) & Succubus (Bo) [Lost Girl] C

Elizona=Arizona & Eliza [Grey’s Anatomy] C*

Emaya=Emily & Maya [Pretty Little Liars] C

Emison=Emily & Allison [Pretty Little Liars] C*

Faberry=(Quinn) Fabray & (Rachel) Berry [Glee]

Fimogen=Fiona & Imogen [Degrassi] C

Flozmin=Florencia & Jazmín [Las Estrellas] C*

Freelin=Freya & Keelin [The Originals] C*

Fuffy=Faith & Buffy [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Golly=Gail & Holly [Rookie Blue] C

Grankie=Grace & Frankie [Grace & Frankie]

Grenna=Greer & Brenna [Chasing Life] C

Hollstein=(Laura) Hollis & (Carmilla) Karnstein [Carmilla] C

Holtzbert=Holtzmann & Gilbert [Ghostbusters]

Jassani=Jasmine & Anni [GZSZ] C*

Jathea=Jade & Althea [The Rich Man’s Daughter] C

Jemma=Jenna & Emma [Hand auts Herz] C

Juliana=Julia & Mariana [Las Aparicio] C

Kadena=Kat & Adena [The Bold Type] C*

Karmy=Karma & Amy [Faking It] C

Keriette=Kerstin & Juliette [Marienhof] C

Lintz=Maggie Lin & Sydney Katz [Saving Hope] C

Lutricia=Lucia & Patricia [Las Trampas del Deseo] C

Malex=Marissa & Alex [The OC] C

Marbecca=Marlene & Rebecca [Verbotene Liebe] C

Mirandy=Miranda & Andrea [The Devil Wears Prada]

Minx=Marissa & Bianca (Binx) [All My Children] C

Naomily=Naomi & Emily [Skins] C

Nomanita=Nomi & Amanita [Sense 8] C

Otalia=Olivia & Natalie [Guiding Light] C

Paily=Paige & Emily [Pretty Little Liars] C

Palex=Paige & Alex [Degrassi] C

Pepsi=Pepa & Silvia [Los Hombres de Paco] C

Reamy=Reagan & Amy [Faking It] C

Red Slippers=Red & Dorothy [Once Upon a Time] C

Rizzles=Rizzoli & Isles [Rizzoli & Isles]

Roisa=Rose & Luisa [Jane the Virgin] C*

Sanvers=Sawyer & Danvers [Supergirl] C*

Sarlota=Carlota & Sara [Cable Girls] C*

Sharmen=Shane & Carmen [The L Word] C

Skimmons/BioHacker/BioQuake=Jemma Simmons & Daisy “Skye” Johnson [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.]

Shoot=Shaw & Root [Person of Interest] C

Spashley=Spencer & Ashley [South of Nowhere] C

Supercorp/Karlena=Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor [Supergirl]*

Supercat=Kara Danvers & Cat Grant [Supergirl]*

Swan Queen=(Emma) Swan & (Evil) Queen [Once Upon a Time]*

Talice=Tasha & Alice [The L Word] C

Tibette=Tina & Bette [The L Word] C

Tillow=Tara & Willow [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] C

Trimberly=Trini Kwan & Kimberly Hart [Power Rangers]

Trishica=Trish Walker & Jessica Jones [Jessica Jones]*

Vauseman=(Alex) Vause & (Piper) Chapman [OINB] C*

WayHaught=Waverly (Earp) & (Nicole) Haught [Wynonna Earp] C*

Zasha=Zoe & Rasha [Degrassi] C


Submitted by a-shygur. (Sorry if your favourite isn’t here but I’m limited to the amount of images I am allowed.)

In order of appearance: Phantom of the Opera, Waitress, Hamilton, Les Miserables, Aladdin, Fun Home, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Newsies and Cinderella.


critical role memelocationswhitestone

Whitestone is a city in the Alabaster Sierras mountain range on the northeastern edge of Tal'Dorei’s continent. 

It is named for the white-colored stone quarried there, which, although not inherently magical, is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that can retain more powerful enchantments, perhaps for longer periods of time.

The city is ruled from Whitestone Castle, the former and current home of the de Rolo family and the one-time home of the Briarwoods.

Somewhat isolated from the rest of Tal'Dorei both geographically and politically, Whitestone’s citizens suffered without external aid for five years under the oppression and horrors of the Briarwoods until Vox Machina arrived, fomented the Whitestone Rebellion, and fatally deposed the Briarwoods.

After the city of Emon was sieged by the Chrome Conclave, Whitestone began to serve as the temporary headquarters for the remnants of the Council of Tal’dorei.

Things that would be memes if the new albion fandom were bigger

- “[insert self-deprecating depression joke about loving death and wanting to die]” - jasper, probably
- alternately, “ELYSIUUUUUM” used as a replacement for [insert self-deprecating depression joke about loving death and wanting to die
- lime pie
- edgar responding “ONE DAY YOU WILL LEARN AND YOU WILL BURN LIKE MY HEART BURNS” to minor inconveniences
- sillof randomly being a popular character with jokes about him being “mr. steal yo girl”
- “Vote for Jasper”/“#Jasper[election year]”
- byron wearing shirts to the effect of “I love my grandpa”
- jasper making some kermit the frog meme face in response to byron wearing “i love my grandpa” shirts
- “hello police?”
- P A P A V E R C I G A R E T T E S
- awful jokes about john taking the red pill
- awful people calling john “daddy”/calling him “daddy” ironically
- people pairing that time Constance’s mark suggest she bring her dad back from the dead with Jasper making some kermit the frog meme face
- people wanting Jackie to step on them
- thomas hate
- fuck you, lloyd
- mascot 3000 is a cinnamon roll/pure/did nothing wrong
- adrien being a terrible liar but connor believing him anyway
- making fun of the people who would inevitably insist that adrien is totally cis
- “…Lee?”
- Mary, that random badass lady from Elysium I, would randomly be a popular character, and people would also want her to step on them
- discourse about whether lee was an asshole or racheal overreacted to his response to her
- Mascot 3000 is sick of your shit
- Mascot 3000 reaction images to uneccessary romance plotlines
- “this is just like in my magazines!!!!”

Feel free to add more!

Fangirls language

This is a guide for those who try to read a fangirl’s blog and understand it.

  1. “Bias” = the person you like the most
  2. “Guns” = arm muscles
  3. “I hate you” = I fucking love you but you ruin my life
  4. “Asdfghjkl” = I’m so excited I can’t write real words
  5. “I wanna punch you in the face” = another way to say you ruin my life
  6. “to ship” = from relationship, term used when you pair 2 people you would like to be together
  7. “OTP” = One True Pair, but fangirls have more than one
  8. “Life ruiner” = your bias and his talent/charm/look makes you dedicate your life to him so tha’t why he/she ruins your life
  9. “I can’t” = when you’re too fascinated by sth your bias does
  10. “What is air” = 1. when you see a hot picture/gif and you literally can’t breath; 2. when you see a funny post/picture/gif and you can’t breath bc of how much you laugh
  11. “I’m crying” = whenever your bias does sth
  12. “Ultimate bias” = that one person you will forever love no matter how many biases you already have
  13. “Are you even real?” = when you see a nice picture of your bias
  14. “Comeback” = when your favorite artist/band release a new song/album
  15. “Why are you doing this to me?” = whenever your bias do sth
  16. “Fandom” = second family

You can add more of those. 


DARKWING EPISODE GUIDE for first-time watchers. I know this isn’t perfect because this was created by me, and I am only of one opinion on what are the “best” episodes.

I guarantee you I forgot/overlooked/ignored episodes that other folks LOVE. So don’t accept this is as being the ultimate one-truth powerpoint or anything.

In fact, if you feel that I forgot something, I totally encourage you to reblog with your own recommendations on episodes that first-timers should definitely get around to watching!

FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT, my initial powerpoint: An intro to Darkwing Duck