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Hey pals. Apparently this is a thing that we, as an internet femslash community, need, so it is time for Grouchy Aunt J’s Guide To Fandom Deportment.

1. I know that you really like your favourite actors, especially the ones involved in your fave wlw ships. I totally understand this! They are pretty, and wlw fandom is really fun, and if your ship is also a canon ship then it is super exciting and validating to see yourself reflected in media that you love. I, too, love that feeling and get really passionate about the media that I watch, which is why I am a Fandom Old.

2. The actors in your favourite ships are people. Like, real people, with anxieties and food preferences and sometimes they have weird hair days and some of them are introverted and some of them are extroverted, etc etc etc. When they are acting in your favourite media, they are going to work.

3. Part of an actor’s job these days is to sometimes be around on social media. Sometimes not! If they are kind/friendly/available on social media, that is a fun perk of someone who is going the extra mile for their job. You are not entitled to this.

4. Even if you super like a ship and are really passionate about fandom, there are things it is not alright to do. Actors are people, and when fans start treating them poorly it is unkind and potentially frightening or traumatic. Plus, your behaviour reflects badly on all fans and means that fandom as a whole doesn’t get to have nice things anymore. (Thanks, jerks.)

5. It is never okay to:

  • harass actors on social media because something about their character is interfering with your ship/they’re not supporting your ship enough/they’re supporting the wrong ship too much/their character is problematic/the ship you think their ship is better than is problematic/just whatever please stop it this is not their problem. Tweeting at them will not fix whatever is upsetting you on the show you like, but it is probably pretty hurtful for them and not something they should have to put up with.
  • harass/question actors who are involved in queer ships about their sexuality in public spaces. People’s sexuality is private, and being involved in portraying a queer canon or subtext ship doesn’t give fans the right to know about an actor’s queerness or lack thereof unless they choose to volunteer that.
  • tell actors on social media about any sexual fantasies you may or may not have about them, b/c sexual consent also applies to actors.
  • send actors unsolicited links to/hand bound novellas/lovingly hand-lettered scrolls of fanfiction, especially smutty fanfiction, especially especially if that author is not aware that their fic is getting sent to actors inappropriately.
  • send actors your nsfw fanart about them, or someone else’s nsfw fanart about them, oh my g o d.
  • ask them to read your fanfiction or autograph your fanfiction, damn.

5a. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I, or another a reasonable person, want to see this [insert fanwork of varying levels of nsfw] about a representation of myself/themselves? Most actors are actual people who find this just as upsetting as you might find it, if someone drew fanart of you and then brought it to your workplace.

5b. Yes, I know, there is a certain amount of distance involved in creating fanworks because they are about fictional characters and that storytelling and play is one of the things I love about fandom. But I also never, under any circumstances, would want any of the actors involved in my ships to read my fanfiction because it would be super uncomfortable and that’s the point

6. Also, your favourite actor’s non-actor family and friends are just that: not actors. Don’t bother them. Don’t - hypothetically - stalk them and try to catfish them to get information about your favourite actor. It’s super super not okay and it’s a huge boundary violation.

In conclusion: social media is super great and has changed fandom in a lot of neat ways, but having cool TV and movie actors available to connect with in that way is a privilege, not a right. Let’s all act like we are worthy of it.

I Want Her P6


Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 581
Parings: Jensen x Reader
Warnings:  character death mention, angst
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. this series only has a few more parts left <3

The beeping of hospital machinery and a hospital smell was the first things you noticed when you came to. Opening your eyes you let them adjust to the dimly lit room. You keep your heartbeat steady as you switch the machine off and undo all the wires from the cardiac monitor off you. You then proceed to remove the IV from your arm as you look around the room. In a corner chair you spot a sleeping Jensen. How long had you been out?  
“Oh good you’re awake.” Ryan says waltzing into the room.
“How long I been out Ry?”
“Almost twelve hours.”
Your eyes widen, “Jen been here the whole time?” you gesture to him in the chair.
“Yep. From what I heard even rode in the ambulance with you. He really cares.”
“He shouldn’t Ryan. I’m a walking target I’ll get him killed too!” you whisper yell.
“They weren’t your fault (Y/N).”
“Of course they were.” Your bottom lip quivers “They were my husband and son.”
A hand on your shoulder makes you jump. Turning you see Jensen who obviously heard everything.
“I’m so sorry for your loss.”
You close your eyes and lean into his touch allowing him to comfort you.
“He killed them to get to me it’s my fault.”
“Who killed them (Y/N)?” Jensen asks lightly rubbing your back.
“Not here people. Come lets get you both to the safe house first.” Ryan states.
“Yea ok get the discharge papers Ry.”
He nods and leaves.
“Jen where are my clothes?”
“Didn’t want to invade your space so I brought you a pair of my sweats and a T-shirt.” He gives them to you.
“Thank you.” You smile softly despite the few tears that had escaped. Again closing your eyes as he brushes them away with his thumbs.
“I want to help (Y/N). Please say you’ll let me.”
“Jensen I-I-I don’t know yet. Please let’s just wait until we’re safe.”
He pursues his lips but nods turning around allowing you a little privacy to change from the hospital gown. You do so quickly and just in time before the doctor steps in.
“Miss (Y/L/N) glad to see you awake.”
“Thanks doc. So where are those discharge papers?”
“You’ve been out for quite some time. I’m leery to let you go quite yet.”
“I understand your hesitation Doctor. I’m well aware of the risks please just get me those papers.”
He sighs, “As you wish.” He hands them to you and you sign.
“I hope I don’t see you back anytime soon.”
“No guarantees but I’ll try.” You give him a tight lipped smile and walk out with Jensen.  
Once in the hall you’re both greeted by Ryan and about ten other men with guns and protective gear.
“Let’s go get them to the safe house” Ryan orders as the three of you are walked to the parking garage under heavy guard.
You made it to the safe house without a hitch. However it took forever as you switch cars about seven times to avoid being followed.
Jensen groaned softly as he stretched before he carried your half asleep form into the safe house.  
“Care to tell me what’s going on?” he asks Ryan quietly.
“There is a very disturbed man after her. Until she decides to allow you into her confidence I’m not at liberty to speak more of it. It’s her story not mine.” He gave Jensen an apologetic smile and disappeared into the other room.

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Lesbian Fandom Guide

Just realizing there there isn’t a complete domestic and int’l list of lesbian fandom couple names. Well now there is. If I forgot any let me know and I’ll update. (Updated 5/3. Thanks for all the suggestions! Some of these I didn’t even know were a thing.) [Note: Only listing ships with cute name mashups.]

Spashley=Spencer & Ashley [South of Nowhere]

Tibette=Tina & Bette [The L Word]

Docubus=Doctor (Laruen) & Succubus (Bo) [Lost Girl]

Sanvers= Sawyer & Danvers [Supergirl]

Supercorp=Kara & Lena (Luthor) [Supergirl]

Supercat=Kara & Cat (Grant) [Supergirl]

Calzona=Callie & Arizona [Grey’s Anatomy]

Swan Queen=(Emma) Swan & (Evil) Queen [Once Upon a Time]

Aurelia=Aurora & Celia [Seis Hermanas]

Clarina=Clara & Mariana [Em Familia]

Rizzles=Rizzoli & Isles [Rizzoli & Isles]

Marbecca=Marlene & Rebecca [Verbotene Liebe]

Juliana=Julia & Mariana [Las Aparicio]

Minx=Marissa & Bianca (Binx) [All My Children]

Adams Foster=Lena & Stef Adams Foster [The Fosters]

Pepsi=Pepa & Silvia [Los Hombres de Paco]

Shoot=Shaw & Root [Person of Interest]

Lutricia=Lucia & Patricia [Las Trampas del Deseo]

Keriette=Kerstin & Juliette [Marienhof]

Otalia=Oliva & Natalie [Guiding Light]

Emison=Emily & Allison [Pretty Little Liars]

Emaya=Emily & Maya [Pretty Little Liars]

Paily=Paige & Emily [Pretty Little Liars]

Cophine=Cosima & Delphine [Orphan Black]

Malex=Marissa & Alex [The OC]

Palex=Paige & Alex [Degrassi]

WayHaught=Waverly (Earp) & (Officer) Haught [Wynonna Earp]

Brittana=Brittany & Santana [Glee]

Faberry=(Quinn) Fabray & (Rachel) Berry [Glee]

Vauseman=(Alex) Vause & (Piper) Chapman [OINB]

Grenna-Greer & Brenna [Chasing Life]

Jassani=Jasmine & Anni [GZSZ]

Agusleria=Agustina & Valeria [Vecinos En Guerra]

Cabeson=(Alex) Cabot & (Olivia) Benson [L&O SVU]

Naomily=Naomi & Emily [Skins]

Karmy=Karma & Amy [Faking It]

Clexa=Clarke & Lexa [The 100]

Red Slippers=Red & Dorothy [Once Upon a Time]

Hollstein=(Laura) Hollis & (Carmilla) Karnstein [Carmilla]

Bering & Wells= (Myka) Bering & (Helena G) Wells [Warehouse 13]

Fuffy=Faith & Buffy [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Bechloe=Beca & Chloe [Pitch Perfect]

Holtzbert=Holtzmann & Gilbert [Ghostbusters]

Grankie=Grace & Frankie [Grace & Frankie]

Mirandy=Miranda & Andrea [The Devil Wears Prada]

Cristabel=Cristina & Isabel [Tierra de Lobos]

Alby=Alex Parrish & Shelby Wyatt [Quantico]

Freelin=Freya & Keelin [The Originals]

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that’s it, that’s the whole show


Submitted by a-shygur. (Sorry if your favourite isn’t here but I’m limited to the amount of images I am allowed.)

In order of appearance: Phantom of the Opera, Waitress, Hamilton, Les Miserables, Aladdin, Fun Home, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Newsies and Cinderella.

hook-on-fandoms  asked:

Cisco Ramon (character writing ask game)

I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! i got busy but i’m here!

1. cisco is not always nice, but he IS always kind: cisco has an attitude. he can be very nice if you are nice to him, but if you are mean to him he will 100% give as good as he gets. that being said, if you or one of your loved ones is in danger? he will ALWAYS help you, no exceptions. it doesn’t matter how much of a little bitch you are, he will always do the right thing.

2. cisco is loyal: not a lot of people have shown cisco kindness in his life. when one person does? he latches onto them. “congratulations you have befriended cisco, cisco will now DIE FOR YOU.” it takes a pretty big betrayal for you to lose cisco’s loyalty, as i think barry allen would attest.

3. cisco puts other people before himself: and by other people i mean like everyone on the planet. cisco is the least important person in cisco’s book. nothing that cisco wants or needs is more important than being useful to others. it’s both a virtue and a fault. all things in moderation cisco.

4. cisco is logical: not to a vulcan degree ok, but cisco is not a creature ruled by emotions. he goes with what makes sense rather than going with his gut. he thinks things through. he plans and he prepares and he makes judgments based on the concrete information he has in front of him.

5. cisco is proud: alright, this one’s a bit complicated, but it’s true. cisco has low self esteem in a lot of ways, but the things he excels at? he’s proud of. he knows exactly how good he is with machines and he will fucking tell you. he never felt like his place on the team was threatened, no matter how many engineers were traipsing through star labs. he is good, and he knows it.

Things that would be memes if the new albion fandom were bigger

- “[insert self-deprecating depression joke about loving death and wanting to die]” - jasper, probably
- alternately, “ELYSIUUUUUM” used as a replacement for [insert self-deprecating depression joke about loving death and wanting to die
- lime pie
- edgar responding “ONE DAY YOU WILL LEARN AND YOU WILL BURN LIKE MY HEART BURNS” to minor inconveniences
- sillof randomly being a popular character with jokes about him being “mr. steal yo girl”
- “Vote for Jasper”/“#Jasper[election year]”
- byron wearing shirts to the effect of “I love my grandpa”
- jasper making some kermit the frog meme face in response to byron wearing “i love my grandpa” shirts
- “hello police?”
- P A P A V E R C I G A R E T T E S
- awful jokes about john taking the red pill
- awful people calling john “daddy”/calling him “daddy” ironically
- people pairing that time Constance’s mark suggest she bring her dad back from the dead with Jasper making some kermit the frog meme face
- people wanting Jackie to step on them
- thomas hate
- fuck you, lloyd
- mascot 3000 is a cinnamon roll/pure/did nothing wrong
- adrien being a terrible liar but connor believing him anyway
- making fun of the people who would inevitably insist that adrien is totally cis
- “…Lee?”
- Mary, that random badass lady from Elysium I, would randomly be a popular character, and people would also want her to step on them
- discourse about whether lee was an asshole or racheal overreacted to his response to her
- Mascot 3000 is sick of your shit
- Mascot 3000 reaction images to uneccessary romance plotlines
- “this is just like in my magazines!!!!”

Feel free to add more!

FAQ Series: Royal Glossary of Terms

Abdicate: To give up, as in one’s succession place or the throne
Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne in favor of her son.

Abolish: To do away with
Greece chose to abolish its monarchy in favor of a republic in 1973.

Absolute monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign has total power 
An absolute monarchy is mostly a thing of the past, but Lichtenstein’s constitution gives one of the closest modern examples of an absolute ruling sovereign prince’s powers.

Accession: To reach the top of the order of succession.
Prince Charles’ accession will take place upon his mother’s death.

Aristocrat: An untitled individual of the highest social class; sometimes shortened to “aristo”
Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, is a popular example of an       English aristocrat.

Banns: A written proclamation of the intent to marry; traditionally read in front of a congregation of people
The reading of a royal couple’s banns of marriage is a historic ceremonial         tradition in some countries, most notably Sweden, that usually takes place a       few weeks prior to the wedding.

Black tie: A semi-formal style of dress worn after 6 PM
Men wear an evening waistcoat or dinner jacket. Women wear an evening         gown.

Civil ceremony: A legally-recognized marriage ceremony performed by a government official; also referred to as a civil wedding or civil marriage
Royal civil ceremonies usually take place a few days prior to the religious         ceremony and are traditionally smaller affairs.

Consort: The spouse of a reigning monarch
Queen Mathilde is a queen consort, meaning she is queen by right of               marriage, not birth.

Constitutional monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign’s power is determined and restricted by the constitution
This type of monarchy is the more frequently seen in today’s world.

Coronation: a formal ceremony involving the placement of a crown on the new monarch’s (and/or consort’s) head, officially marking the beginning of a new reign
Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was held 16-months after her actual                 ascension, due to the mourning period for her father.

Count: a noble rank below a marquess but above a viscount; known as “Earl” in some countries

Countess: The feminine form of Count or Earl; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right

Courtesy title: A non-substantive title that is based upon usage, not law, and is not inherited or directly bestowed by a monarch; it can be used to mean the title held by an heir or those used by members of abolished monarchies
Crown Prince Pavlos is the heir to an abolished monarchy (Greece). He holds the title of crown prince by courtesy only. 
Heirs to noble titles (such as James, Viscount Severn) usually hold one of their father’s lesser titles as a courtesy title.

Crown Prince: A hereditary title used by certain royal families to indicate whom will inherit the throne
As heir, Crown Prince Frederik is titled differently than his younger brother       Prince Joachim.

Crown Princess: The female counterpart of crown prince; usually held by female heirs and wives of male heirs
Crown Princess Victoria is the future monarch of Sweden.
Crown Princess Mary is the wife of Denmark’s heir apparent, Crown Prince     Frederik.

Defunct: No longer in use
The titles of abolished monarchies are considered to be defunct.

Dowager: The widow of a titled male
A dowager queen is the widow of a deceased king. 

Duchess: The feminine form of Duke; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right
Catherine is the Duchess of Cambridge because she is married to the male bearer of that title.
Princess Madeleine is the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland because that title was bestowed to her, in her own right, by the king.

Duke: a title that can indicate a member of the nobility (ranking just under the monarch), or a monarch ruling over a duchy/dukedom
Prince William is now formally referred to as The Duke of Cambridge because   the title of duke outranks the title of prince.
Luxembourg is the only remaining area with a monarchial duke.

Earl: A noble title indicating rule of an earldom; ranking below a marquess but above a viscount; known as "Count” in some countries

Enthronement: a formal ceremony marking the beginning of a new reign, similar to a coronation, but without the placement of a crown
Albert II of Monaco had an enthronement, instead of a coronation, because      of his princely status.

Grand duke: The sovereign ruler of a grand duchy; below a king, but higher than a sovereign prince
Luxembourg is the only nation currently ruled over by a grand duke.

Heir: The person first in line to the throne

Heir apparent: An heir whom cannot be displaced; a concrete position, unless extraordinary circumstances take place
Catharina-Amalia is heir apparent in the Netherlands because a future               brother would not displace her.

Heir presumptive: An heir whom can be displaced; a tentative position
Leonor is Spain’s heir presumptive because a future brother would displace     her.

Hereditary title: A title that is automatically inherited according to a set tradition or precedence 
Most noble titles, like Earl of Wessex or Duke of Kent, are hereditary and are     traditionally inherited by the eldest son.

HIH: The style used by members of an imperial family 
His Imperial Highness/Her Imperial Highness

HM: The style used by a reigning monarch and/or consort 
is Majesty/Her Majesty

HRH: The style used by most members of a royal family 
is Royal Highness/Her Royal Highness

HSH: The style used by members of a princely family 
His Serene Highness/Her Serene Highness

Illegitimate: Children born out of wedlock (to non-married parents) 
In most cases, illegitimate children are not given succession rights.

Name Day: A public celebration of a royal’s birthday
Victoriadagen is the official celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday.   Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday celebration is marked by a parade event   called Trooping the Colour.

Investiture: A ceremony in which someone is given a new title or honor; occasionally interchanged with enthronement or coronation
Willem-Alexander’s investiture ceremony was held on the same day his           mother officially abdicated as queen. 

Monarch: The head of state in a monarchy; usually the king or queen regnant
Felipe VI is the current monarch of Spain.

Morganatic marriage: A marriage where there is no gaining of succession rights, styles, or titles by the spouse or resulting children
A rare occurrence in modern royal times.

Morning dress: a formal daytime dress code; usually consists of a morning coat (with tails) and top hat for men and a knee-length or midi-length dress (not gown) and hat/fascinator for women
Morning dress is the traditional dress code for Royal Ascot and most                daytime weddings (i.e. the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s).

Noble title: a title held by a member of the nobility; usually held by a non-royal individual (ex: the Duke of Northumberland), but the title itself may have a royal history, even if the current bearer does not possess an HRH
Many royals also hold noble titles in addition to royal titles, such as HRH           Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Parure: A matching set of jewels intended to be worn together
The Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara is part of a parure.

Popular monarchy: A type of monarchy in which the sovereign’s popularity with the people determines his or her power
Belgium is the only popular monarchy in a existence today; this explains why   King Philippe is known as King of the Belgians instead of the king of Belgium.

Pretender: The claimant or heir claimant to a defunct throne

Primogeniture: The preference given to the order of succession.
Spain and Monaco have male-primogeniture laws, meaning male heirs come   before female heirs (in a respective family), regardless of age.
Great Britain recently adopted absolute, or equal, primogeniture which             allows the eldest child to inherit, regardless of gender.

Prince Consort: A formal title that may be granted to the spouse of a queen regnant
Queen Margrethe II gave her husband Prince Henrik the title of Prince               Consort in 2005. 
Although Prince Philip is the consort (spouse) of Queen Elizabeth II, he has     not been formally bestowed the title of Prince Consort (with a capital C).

Principality: A sovereign state, not large enough to be a country, ruled over by a prince
The principality of Monaco is governed by its sovereign prince, Albert II.

Queen dowager: the surviving widow of a king
Queen Noor is considered a queen dowager because she is the widow of
King Hussein of Jordan.

Queen mother: a woman who is a simultaneous dowager queen and mother of a reigning monarch
Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon was a queen mother from the time of her husband’s       death in 1952 until her own in 2002.

Regent: The guardian of a young monarch who is not yet old enough to reign/The temporary substitute for an absent monarch
Princess Benedikte acted as regent when her queenly sister and princely           nephews were out of the country on holiday.

Regnal name: A name, other than a given name, adopted by a monarch at the time of his/her accession to rule under
Prince Albert, Duke of York chose to rule under the regnal name King George   VI when he took the throne in 1936.

Regnant: In his or her own right.
Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe are both queens regnant, meaning     by right of birth, not marriage.

Sovereign: an individual that holds supreme power, usually a monarch
King Harald V is Norway’s current sovereign monarch, although most               contemporary sovereigns are just figureheads.

Style: A manner of address often used in reference to members of a royal family
Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden
His Majesty The King of Spain

Subsidiary title: A lesser title that is held, but not regularly used; sometimes referred to as “secondary titles”
The Princess of Asturias holds several subsidiary titles, including Princess     of Girona and Princess of Viena.
The title of Viscount Severn is one of the Earl of Wessex’s subsidiary titles.    His son and heir, James, is referred to as Viscount Severn by courtesy. 

Substantive title: A title that is based upon law and one that usually follows the bearer’s name
Princess Catharina-Amalia holds the substantive title Princess of Orange.

Succession: The order of inheritance to a throne
Princess Isabella is third in Denmark’s line of succession.

Title: a form of identification by which royals and nobles are distinguished
Carl XVI Gustaf holds the title of King of Sweden by right of inheritance.
Prince Daniel holds the title of Prince of Sweden by royal decree.

White tie: The most formal style of dress code; Worn after 6 PM to state dinners, formal balls, and evening weddings
Men wear waistcoats or tailcoats with white bow ties, women wear ball             gowns and tiaras. State decorations are also worn.

Disclaimer: Every attempt was made to simplify the information here to improve overall understanding, sometimes at the expense of technicalities. Definitions provided here are intended to contextualized as applied to royalty and not any broader applications. *Read: Please don’t bless me out over small-ish details or inconsistencies; If you spot an error that majorly affects the understanding of something, privately and politely message me so we can discuss it. 

To be updated as necessary. Part II pending.

Hi Daddy!

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 365
Parings: Dean x Reader
Warnings:  fluff
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated. For @beckawinchester ’s

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Dean/ Jensen tags only:

Three weeks you had been contemplating how to tell Dean you were pregnant. You had wracked your brain on a cute way to tell him. He preferred pie so a cake with a message was out. You lived in an underground bunker so a decorated yard was out as well.
Finally you had an idea. You sent him out for groceries and got to work. Starting in the kitchen you left a note. Running all around the bunker you hid notes. It was a scavenger hunt if you will.
You were excited and nervous at the same time waiting for him to come home. You both had always wanted children, but your lifestyle wasn’t conducive. Hopefully Dean would want you and the baby you were growing in your womb.  
When Dean came home he found the first note leading him to the war room, then a second to Sams room. So on and so forth until he made it to the library. It was dark as he called out.
“(Y/N)? (Y/N/N)?” He flicks on the light finding a box on the table saying open me. Warily he walked over and opened it, a hint of fear that you were gone rolling through his body. Inside was a picture of you. It was you he knew that belly anywhere. On your stomach was painted “Hi Daddy!” and little footprints as well as a tiny bow tied there.
He couldn’t believe his eyes as he kept staring at the picture, you were pregnant. So many emotions swirled around in him the biggest being joy. You were pregnant with his baby.
“(Y/N)!!!!” he shouts and runs to find you. Which was easy you were in the kitchen putting stuff away after he left for his ‘hunt’.
He picks you up twirling you, “I’m gonna be a a dad?!” he asks excitedly?
You nod giggling, “Surprise!”
He kisses you hard, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”
He kneels pushing up your shirt, kissing your belly. You smile running your fingers through his hair.
“Hi Baby I’m your daddy.”
Smiling you watched him murmur to the life growing inside you, knowing he’d make the best daddy.

ship name guide (FFXV edition)

here are the most commonly used ship names for the combos of the main four since there’s usually questions there.

  • ignis/noctis = ignoct
  • ignis/gladio = gladnis
  • noctis/prompto = promptis
  • gladio/noctis = gladnoct
  • ignis/prompto = promnis
  • gladio/prompto = promptio

Coming off my little hiatus from this blog to post my own varsity jacket tutorial!

I’ve been scouring for one and I’m like “screw it, I’m gonna make one” and it turns out it’s a lot easier than I thought. The only difficult part is what to put on the back :“) I’ll be going back to the hiatus after this and occasionally coming back to post more tutorials. I just have no time for trading and anything other than maintaining my town.

I’d also like to thank @sokecrossing because without their sweet Love Wins varsity qr (which is in my “acnl clothes” tag), I wouldn’t have decided to make my own version 😅