fandom gone too far

Recently I was returning a book to the school library and..
  • Librarian: Thanks sweetie, do you want to borrow some other book.
  • Me: I don't know. Maybe something not so long approx. 120k words.
  • Librarian: What?
  • Me: What?
  • That was the moment I realized my fanfiction addiction had gone too far.

Sorry but Ed and Oswald are both ruthless killers who both hurt each other probably in the worst way possible, so if you’re looking for healthy lgbt+ representation in this show/fandom you aren’t going to get it here. 

Okay. This has seriously gone too far. The fandom has officially gone way too far.

Jesus. I come home from a viewing and I see some real shit going down.

I don’t know who has taken over Rebekah’s account, or why. But xe’s gone, and I hope that xe takes care. <3

I have seen hate blog after hate blog in the past month, directed at johnlockers, and yeah, I mean, what can you do. They’re petty and being assholes, but what can you do.

And then someone steals Reb’s url and makes it into another hate blog. Like really? My god I know we have ship fights and we all point fingers but oh my god. This reaches a new level.

Taking over a deactivated account of someone you despised and speaking maliciously about said past owner is really low. I don’t know if a sherlolly, a sheriarty, or hell, even a non-shipper did this. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck who did it, because this is really sad. I don’t care if you’re an asshole and are proud of it. Everyone has a conscience, right? This was wrong to do.

What’s your aim, people? Not getting our attention with your wank? What is the matter with you? Is having a blog that takes screenshots of other people’s speculations about the show’s future not pushing the envelope enough? When does it stop being funny to you? What the fuck do you want? I get it, we’re all salty and bitchy with each other and if we saw each other across the street, sure, we’d probably get into a shade-throwing match (yeah, to be honest, I know a few of you I’d rather avoid). But where do you cross the line? Do you ever tell yourself, “Yikes, maybe I shouldn’t do this”? Do you?

Get the shipping shit, “But-you-ship-John-and-Sherlock-and-I-don’t-like-you-so-why-should-I-listen-to-you”) out of your brain for a minute and pretend that you’re new here and you’re seeing something like this happening. You think this is okay? DAMN. Can we go back to just throwing harmless shade about characters?

These are real people, like you and me. Like Rebekah is.

This is wrong. This is malicious intent, even if you’re reading this and you hated Rebekah, this is still wrong. This has gotten out of control.

And it has got to stop.

Fun ppl/interactions from today’s high school con:

  • Teens telling me my booth was the only one they liked 
  • Kids under 10 talking my ear off about Undertale
  • Children exclaiming “You made all this stuff?!” and telling me in a very serious voice about what a good job I’m doing 
  • A very precocious 10 y/o girl who stopped to talk to me no less than 4 times. “Ughhh, the fandoms,” she’d say to me, “They’ve gone too far. You know what I’m talking about.”
  • A furry complaining to me about how no one makes Roadhog merch 
  • Several teenage girls fishing fistfuls of loose dollar bills from their purses
  • A teenage boy buying Overwatch stickers who grabs the guy next to him and says to me, an adult in her mid-twenties, “This is my man, you can look, but don’t touch.”
  • Three girls dressed as that pink pigtail character from Dangan Ronpa all standing in front of my booth at one time
  • Young children explaining the plot of Stranger Things to me
  • A teen sharing the story of how Yuri on Ice is her first gay anime
  • A teacher who was working the con, but also really trying to downplay the fact that he’s either a furry, a brony, or both
  • A nice girl who asked me to sign her sketchbook
  • Homestuck sweaters still
How I feel about the infamous “Dirty Laundry” scenes... And why Gibslythe didn't deserve that shit

I honestly feel like the Dirty Laundry fandom has gone too far… People bullied a fanfic writer, someone who takes the time and effort to write about their favourite ship, who (probably) doesn’t get paid for doing so, for adding Gasolina and a reference to La Chancla to a fan story about two fake boyfriends who thirst for eachother in a Latin home for the holidays.

Most of us sang that song when it came out, even if we didn’t know what the lyrics actually meant (I didn´t know them when I was like 5 or 6) and la Chancla ™ was a threat to us if we misbehaved, even though practically anything could be a deadly weapon in a latin household.

My point is that they didn’t mean to do so in a offensive way. They didn’t try to say “Oh this is what a latin family listens to/does on a regular basis”. And you can read that in the story. It wasn’t played stereotipically, but you can read how Lance and his siblings started to feel united again with that song, or how you would shit bricks with a chancla threat (even though they’ll update the fic so those to aspects are left out/changed now)

As someone who grew up in a country where we hear this music genre everywhere and everyday, I felt identified, and happy when Lance and his family started singing this in the car. I felt nostalgic, reminding me of when my shit ton of cousins and I sang corny songs we’d never think of as anything sexual. And the clancla part hits right into my soul (bad joke, I know) and wins the award for “The scariest shit your mom can throw you at a 4 mts ratio while shouting at you for stupid dipshit you might have done”

Maybe some of you will look at it like it was rude, out of place, or down right racist, but as a latina, and as most latin readers, we found that hilarious.

And @gibslythe is a wonderful writer. We should be worshipping (or at least thanking) them for making what is probably the biggest fanfic in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom so far, specially to the Klance community (even if they have x10 more fanfics as any other ship).


We counted glow-in-the-dark stars with Keith, heard Lance sing “Hollaback Girl” while he was showering, danced to a balada while Lance was singing, laughed at how straight-forward Rosa is about sex, how Lance broke down in a mini-market with Keith watching, we even got to meet Abuelita and Sophia before Christmas. All while we watched how Keith and Lance try to understand eachother.

And I know this post won’t make the hate go away, it’s far too late for that, and I’m sad I haven’t heard about it before, but I want to make at least one person re-evaluate.

So thank you Gilbslythe, from the bottom of my heart, for all the emotions Dirty Laundry has brought to me and to every reader who enjoyed it. I wish you the best, and a warm hug to light up a day.

anonymous asked:

About that post you rebloged: I agree some people take their Vivienne-hate too far and a lot of it has to do with the color of her skin but it's ALSO canon she becomes a tyrant after becoming divine so...


See here, I’m not exactly sure what point you’re trying to make my dear, but whatever it is I’m sure I disagree.

Lean in closer darling, let me show you something:

This is a version of Cassandra’s disapproval scene. 

The first time I played Inquisition, Cassandra hated me, and do you know why?

Because Cassandra disproves of the following:

  • Supporting mages (also leashing the templars*)
  • Rejecting Chantry Tradition
  • Not Coddling her wrong doings. 

There’s more, but these are the things I did during my first game..

And do we know why she disapproves? We do!

Cassandra disapproves of me because she doesn’t like change. 

She likes tradition and I, Inquisitor Adaar, had no reason to support any of that.

If she wasn’t a core companion, I’m sure she would have left.

But let’s look at what she’s saying here.

Did I really do anything to receive such disdain? To be accused of ‘straddling the world?’ Not really. 

She’s angry that I’m changing things and tries to call me out.

She’s disgusted by me.

Let me reiterate:

Cassandra views Rejecting Chantry Tradition and Helping Mages to be Evil, Acts because it changes things.

She’s the least progressive of all the Divine candidates and favors bringing the world back to how it was before. 

Now, lets look what the Epilogue shall we?

However, [Cassandra] eventually grew disgusted by Vivienne - who she felt was perverting the Chant of Light’s intent - and left the council.

Cassandra doesn’t really call Vivienne a Tyrant so to speak, she says she grew disgusted by her–just like she grew disgusted by my Inquisitor. 

We know what Vivienne’s does for the mages as Divine, and we also know what Cassandra finds disgusting based upon how she treats the Inquisitor when they favor change over tradition. 

So your readiness to prove that Vivienne is some sort of villain based upon Cassandra’s feelings is, for lack of a better word my dear, bullshit. 

Of course Cassandra disapproves–it’s in her character to reject any effort to help anyone who isn’t a Non-Magical Human.

Because the Chantry favors Non-Magical Humans and she follows the Chantry (you see where I’m going with this?)

But yeah, sure, go off I guess. 

[EDIT: Upon further inspection, Cassandra does call Vivienne a tyrant at some point during Tresspasser but this doesn’t change my point at all] 

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So I know I’ve been quiet mostly lately but I think I’m gonna give my main tumblr page a break for a while. I just witnessed my friend receive death threats this afternoon over fiction. FICTION. The Undertale fandom has gone too f*cking far.

I’ll be at my other blogs still making content but seriously, real people are being hurt over stuff that’s not real. I swear, this toxic fandom… I know there are good people in it but as for the bad? May God have mercy on their hate-filled little souls and may they be prepared for the 2x4 that I guarantee life will be smacking them upside the head with if they don’t repent of their toxic ways.

Because what employer wants to risk a known-toxic potential employee poisoning the work environment? GOOD LUCK getting a job. And in this economy, that’s not a risk you want to take.

(I still love Undertale, btw, the toxicity can’t take it from me. I won’t let it.)