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FNAF & FNAF 2 | Toy Bonnie Toy Chica Mangle And Chica (Highschool)….

Well.. I Dunno Why I Can Draw Them all In One Day…./*Super Tired…

/*NOTE: Sorry Kira-shan I Make You Mangle To Nerd… You Can Kill Me If You want//*Killed …

Design Belongs To @bloodypath32 , @ehuante And Me 


FNAF Sister Location X High School | Funtime Foxy (ShiroXFlissy)

Hmm…yeah.. sorry for the Indonesian (fckin’) Comic..

Err.. sorry @bloodypath32 I Call your Fox Shiro (Shiro Is White In Japanese so yeah;v;)

Btw They’re a high school students;v; (Sorry For That.. last Night I read HTF High school Doujin So Yeah;v;//)

FNAF Sister Location | Funtime Foxy X Funtime Foxy ..(Shiro X Fliro)

And Yeah The Bonus;v;//killed 

Note:/* My FT Foxy (male):Fliro, Ft Foxy (Female) : Flissy, FT Foxy (Kira):Shiro;v;