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You like Undertale? How about these old horror RPGs that are just as amazing and need a fandom revive. 


About a young girl (Madotsuki) traveling in her nightmares

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About a nine year old girl (Ib) trapped in an art gallery with two strangers

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A man named The Batter sent on a holy mission to purify.

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Amazing Soundtrack

In depth characters

Great writing/ story

Open to theories

As far as weirdly specific fandom AUs go, one of my personal favourites has to be the one that goes “media A is actually a dramatisation of the events of a really high-concept tabletop roleplaying game being played by the cast of media B” - complete with trying to figure out who’s playing who.

AUs of this type can be arranged into several rough tiers, depending on how strongly the two properties differ in terms of medium, tone and genre.

On the low end, for example, you might have “Team Fortress 2 is a tabletop RPG being played by the cast of Overwatch” - same medium and genre, moderately different tone. (Though even this presents certain challenges; remember that Overwatch takes place circa 2070, so the setting of Team Fortress 2 is a century in the past - this is an historical RPG. Which might explain a thing or two!)

At the high end, the trick is finding pairs of properties where you can still come up with reasonable answers as to who’s playing who - it’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing wildly dissonant media together just for the weird factor. If your players are the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it’s going to be pretty tough to explain why they’re playing The Walking Dead while staying in character. (Though that doesn’t mean you can’t go dark with them at all; if that’s your preference, try having them play The Hunger Games instead.)

If you’ve never given it a try, I highly recommend it - if nothing else, it’s a fun exercise in character analysis.

A Guide for Good Dungeon Mastering

What makes a good dungeon master? I was asked recently by one of my former players for dungeon/game mastering advice for his first campaign. He’s playing Dark Heresy, the d10-based Warhammer 40K adaptation. A little intimidated by his (perceived) lack of experience with tabletop games, he wanted to know any tricks I might have for him to make the job a little easier to do.

The list of tips ended up being longer than I thought it might be, but there’s nothing I’d exclude from the list. It's full of things I’ve learned as a player when other campaigns have gone sour or things I wish I’d known going into my own games to make things easier on everyone. 

All of my advice stems from the number one, Prime Directive golden rule of good dungeon mastering: The goal is for everyone to have fun. If you’re all having fun, you’re doing it right.

More advice under the Read More.

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Estaba en la escuela y pues lo típico :’v solo en las noches puedo pintar :’/ (escaneado :’D un poco de acuarelas y listo)

La verdad es que me empezó a gustar dibujar a estos 3 juntos u,u y pues seguiré dibujando esto un poco mas (hasta aburrirme)



-The Btter


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There are two kinds of BioWare fans

The kind that gets SO UPSET about people who are “only excited for the romances”

And the kind who know that the people who are “only excited for the romances” don’t actually exist in any capacity


UPDATE: Some screenshots of the Character Introduction portion of Chapter 1 and a pair of images during certain scenes. Also, the newest version of the logo. Not even sure if it’s the final one, honestly.

TL;DR: I’m still making/reworking the game, especially Chapter 3 right now.