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So I recently hit a follower milestone and I had made the decision of starting my very own Tolkien family once the goal was reached and now here we are. 

To join my Tolkien family, rules are as follows:

  • must be following yours truly.
  • reblog this post.
  • send me at least three characters in the order of preference.
  • please check the page before sending the message.
  • anything and everything from Tolkien universe will be accepted. 

I won’t be publishing the asks, because I don’t like spamming peeps and I prefer my blog to be more from the neat side. I will just reblog this post about a billion times just so as many people as possible will see it. I really hope a lot of you will join so I won’t look like a complete jackass. Knock yourselves out, kids!


yo yo yo ! this might just be the biggest fandom family E V E R ! (well that i have seen)

I N F O:

▶ you don’t have to be following me (but like you can if you want)

reblog (you know to spread the word) ???

send me an ask with the character/s or actors that you would like to claim from the following fandoms. (also check this list to see if the ones you want have already been claimed. or you could just send two choices per fandom)

N O T E: feel free to send for more than one fandom but not more than one inside a fandom (does that make sense? i hope so)

↳Game of thrones
↳In the flesh
↳Orange is the new black
↳American Horror Story
↳Orphan Black
↳Pushing daisies

B O N U S: everyday/most days someone that is in the fandom families will receive a cute message from me and and a little chibi character or something (if your submit is open)

rogueziam asked:

Hey, Chris. Since it's been a throwback to the good ole days, I'm kinda curious about a few things (: When and why did you become interested in One Direction? What tipped you off about the fuckery of 1d? Was there a certain AHA moment that lead you to believe Zayn and Liam were in a relationship? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems your blog is more inclined to focus on Ziam than Larry, so why is Ziam special for you? Just thought it might be fun to ask. Thanks! x

Hey Mason!  I’m excited that you asked because I get to talk about non-stunt things!

So, I have been a fan since 2012 but my descent into the rabbit hole was slow.  At first, I was not too deep into it—I just liked the band’s music and pretended not to because I was too busy being pretentious and too cool for school and such.  I liked some of their songs like “One Thing” and “Kiss You” and found them catchy.  With Midnight Memories in 2013, I really began to get into their music, began to read and watch their interviews, and generally got more involved.  I also started occasionally lurking the blogs then.  With Four in 2014, I fell headfirst into hell.

I never had an aha! moment for Larry.  I always knew they were real.  I saw how Harry and Louis behaved in interviews and on stage and thought immediately they were dating.  I was like, “yeah, they’re definitely fucking,” and called it a day.  They were so lovey-dovey and up on each other that it was blatant and obvious, really.  Back then I did not know nearly as much as I know now, but I did know that what the media says is not always as it seems and that bearding and closeting were things, so when Eleanor and Taylor Swift came around I figured they were beards, thought it was disturbing, but never looked into it.  I didn’t need a masterpost to see any of that.  So unlike most Larry/Ziam fans, I did not sail into the fandom through the Larry ship.

Before I get to Ziam, I should explain that while I am OT5 ride or die and love all the boys, Liam and Zayn are my faves.  That might be partly why I blog more Ziam than Larry, and more Zayn and Liam in general than the other boys, but I am trying to reblog more Harry/Louis/Niall.  More Larry, and the bromances like Zouis and Niam too.

Liam has always been my big fave.  I have a special fondness for Liam because he’s the one who got me into the band.  I loved his voice and found him funny, thoughtful and charming.  I have a different special fondness for Zayn because I also loved his voice and identify strongly with him.

My aha! moment for Ziam was the infamous ZDF interview:

As I discovered the band, I first thought, “What a coincidence! my faves are best friends.”  But as I learned more and more, I noticed that they were much friendlier than friendly.

The gentle touches.  The enraptured stares.  The extreme thirst.  The intimate body language.  The obviously deep knowledge about each other.  The awkwardness around their “girlfriends.”  The bitter looks Liam always gave when Zayn’s “engagement” was brought up.  The way Zayn treats Liam like a princess.  Seriously, though.  LOL.

I actually think Zayn and Liam are very obvious, but their closeting drastically better than Harry’s and Louis’.  But once you get past all the layers of plausible deniability, Zayn and Liam act exactly the way one would expect a couple to.  There really is no other plausible explanation for their behavior, or the shadiness designed to hide and explain it away.  Yet, admittedly, I fell prey to the misguided probability logic and thought, “Why do they act like this?  Surely there can’t be four of them in one band?  Or two couples?  No way.”  But after that ZDF interview, I thought, “It’s real.  It has to be real.”  So I started reading the blogs.

Ziam was how I learned about all the fuckery and shadiness surrounding the band.  Since I simply thought Larry was real and left it at that, it took noticing Ziam for me to look deeper.  And when I finally saw Ziam, and accepted it, so much about the entire band came into focus: the “girlfriends” which were beards; the ridiculous stunts that were totally not organic occurrences; the weird mismatch between the official narratives about and shallow personas assigned to the boys and their actual behavior; all the strangeness that now registered fully as strange because it was management deceit and manipulation.  I think a lot of things about the band simply do not make sense if you do not see Larry and Ziam—like their interactions with each other, for one—and that fans tend to recourse to the official narrative where those inexplicables come up.  So once I took Ziam for what it is—a real relationship, not a fantasy ship or a “tinhat’s” “delusion”—everything fell into place.

And here we are!

i have decided to start up a fandom family as a huge thank you to everyone because at this point, we are totally one big huge happy family ヽ(◡‿◡ ) ノ

to do:

•  you don’t have to be following me (but it would be amazing if you did)
•  reblog this post
•  message me who/what you would like to be (can be from any fandom)
•  check to see who is taken here

please enjoy, i love you all and you all mean so much to me hehe

Multi-fandom family!

i recently hit 5.1k followers, and i wanted to do something when i hit so here we are! a multi fandom family!


Mbf me

reblog this post

send me an ask telling me who you wanna be!


You can be whoever you want, from every fandom ever! 

for starters i’ve only made tabs for The 100, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, and Tolkien, but if you want me to add another one, just tell me (:

see who’s taken here!

People need to realize that if they give shit to actors who play lgbt characters and do so much good for the community, nobody would want to help and support. When a gay actor plays a straight character nobody’s saying “oh they’re probably straight haha” (examples can be Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer)
Both Gavin and Hayden are confident with their sexualities, they have said they’re straight so nobody has the right to label them anything else. If you’re doing that you’re clearly watching the Fosters wrong cause you got no values from it.
Gavin and Hayden are amazing people as it is. They’re more than just the Jonnor actors. They have lives, they have girlfriends, they’re good friends and that’s it.
Stop. Being. Rude.
Or else you’ll hurt the entire fandom and community, and most importantly, the actors and the people around them

join my fandom family!

hi! so i decided to do a fandom family, here’s how it goes:

  • please be following me ♡
  • reblog this post
  • check out who’s available here
  • send me an ask with your name and what character/celebrity you want to be, it can be anyone from any fandom 

everyone can join, and if you’re in this fandom family i’ll occasionally do promos at request (esp. when you’re near your goal) and i’ll help you reblog/promote stuff :)

blacklist ‘fandomfamily’ if you don’t want to see any of this :)

fandom family

soooo im in the process of making a fandom family :D

want to join it? here are some rules:


  • you need to be following me
  • go ahead and reblog this post
  • check this page to see your options/who has already been taken
  • send me a message with your name and who you want to be (its best to send me two options in case the first is taken)

also if you don’t see someone that you’d like to be in my list, feel free to ask me anyway because chances are i’ve just forgotten a fandom (because im trash)

I decided to make my own fandom family because it looked like fun.


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this
  • See who is taken here
  • Send me the name of a character or two in case one of them is taken

You can choose from any of the following fandoms:

  • Harry Potter
  • Tolkien
  • Marvel
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • The 100

ok so I reached my next hundred followers (and now I’m halfway to the next hundred!!!) and I’ve never celebrated it before so now I feel like I should do a fandom family! 

mbf this loser 

reblog this to spread the word

send me at least two choices in case one is already taken

check to see who is taken here 

either hp or asoiaf/got characters

if the character is a fancast please send me a face claim for the icon otherwise I’ll use my own

please help this get 20 notes for I’ll die of embarrassment

please enter and join my loving family? and thank you so much!

Our Marvel Society (2.0)
“Avengers Assemble!” Hehe
Credit to the amazing marvelobsession for the wonderful graphic <3

So i was thinking about how other people were making fandom families and then about how i just got to my next hundred and i thought i’d do something special. I still remember the list of people in our shield family and how some of the urls are out of date and i was thinking about bringing together the family again but in a more complete way. So what’s gunna be happening is if you were in the family before and want to kind of bring the crew together again (or if you want to join) all you have to do is this.

- You dont have to be following me but i’d appreciate it :3
- Reblog this post
- Fill out this survey
- Must get at least 15 notes or it never happened

Once accepted into the family:
- Track the tag “#our marvel society” and use it if you ever post a selfie, something you made, or just want to show each other something : )
- Send me what icon you want for your character and i will edit it to have your super hero/super villain url on it (this will be on the family page)
- Send me your email so i can add you to the private blog we will be chatting on (the url is ourmarvelsociety)
- Send me a description of yourself (including name, age*, gender*, and a little something about you) So i can put that on the family page and other members can get to know you : )

*these are optional
Ps. Everyone that applies will get accepted I’m just accepting a few people at a time cause i don’t want an over flow (which i doubt will actually happen haha) So don’t worry about not getting in you’ll get the message that you were accepted eventually hehe

What you will get:
- a possible +f from me (or other people in the family)
- cool new friends to talk to that love marvel as much as you do
- a spot on the family page (there will be a family page eventually)

Now even if some people changed their url and do not want to be in the group again their url will not be available to others nor will the urls of people who used to be in the group and have sadly deleted their blog (i have a list of everyones urls so i will know) I have a list of all old members and i will edit it to fit new members if needed or to change urls on there. If you want to check the list you can find it here and it’s set up so you have your super hero/super villain url next to your actual one. To make it easier i made a list of characters of characters that havent been taken which you can find here : )

Ps. No one has to change their url to their super hero/super villain one if they don’t want to and no character will have more than one person playing it cause then it starts to get confusing.
(If anyone has any more questions you can just send me an ask here and i’ll try to answer it as best as i can :3)

klngbellamyblake’s fandom family

So I recently gained many lovely new followers and I wanted to do something for you all so I decided that it was about time I make a fandom family :)

The Rules

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post
  • Check here to see who is available
  • Send me a message saying who you want to be :)

Fandoms to choose from

  • The 100
  • Teen Wolf
  • Once Upon A Time
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Marvel
  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent
  • The Fault in our Stars

What You’ll Get

  • A spot on the page 
  • My eternal love and friendship <3

to celebrate reaching 2k followers I thought I’d join in and make one of these! *throws chocolate and flowers at you all* ✿

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post! the more the merrier
  • send me the character you want to be (can be from tolkien, harry potter or thg)
  • message at least 5 other members with a compliment! obviously there’s no way I can make sure you’re doing that but there’s no reason to not want to spread positivity :)
  • that’s it! <3

you can check who’s taken here