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I have a question for you guys on Tumblr:
If I made more Gengar/Pokemon silhouette decals for MacBook laptops, would anyone be interested in purchasing them online?

Holy crapples!! Where did you all come from?! I finish a Marvel marathon to find out this post from a month ago has 2000+ notes!

For everyone interested, you can purchase this decal at my Etsy store or follow my shop/Tumblr for updates as I will be adding new decal designs for Ghastly and Haunter within the next couple weeks!

Thank you all so so much for your overwhelming notes of interest and encouragement! I simply do not know how to react to all of this, it’s truly baffling that so many people like my work!

All the best~!

Hey guys!

Many of you are planning on getting new laptops for the new school year or just want to spice up your laptop with some color, so here’s three of my favorite things for laptop accessories: (Note: the following links are for a Macbook Pro 13-inch non-retina, so if you have a different make/model, you may need to do some searching for one that fits your laptop)

  • Cases. Probably my #1 most recommended thing to purchase for any laptop. Put one on as SOON as you get your laptop. My old, unprotected laptop suffered an untimely death when someone drop-kicked my bag. A cheap 15 dollar case would have prevented it from getting crushed, so for my new one, I put it in a case the minute I got it. There’s two main styles for most cases I’ve seen: matte finish and non-matte finish. I’ve had both and I prefer matte finish, it hides smudges and dirt much better than the non-matted style.
  • Keyboard Covers. These are cheap, cute, conventional and a necessity for any laptop. If you’re like me and you eat anywhere near your laptop, you definitely need this. They’re ridiculously cheap on Amazon and are quite durable. I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s just now starting to tear from abuse. They come in all sorts of styles and patterns, so search around a bit for one you love!
  • Decals. These are the best for personalizing your laptop! I’ve got decals representing all of my fandoms and I get comments on them daily. Show your pride and make your laptop your very own! A simple (fandom) + computer decal search on Amazon or Google will find you almost every decal out there! Some of the ones I’ve got on my laptop are Supernatural, Batman, Sherlock and a caffeine molecule (because I love coffee and science, naturally). They’re usually really cheap and easily removable if you need to take them off for whatever reason. There's all sorts of stuff you can find out there for all types of things! Happy hunting! 

Protecting your laptop is a must these days, so why not do it with a bit of flair and self-expression? 


Pokémon - #093 Haunter Silhouette MacBook Decals for sale on Etsy!

As promised, here are the new additions to the Pokemon MacBook DecalsBySam featuring Haunter!

There are two designs available for purchase that can be bought separately for Pokemon/Spookymon (Ghost-type Pokemon) fans alike! Both designs are specifically created to give your MacBook a fresh geeky touch during the day, and a “haunting” glow of Haunter’s trademark smile for unsuspecting visitors after dark!

Haunter available for $5.50/$5.60 CAD! (shipping extra)

All decals are hand cut and all shipped orders include instructions how to apply the decals for maximum gratification!