fandom collision

When your mom watches too many tv series and the fandoms collide

So, my mom was watching Supergirl 2x13 and this happened…

Mom: what’s the word for when you like a couple?

Me: ship

Mom: yeah, right! I ship Mon-El with Lucille, then.

Me: …Lucille? Maybe you mean Lucy, as in Lucy Lane, but why would you-

Mom: no no, Lucille! I ship Mon-El with Lucille, Negan’s baseball bat.

Me: oh… my… gOD… did you just…?



Elementary 1x17 - Possibility Two / Person of Interest 5x10 - The Day the World Went Away

If Jack Harkness was the Winchesters’ grandfather (Mary’s real dad because I’m not a fan of Samuel):

-He’s so shaken up when he realizes he has full-grown grandkids he never knew about but he refuses to make contact because he wants them to have normal lives apart from all the craziness that defines him

-Until one day (maybe during the Leviathan fustercluck?) he sees two guys on the news going on a killing spree and everyone says it’s the Winchesters and he’s wondering what went so wrong that he sired two serial killers and goes out to deal with them

-Then he realizes that it’s not Sam and Dean perpetrating murder, it’s monsters wearing their faces, and at first he’s thinking “aliens” because we all know how the alien people think magic and ghosts don’t exist and vice versa, and he’s still coming to grips with what’s really going on when he meets them

-And even though the boys are so much younger than him he sees so much of his own tiredness in their eyes and he’s wondering what could have possibly happened that two thirty-somethings look as old as he feels

-And somehow he comes across the Supernatural books and they don’t tell the whole story but they tell enough and Jack’s grandsons have both done time in Hell and he never even knew they existed, but he should have been there to save them from something as horrible as what they’ve gone through

-And Sam and Dean are thinking this guy is another Man of Letters type and naturally they don’t trust him, but he just keeps volunteering to help out with these hunts because if there’s one thing Jack knows how to do (apart from sex,) it’s track down things that go bump, and naturally it’s only a matter of time before something kills him and the boys flip out because surely this guy has to be an angel or some crap

-And for the very first time since Station 5, Jack actually tells someone the entire story, because these two deserve better than half-truths, and Sam immediately wants to find this Doctor and Dean’s still skeptical

-Finally Jack goes back to Wales with a promise to call, except he never gets the chance– it’s maybe two months later and Dean calls him. They’ve got some kind of weird rat-person thing locked in their basement and “is this some of your weird alien crap because holy water doesn’t do jack.”

-It’s a weevil and simple to take care of, but Jack sticks around for a while just to be sure there aren’t more. He gets to meet Cas, who is completely puzzled by him.

Taka congratulates Yuzuru for winning GPF 3 times. This afternoon when Yuzuru had press conference after he landed in Japan from Spain, he was asked what songs he listened during GPF (like before his performance), and he answered he listened to ONE OK ROCK’s songs (one of the songs he mentioned is my fave too “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer” ). The ONE OK ROCK members must watched/were informed about this news. Aww i also like OOR. Fandom collision!

I know nothing about what you’re talking about [Harry Potter], but let me just say this: I’d like to think I was Gryffindor, but I’m probably a Slytherin, although when I found out Cedric Diggory was Hufflepuff I was like hmm. So I don’t know. Also, after what happens at the end of Goblet of Fire I think being a Hufflepuff would be too sad. And then, if you want to be a Ravenclaw - pfft, yeah…IT’ S COMING OUT IN THREE DAYS, GAHHH!”


Dani Reese’s swagger vs. Sam Shaw’s swagger.

Life 1x03 | Person of Interest - 3x07

Dani’s cop swagger vs Shaw’s slightly more ‘casual’ one. Shaw can blend in when she wants to, Dani stands out. She’s a cop in the way she moves and the way she is.

(I so would have wanted Dani and Joss to meet.)