fandom collision

I know nothing about what you’re talking about [Harry Potter], but let me just say this: I’d like to think I was Gryffindor, but I’m probably a Slytherin, although when I found out Cedric Diggory was Hufflepuff I was like hmm. So I don’t know. Also, after what happens at the end of Goblet of Fire I think being a Hufflepuff would be too sad. And then, if you want to be a Ravenclaw - pfft, yeah…IT’ S COMING OUT IN THREE DAYS, GAHHH!”


“Gangnam is a district in Seoul that is like a super wealthy district. A lot of people that don’t live there try to act like they live there. And that can result to people struggling terribly to maintain their image, and we have this problem in America too. ‘Gangnam Style’, at first, appears to be celebrating this culture but it turns out, in fact, that it is mocking the culture of materialism and wealth. So, that’s pretty cool.” Translating Dance Songs