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The antis struck again. And this time not only with Goro.

Not only are they shitting on the new games and calling Goro fans ‘fujos’ because he got first place on at least two polls, they’ve also started to ask why Akira dances ‘like a gay’ (to quote them…)

I’m just amazed by the fact that they don’t have anything better to do than whine about stuff like that they can’t change, among other things O.o (amazed, not surprised?)

something i’ve always wanted to do? a community of muses.

I’m reading an interview Steven Moffat did with Doctro Who Magazine in 2010 and it’s fascinating to see the contradictions to latter comments and/or things he wrote. Sometimes he’s done a 180 and more often than not his opinions now are much more interesting now.

Whelp, what can I say?

Cartman’s a complete piece of shit again, big fucking surprise! Heidi deserves so much better in terms of a boyfriend and in terms of attention on the show. With the way the game put things, I think none of the kids are together anymore and boys and girls still hate each other as much as they do last year. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I can take of the girls getting screwed over and everybody drifting apart. I’m extremely cynical about where this season is headed.

  • Bradford: [Spots a puppy that a Rookie has smuggled onto Avenger] Dog, huh? ....I LOVE DOGS!
  • Rookie: Really? You mean it?
  • Bradford: Of course! Dogs embody loyalty. They follow their master's commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain, and they never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Rookie, they're the great servants of man! Loyal canine, how we salute thee

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Hold on a second. Are these teenagers really out here trying to pretend that they don't have any interest in sex, consume erotic materials, masturbate or anything else sexual? I don't associate with many children or teens. The only one that I do associate with through fandom does indeed try and pretend that she has zero interest in sex(she reveals otherwise on occassion). This isn't something I'm having to deal with very much in my fandoms so I legit wanna know.

I don’t know if any fandom teenagers are pretending to not have a personal interest in sex or sexual content, and I don’t want to discount any teenagers who really don’t have any interest in sex, consume erotic materials, masturbate, etc. But I do believe that teens today, at least in some fandom circles, are encouraged to deny or fear their own sexual interests and maturity for a number of reasons:

  • the dismal state of sex ed (in America) + hypersexual marketing/media/cultural messages + the ready availability of pornographic content online = a lot of minors getting a sideways education about sex, probably often before being ready for it
  • purity culture (in America) + hypersexual marketing = sexual innocence is good and pure and also makes you extra-incredibly desirable if you’re dfab b/c ending your innocence is a prize = a recipe for being scared of sex if I ever heard one
  • increased helicopter parenting (in response to increased awareness of danger outside a guardian’s control) = teens not getting the same space and freedom to mature and take on more responsibility = being more infantilized
  • bad personal experiences of all kinds + rape culture + anti-queer/LGBT+ messages
  • for dfab people in particular, many cultures actively discouraging ownership of sexual desires and encouraging shame of feeling sexual desires or interests, which our current sex-negative way of talking about sex in social justice/fandom spaces doesn’t help.

And adults, even though they know from their own experiences that teens are dealing with puberty and the accompanying sexual awareness, are hogtied on addressing this directly because they aren’t allowed to acknowledge that maturation:

  • It’s illegal for teens to access sexually explicit content, even if they feel they are ready to encounter it.
  • In real life it can be difficult to create a genuine safe space for teens to engage with adults for the purpose of sex ed outside of (poorly run) classes, and there is every reason to be wary of adults willing to engage teens on the subject. 
  • Adults acknowledging that teens have sexual awareness carries a connotation of viewing teens as sexually available to adults (a more appropriate view would be that sexually aware teens might be sexually available to each other.)

For a long time the online transformative fandom community’s ‘solution’ for teens experiencing sexual interest but not being allowed to acknowledge it was to let teens pretend to be 18+ and look the other way, simultaneously slapping content warning labels on all non-child-friendly spaces.  Then Tumblr took a hammer to every form of 18+ content censorship fandom used and Facebook made being honest about your age popular, so that kind of went out the window. But for adults to keep creating explicit content, they have to take the precautions they can and continue to look the other way.

Young anti-shippers have latched onto this forced adult blind spot for a variety of reasons - some because of their own sexual hangups, some because of trauma, some because they’ve bought into consumer gatekeeping, and some purely for leverage. But to really make effective use of adults pretending teens don’t experience sexual awareness, they abuse the pretense: they themselves deny having sexual awareness, and anything implying characters or people their age do have sexual awareness is abusive or predatory.  This is another motive (in addition to the list above) for why some young fandom members might not acknowledge their own sexual awareness.

In anti-only spaces, or in spaces with only people of their own age group, anti-shippers/teens who do not engage with explicit content publicly will feel free to be as sexually lewd and honest as they want.

(Alternatively, some anti-shippers will draw lines like ‘if a character is under 18 adults can’t consume sexual content about that character because that makes the adult a pedophile. only teens can consume sexual content about teen characters.’ )

I wish there was a way to more easily divide fandom spaces so teens could have spaces to be honest about their sexual desires and growth with one another, out of sight of adults. I wish the same for adults in fandom! It would be safer for everyone. But unfortunately, our current platforms make that all but impossible.

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Can you show me some Hannibal's and Hannigram's tumblr? I just created Tumblr

Sure! My other blog @fuckyeahhannigram is a good place to start. I tend to only reblog things from people that mostly post Hannibal and Hannigram so basically follow anyone you see there.

This is so hard because we have sooo many quality people in this fandom. Here’s a small list to get you started:

@existingcharactersdiehorribly and @wiith-my-hands SO MANY GIFS

@the-winnowing-wind and idontfindyouthatinteresting - fandom/show revival news central!

@emungere My favorite author

@camilleflyingrotten @byk23 @hannibalcreative @sympathyforthecannibal @granpappy-winchester @vi0lentquiche and about 1,000 other people I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Please feel free to chime in about yourself or any other blogs, everyone!!

Fic Rec Days, Day 1

Discworld recs

We Must Tend our Garden, by DesdemonaKaylose.

This is a really beautifully written Small Gods fic, very thoughtful and delicate and wonderfully characterised.

Modern Love, by Penknife.

I think of this fic as a fandom classic; it’s central to how I think of Discfic, and central to what I think Discfic should be, ie, following Pterry in pushing for inclusion in all its forms.

Trouser Legs, by bookhobbit.

I can’t not mention this. Quite aside from it being wonderful and heartwarming and soft, it, ah, it started things. Started me down my very own trouserleg of time, if you will.

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit recs

One Single Sunlit Day More, by feverishsea.

I don’t actually remember much about this fic, because I read it forever ago, but I was a) moved to comment back in the days when i had So Much social anxiety over commenting, and b) bookmarked it, and c) added ‘utterly perfect’ to the bookmark.

Elves in Love, by Evandar.

ELVES. DWARVES. Need I say more. This is a lovely, gorgeously written sequence of fics on elf/dwarf romances, some canon, some canon. (Legolas/Gimli is canon you cannot take this from me).

Kazuma and His Low Self Esteem

Okay so apart from the trio I have listed on my Bio (Bisha, Kofuku and Nora) Kazuma is next up on my faves list- and let me tell you why:

It’s widely acknowledged at this point by the fandom that Kazuma’s central character flaw is his low self esteem. But I want to talk more about why he’s such a perfect representation of people with ingrained self-esteem issues. 

Let me start off by saying it’s become something of a running gag within the Noragami fandom that Kazuma’s been kidnapped multiple times in the manga. It’s also a running gag within the Noragami-verse that Kazuma is often looked down upon for his vessel form (despite his status as hafuri). What I want to make clear is that Kazuma (even from an outsider’s pov) is put in a considerably weak position. 

But, it should also be acknowledged that Kazuma did beat Kiun’s ass in battle, that he was Yukine’s teacher (okay I know but listen-), he is a hafuri and it is with his guidance that Bishamon became the strongest war god. Within the manga, he’s a well-respected shinki by our protagonist cast (by which I mean the Disaster Duo, the Bishamon Manor Squad, and the Yato trio). This isn’t a call out post at Kazuma’s running gag of being “a mere earring” (because I love those jokes man) but this is more to point out the fact that Kazuma despite being “a mere earring” is a very competent hafuri

Which is why I think the fact that he does have a deep self-esteem issue becomes all the more interesting and all the more realistic. People with cripplingly low self-esteem aren’t incompetent. Because of their self-depreciation they do fall into vulnerable cracks but on the whole, it’s not uncommon for people with low self-esteem to be seen as incredibly competent and well-respected. 

Next I want to talk a little about how his low self esteem contributes to Noragami’s narrative, his low self-esteem namely means he’s driven to desperate measures and in desperate times he goes to the extremes. 

I don’t think this is an easy concept to grasp if your self esteem is reasonable but I speak from experience when I say at that level of critically low self-esteem plus stressful conditions, ultimately results in irrational and often obsessive solutions. When you aren’t secure about your identity, or position to someone else, you become obsessive over the things you cannot afford to lose. IRL this often translates to stuff like: grades, acceptance letters, love from a significant other- in Kazuma’s case it’s Bishamon. 

Obviously during the lead-up to the Heavens Arc this came to a head, his self-loathing could not take the stress of Bishamon’s withdrawl, Yato refusing to tell him what was going on, the death of Tsugaha (the death which he caused), the very real prospect of Bishamon being in fatal danger. So what does Kazuma do? Anything and everything to save Bishamon. Let me back up and remind you what Bishamon means to Kazuma in terms of his self-worth. Bishamon defines Kazuma’s self worth. For her, he would kneel to a Nora, with her encouragement, he can take down Kiun. She defines his worth for existence. 

This didn’t matter so much when Bishamon was the only person of importance in Kazuma’s life (aka the centuries they spent alone together). But now, especially over the course of the Noragami manga, Kazuma inevitably forged other important roles. His role as exemplar to the other shinki (which is why putting things into perspective, the death of Tsugaha was so significant- he killed someone who he had a responsibility towards), his role as Yukine’s mentor (the “resound” spell broke that), his friendship towards Yato (which was only really allowed to be public after the Bishamon arc). This forging of responsibilities and relationships means that he cannot afford to narrow his priorities to just Bishamon. 

I’m going to take a moment to look back into the Bishamon arc, which is the first time we confront how little self-esteem Kazuma really has. You would think that the end of the Bishamon arc, where Bishamon assures him that he is still her hafuri and that she forgives him and explicitly says “You are allowed to make mistakes!”. You would think that would be enough validation for him to think more of himself. But no. It isn’t. And this is another thing I like about Kazuma’s portrayal. Bishamon’s (important as she is to him) consolation can’t magically raise his self esteem, his transformation to a hafuri isn’t enough to make him think any higher of himself, Yato taking his side after what he did to Yukine isn’t enough, him beating Kiun in a fight doesn’t make himself enough. Your low self esteem doesn’t fix itself because a village of people validates you, or because you improve yourself. Your self esteem is fixed when you - from the bottom of your heart - decide “I am a flawed person. But I don’t hate that person. That person is worth loving”. 

I like Kazuma because he’s a painfully realistic depiction of what it is like to have that level of no self-esteem. You don’t live your life constantly aware that you hate yourself, instead it’s the feeling of never ever being enough. Your friends may love you through your mistakes but with every mistake, you hate yourself. You may improve yourself, your objective reasons for insecurities may be gone but you still see the flaws and the cracks. Maybe you slip into moments of arrogance because you’ve come a long way but the notion of not being enough still haunts you. I like him because he represents the level of desperation and obsession you get when you loathe yourself more than any enemy can loathe you. I like him because his low self-esteem has genuine consequences (losing trust, breaking relationships, damaging reputations). I like him because he’s competent and reflects the diligent attitude that people with low self-esteem have towards self-improvement.

This is pretty much what I mean when I say Kazuma hasn’t come to the end of his character arc- Bishamon’s trust in him was validated in the Bishamon arc, he’s clearly a badass hafuri well-respected by those around him. It’s clear how much Yato values him as a friend and a shinki. All that is left for him is for Kazuma himself to forgive himself, which is the hardest switch of all to flip.