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reasons people should watch lost girl

  • bo is sexual everyone is sexual
  • kenzi is the best in the world
  • bo and kenzi have the best relationship of ever
  • sex sex everywhere
  • lesbians???
  • bisexuals??? pansexuals?
  • tbh i don’t know what sexuality just everyone is banging
  • pretty ladies + weapons + leather pants
  • sci fi
  • romance (and sex)
  • so much tension omg
  • why do i ship everything
  • why is everyone so attractive
  • girls are awesome
  • awesome girls
  • females bam omg 

sam! girls are kind of like a street gang; we are small in number and all hang out pretty exclusively together for protection, we are constantly angry, we are all relatively unlikable except to each other, we beat up people we don’t like with passive aggressive verbal shanks, and occasionally we all break out in ritual chanting while making a blood pact with our lord and savior jared padalecki. 

Reasons Why Yona Is Actually a Shonen Protagonist

→ Constantly trying to get stronger and better herself and won’t give up even when she’s scared

→ Is often described as “burning” or “fiery” which shonen protagonists are always described as “hot-blooded” or some shit

→ Has pseudo-romantic relationships with the entire cast

→ but doesn’t notice people being romantic for shit


→ like wtf she is the most oblivious female shoujo protagonist I have ever seen she can’t see romance from two paces away I am so Pleased with this turn of events?

my favorite thing about sam/dean is that it wasn’t part of the cosmic plan. god made lucifer and planned him to rebel. god made hell and effectively made demons. god triggered a war and sat back and waited for that war and let it happen. god made sam winchester for the devil. his entire being was created to be the vessel of hell. god didn’t plan for a special connection between sam and his brother. michael’s vessel could have been any winchester. it didn’t matter. 

god planned all of these things perfectly, and lucifer followed confidently knowing that sam would say yes and the apocalypse would start.

but neither god nor satan had any idea that the brother that wasn’t created for any special reason- who was as disposable to them as a bag of trash would be so special and so loved by their sacred vessel that all of their plans would come undone. sam and dean winchester’s unexpected and unplanned love defeated god. how can any other relationship ever even hope to compare to that.

tbh i feel like everyone is just slowly going to become a beifong like bolin’s practically a beifong-in-law already and mako’s an adopted son which means korra’s gonna marry into the family and why not set up asami with one of the twins who knows like i’m a beifong you’re a beifong everyone’s a beifong

Wolf Spa x

First ep that came to mind when I wanted to draw stuff


I am probably one of the last people to realize that Pottermore was turned into some foul, corporate monstrosity, but it is still weirdly upsetting. I knew they were overhauling it, but I was a tad preoccupied and so did not know that they were yanking it down in its entirety in late September and replacing it with some fugly social media clone that we are all apparently supposed to dutifully join if we wish to be pelted with news and information from the Potterverse. 

Pottermore may have been a tad dorky in some respects, but I honestly found solace in collecting twigs, galleons, admiring the artwork, listening to the peculiar noises, dueling friendly strangers in Russia or Great Britain and then exchanging gifts of jellybeans, and brewing the occasional, horribly unsuccessful potion in my virtual pewter cauldron. 

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i miss when jesse was cute and happy and called people bitches and did science and wasn’t suffering from untreated PTSD and totally isolated fro his loved ones and completely incapacitated and a human shell that stares off into the distance and never talks because he fell out a window and some dude blackmailed him into cooking blue mary sue meth. 

I honestly don’t care if Kanae doesn’t “fit a trans narrative”, calling him a girl and using she/her pronouns for him is transphobic.
Kanae has been a man since his introduction. He has identified as a man the entire time we’ve seen him in the manga, with no other characters commenting on his gender. Kanae has been treated as a cis male since his introduction, has used he/him pronouns, and identified as male the entire 52 chapters we’ve seen him.

Whether or not he keeps that identity is not the point here. “Oh, Kanae is confused about his gender and is only using it to honor his family- he’s actually a girl!”
No. He’s a man until he says so otherwise and that shouldn’t be up for debate. He has undergone a social transition and is treated as male by his companions and people who meet him.

One flashback and a scene of partial nudity does not change that. He has been a man since the start and no matter your opinion on the narrative, referring to him as female or with feminine pronouns is blatantly misgendering him and is transphobic due to the fact that he has chosen a male identity for himself.

This shouldn’t even have to be said honestly and considering that it’s only just been a day or so since the revelation that he was assigned female at birth and people are already misgendering him is really fucking gross.

I knew I’d written a post about why I hate “ugh fans woobifying their faves” and I was trying to track down the post, but uh … it’s not so much a post.

you are not their fan

you are not their fan if you invade and feel entitled to their privacy, whether that be their private social media accounts, their homes, or anything else they’ve decided is qualified as ‘private’ and ‘not for the fans/public’. you are also not their fan if you take advantage of invasions of privacy, whether you were the direct perpetrator or not.   

you are not their fan if you cause them fear and/or pain, either because you won’t leave them alone (i.e. stalking them, which is a crime, btw) or you’re constantly tearing into aspects of their life they didn’t give you permission to access. 

you are not their fan if you make places that are supposed to their safe and private paces, especially their homes (regardless of what country they’re currently staying in) feel unsafe and threatened 

i’m going to repeat this.

you are not their fan if you cause them pain, or fear, or invade their privacy, or stalk them, or break in to their homes, or chase them down the highway and cause them to get into car accidents or any of the other innumerable fucked up shit that goes down. you are not entitled to their lives - yes, they may be famous and in the public eye but they are not toys. they are human beings and you are hurting them, you are creating toxic environments for them, you are causing them pain and fear. 

this shit doesn’t prove you love them - if you loved them like you claim to do, you’d respect them but this shit is the height of disrespect and is the product of unhealthy obsession. when this shit happens, it proves you that you don’t see them as human beings, but as - toys, as things that exist for solely for your enjoyment, not deserving of basic human rights.  

you are not their fan. and fuck you