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Everyone is drawing/writing Victor being appalled at Yuri for WTTM, but consider who we’re talking about here-

Victor “I am the MOST EXTRA” Nikiforov

The same Victor who, when HE was 16, wore a BONDAGE inspired costume for a WHOLE SEASON. (the very same costume his future husband would wear)

The Victor who, after ONE (1) night and ONE (1) online video, ran away from everything he had and flew to the other side of the world with his dick out.

You can’t tell me that Victor is anything but ecstaticaly proud of his smol son.

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this is definitely not an attack on you or the op, but i think (/hope) i misinterpreted something. women who find playing femshep empowering and don't like playing maleshep because male protags literally always get the spotlight are... assholes?

You misinterpreted it. 

This is not about finding FShep empowering. I play MShep and I find FShep empowering. This is about people constantly saying that others who play MShep suck, that he sucks, that Fshep is superior and that if you play MShep, you have no taste or respect. Actual words said by people. Remember: this is an old argument and this is why I consider them assholes. You can check my tags and see exactly what I mean.

A lot of people play MShep, and they aren’t always cis men. But those people don’t care about this. It’s all: “lmao why would you even play mshep when you have fshep????” 

Why would we play him? For various reasons. We like, care and identify with him. And if we identify with him, it is NOT inclusive to insult him and question why people would play him. Let me repeat this: cis men aren’t the only ones who play MShep!

They’re not saying “FShep is amazing and I love her” because if they did say that, I WOULD AGREE WITH THEM. I love FShep with all my heart. 

And I can have this opinion while acknowledging, since I did it MANY TIMES, that the marketing is terrible and putting the spotlight on FShep is A GOOD THING. Female characters should get more spotlight than they have right now.
I was one of those who repeatedly said Sara Ryder should be in more trailers.

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Quick question: would you mind if I... wrote something for your Pidge's Garden thing/series/thing(??? what do you even call it) I mean, I'm not that good at writing long things(And I'm sure I'll like.. botch someone's characterization somehow but) like maybe a little oneshot or drabble??? I'm okay at writing those...

Normally I would give an enthusiastic yes, but since I am leaning veeeery hard towards turning this into a drabble series I can post on my fan fiction accounts, I’m going to have to say no. D:

But I’m happy that you like the series!! Stay tuned for the inevitable day that I give in to my brain’s demands and start writing the thing. :D

The Prompt Game

Send me an idea, one or two lines of dialogue, or a sentence or two to work from and I will write a short fic from it.

Please try and be as clear as possible so that I know what your prompt is. With all of these there’s room for interpretation so if it’s not what you had in mind then you can turn around and write you’re own thing!

If it’s based on someone’s AU then please mention which AU it belongs to and who the creator is so that I can properly credit them.

I will not write NSFW stuff! I try and stay around PG or PG-13 at worst.

(Also pretty much on a Bendy kick right now but if you send me something regarding other fandoms I can say if I’ve looked into that or not.)

Also you can send anonymously if you so desire! 


Bendy and Henry get ice cream.

“Hey does this symbol look right?” Joey said.
“Eh close enough.” Henry shrugged.

He stared at the vile grin shivers running up his spine. The monster reached forward clawed hand nearing his face, was this the end?

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note that it's usually TERFs who shit on mShep and say anyone who plays as him is trash, I am a feminist too and I LOVE fShep, but insulting anyone who plays as him is fucking gross. Trans men play as him, genderfluid people play as him, non-binary people play as him and there's nothing wrong with cis men playing as him since a lot of them are gay/bi/pan and a lot of them relate to him for the sole reason that mShep can be in love with men. this fandom is full of TERFs and it's disgusting

Cis men who aren’t gay/bi/pan and who play MShep also have their reasons.
I think the issue is the stereotype of the gamer bro who is anti-women and anti-LGBT: that’s the one most people have in mind when they make those anti-MShep posts. They just don’t realize they’re hurting an entire community that has nothing to do with those behaviors and thoughts. 

I also know from experience some people will appear to agree with us but will bash MShep and MShep pairings in private, especially m/m ones.
They’re usually the ones who grab newbies like their life depends on it to spread their ideas. IDK, I’m glad I know good people here and stick to them. 

And I agree with you about TERFs. A lot of trans people feel uncomfortable in the Mass Effect fandom and I understand why.


First Auror Potter I have ever painted was on his birthday, July 31st, in 2016, and it’s the first of this collection. I think that’s why I started to think of him as an +20 yo auror. Somehow, it’s like he’s growing with me in real time. My vision of Harry Potter has matured over the years. He’s no longer a young boy in my mind as I’m no longer a child or teenager. What motivates me is to think he’s got wiser and more serious and all shit he’s been through since he was a kid made him even more sarcastic then he was. “No need to call me sir, professor” would turn into something like “You need to call me sir”.

For more bearded/auror Harry, see this tag :)

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u know people who make those 'fshep is canon' posts are playing around, right? they wouldn't ever actually go after people playing mshep. it's exactly the same as someone saying 'white people are cancelled'- they obviously don't mean it seriously and they're not attacking anyone. i wish people would stop taking general tumblr statements like that so personally

Your message bothers me because you’re trying to make me feel like I am making a big deal out of nothing. Worse, you’re putting me in the same category as those who complain about “white people are canceled” posts when I am far from doing something like this (and I would never). I don’t even think you understand the meaning of your comparison and why it doesn’t work. I can guarantee you it’s not “exactly the same.”

People have constantly talked about MShep players as if they were terrible and lacked respect for themselves. It’s never just “FShep is canon”, it’s “Why would you even play MShep? He sucks and FShep is superior. She’s canon, MShep isn’t.”
Don’t tell me that is all innocent and not attacking anyone. And I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been reading the mass effect tag every day for almost three years now and I see variations of this message all the time. 
Those people are completely ignoring the fact that some people play MShep because they identify with him more than with FShep. And we’re a diverse group. Not just cis men. 

Now, there are fans in this community who don’t give a single fuck about MShep and prefer FShep… but guess what? They never made me feel like shit for playing him. Never. They never said I had no taste or respect for playing him and they never questioned why I identified with him. They included me in this community, respected my choices like I respected theirs, and we’ve been able to discuss a lot of topics together. One of those being the terrible marketing for the trilogy and the terrible way female characters are treated by their creators and fandoms. We’ve been able to truly appreciate and praise FShep while respecting MShep and its players. So yeah. There is a big difference here and they know it. That’s why I like them and why I have no problem with them. I don’t think you’re quite getting the difference now. 

Btw, every time this discourse comes up I get messages from people who are trans and who feel uncomfortable in this fandom. Every. damn. time. And it always makes me feel sad.

IDK what to say anymore. 

You’re not sad enough over FFXV’s ending? Well, here you go.

Noctis’s Engine Blade has been featured in NieR: Automata, as diligent Japanese fans and Redditor HilariousMayMay have reported. It has more bits on Noctis and Regis which show us that someone probably hurt Tabata and the writers sometime in their lives, resulting in new info:


Tabby, are you really sure you don’t want to make a sequel? Double sure? Triple sure? You’re breaking our hearts here

(photo c/o tumblr)

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did you know there are people who play multiple protagonists who vary in gender and sexuality? because apparently fshep stans don't (yeah my third shepard totally erases my first shepard's existence. that's definitely how save files work)

Oh yeah. I have multiple FShep and MShep playthroughs. We don’t have to chose the One And Only Shepard. Or my favorite type of posts to rage about: “only fshep is canon, mshep doesn’t exist, i don’t make the rules lmao”

All Shepards are canon and valid and great!

(though one word about fshep stans: i think most of them are truly lovely and have always supported what we say here. like they’re always going to prefer fshep but they get why it’s fucked up to go after mshep players. the truly extreme ones are a minority but they’re very vocal)