Tony: why are you hanging from the shower curtain rod?

Peter, hanging upside-down, blasting All-Star on his phone: there are much better acoustics in the bathroom

Tony: okay, but-

*The curtain rod snaps and Peter crashes to the floor*

The question is: why do people not share the artwork of their favorite creators? Stuff they like?

There has been post after post complaining how the dynamics and the like/reblog ratio on tumblr has shifted drastically over the past few years. Where people used to reblog heavily over liking the new ratio is often times 1:4 to even 1:6 reblogs to likes per post.

Don’t you know how devastating that is?

Imagine working on something for hours, days, weeks or even months. You put in on the Internet and people nod to it and pass by. No further encouragement. Nothing. At best it gets stolen on a different platform and someone else gets the praise for it.

Reblogs are the equivalent of saying ”Hey guys! This person did something amazing that I like! Check them out!“ Likes don’t get validated by the algorithm. Only reblogs matter. No wonder people are walking out and finding other media as Twitter or IG. Their ratios aren’t great, but better than tumblr.

If you have the audacity to cry about content creators abandoning their blogs because they feel unheard, you’re most likely part of the problem.

Creators of all sorts feel discouraged from creating more as their content doesn’t get seen as tumblrs algorithm and new guidelines simply fuck them over. Reblogs expose them to new audiences and new possible fans.

The only reasons why people don’t (immediately) reblog I can think of are

A) people liking stuff to place them later in a queue/reblog them

B) people want NSFW stuff hidden from their blogs

Even then, case a) is a strong one, case b) flimsy at best. You do realize that you can create more than one blog? Make an NSFW one? Tumblr isn’t like Instagram where you have to compete to comply for a certain aesthetics and where you have to fight for followers and sponsorships.

You have this huge platform where people do their craft for free and you’re not even willing to share it.

Do not engage with this post just to add shitty arguments.


shep when he sees Simon’s butt and a cryptid 👀💦👌

it’s been an overwhelming week so i needed some simpard vibes. this is for @motherscarf and @adamarks, inspired by @nick-eyre. thank you all for your service 🙇🏼💯👏

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That mafia slut yoongi made me have butterflies in my pp🥴 its definitely engraved in my brain🥵✨pls do a part 2 (you’re such a amazing writer 🥰)

Hiii! Yes ofc! Thank you so much, love! This means the world to me! Also I noticed you said (pp) if you want me to start writing boy versions of my work please tell me and I will gladly do that! It will be no problem at all to switch things up! I want to please all my supporters and I also want them to get satisfaction out of what they read while it being as realistic as possible for them. It will be an absolute pleasure to start writing fanboy versions as well! I would love it!!! Just let me know 💜 now enjoy this part 2 of Yoongi - Mafia Slut

  • Member - Yoongi
  • Type - oneshot/mafia part 2


“Get on that fucking bed.” Yoongi demanded as he pushed you through the bedroom door. Your naked body hitting the cold sheets as Yoongi crawled up your body to attack your lips as he spreads your legs. “Still so wet even after all you just went through. If that doesn’t speak slut behavior I don’t know what does.” He growled, watching as your body still shook from sensitivity as he rubbed your clit in hard, fast circles. Your hands grip the sheets below you once feeling his other hand insert two fingers into your dripping pussy.


“Who the fuck is Yoongi, slut?”

His hand coming up to smack your face, griping your cheeks between his thumb and index finger yanking your face towards him. “Try again doll. What’s my name?” He asked. You swallowed hard, weakly looking up at him. “Oppa.” You reply earning a “good girl” from Yoongi. His hands then rub up and down your body, tracing every inch of you as you squirmed underneath his touch.

His cock standing happily against his belly just waiting to destroy you again. “Get on your belly, sweetheart. Oppa’s gonna fuck you from you behind.” He demanded smacking your thigh. You then laid flat on your belly with your legs spread and your ass in the air just enough for Yoongi to see what was his. You hear him scuffling behind you before you feel his hands on your hips pulling you closer to his.

“Such a beautiful ass for me babygirl. All spread out and vulnerable just for me. Fucking love it!” Another smack on your ass was gifted to you making you moan in pleasure. Yoongi gripped his cock in his hands, teasing it along your entrance making you whine. He would slide it up and down your entrance before circling your clit and teasing the tip inside of you slowly.

“You sure you’re ready for me again baby? You’re so sensitive.” He asked as he tapped his cock against your pussy. “Mhh I’m so ready Oppa. Please give it to me.” You begged. Yoongi grabbed both of your arms holding them behind your back before he slid inside of you. “F-fuck yes such a good pussy. And it’s all for me!” He threw his head back as he smacked your ass once more before rubbing the red marks he had left behind.

Your face now buried in the mattress as you drool all over the bedsheets while Yoongi destroys you. Your fluids you can feel running down your thighs each time he thrusts into you. “O-Oppa.. feels so good! H-harder.” You whine. Yoongi grunts, granting your wish forcing his cock harder inside of you. “Oh yes, yes, yes right there! Mhh my God!” You mumble in the sheets as he hits your sweet spot.

“Did Oppa find it baby? You gonna cum soon, hmm? Sound like a fucking slut moaning like that underneath me.”

“I’m your slut, Oppa! Only y-yours.. mmhh I’m so close!”

“Mhh yeah? You didn’t seem to be only mine when you were showing how good you were in front of the boys.. sucking cock, taking it.. little fucking cockslut!” Yoongi spit, his hand coming down on your ass multiple times making you scream in both pain and pleasure. “What do you have to say for yourself huh?” Yoongi asked pulling you up by your neck while still having a grip on your hands behind you. “I’m sorry Oppa, I’m so sorry. J-just wanted to make you happy. So sorry..” Tears escape your eyes as you whine vigorously.

“Sorry means nothing to me.”

Yoongi speeds up his movements, releasing your arms from behind you allowing you to grip the sheets as he grips your hips. His speed increasing as he chasing his own high as well as yours. Both of your moans fill the room as you moan each other’s name. “Fucking hell i’m gonna cum angel.. you ready for Oppa’s cum? You’re gonna take it so well, know it! Such a good girl for me huh?” Yoongi asked teasingly watching you nod your head yes in a pathetically, submissive way.

Yoongi laid his body over yours, wrapping his arms around your body as he thrusting his hips upwards hitting the spot that made your fluids squirt all over him causing him to paint your inside white. His cock lazily slipping out of you as you both collapse on the bed. Yoongi pulled you close, kissing your lips and covering up your shaky body. Your arms desperate to hold onto him as you come down from your intense high.

“As a punishment, you will be sleeping in your own cum tonight. I don’t wanna hear one thing about it or it’s the vibrator! Next time don’t be such a whore.”

“Y-yes Oppa.”


Me: *complains so Yoongi hears more than one thing about it*

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cigarette daydreams . kth ( teaser )


SUMMARY: maybe taehyung lived with his head in the clouds but, he liked it that way. maybe you were chaotic, a hurricane in human form barrelling through life in reckless abandon. maybe the thought of you two being together brought sheer terror to the hearts of anyone who you knew. maybe, just maybe, you didn’t care.

PAIRING: kim taehyung x reader

GENRE: fraternity au, strangers to lovers au, non-idol au

TAG LIST: @afangirllikeme-blog @nidaba @thefiresfromheaven

A/N: hi again i know this amount of updates is weird for me (◑́_◑᷅ ) this has been sitting in my drafts for so long and i’ve got two of the sections done so i just thought i’d put the first three introductory paragraphs into a teaser!! i’m rlly liking how this one is going so i hope you do to! please send me an ask if you would like to be added to the tag list ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ




If Kim Taehyung was a colour he would be orange. He was the warm feeling that washed over you when you sat beside the fireplace for too long, cheeks prickling with a flushing heat. His rectangular smile was the cool citrus taste that lingered in the back of your throat after a glass of orange juice, not even realising the refreshment was slowly creeping up on you. One look at him and you just felt at ease, any storm raging through you would be placated by the warmth that filtered from his very core. He was the streaks of colour in the sky left behind when the sun crested upon the waves in the horizon. Taehyung was soft lines and gentle touches, he was the gentle flush when smoke floated your way - he was the feeling of not quite knowing where or who you are but, not entirely minding it because he was with you.

You were blue. Poetically complimenting him like the sunrise you could so fondly compare him to. You were the blue of the sky, light and ephemeral - shifting between days marked with clouds and ones where you were so bright and so free even the bounds of the sky could not contain you. He said you were peppermint, too sweet and too strong at first but so refreshing and liberating in the end. You were the chills that spiked beneath his skin when he jumped straight into the lake beside the house, you were the rush of being kicked out of a library for being too loud and laughing the whole way down the stairs. Where he was serene, you were dangerous. Where he was soft, you were brash.

Everything about the two of you was similar - but for all of the wrong reasons. You meeting Taehyung could have been disastrous for, not only the two of you but for everyone around you. But, where tragedy could have struck, something bloomed instead. A tiny space in your heart reserved for him, you labelled it home.


release date: tbd


SO I was able to join the August 11 Sid City live-stream and watch the lovely garashir script written by @almaasi and OH BOY was it incredible!! I have this one screencap which really says it all. This was a wonderful script and absolutely amazing to watch.

It means so much to me as a young queer person to see the queer narrative that was pushed under the rug in the 90’s being put front and centre in the spotlight by Sid and Andy themselves, not censored by production companies or social stigma. The fact that a very real twenty years later the fan community is recognized and creating content the actors themselves perform and share is just so so wonderfu. I have a lot of feelings about Garak, Bashir, DS9 and this performance. Feel free to break down the door of my DMs and SCREAM with me!!

Some things I’ve learned from this fandom: 

  • Thigh riding is hot
  • I am not submissive; every time I read a submissive reader insert, I just “NOPE” to myself through the whole thing. This is good to realize about yourself! 
  • I love stories where the reader seduces the character. I don’t know if this is dominant, but…yeah. Me. 
  • What truly neutral gender/hair/skin descriptions are. Love it. 
  • No matter who the character, they have qualities that are sexy as fuck. That is awesome! Because it applies to real people, too.