My aesthetic: falling in love with damaged characters and watching them let their walls down and let people in, thus entering into their redemption arcs.

There is nothing quite like the moment when you realize you are reading your new favorite fanfic.

Or the moment when you’ve been giving a particular fic the side-eye for a while but you finally decide to give it a read…and it’s transcendentally good.

Or the moment when you read something so fantastic that you have to immediately abandon everything else you have been doing with your life so you can go and read literally every word the writer has ever written.

Or the moment when your favorite fic writer writes something in a different fandom that is so good you have to go out and watch/read the source material and – whoops – you suddenly have a new fandom.

Ok so this happened in a very short amount of time😂 honesty I’m here for it but I get why people are a little upset towards it. Let’s just let this new AU take off and see where it goes. I like the concept of it as well as the fan art! I think this is a good way for us to take a break from season seven and indulge in something that will make us smile👍

Also season seven left me soaking in my own puddle of tears really early in the morning. That was fun( ̄^ ̄)

I really like the show and I will be watching season 8 when the time comes. I’m just hoping for a little more character development, but I’ll take what I can get😊

anonymous asked:

Will you do an imagine where Carol is sick and gets taken care of :)

I’m so sorry this is late angel, I’ve had a super busy day!! I hope you love this tho, it’s set with older Carol bc Henny has been unwell lately<33


It’s a freezing, damp, January day. Pretty much everyone in prison dreaded the winter, not only because they’re missing out on family occasions but also because it was flu season. Everyone always got it at least once - some worse than others.

Unfortunately, Carol was one of them. Every year, you find her curled up in her cell, sneezing and coughing miserably and it breaks your heart. She always said it’s her own fault for smoking all those years, but regardless, seeing your girlfriend so unwell just made you wish you could both be out of here, so you could take care of her properly.

It had been lockdown for 48 hours in order to stop the spreading, and thankfully neither you or your bunkie had caught it, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to see Carol and make sure she was alright.

After the lockdown was lifted, you go straight to Carol’s cell. Everyone was a mess of phlegm, exhaustion and general grossness, but they wanted to be up and about. But not poor Carol, she was truly suffering through it.

Carol was still sleeping, the bedcovers pulled right over head so you could just see a huddle in the middle of the bed. You could hear her softly coughing, and rush over to her side.

While you don’t want to wake her, you don’t want her to be alone. You gently curl up beside her, being the big spoon for once, and hold her close. She’s so tense but she relaxes at the feel of you next to her.

You stroke her head and rub her back, wishing you could bring her some tissues and some soup. None of the guards had even bothered to look in on her.

Finally, she wakes up properly and turns to you. She looks so ill and tired, it hurt to see her so unhappy.

“Bet you don’t think I’m sexy when I look like this, huh?” Carol chuckles, which immediately led to a coughing fit. You rub her back and try to soothe her.

“I think you’re beautiful, Carol, always. I’m here to take care of you”, you say.

She smiles. She’s not used to feeling so loved and cared for. Finding you was the luckiest day in her life. 

“I feel like a frail old lady, stuck here in bed. Ugh. I hate it” she grumbles.

“Baby it’s okay, you do so much already. You’re not well and you need to rest”, you assure her. Carol always softened when you called her baby. She didn’t want anyone else seeing her in this state, but she felt so comfortable with you.

She lay back, leaning on your chest. You kiss her head and hold her close.

“You always take such good care of me, Y/N. I love you”.