Me and my late night sadcomics. What’s wrong with me?

So anyway, long time no see, Fandangonauts! I’ve been wanting to get back to this little AU, but things got in the way. Here’s a bit of Manny and Glottis in the AU-version of Year2 - under cover in Morocco trying to expose corruption and track down the elusive Mercedes Colomar, alleged psychic and femme fatal.. 

Also I designed some Salvatores! I don’t know what kind of psychic affinity Salvatore Limones would have… but I do know he’s a studly Spanish man. 

Besides the obvious entertainment value, I’m glad I started this little crossover because it’s gotten me to experiment drawing different human face shapes! I’m a fan of Sal’s jaw :) 

There are over fifty awesome characters in Grim Fandango, if anyone else wants to contribute characters to PsychonautsAU, the submit box is always open!

Glottis is great with the ladies :) 

Oh come on, who COULDNT love Glottis? 

I like to think he’s kind of the heart of Psychonauts HQ’s Captain Planet. He’s a little guy, humble, naive, good at taking instructions. It was a fluke he was recruited out of the Psychonaut fleet team. At that point Manny was a new recruit as well, with plenty of people staring down their noses at him. They paired the two together out of convenience or spite. What they didn’t expect was Manny to climb the ladder so fast… dragging an agreeable Glottis along for the ride. 

As a result, Glottis isn’t your typical special agent. He stresses about little, trusts easily, and is an all-around joy to work with both on the job and off