fandango and summer rae

  • What I should be thinking: it's GOTTA be Luke Harper and Eric Rowan so breezango could feud with an actual tag team
  • What I say I'm thinking: Summer!!! Rae!!!!! Remember her history with Dango???
  • What I'm actually thinking: Kevin Owens attacked Breezango because they threw a cream pie at his face at that fourth of July food fight a while back and he's still mad

Since this is a write up of all the wrestlers I met, I’ll be writing my experience with each while I took the photo (some were just hi bye so if you dont see a part for some of them thats why)

Airport (7/4/15) Part 1

Roman Reigns: God he’s honestly such a sweetheart. Before they come out of the doors, you can see the shadow of who’s coming. As soon as I saw headphones, I knew it was him. I went up to him to try and ask for a picture, but everyone kept going up to him and asking for autographs, so I wanted to be patient. Cause he was the first one who came out, I was basically standing by him awkwardly asking for a picture. All I managed to get out was “um, uh” over and over, but he turned to me, smiled  and looked down at me and said “I’m listening” which basically killed me. Sadly we didn’t get a picture because he had to go, but he came down in my section later that night and I got to shake hands with him! Probably the most memorable of my experiences last night, he’s honestly like a dream.

Adam Rose: I asked for a picture and he said “Sure, darling.”

Natalya: Honestly so sweet, Cause my friend that I went with is such a huge fan of hers and Nattie always replies/favorites/retweets her, she even asked us for a selfie on her own phone! Posted here!

Summer Rae: I teased her about how short I was and she kneeled down to take a picture with me.

So I’ve seen a lot of people do this so I wanted to do this too. Better late than never but I’m just naturally a slow person. But anyway, here are the wanted connections/relationships/interactions ( platonic, romantic, hateship, etc) for all my muses. I may also forget things because I’m trash

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