Ah July 1st

The day for many events in the pjo fandam

Canada Day for Frank… :)

A Happy Birthday to Jason… :)

The anniversary fall of Tartarus for Percy and Annabeth…. :)

July 1st holds so many events :)

“Gods Solace, how many checkered shirts do you own?!”                                    “Not enough, since you seem to have a habit of stealing them.”           

Will “hotter than the sun” Solace, everyone

I think I’m finally happy with the way I draw him?

Because I realised this blog has a serious lack of ladies and I really wanted to draw some big hair? so have a Hazel <3 I’ll get round to drawing all the seven one day when I’m not stuck in solangeloland… and drawing other fanart of my newest loves… oh and I think I have OCs too? 

Oh wait I also have schoolwork. Who cares about that tho, right? :D 

I have about zero idea what happened here? Probably monsters or something. Angry fangirls maybe?

 I just… I wanted to draw solangelo cutes okay? I need no excuses

I couldn’t quite figure out how to colour this so I ended up not? Don’t know if it needs colours…

//Enjoying my last night before going back to school drawing cuteness with my friends, drinking pumpkin spice wine and listening to 2000s hits. Good times before school hell lol//