fancytier feferi

OK… FANCYSTUCK FEF…redesigned…

I feel like such a dick I AM SO SORRY I AM THE WORST. I FEEL TERRIBLE.

The bodice and hood will still be thick- but the rest will be light and cottons. Yaaay. The drawing is really smooth looking, but it it’s actually more of a raggety/kerchief skirt.

I wanted to be less hot and also resemble a witch!!

It’s DONE!! (actually missing a little bit of the beading but that’ll get done!)

The horns and wings betrayed me but i’ll live with it. I also hope the weather won’t be too hot because i will die of heatstroke.

I seem to have lost my Signless wig so I’ll just have two outfits for the con.

SO -EXCIT-ED! Better pictures after con, hopefully :B


Another photoset of me at MCM as fancytier feferi!

(sorry for spamming you with my face)

Photos courtesy of Nicole: <3 ps she’s an absolute doll, go check her out! uwu i really hope its okay that i put these here!!

Outfit design credit goes to Lilly: <3 uvu

i was a bit worried about uploading these but i have given credit so i think its okay but if its not im really sorryasljafjlg;ahgkah im a derp :c