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I have been reading up on keto diet. I am really interested to try it, but I am not sure if it is right for me. If it isn't, then all the fancy ingredients like liquid stevia, almond flour etc. which I seldom use will go to waste. Do you think a strict keto is necessary for someone who is not suffering from weight issue (BMI 17-18 etc.). Also, have you come across any meal plans that do not require 'fancy' ingredients or things that I can't find easily on the street? Thank you. Xx

As regards meal plans, lots of free recipes and ideas here

Have a look at the response to the previous question someone asked to see if you need to do keto.

The weird ingredients like stevia and other sugar substitutes (highly processed) are part of the “weening off” process. Many people go through a bread substitute stage where they make Almond bread etc. I did. It is however very time consuming and as you say wasting expensive ingredients.

For sugar now - since going Low Carb High Fat my sweet tooth has gone! I could never stand in a checkout line and not add a bar of chocolate to my shopping. Now no problem.

Now i really don’t need sugar substitutes or bread replacements.

When you go real whole food, moderate protein low carb high fat you will find your taste buds change and previously things that your experienced as bland and unsweet just pop! Fruit actually tastes sweet to me now.

Just the other day i had canned beetroot on a salad, i had to spit it out as it was too sweet for me - i thought what the fuck there can’t be sugar in this, its just beetroot. Wrong! Loads of sugar - sugar sells and it in Eeeeeeeeeverrrrryyyyything!

I don’t make this a religious doctrine either - once a month if out with friends and we go to the best italian Pizza place in town, the one that uses quality ingredients and makes the nice crust in a wood fired oven - I’m having pizza! However i would never make an exception for poor quality garbage sugar loaded with fake cheese like Dominoes.

If i want pizza more often i make it myself - Fat Head pizza - google it.

If you are not using Keto for a specific reason then #NSNG is my template No Sugar No Grains. Simple. If it fits this then its ok. However avoid anything with Vegetable Oil. Learn to love grass fed butter.

As the words from Michael Pollen - Eat Anything you like, that comes with no ingredient list, minimally processed and make it yourself.

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"Hes a celebrity" So? And? Does that mean he has to buy fancy clothes and things? He can do what he wants if he wants to wear it again and again he can its his choice his life. If you dont like it find another celeb who like to spend money on shit (:


tag yourself as movements in classical music
  • Medieval:often ignored, shy, secretly gay, likes to stay in the same place all the time, dreams of being a monk
  • Renaissance:loves to dance, likes fancy things (but not too fancy), nobody else could pick them out in a crowd but everyone is friendly to them
  • Baroque:very particular about everything, draws immensely detailed doodles, gets super side-tracked on pointless tangents, everyone's distracted dad friend
  • Classical:very neat bedroom, makes bad puns constantly, has a 9-5 job, everyone's helpful but slightly exasperated mom friend
  • Romantic:can never make up their mind about anything, gets shivers when they go to art museums, cries a lot (and you'll know about it), sad bisexual (TM)
  • Impressionist:super gay, loves music that isn't in their native language, cries easily, just wants to have a good time
  • Early Modernist:just like Romantic but also does drugs and is afraid of but also super interested in sex
  • Serialist:angry at everything, "you don't understand my torment", probably a communist
  • Neoclassical:wants to be just like classical but has never gone to sleep before 1AM, keeps a very neat bedroom except for a single massive pile of clothes in the closet they refuse to acknowledge, occasionally steals Renaissance's hoodies
  • Total Serialist:500% angrier than serialist and proud of it, has never had fun, has probably killed someone
  • Academic Avant-Garde:has never done the same thing twice, trusts nobody else, has an on-again-off-again relationship with total serialism
  • Minimalism:loves technology, still wears Google Glass and the Apple Watch, meditates for fun, trying to learn Hindi (and horribly failing), often incomprehensible to everyone else but is actually super friendly
  • Polystylism:originator of the term "pastel grunge", wears immensely clashing outfits, steals everyone's looks, memes

Hey all! So, special effects work has been super duper slow so I’m opening commissions to help pay the bills a bit! This is the first time I’ve ever opened commissions, so this’ll be exciting, haha.

Please read the terms and conditions before contacting me! I’ll put them and contact info under the cut


  • I will ask for payment upfront. Once I receive payment I will start your commission. I’ll only accept payment through paypal
  • It will take me about a week to two weeks to finish your commission, sometimes less. I’ll try to be as fast as I can!
  • I might post finished commissions to my tumblr or other social media accounts. (instagram, twitter, da) If you do not want me to post it please let me know beforehand
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a visual reference of your character(s). 
  • If I am unable to finish your commission through whatever means you’ll be refunded. No refunds on finished commissions.
  • Please don’t use the commission for commercial purposes!

If interested, feel free to DM me on tumblr or on my twitter! I’ll be setting up an email for commissions and things later on

ANYWHOSIES I’ll have about 10 slots open for now, and if you have any questions feel free to send an ask!

Thanks for reading!!

Valor print in progress!  

I’m so excited to be a part of the Valor anthology!  It’s a collection of seriously talented lady comic artists and writers coming together to make a group of stories about stellar ladies in fantastic situations.

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