“LEFT HANDED! LEFT HANDED! LEFT HANDED!” -me, while cutting the nut and stringing this lefty Epiphone Les Paul. After fucking up the wiring harness I built last week because I forgot, I took some safe advice and chanted while I did my duty. I did not repeat my former mistake. Now equipped with a TonePros locking bridge and a fancy new bone nut. #guitar #epiphone #gibson #lespaul #lp #custom #guitartech #seattle #black (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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tagged by the lovely @austennerdita2533

countries I’ve lived in: US

favorite fandom: Definitely Klaroline. I just linger on the periphery of a bunch of other ones. 

languages you speak: English and some Spanish and French, like only enough to save my life if needed.

favorite film of 2016: Deadpool

last article I read: An article a woman adopting a baby wrote about the waiting period between when the baby is born and when the birth mother officially surrenders her rights.  It was horribly sad and happy all at the same time and I haven’t been able to shake it.

shuffle your music library and put the first 3 songs here:

  • “Young Hearts Run Free” Kym Mazelle from the R+J Soundtrack
  • “Little Talks” Of Monsters and Men

last thing you bought online: Dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds from my little sister - apparently girl scouts sell fancy nuts now. 

any phobias or fears: Aside from the every day heebie-jeebies of spiders and other creepy crawlers I’d say oceans.

how would your friends describe you: Definitely sarcastic but also reliable, a good listener, and probably a nerd.

how would your enemies describe you: bitch is the word I’ve heard most used by people not fond of me :)

who would you take a bullet for: My immediate family for sure.

if you had money to spare what would you buy first: Clothes, I’m 31 weeks preggo and rapidly running out of clothing that fits and/or is comfortable at this size. 

disney or studio ghibli: Even if I knew what ghibil was I’d say DISNEY!

book or movie: I feel like it depends on what genre but I’ll say book. 

comedies or scary movies: Comedies all the way.

emotional or logical: Logical sometimes to a fault and it can be misinterpreted as me being mean and unsympathetic but I can’t help the way my brain functions. 

pastel colors or dark colors: Pastels

candles or incense: Candles, I just bought a delicious smelling fall one from Target and have been burning it every chance I get!

summer or winter: Autumn

museum or aquarium: Museum - back to my ocean phobia. Also there are so many different types of museums, the options are endless!

halloween or christmas: Christmas 

peppermint or spearmint: Spearmint

cake or pie: Cake

morning shower or evening shower: Morning

massive mansion or cozy cottage: Cozy cottage

dinosaur kid or space kid: Dinosaur

I’ll tag @misssophiachase, @gooddame, @wanderlust-in-nyc, @supremeuppityone…sorry if I’m double tagging someone!