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my thoughts on the gravity falls mayoral race

*WARNING* i will be discussing spoilers

possible contenders for the new mayor of gravity falls:

Stanley Pines

  • evidence: the spoiler picture that themysteryofgravityfalls posted (and then took down quickly afterwards???); the storyboard revision of Stan standing at a podium
  • possible motives: 
    • to get the town back on his side after the whole portal deal 
    • out of spite (if the episode is set up in a way that bud or someone else insults him) 
    • he’s attracted to the (fancy?) mayoral lifestyle

Stanford Pines

  • evidence: also the spoiler pic
  • possible motives: 
    • I honestly don’t see him as having any??? if Stanley decided to run maybe he’d be like “I could do a much better job as mayor!” but other than that I got nothing. I don’t see Stanford running unless his brother does which could be a good sibling relationship type plot (cause god knows their relationship won’t be okay after just one episode). him running could also be the reason Dipper is wearing two pieces of Stan memorabilia whereas Mabel is wearing none - their way of not playing favorites. (but that could be a little far-fetched)

Bud Gleeful

  • evidence: according to Dipper and Mabel’s Guide, Bud Gleeful wants to run for mayor
  • possible motives: 
    • to get back on the town’s side after Gideon’s betrayal
    • maybe without the blindeye and Gideon’s influence, Bud is actually a good person and want to change the town for the better 
    • maybe Gideon is still influencing him and makes him do it!!! to get to a higher seat of power over the town… Bud doesn’t have the memory wiping device to block out Gideon’s tantrums anymore, remember?

Preston Northwest

  • evidence: I don’t actually have any??? he just seems like a viable option
  • possible motives:
    • preservation of the family image after the events of NMM / reminding everyone that his family is better than them

Quentin Trembly

  • evidence: “Quentin Trembly will return when America needs him the most.” - Alex Hirsch
  • possible motives: 
    • ????? —
    • he’s Quentin Trembly

I think the race will be the subject of:

a) one very fast paced episode that takes place over a week at most.

b) a three episode arc. 1) Stan decides to run 2) campaign trail 3) the actual election and results

c) a six or seven episode arc following A Tale of Two Stans up to the season 2 finale. the race is referenced in every episode, even if it’s not the main subject of the episode

I think the first option is the most likely but personally, I’m hoping the latter because I’d like to see how the show would work with a plot line like this in the background

shamblingcorporatepresence theorized that Dipper and Mabel probably won’t hear Stan’s full backstory (Carla kicking him out, him leaving his kid behind, etc.) during A Tale of Two Stans, and if that is the case, then wouldn’t an election episode (or arc) be the perfect time for them to learn this information? when dirty secrets of people running for office are exposed to the public by their competitors? I have no doubt that Bud Gleeful is capable of hiring a private detective to try and uncover Stan’s past. 

or maybe i’m just speculating wildly