Finally have a full rose gold and mint green set from BVLA, and it matches my labradorite labret (my most prized possession) from Onetribe perfectly. A thank you to Kendra Jane for taking the last photo and to Amanda for installing the bling! Hit up Dragon Fx if you’re ever in need for pretties! They have locations in both the West Edmonton and Kingsway garden mall located in Edmonton, Alberta.

No fucks given about the dry skin on my face.


10mm Delrin oval labret with Moonstone cabochon inlay.

No adhesive, no scratches, polished to an incredible shine, made to your specs, made to the correct circumference AND we don’t charge extra for concave T backs.
Need a longer wearable? we don’t charge extra! need a deeper concave? we don’t charge extra! need a more shallow concave back? or even flat? we dont charge extra! need longer/shorter wings (4mm as standard) WE DONT CHARGE EXTRA! fully customizable labret plugs made to fit YOUR NEEDS, not made to fill our pockets!!