What is this life

I was prepared a 4 course meal with fancy plating while we spoke of borzoi history. We ate raspberries and ice cream for dessert. There were no less than 9 lit candles on the table. There were 6 pieces of silverware around the plate. I drank 5 glasses of wine. The dogs regularly checked in on us with snoot booping.

I can’t

Honestly I am so hyped for the @pjocoloringbook my dreams are coming true before my very eyes because my rusty ass can’t draw for shit but coloring is my jam and I am just so pumped 🙌


i THINK i’ve decided what car i’m getting……. a toyota aygo. it looks cool, it’s not too expensive, and it has 5 doors, which are my only qualifiers


the merveille hotel; 

Have you come to Montreal ( Or, perhaps even Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec City ) for a luxurious weekend, the Merveille Hotel should definitely be among your top choices. This highly rated building right in the heart of Lasalle itself was established 1985 by its two main owners Benjamin and Patricia Meadows, far known for the hospitality and strong presence among their clients and guests. Climbing from a rundown three star to a five during the span of ten years you can do nothing but pressume these two are doing something right; so even if you can’t afford to live there, at least give the open up-to-its-name bar a chance whenever you have some time off your hands. 

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