fancy dress

Something I desperately need is someone to draw Regina in one of her fancy dresses, with jewellery, sitting on her throne, and before her, Zelena in her patched up, dirty frock, messy hair, and Regina asking her why she would be jealous of her

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(pt. 3) it’s 10 pm and i’ve been wearing a fancy dress all day
because first i thought you’d like to see me in it
and now i think i wear it because it looks good on me
because the poem that was about you has changed
and it turned into being about me -TA

MAGNIFICENT! I love it so so so much.
It’s so beautiful and it flows so well! ♡♡
Thank you TA

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(pt. 2) it’s 10 pm and i’ve been wearing a fancy dress all day
because only pretty things give me motivation
and i needed to clean my room and take that shower
because i have slept in the same sheets for months
and i realized i simply have me it’s 10 pm and i’ve been wearing a fancy dress all day
because i knew i could be my own motivation
and i did all those good things by myself and for myself
because not only did i survive before you, i thrived
and as time goes on i will thrive once again

so freaking

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(pt. 1) it’s 10 pm and i’ve been wearing a fancy dress all day 
because you used to be my motivation 
and the reason i got up and did the things i had to do
because you inspired me to be a better me 
and i was a better me because i had you it’s 10 pm and i’ve been wearing a fancy dress all day
because i no longer have any motivation
and i can barely get up in the morning to feed myself
because there is no reason for me to try anymore
and i’ve had no one since you left me

This is


We’re coming back from a fancy dinner, you dressed up all snazzy in your suit and I’m wearing a tight dress that shows off my ass. We just made it through the door when you pin me against the wall, hungry for my lips. As I feel your tongue swipe against mine and teeth biting my lower lip, you push your body even closer to mine. You’re so hard against my thigh, and I feel myself getting unbearably wetter, knowing how much you want me. You grab my wrists and pin them above me with one hand, and the other reaches down and starts to slowly rub my clit. I can’t take it anymore, biting at the base of your neck and begging you to keep going. You start to grind your hard cock against me and whisper how I’m such a tease, and you start to fuck me with your fingers. I want your cock in me now, but you keep going, going faster and faster. And then you stop. You tell me I’ll have to earn it before you will fuck me.

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Alyssa, I know you don't take any requests atm, but hear me out, I just got an awesome fic idea 👀: Y/N & Jungkook are like a part of a mafian gang/group or whatever and there are actually many members (like the rest of bts) and the two of them are always grouped up together for a mission where they have to act like they are either married or together and you know all that good stuff, fancy dinner meetings, dresses, jungkook + suits(!!), and idk, its not really a plot, but I'd so want to read it

omgg that sounds so fun asldkafjl I’m a sucker for these kinds of tropes so 👀 I’ll take this into consideration 👀 eheh

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“um.. who’s this present for?”

“It’s for you silly… don’t ask how many caps that cost me because I’m afraid to answer.” In all honesty, it was almost every cap Archer had saved since coming to this town. But for him it felt like a worthy purchase. Perhaps something she might like. At least he hoped.

She always fancied how he dressed so pristine. So he had something made in return for her. A beautiful, tight, black little number. There were no holes, no singe marks, no dirt had ever touched it. Beautiful, clean, and perfect in every way. What he felt she deserved.

Day 46 - Tomato Red with Leather jacket and nude pumps

Another day with a somewhat fancy dress. I love this Ted Baker dress because it’s comfy and chic. I love it so much, in fact, that I own it in 3 or 4 different colors/patterns. The pink floral print one is the dress I wore on day 26. It’s just so flattering that I find it the perfect dress for almost any occasion. Because my office is freezing I’ve paired it with my black leather jacket. Because they look good with everything I threw on my nude LK Bennett pumps. My favorite detail, however is my new sparkly Kate Spade phone case, the glitter makes me extremely happy.

46 days down, 54 to go

(dress: Ted Baker, Shoes: LK Bennett, Jacket: Reiss)

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