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Joking about white people isn’t racist sorry bro

Racism is the oppression of minority ethnicities and all the subsequent layers of violence, stigma, financial suffocation and social exclusion that follow. Check out the ‘pyramid of oppression’.

White people are privileged in most societies.

Rich people are privileged, and if you call someone 'an overpaid piece of shit’ that isn’t oppression. They’re fucking rich. You’re more likely to hurt some feelings.

Hurt feelings are not the same as hate crime.

The full version of my Ladies of Literature Volume 2 piece! Here’s Sabriel of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series. 

My absolute favorite moment of Sabriel happens at the reservoir in Belisaere. Broken charter stones imbuing weakness…the thread of magic wearing thin yet persevering through perilous odds…the riskiest cross into Death yet… it’s a culmination of Sabriel’s growth as a character - a performance of her task and talent. It’s everything I love about fantasy, really - tremendous power in unlikely places, tragic legacies, reluctant yet steadfast heroes - the works.

A huge thank-you to Janet and Arielle for organizing the project and inviting me to participate, to you guys for supporting the kickstarter, and to Ensley (fancyfeastdoodle) for suggesting this series to me in the first place!

When kitty is the king or queen of your castle, don’t they deserve to dine like one? This week we teamed up with Fancy Feast as part of their #WaystoWow campaign for their newly launched Broths with chicken, and created this chic yet purrr-actical DIY. The perfectly portioned pouches of delicious ingredients were tested and approved by our kitty companions, and this marble tray makes the perfect setting for serving. Join us in the DIY meow-vement!
To create: Lay your cutting board on top of the backside of the marble contact paper. With a marker, trace a  3.25" border around the board; cut out shape with scissors. Our board was 12" x 16" so we traced a 15.25" x 19.25" rectangle. Peel the backing off the contact paper and carefully adhere it centered to the cutting board. Flip over and fold over the corners, as if you’re wrapping a present. Glue the drawer pulls on the surface of the tray. Use a ruler for precision. Let dry overnight. Place your cat’s food and water bowl on your new fabulous DIY creation.


2/19 Goofus the Peacock sneaks home after flying next door to court the neighbor’s blind horse with his shiny butt and fancy dancing again.

I am going to be kind of annoyed if he manages to father any man-eating horses with peacock tails, which I am assured are totally a thing by Very Accurate Medieval Biology Texts That Were Definitely Not Written On A Dare, and then I get eaten by a very fancy horse.

It’s spring, when a young peacock’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of unleashing anthrophagous monstrosities upon a soft and sleepy world.