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In honour of it being Harry Potter's birthday, what are some of your favourite HP quotes or moments?

Happy birthday Harry! You fictional bespectacled sassafras!

Top 5 favourite moments (off the top of my head)

  • Neville gaining extra house points for standing up to the trio
  • Hagrid calling himself “mummy” when in relation to Norbert (”Norbert! Where’s mummy?”)
  • Ron standing up to Snape for Hermione (oddly absent from the film, I might add.) “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”
  • Buckbeak’s witness protection name (Witherwings)
  • “There’s no need to call me “sir” Professor” (Harry giving Snape some of his trademark sass)

The Daisy ring by Busatti Milano is “delicately set with an important yellow diamond and surrounded by fine briolette diamonds” - what a beautiful description for an incredible ring. You had us at yellow, and won us over with briolette’s! Totally in love with this ring. (Photo; #thejewelcollective #busatti #busattimilano #yellowdiamond #fancyyellowdiamond #canaryyellow #canaryyellowdiamond #briolette #emeralcut #emeraldcutdiamond #haloring #italy #italian #craftsmanship #highjewellery #highjewelry #finejewellery #finejewelry

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izzy, that gif! casual power couple kisses on red carpets! on the beach! after dates in fancy restaurants! while taking a romantic walk in the park! after they both say 'i do'!!! so many zarry feels ugh :(

Casual power couple kisses everywhere. Harry whispering right before “come on babe, give them what they want.” Zayn laughing and leaning in for a quick peck that the cameras can catch. Harry pouts a little when they separate, “that all?” Zayn laughs, leans in again so he can whisper in his ear/cheek/lips, “all til we get home, at least” they don’t stay long at the after party (this is a little part of Zayn’s plot to make sure they don’t stay as late as Harry tends to want to)


Another Dystopia Rising Photoshoot!! I had an incredible day taking these photos and learned so much from Ellen before we headed for the plateau! I want to put a huge shoutout/thank you to her as well as everyone involved in the shoot for helping me get better at photography!


The Wayward Vagabond is: Candace

Vera is: Maya

Bara and Sergei are: Eric

Cherno is: James

Photos are of course by me!

The full shoot can be found here!