For everyone who’s looking for a free alternative to photoshop

Chevko sent me this really useful message (snaps for Chevko!!!):

“You can get CS2 for free directly from Adobe (they’ve released that entire pack since they took down the activation server). FireAlpaca, Gimp, are all good software as well. FA works kinda like SAI, but it’s free by default. Gimp might take a bit of getting used to. is really neat and very simple. It’s got some fancy stuff, but overall it’s an easy-to-use program.”

Weird yummy mac and cheese

I promise, you will either love it (like everyone I’ve made it for) or you might hate it, but will now have a recipe to make for others who will love it.

You need:
-a box of mac and cheese (any brand, as long as it’s cheddar)
-a can of white tuna
-a can of corn (sweet or salted, just not creamed)
-mayo or Greek yogurt
-salt and pepper
-extra cheddar cheese for a fancy touch

To make it:
-boil water in a pan to make the noodles
-while it is reaching boil, thoroughly drain the can of tuna and put it in a small bowl
-add a spoonful of mayo or Greek yogurt and season with salt and pepper
-boil the noodles until just tender. Don’t let them get too mushy or the flavor will be watered down
-drain noodles and add milk, butter, and cheese powder
-add in tuna mixture
-drain corn and add to the pot (half a can or a whole can depending on what you like)
-add a little more salt and pepper or cheddar cheese if desired

It’s super delicious and filling! It’s good like eating mac and cheese but it also has some protein. It’s my favorite “pre-made” meal.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Iceland trying to figure out what Norway's doing on his phone but Norway just keeps pulling away or turning off his phone whenever Ice looks so Iceland thinks he's probably sexting Denmark or something but he's playing dress up games

that nerd actually pays for the dress up game memberships so he can buy the fancy outfits for his virtual dolls

did i tell u guys that somebody referred me to some motherfuckers in a local modeling competition called miss teen or whatever (im 19 so. barely a teen) and ive just been hanging out on their website looking at pictures of teenagers in ridiculous dresses

its a fuckign PAGEANT like i have this letter in this fancy envelope etc and im like who did this, who thought this was funny, bc ur right its hilarious, come high five me

i founm websites on geocities from like 1998-2007 and  its my aesthetic Check thm out the layouts and stuff are so Pleasing. thse are the more of the more interesting pages i found

chao breeding webpage

a chao homepage 

laurens page o fun

faith washed away

imp’s little hideaway

potoroos hideout

cranberry stressline

frankenberrys world

corpse clan

obscure angel

madame blues realm


area 51 paranormal photography




demons graveyard


karosmas cave

scavenger graphics

the blue dragon inn

dragons lair

4 elements of zodiac

natural selection makes its final selection

fancy rat society

all the neopets help you can get!

Ghostly Ohio

moles ghost

guardian of jupiter

inner beauty

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What would Kise + Aomine + Takao + Kasamatsu + Kiyoshi do on New Years Eve with their s/o? Some fluff please X3

uh so im guessing these are kind of headcanons?

AOMINE: If he wasn’t feeling too lazy, he might plan a small get together with few close friends. Everyone would drink and bring food to share. It would be hella fun until Aomine decides that he’s had enough of everyone, shove everyone out of the apartment, and take you to his bedroom for a cuddly and sexy night in. Once the countdown starts, he’ll be counting down orgasms for you.

KASAMATSU: Meeting the in-laws. Since New Year’s isn’t all that far from Christmas, Kasamatsu would arrange something more intimate like spending time with his family or yours. He’d be really awkward, trying to impress your parents and attempting to be polite while you, on the other hand, would probably try to break his resolve to stay innocent in your parents’ place.

KISE: A romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant is his way of impressing you. He’d book one of the best places to have dinner and probably the best place to watch fireworks. Money wouldn’t be an issue since he’d make sure he saved up enough to pamper you for one whole night. Of course, he would start the new year with a sweet kiss on your lips and maybe a little booty touch here and there.

KIYOSHI: Kiyoshi would opt for something more intimate like a homemade meal at your place or his. He’d prepare your favorite meals and, if he can’t cook them, he’d order take out from your favorite restaurants. Introducing you to his grandparents are also a must for him. That is, after he surprises you with a gift for the new year. A kiss and cuddle would be the perfect way to start a brand new year.

TAKAO: He, being the life of the party, might suggest to go out to a club or a crowded restaurant so the two of you could be surrounded by people who are all celebrating the coming of a new year. He’d be touchy all night and he’d make sure to give you a nice kiss on the lips at midnight. However, if you wanted something quieter, he wouldn’t mind spending the night eating with you and lighting up your own fireworks.


I’ve been on a huge fruit salad making spree. What I made for myself on the top left but of course the rats got some too

Note- that’s a lot of fruit for 6 rats so I wouldn’t recommend giving them that much on a regular basis because it’s a lot of sugar but once in a blue moon they can splurge

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Oh hey Imagine this: Mathias and Lukas are childhood friends. As they grow older they get closer. So fast forward and they're in high school and that when Lukas finds out about his feelings for his childhood friend but Mathias being oblivious as he is, he doesn't see it until Lukas literally had to confess to him. After high school Lukas and Mathias are together, everything is happy and they're currently at a fancy date. ((1))


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my boyf just broke up with me and I'm feelin kinda sad. any suggestions on how to cheer myself up? (no money so no candy/ice cream)

Dance in our underwear with the music turned up and if u have any pets cuddle with them. If u don’t invite a friend over so u can talk shit about ur bf together or just have each others company,
Platonic Sleepovers are great even when ur 25 or at least they would be for me
But yes dance around ur room with ur ear buds turned up and just jam to the music and yes
Start drawing or creating art in anyway u can, singing is free but drawing can start costing if u get fancy pens and stuff but u don’t need those,
But yes, I don’t really have much breakup experience though so anyone who does if u have something to help then yes if u could reply to this with that that would be amazing!
Stick in their friendo I am rooting for u and sending u a big big hug ❤❤❤

Godai always bring a flower to Ichijo when he comes back from his travels. Nothing fancy just a single flower. He then spend hours talking to him about the places that he’s seen and the people he met.
Sometimes he repeats the same story.
His memories are getting more and more confused and kinda hazy, going through all those weird things in life will do that to your head. 
When he finish talking he put the flower in a position he like and get up. He promise to be back soon. He always does that.

He has been doing that for the last 300 years

Text: Sebastian and Fancy
  • Sebastian:You're fucking the lawyer?
  • Sebastian:Are you serious, Fancy?
  • Sebastian:All the fucking people in this goddamn city, and you choose to fuck the lawyer?!

Celebrated Elsa’s birthday at a fancy schmancy restaurant and it was really really fun 💕 I’m glad we were able to spend it together even if it was a week and a half after the actual day

fancycwabs Isn’t that a bitch?

Funny fact, I unfriended two people because they had liked that page. One I went to high school with and one was a camp councilor when I went to 4-H, he graduated HS when I was in 7th grade.

Both of them started trying to get in my pants in 7th grade. The one my age very obviously, the other, less obviously. Luckily neither made it in. 

Lol… Remy is going to borrow my unnamed Elf’s circlet for the renn faire in going to this weekend.

Flowers AND a bird skull??? Let’s not go overboard…

My sis has a fancy camera and I might actually get some cute pics of my NPC/con character in organic setting/natural lighting! Woah!

Stay tuned.

Non-urgent things to get around to hopefully soonish:

  • Clean the blog
  • Pre-write/plan some newspaper articles for the semester (i.e., pre-recycle some blog posts and think of new ones to write)
  • Brainstorm ideas for radio show and YouTube
  • Start working on conference application
  • Think about planning early semester chem club things
  • Brainstorm some free single-page printables (feel free to request)
  • Think about new approach to taking notes in class
  • Call my doctor eventually…
  • List some more stuff on eBay and Amazon
  • Finish the graphics for the chemistry club banner
  • Make the Facebook page for chem club fancy schmancy

I am studying. But sometimes you need to brain dump, ya know? I don’t want to lose my ideas!