A Thank You

 So as some of you may have noticed, the last month and a half has been hell for me with the play. There were highs and lows, and I spent most of my time not in the play sleeping. You have seen my rants and complaints, and I am both happy and a bit sad to say today was the final show


You have all been so patient with me and supportive through all my whining. So I wanted to take this time to thank some of you for your love and support, I couldn’t have dont it without you!

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Special thanks to semajkecyr who has kept me sane with his presence and funny texts, to atrue-raretalent for comforting me when I needed it, rey-sonofsurtr for giving me the boosts I need, and asktheneverfairies for being there for me and putting up for like four different calls of me doing nothing but crying over spilled milk. U r presh bae.

I would also like to thank my lizard who is currently angry with me because I have been away from her for a week. Grumpy ass bitch i swear.

SO once again thank you all, this means a lot to me and it has been a beautiful and wonderful play and a great experience. Each one of you are amazing and irreplaceable. Don’t ever forget that.

If you are a Disney Fairies fan—if you buy no other DF book ever—you should really get In the Realm of the Never Fairies: the Secret World of Pixie Hollow.

It is by far the best informational Disney Fairies book (of the book-verse Pixie Hollow) and full of the most gorgeous illustrations. It’s breathtaking.

I’m talking to all Disney Fairies fans, my followers, my friends (even if a few of you have some of the books, I don’t know who might have this one though)— fancyfae frostmyheart neverlandxfairyqueen atrue-raretalent outcastedalchemist loyal-tara adhdsmokescreen flitterific-critters nyxthescoutfairy iftherecouldbetwomoments inhumanistic southerntinkerbelle etc etc

I just think everyone would appreciate this book. If anyone I mentioned (or anyone else) has it or has read it, I’m 100% sure they will vouch for its quality.

I just wish everyone would get this book and look at it and read it and absorb it.

rockingblur asked:

Kiss, Money, Quality, Zoo!

Kiss:Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Eh I don’t have one? Im not into celebrities…

Money:What would you do with 1 million dollars?

exchange it for polish złoty aND BUY LOTS OF STUFF, AND MY OWN FLAT AW YE

Quality:Name three of your favourite blogs.

Uhm, I don’t like picking favourites but I love castaforms, fancychanseys and ordinary-foxs blogs! uwu But I like all of the blogs I follow!!

Zoo:What is your favourite animal?

BIRDS I LOVE EVERY BIRB ON THIS PLANET i want to adopt th em all………….. birbs are precious……

karichi-du-soleil said: i understand that pain soooo well. and sometimes i’ll force myself into a new style and either i’m not happy with it or it was so forced that i don’t know how to recreate it. It’s so aggravating…

Yeah, that’s generally where I end up, too. I wonder if I should try to concentrate the change more on certain aspects, rather than THE WHOLE STYLE. Like, maybe I could play around with the way I do eyes, or body shapes or something.

fancyduckie said: psst! hey! hey listen! I’ve been following you/your art since around that time, and I think you have changed a lot/improved since then. It’s harder to see change in yourself than it is for outsiders to. Chin up buttercup! You rock!

You’re such a sweetie, thank you. I guess it’s harder for the artist to see the improvement, generally. I’m not saying there’s none. I can see some obvious differences. I just feel like there really should have been more than there was and then I end up feeling kind of disappointed in myself. I don’t know. Lately I feel more susceptible to this than usual. Mood may be affecting me quite a bit.

fluffybunnybadass said: The feel sucks

It does, indeed. :(

moojiggly said: Your art is both moving and beautiful.  Still, If you’re looking to change it, then maybe sketching something you don’t normally draw might help?

That’s really sweet of you, thanks. And I did start drawing more animals/animal characters this year, but I feel I haven’t made much headway with that. I think I might see if I can zero in on something in particular to change around/play with instead of trying to change everything at once out of frustration with it. Thank you, though.