Another something for the Hogwarts AU - Gryffindor Krillin meeting Beauxbatons 18/Lazuli for the first time! Maybe at a Wizard Tournament? Between rival headmasters Beerus and Champa and their forever weary assistants Whis and Vados?? Absolutely yes. I think Krillin would have starry eyes forever after meeting her, and she would be won over by his braveness and good heart.

  Goku is confused but supportive. 

@bluesaiyans how will the cerulean squad get involved and mess this up? Heehee


For the lazy and the rushed.

01/ Herschel Passport Case for the travellers and the wanderlustful (which isn’t actually a word.)

02/ Posies & Co. Body Oils, so much classier than your average massage oil.

03/ This heart marquee lamp for your sanctuary together.

04/ Anna Sui Star Lipsticks for the makeup fan with romance at heart. 

05/ Mr. Natty Beard Kit for the whiskery ones with a love of grooming.

06/ Brit Stitch leather heart bags for the fashion forward cutie. (P.S. The accessories are available to buy individually as well!) 

07/ This paper garland, because what better occasion to gift something pretty and frivolous that doesn’t scream of necessity? 

08/ Heart Headphone Splitter to (re)ignite those teen romance vibes, no matter your age! 

The video tutorial for Number 41 of our 365 Days of Granny Squares is on the blog today!! This one has a 3-D heart on a solid granny square–keeping with our LOVE theme this week! Enjoy! Share your photos! ❤ Nadia

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My boyfriend went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription from the vet:

Pharmacist - “So is Sable a dog or a cat?”

Boyfriend - “Sable is a rat.”

Pharmacist stopped what he was doing and just stared at my boyfriend. No words. He could not believe someone would fill a prescription for a rat. Clearly he has never seen an adorable face like this. 

(Which happens to be Maisey guarding over Sable while she takes her nap. I love my babies.)