I’ve now had this blog for five months to this very day (nice) and I just wanted to do this to say thank you to all my followers! I’ve always been a little awkward when it comes to roleplay communities because I’m not great at socializing, but this is the first time I’ve felt so comfortable being myself and not worrying about being excluded. Thanks for putting up with me, my slow replies for everything, my long and never ending rants about diversity and POC in the roleplay community, and just me being….me. I know I forgot people but you’re all special and I got friendship bracelets for everybody.  also that graphic is so bad please spare me i’m a ps novice

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Question: your fairy godmother appears and tells you that Chris Evans will fall madly in love with you and you two will live happily ever after, but there's a catch, he will never be able to grow a beard again. Do you accept or no?

I think I would survive with a beardless Chris Evans.


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My Questions:

1. Favourite genre of book? Dystopian (all the way)
2. Favourite song or piece of music? Adore by Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande (because it’s my Keadlyn song so YAAAS)
3. If you could have 4 characters from any book or books series be part of your “posse” who would they be? Tobias Eaton, Kile Woodwork, Celeste Newsome and Margo Roth Spiegelman
4. What hair and eye colour do you have? What would colours would you most like to have? My hair is blonde with a bit of red, my eyes are green, and I like them, so I don’t want to change them lol
5. Do you prefer being pale or tanned? I’m naturally pale, and I don’t mind it because people continue to tell me that being pale is a symbol of elegance
6. Modern or old fashioned? Modern
7. City or countryside? It depends on my mood. I like living in a city because there’s everything I need, but sometimes I like being in the countryside and just relaxing
8. Favourite kind of tree? Cherry tree
9. Biggest dream (or one you don’t mind sharing)? I’d like to live in London, or in America, because I love English and I think that I can find a better job rather than here in Italy
10. If you could live in any world from a book series which one would it be? GOOD QUESTION HAHAHA, well, I’d prefer to avoid any dystopian world but The Selection, because is the most peaceful among those I read about (lmao) and, just saying, DID YOU SEE THE MALE CHARACTERS?
11. Who is your hero? Shailene Woodley and Selena Gomez, if you’re talking about real people. If you’re talking about fictional characters, then she’s Tris Prior

My questions for you:

1. What’s your one and only OTP?
2. What’s your absolute favorite book? The one that’s special and has got a place in your heart.
3. Favourite singer or band?
4. Your celebrity crush (or crushes)?
5. Your fictional crush (or crushes)?
6. What’s your favourite colour, or the one you prefer to wear?
7. Do you like the place where you live?
8. If you could, where do you like to live the most?
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11. Do you have a special memory of your childhood? If you want, tell us about it.

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To be a historian in the Philippines…

It took me more than two weeks from the day of the blogsary (May 17) to write this post. And I think I owe you guys an explanation. The writing process of this blog is quite simple. It depends on the urge from the gut, (the gigil factor) a strong motive to write something. It is usually a position–a defense of an idea that I feel very strongly about– that drives these fingers to type. If the occasion calls for it, like a commemoration, a current issue, etc., my write up earns a push of that button called “post” or “queue.” I do get encouraged whenever there are numerous reblogs, and I am grateful.

But lately I have been thinking of a lot of things–things that make me question the things that I do. “Historian” is a fancy term I have accepted to call myself, no matter how vague and how odd that sounds in this country. Unlike historians in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other well-to-do countries who have the option of taking a research track in their careers, with enough time to pour on books and old documents, or the option of taking the teaching track where they pour their energy towards teaching in universities while expanding the field’s body of knowledge on the side (“publish or perish” is the mantra), historians in the Philippines are stuck with only one track–teaching. And it is not because there’s a dearth in historical materials. But it’s because to be a history researcher here and earn from it is quite impossible. I met an acquaintance from Makati who works in a call center. He asked me of my job, and said “Paano ka nabubuhay?” Beats me.

And for those who are taking masteral studies in history like me: check out the schedules of your classes. 10:00 am, 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm. Seriously? How about those of us who want to earn that degree and yet have a day job?

If only doing historical research work or teaching in the academe are enough to sustain a lifestyle of a scholar studying and analyzing historical documents in the quietness of the libraries and archives. And so trained historians in the country can find themselves in very tight situations, doing day jobs that may be closer to their training but gives measly salary, or jobs that are quite unrelated to their training but are lucrative. But one thing those two options don’t have is time. It takes time to rummage the archives (a week if you’re lucky finding anything), to learn old Spanish (for that is the language of really old documents in the Philippines), to study and gain a masters or doctorate degree, to look for evidences in libraries, to connect with historians, to get a hunch of where a historical thesis is headed. Time is what we don’t have. To people like us, we can imagine the ideal life: a stable job with high earning salary doing what you love as a historian and allowing you to take a masters degree. Dreamy. But that’s just it: an ideal. Reality on the ground is far more complex.

My dilemma is precisely this: that I am no longer sure if keeping this blog running helps me in my track. I’m not even sure if I want this track presented to me. All I think about whenever I blog here is the historical research work I have in the office, a work that take so much of my time, my energy (and yes even a chunk of my self-esteem). I think I’m close to having a burnout. And this is bad.

And so I’m finally taking this risk, swallowing my scholarly pride, to apply for a leave of absence from my masteral studies. For us academic historians trained under historians who were trained in turn by the greats–Encarnacion Alzona, Nicolas Zafra, Gregorio Zaide, Teodoro Agoncillo, Marcelino Foronda, etc.–to achieve a masters and a Ph.D. in history is THE BIG THING. It unbelievably opens doors and connects you to the vast network of historians in the academe, here and abroad. To close such a door is painful, for it means I have come to finally admit that I can’t juggle my job and my masters. I have let this drag around for a year and nothing came of it. I have so many incomplete subjects, so many dropped ones. I’m closing the door for awhile, but I feel like I’m leaving an entire world behind. And it is painful.

I lay quiet thinking these things. I have stopped blogging for awhile. I didn’t want to blog, nor did I feel that urge for quite sometime now to post something. Burnout? I think so. Supporting this career in historical research is really hard. What am I doing this for again?

And yet when push comes to shove, I have come to realize: History is what I love to do.

So I promise. After my stint in this work I will open that door again.


And yes, I’m back.

[Posting this here for Filipino historians out there who most probably have this same dilemma. Guys you are not alone.]

*Photo above: my study table.

It’s funny how SM goes super fancy for the first comebacks with full length albums but then the repackage is just like *throws random pics taken yesterday* “there ya go that’s the repackage, 4 new songs 10 from the other album,wait till June 2″

love is

letting your teeth sink inside of a peach and feeling the juice trail down your wrist and smiling because you know it’s too sweet

it’s christmas morning gently waking you up with the soft padding footsteps of your own excited thoughts racing back and forth

it’s an old stuffed animal where the seams are torn but it still manages to stay kept together with your gentle touches

love is

a lot of things

it’s not always quick kisses

or longing glances

it just


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oh OH! It gets even better, because what's the price of tasting the forbidden Fruit of Knowledge? Mortality! Which is exactly what Metatron(who appropriately fancies himself the new God) forces upon him, telling him to go find himself an Eve (I'll forever see Cas' Steve tag as a middle finger to Metadouche now) & go forth and procreate :)) I love that it takes Cas in spell form to bust open the ultimate Door

I’m just going to file this under Cas vs Doors and laugh because I’ve had a tag for the spell all along. :P

Words: C

Cache a hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure etc.
Callimastian having beautiful, well-shaped breasts
Callithump a noisy, boisterous band or parade
Calumny the malicious utterance of false charges or misrepresentation
calumny        KAL-um-knee      a slander or false accusation
Canaille the masses; a mob, rabble
canard         kan-ARD      a fabricated story (French=”duck”; morte canard=dead duck)
cant      kant      insincerity
Capacious capable of holding much
Celerity swiftness, speed
Chaffer haggle, exchange, barter
Chamfrain the frontlet of an armed horse for a feudal knight, often engraved with designs
Chanteuse a female singer of popular songs, especially in a nightclub.
chimera        ki-MEER-ah   (not: chim-er-ah)      Originally: a mythical beast; any unreal thing; foolish fancy      (adj=chimerical     ki-MEER-a-cal)
Clinomania (n): “an obsessive desire to lie down.” Example: Without adequate sleep, you’ll suffer from more than clinomania.
cloy      to grow sick from an abundance of something
Cloyer a pickpocket’s accomplice or the one who intrudes into a bunch of thieves to claim a share
Colloquy a formal conversation or conference
comitatus      com-a-TAY-tus      loyalty to one’s band or group
Concatenate to link together in a series or chain
concatenation       con-CAT-a-nation      things linked together or joined in a chain
Congruous being in agreement, harmony or correspondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirements of a situation; marked or enhanced by harmonious agreement among elements
Contemn to view or treat with contempt; scorn
copacetic      “going just right”
Coruscate to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes; sparkle
Coruscating to emit sparkles of light; sparkle
Cosh a small cottage, hut
cosseted       KOS-a-ted     pampered
Coterminous having a common boundary
Coven a meeting of witches
Crapulous marked by intemperance especially in eating and drinking; sick from excessive indulgence in liquor
Croodle to creep close; a faint humming, the low music of birds
Cuckold a man whose wife has committed adultery
Cupidity inordinate desire for wealth; avarice, greed; strong desire; lust
cupidity       que-PID-a-tee      greed; avarice
Cyclopean having the kind of masonry used in preclassical Greek architecture, characterized by large undressed blocks of stone
cynosure  SIGH-na-shore      (from the Greek: “dog’s tail”)      center of attention; point to which all eyes are drawn.  (Really? From “dog’s tail”? Yes. The “dog’s tail” appears in a constellation, locating the North star, which rivets the attention of sailors at sea. Thus:     center of attention.) (see also: sinecure)

Free Nintendo Games Giveaway!

What’s up, Gaybros, gals and anything in between? I recently came into a fair amount of money (I’ve always wanted to say that, but in fact, I just purchased a bundle of games that weren’t for my region. Whoops!) and I would like to share with you - my fucking awesome followers - these games. 

The games I have on offer are only redeemable on the North, Central and South America eShops, with the exception of Brazil:

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Now, listen, I am not gonna get all fancy and convoluted when it comes to giving these away. A Reblog and a follow would be nice, but just send me a message with the game that you’d like to have and I’ll get back to you when I can…

the signs as starkid songs
  • aries:ginny/cho chang
  • taurus:ready to go
  • gemini:pigfarts pigfarts here i come
  • cancer:fancy machine
  • leo:a song is a dick in sheeps clothing
  • virgo:robin sucks
  • libra:we don't wanna be sued
  • scorpio:liams got a phone call
  • saggitarius:hermione can't draw
  • capricorn:the sango song
  • aquarius:the dragon song
  • pisces:airport for birds

honestly i love pencils so much but i stopped using them when i was in college because everybody used pens??? like whY???? but anyways i didnt want to look like a doob so i used pens in college too but damn nothing beats buying a nice new pack of pencils, not even fancy mechanical pencils just a plain number 2 w a pink eraser, freshly sharpened with my lime green pocket sharpener accompanied by my brightly colored eraser cap erasers so i have double the eraser holy fuck i love pencils?