The youngsters getting crazy for tea <3

ronnlynch asked:

damen/laurent + 33

Damen’s mug shattered on the floor, latté spilling out over the tile.

“Wait.” He said, turning around. He made it halfway around before he saw Laurent shaking his head out of the corner of his eye. “Did you?”


Damen was grinning. He should be embarrassed, they were in the on campus Starbucks, it should be embarrassing but, “Are you sure?”

“Leave, please.” Laurent’s expression was tight, looking down at the table they were sharing a moment ago and clutching his drink. Damen could tell he was about thirty second away from having Laurent’s piping hot Americano dumped on his head. 

He leaned down, scooping up the trash from Laurent’s orange-cranberry scone, “Okay, sure. See you after class.”

Damen turned to leave, taking the trash with him. He was a step away when he felt a light kick in the back of his knee. Looking back he saw Laurent retracting his leg back towards his chair, one blond eyebrow raised. Laurent rolled his eyes, a small private smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“Forgetting something?” He asked. Damen slid towards him and dipped back down to kiss that damn mouth. As he pulled back Damen said, “Love you too.”