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okay but have you ever considered shizuo clinging to izaya's waist from behind while he's sleeping? Like a kid and his cheek is against izaya's back and izaya wakes up and can't move because shizuos grip on him is too strong and well placed for him to get away

I LOVE SHIZAYA CUDDLING WHILE SLEEPING slakdjf shizuo’s so cute and once izaya gets past the immobility, heat, and excessive amount of physical contact, he decides taht it’s pretty cute too

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//oh my wow. first off, thank you all. i’m not even joking when i say that i made this blog at 3am after i sobbed my eyes out the first time i watch lotnb.
originally, this blog was for a human!Gruff because i was convinced that it would be far too difficult to properly portray a non-speaking character, but soon i found myself dabbling in playing his canon beast form too.<br/>
i have a handful of other rp blogs for different fandoms, but i can genuinely say that no rp community is as sweet and kind and helpful as the disney fairies community has been towards me - thank you all for that. <3
now onto the tagging:


Also I’d really like to do a giveaway, but I can’t make icons or gifs. I can draw (kinda), paint, and write (short stories, etc.). Any suggestions would be helpful and hopefully I can get something together soon for all you lovely pixies out there~

I raised Roxy & Poison for about a year since they were wee lasses. My great friends KrisRix and Simon have been raising them wonderfully since that. Recently they’ve both come down with various health problems common in older rodents (they are about 2.5 years old)

Poison is especially suffering from breathing problems, and hearing her little gasping breaths at the vet today was awful. But we got some new medicine that they both will respond to. But its gonna be touch and go for a few days.

Stay strong ladies!

Risky Woohoo Mod - 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% by fancypants (Sims 4) Updated

After searching unsuccessfully for an updated GTW-compatible risky woohoo mod for The Sims 4, I decided that I’d just have to grab the bull by the horns and make one myself. Enables pregnancy resulting from woohoo in the bed, the tent, the hot tub, the rocket ship, and the observatory. Pregnancy chance is 5%. Sims are able to take a pregnancy test on the toilet post-woohoo.
I also increased the social motive gain from woohoo and decreased the amount of hygiene motive decay, because I felt like it.

Game Version
Made with 1.8.61. Requires Outdoor Retreat (for tent woohoo) and Perfect Patio Stuff (for hot tub woohoo). Rocket ship, bed, and observatory woohoo are available with the base game.


i’m not even close to done yet

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Do you know of any good Wrightworth fanfics?

I wouldn’t be worthy of this URL if I didn’t have an entire folder on my computer devoted to links to Wrightworth fanfics


okay so I’m gonna start with my favorite one ever, which is The Art of Bluffing, seriously it’s the best fic of any kind that I’ve ever read

and then allow me to offer you soME MORE GOOD OPTIONS IN NO PATICULAR ORDER

Content by DGMfreak5

Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour by Lyrical Rawr (which I have yet to read myself but it’s quite popular in the fandom)

French Girls by sunsmasher

Legal Partners by Miggy(bolded and italicized because it is quite literally the most well known fanfic in the Ace Attorney fandom; i’m in the middle of reading it myself at the moment)

Pillow Talk by telezara

Long Time Coming by oogenesis (vriskacircuit) ((this one doesn’t actually have Phoenix in it but it’s still really cute))

Another Day by SoWrightSoWrong

The Heat of Summer by mysticcage

A Surprise Visitor by DGMfreak5

I’ll Sing For You by Hikari Kaitou

From This Day Forward by Tarma_Hartley


also 3 from meme prodigy fancytunaprince

A Very Steel Samurai Birthday Surprise

A Promised Proposal

Broken Correspondence


and here’s the relationship tag on AO3 if you wanna do some looking of your own