fancy zipper


Overall it’s been a great day. I made myself a big fancy breakfast, sewed some zippered pouches, and bought a new mug for my collection :-)
Also got an adorable letter from eggplahnt !! I’ll cherish these treasures forever! 


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 10.6.15

‘mae’ leather zip wallet in copper by giftshopbrooklyn

a slightly shiny copper-hued clutch is the perfect pop of metallic shine to add to your next dress-up outfit! the 'mae’ wallet is available in a bunch of other colors, too!

tastescottsrainbow  asked:

TALK TO ME ABOUT DEREK GIVING STILES HIS FIRST LEATHER JACKET (or just a headcanon in general about stiles in a leather jacket. DAMN YOU DYLAN)


Derek knows that giving someone a leather jacket is a gesture. It’s not a gift you give to just anyone. It has significance, particularly coming from him. Everyone always joked that after he turned his betas he took them out shopping for leather jackets. It’s kind of true. 

When Derek was in high school he wanted a leather jacket, but his mom and dad said no. They told him that a leather jacket was too expensive to buy a growing boy. By the time Derek had his last major growth spurt, his family was already dead and he was living in Brooklyn with Laura. For his eighteenth birthday she took him to her favorite vintage shop and bought him his first leather jacket. 

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