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     Teddy had never been out on patrol on their own before, but it was the Summer of new things (and forgetting old things). Oracle was supposed to become a more prevalent force on the Hero Squad. They were going to be showing up places before crimes happened, beating up assholes, and… Maybe taking names. They’re still not sure if they’re supposed to do that or not.

     But they were out on patrol, decked head to toe in their sweet, sweet Oracle outfit, baseball bat in hand. They weren’t anywhere they could be seen though, or at least they had thought they were pretty hidden. They were perched on a fire escape in Lompico, with their eyes closed and legs crossed in a fancy yoga position. It was a cheesy trick they had learned, but whatever helped, right?

     The yoga kept them centered, it helped their visions be clearer when they wanted them to be as clear as possible, to fight crime of course. Or to make sure Josh was doing okay. But right now… Crime fighting was the most important thing. The streets were relatively inactive though, the only thing that seemed to be coming up again… And again… And again… Was a figure creeping up on Teddy to scare them.

     “Y’know,” Teddy finally said out loud. “It’s a really bad idea to try and sneak up on a clairvoyant that has a baseball bat.”

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Yes I totally recommend yoga!! It's really refreshing and you definitely see a noticeable difference is flexibility in even the first month <33

yeah i really want to be able to do the headstands and all the fancy yoga moves lol will take photos once i could pull it off. x

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How do u get over someone in a healthy way?? Instead of jumping to the next person and having a rebound what's a different way to get over someone

travel. travel. travel. get the fuck out of this country and go meet as many foreigners as possible. stay in hostels and couchsurf. go on tons and tons and tons of adventures. and have lots and lots of fun. you need to experience life. especially when you’re young. the more you experience life… the more you dive into the unknown… the easier it will be to get over someone. i promise. you can eat healthy and take care of yourself and love yourself and do affirmations and go to seminars and read a million quotes/books from deepak chopra / wayne dyer / louise hays and do all the fancy yoga poses…… but nothing will move the needle faster than traveling fast/far & connecting w/ random people. but you can’t just travel, you have to submerge yourself in the culture.. if you can’t leave the country then visit national parks. you will meet a lot of foreigners from europe. they’re the coolest & are always down for an adventure (they have the cutest/sexiest accents too). once you have all that experience under your belt… you will never fear being alone again b/c you know u can go out there and meet anyone. personally, i think that’s the most valuable skill in life - initiating a conversation with random strangers. b/c you’ll never fear rejection again. hope that helps. ~rob

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This is ridiculous amalgam of The Heat and Life and probably a few other things too. It got away from me a little.


When Jonny was little his family moved unexpectedly from Canada to Chicago, leaving all their friends and family behind. He was angry about it for a long time. Couldn’t help comparing their Rogers Park neighborhood to everything they left behind. The ice rinks aren’t as good as what was in Winnipeg. The people aren’t as nice as they were in Winnipeg. The neighborhood kids aren’t as cool as they were in Winnipeg. Nobody speaks french. When he graduates high school it’s finally his chance to get out. He goes to California for undergrad, and he loves it. He bikes everywhere. It’s always sunny. Everybody’s so environmentally conscious. It’s easier to be openly gay.

And when he applies to law school his senior year, he only applies to UCLA, Hastings, and Boalt Hall. Jonny is never going back to Chicago. Not in a million years.

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“If there’s something you want to do, and you have any kind of basic skill or talent in that direction, please, please, please…do it. Begin. I feel that this is the only life advice I’m qualified to give- GO FOR IT. Keep plugging away. Heave yourself up to the mountain, for there’s bound to be a biscuit at the top. Someone’s got to be the new X; someone’s got to be the new Y. Or maybe you have different kinds of dreams. Still not learned to knit? Do it! Fancy yoga? Bend over! Dreamed of walking the Pennine way? Lace up your boots and BEGIN!”

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I guess you were already pretty flexible before practicing yoga? It's kind of depressing to read you're doing yoga since "only" 2 years and see your level of asana (even if you're devoted to your practice which is awesome btw) :-) peace

No, I couldn’t even touch my toes before I started yoga. I had multiple ankle injuries and really tight hips because I was running a whole lot when I was in high school, and stretching was the last thing I wanted to do because I hated them.

You shouldn’t compare your practice to others especially when it depresses you. Different bodies work in different timelines and I dedicate an almost daily practice for the past 1.5 years to get to where I am now. There are no shortcuts to this other than patience, discipline, and focus. 

Social media has the tendency to curate what looks graceful, perfect, and cool. But most of the time, we spend the bulk of our practice working on other preparatory poses to get to a fancy-looking asana. Yoga is not just about fancy looking inversions or looking ridiculously bendy. It’s about establishing a positive relationship with your mind and body. Yoga is merely a vehicle for you to rediscover the endless possibilities and potential that you can do with you body when you reframe the negative conversations in your head no matter whether you’re relating to yourself or to others. 

If looking at pictures on social media is depressing you and affecting your practice, get off tumblr, get off Instagram and get on your mat. That’s the only way you can advance in your practice especially if you genuinely want to discover yourself through yoga, and not just checking boxes off a list of fancy looking asanas that you want to nail. 

Good luck and take care! 


If you know me, then you know I love my students. Nearly all of them. Like real, cry-my-mascara- off-at-graduation-every-dang-year, LOVE.

But this does not mean I want to run into them all the time.

This academic year I moved, for the first time in my career, to the neighborhood where I teach. This means my financial circumstances have become rather dire because my school is in a gunshots or car backfire(?!) type of hood, a real low flying helicopter kind of place.

It also means I have opened myself up to a whole world of new awkward situations.

Ms. S is a regular paragon of professionalism at school, I assure you. But on the weekends? Let’s just say I am not a wash and brush my hair every day kind of girl. I am more of a leggings ARE actually pants, might not have washed my face kind of girl.

So, among the times and places where one does not want to run into those for whom one ought be a role model?

Costco. Sunday morning. Buying whiskey in bulk.

The gym. In downward dog. These are not even my fancy yoga pants!

Jaywalking, smoking, talking on the phone. Probably f-ing swearing.

Eating nachos with my boyfriend at ten p.m. because the movie was sold out.

In line for the bathroom at the movies, possibly doing the the pee pee dance. Okay, who am I kidding? Definitely doing the pee pee dance. Movie sodas are really big. And sometimes you have a lot of bulk whiskey you sneak into them…

At the drugstore. Asking the clerk to open the case containing pregnancy tests.

Stocking up for New Year’s Eve, cart full of wine and one tiny wedge of brie. This happened to me twice, in case you were wondering.

Pumping gas in my Halloween costume. Even though leopard print is a great look on a thirty-something.

While talking bad about other teachers. Not that I would, but I have heard it happens.

I guess, however, that really, I never stop helping my students learn. If they see me at my worst, then they know everyone is human. Everyone wears old Ugg boots and a beanie and runs out of toilet paper. Lots of women menstruate. Even nerdy adults who love books and know about logical fallacies sometimes just need to buy a case of beer in cans.

This is probably good for them. But for me? Well, here’s to a 2016 of not having to hear too many young voices say with incredulity, “Ms. S? Is that you?”

Yoga is not just about nailing a fancy-looking asana. Yoga is an attitude, it’s a way of living and treating yourself and others. You don’t need to know how to do a difficult asana to be “good” at yoga. In fact, there are no “good” or “weak” yogis. It’s just how much we allow yoga to shine in our lives and shape the way we deal with life’s ups and downs. That’s the beauty of yoga - that there isn’t an end point or fixed levels where you progress up an imaginary ladder, it’s always a journey and we will always have something new to learn about yoga every single day. 🙏