fancy tattoo

What tattoos US founding fathers would get

Alexander Hamilton: a wall of his own writing down the side of his rib cage John Laurens: one large wing on his back (only one because he is a fallen angel–it is very embarrassing but he talks about it in all seriousness) Marquis de Lafayette: he had his friend start a stick and poke tattoo on his arm with a navy jellyroll saying “Adrienne” but then she told him it was awful and he went to a fancy tattoo parlor and got it covered with some kind of Americana-themed franglais like “FREEDOM RINGING” that he then shows off to all his US friends. He would also have a mustache on his finger that he got at the same time. Angelica and Eliza and Peggy Schuyler: would have matching sister tattoos Thomas Jefferson: he has a portrait on his arm in a heart of Martha Jefferson but he did it as a memorial so he had Sally Hemmings sit for it instead James Madison: full body neck to wrist yakuza-style John Adams: “in memory of” display on his back that says SATAN in giant gothic letters, a picture of the dog, and the years Abigail Adams: uncomfortably detailed Jesus John Jay: tribal flame armband Baron von Steuben: giant wolf pawprints on his chest but he can actually work it Ben Franklin: a whole mess of crap from his various life experiences, including his fursona (it’s a turkey) and “blood type: guiness” on his tit Aaron Burr: he has no tattoos, but he has very detailed plans of what he’s going to get in very authentic and expensive ways that he tells people about when asked George Washington: he thinks they’re not respectable enough and that he needs to set a good example so he refuses to get one and casts side eye at everyone else but he also let someone put a temporary one on his hand at a party and he carefully washed around it for a week



12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.

“In Another Universe” - Digital Oil Painting

In another universe, where the tattoo on Billie’s finger says 10" instead of FOX. Hehe! (To be clear, I have nothing against Georgia or Lawrence, I think they’re grand, I just like thinking about David and Billie in a ‘what if’ sort of way.)

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.