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Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda geek out over Beauty and the Beast in this exclusive clip

“Her favorite book is actually the story [Belle]’s going to live,” Lin-Manuel Miranda added. “So there’s this crazy bit of foreshadowing that’s happening, but it’s also that interrupting your thought to say how excited you are, is the kind of sophisticated, character-revealing lyric writing that [lyricist and Menken collaborator] Howard Ashman was so good at.”

some more dumb tododeku stuff ive thought about

  • they share clothes like all the time. shouto can often be seen wearing izuku’s all might hoodie, and izuku sometimes wears shouto’s fancy, overly expensive sweaters. (he’ll never try to attempt to fit into shouto’s skinny jeans though, too tight and too long) 
  • shouto absolutely Loves spoiling izuku. what better way to spend all of his shitty rich dad’s money than to spend it all on his boyfriend? 
  • so it’s basically just…
    izuku: man, that new video game looks so cool…
    shouto: i’ll buy it for you. i’ll buy it Right Now
    izuku: um but i don’t even have the console! how can i play it?
    shouto: i’ll buy the console too, maybe i’ll get one myself
    izuku: shouTO THAT ISnt neceSSARY !!!! 
  • shouto is just… so very clingy… and touched starved as heck 
  • so like, he’s always holding izuku’s hand (and worries if his hand is either too hot/too cold. there’s been a couple incidents shouto would love to forget) or just has his hand somewhere on izuku (like his shoulder or back) 
  • izuku would be sitting on the couch, and shouto would curl up right next to him. or even drape himself over him. 
  • and shouto absolutely loves it when izuku plays with his hair. “it feels nice,” he’ll say
  • one time, they’re goofing around in the common room, it leads to izuku suddenly lifting up shouto for the first time. and it surprises shouto so much that he Squeaks. Quite Loudly. 
  • and since it was in the common room, there’d been witnesses. and no one would have thought that kind of high pitched noise Would Ever come out of Todoroki Shouto’s mouth. nor would his face be that red, 
  • and “"oh shit, midoriya he’s literally on fire”“ 
  • shouto claims that this was the most embarrassing moment of his life (but he loves the fact that izuku can carry him so easily. perks of having such a strong bf)
Do Something Bad, Too - Part 3

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: part 3!! things are getting more intense, let me know if you like where its going! also just a reminder, the tag list for this fic is closed for the moment so please dont’t ask!

Part 1 Part 2

Waking up is torture because it feels so good. You’re warm in a way that doesn’t just feel skin deep, but more like every bone is glowing with something so satisfying it almost aches. It takes you a few sweet, sleepy seconds to realise exactly why you’re waking up more well rested than you’ve ever been in your life, and then the whole illusion shatters.

Sometime in the night you and Bucky had shifted until he was lying on his back, long legs dangling off the end of the couch and his arms wrapped tight around you curled up on his chest. Sun streaks warm through the windows and glass walls - glass walls, because you fell asleep in your office literally on top of Bucky. You make a highly undignified squeak and try to sit up, which only succeeds in dislodging Bucky’s grip on you and sending you crashing to the floor.

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❝ Don’t do this to me... ❞

Plot: Xiumin Angst (Admin’s choice)

Pairing: Xiumin x Reader

Words count: 2,7k+

Genre: Angst

For evilmaknaess, So i got sorta got carried away with this lol, so that is why its so long but hope you like it!.


And just a friendly reminder, ALL REQUESTS ARE CLOSED^^

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Originally posted by dazzlingkai

‘Do we really have to go?’ You asked your boyfriend.

‘How many times are you going to ask that?’ He looked at you.

‘But Xiumin…’ You whined.

A deep sigh came from your boyfriend as he walked towards you and cradled your face in his hand, ‘I know you don’t like the idea of going to this but Irene is still my friend and label mate.’

‘And crush.’ You mumble under your breath.

‘Excuse me?’

It was no surprise that Xiumin and Irene got along very well. They had known each other for a long period of time, but their closeness was something that always irked you slightly. You and Xiumin had been a couple for three years now and it had been the best three years you could ever imagined. Irene was known to have a crush on the male singer, but now it was becoming something of a want. Sighing you just nodded your head and went back to getting ready.

‘You sure that this is just a chilled evening?’ You asked again for the nth time.

‘Just some of her friends and our label mates,’ He reassured, ‘Nothing fancy really.’

Fixing your sweater and skinny jeans in the mirror, you put on some shoes and drove to the Red Velvet dorms with your boyfriend. The weather was threatening to rain so you both dressed yo warmly. Arriving at the door he knocked and waited for the door to open. Bobbing up and down on your toes, you felt him give a slight squeeze of your hand. Turning your head, he placed a sweet kiss on your cheek just as the door opened.

‘Yah, you should have kissed your girlfriend in the car!’ A voice scolded.

‘Sorry hyung,’ Xiumin apologised as he got his hair ruffled, ‘Where are the others?’

‘In the lounge.’ The voice explained as you saw Xiumin quickly walk towards said destination, ‘Why the long face, Y/N?’

‘Oh ahhh its nothing, Minho.’ You smiled, stepping into the dorm and allowing the elder to take your jacket.

You and Minho had always had a special relationship since you started dating the Exo member. He had become something of a best friend. Walking towards the lounge you greeted everyone that was there. Many of her friends had come as well as the lablemates. You took a seat next to your boyfriend who put an arm around you but was having a conversation with the birthday girl on his other side.

‘Happy Birthday Irene.’ He smiled at her.

‘Thank you Oppa!’ She all but wrapped her arms around Xiumin and ripped him from your touch.

‘Yah!’ Minho shouted towards you, ‘Come here Y/N! FC Barcelona is playing.’

You all but ran towards Minho who was sitting by the tv with some of the other males. You loved soccer and it was one of the reasons you got along with Minho so much. Taking a seat next to him, he put his arm around you, to which he always did. Xiumin looked towards you to the scene and all but clutched his hands shut.

‘Thank you for the rescuing.’ You whisper to Minho.

‘Anything for you Munchkin.’ He smiled, ruffling your hair playfully.

The evening preceded and Irene was irritatingly clingy around Xiumin and you were getting pissed off very quickly. He was your boyfriend yet he was more of Irene’s. He forced you to come to this birthday and socialise yet he was no where close to you. Walking around the dorm, you found yourself on a balcony that looked over the city. You stood by the railing and let out a sign. It was a sigh of frustration, anger and sadness all wrapped up in one. You felt as if you were loosing your boyfriend to the person he swore he didn’t like. Wiping the tear that escaped your eye, you heard the door open and close. Not turning around to see who it was, you spat out cold words.

‘If you are here to drag me to socialise, think again Xiumin.’

‘Wow, and here I wanted to have a chat.’ A voice spoke up.

‘Minho?’ You turned on your heels and smiled at the man before you

‘You and lover boy having a fight?’ He walked toward you.

‘Tch, when did you get so smart.’ You teased before turning to look at the city again.

‘Don’t get snippy at me,Y/L/N Y/N.’ Minhon now stood besides you before nudging you playfully, ‘I am just trying to help.’

‘Thank you,’ You placed your head on Minho’s shoulder while letting out a deep sigh, ‘I don’t even want to be here, I honestly don’t even like anyone here!’

‘Hurtful.’ Minho looked down at you.

‘You know what I mean.’ You had no energy to argue with him, ‘Xiumin is so preoccupied with Irene, that he hasn’t even noticed my absence.’

‘Well I could beg to differ.’ A voice broke the conversation as you rolled your eyes and Minho stiffened, ‘Could you please excuse us, hyung . My girlfriend and I have some things we need to discuss.’

‘You gonna be okay?’ Minho whispered.

‘I am sure she will be fine.’ Xiumin stepped forward and you lifted your head.

‘I wasn’t asking you!’ Minho growled, when he felt your warm hand on his upper arm.

‘I will be fine. Go to the party.’ You flashed a smile as Minho gave a nod before leaving, ‘What do you want Xiumin ?’

‘What is wrong with you?’ Xiumin narrowed his eyes, ‘You know how I feel about Minho, and now here you are resting your head on his shoulder!?’

‘And you know how I feel about Irene , but look at me know!’ You shouted, ‘I didn’t even want to come to this fucking thing, you dragged me!’

‘Because its called manners and common decency,Y/N!’ Xiumin corrected.

‘No, its called, ‘Xiumin wants to be around Irene, because he has feelings for her’!’ You accused, and the elder went quiet, ‘You like her, don’t you?’ Xiumin remained silent, ‘I fucking knew it! So all those lunch’s and shit you were going on with her over the past few weeks, it clearly wasn’t business, more like pleasure.’

‘You are a fine one to talk!’ He pointed a finger at you, ‘At least I told you I was with her, and just having lunch, nothing more! We were busy talking about doing a collaboration together! You were busy running around with Minho behind my back.’

‘BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SPEND TIME WITH ME!’ You finally exploded, tears threatening to spill, ‘He made time for me, he never waited for me to ask, he just came! Unlike you, who are my BOYFRIEND!’

‘Stop acting like a child,Y/N, GROW UP!’ He shouted back, ‘You know everything was business!’

‘Hyung?’ Sehun poked his head, ‘Dinner is ready, but should we wait?’

Not even wanting to say anything, you turn of your heels and followed Sehun back down to the others. You wipe the tears that had formed in your eyes. This had probably been the first real fight the two of you had ever had and it was painful over other people. You loved Xiumin so much yet there seemed to be a rift forming between the two of you. He came and took a seat next to you with Irene next to him. Dinner went by as you all gathered in the lounge afterwards. The birthday girl had gone to the kitchen before coming back.

‘Let’s play a game!’ She suggested.

‘What you got in mind?’ Xiumin asked.

‘Truth or dare.’ You swore your heart sank at that moment.

‘Oh god Irene, we are not school kids.’ Sehun protested.

The female pointed at the male, ‘If you don’t want to play, then the door is that way.’ She confirmed, ‘It could be fun and why not make a memory out of it.’

‘I agree with Irene.’ Xiumin beamed.

‘Of course you do.’ You muttered under your breath, feeling someone tugging at his sleeve.

‘Come on, it could be fun.’ Minho whispered, ‘You can sit next to me.’

The boys moved the glass table from he centre of the lounge, as they took a seat on the floor in a circle. They all looked like naughty high school kids. The birthday girl placed the bottle in the centre, and looked at everyone with a mischievous grin.

‘May the best man win.’ She snickered, spinning.

The game started off as something innocent until it hit up a notch after a few bottles of soju. At one stage, Suho had to run around the block naked, while Amber had to shave the side of her head and Jonghyun had to sit in nothing but his boxers, yeah, the dares were getting worse by the second. With the bottle in the hand of Sehun once again, he spun and it landed on Irene, a smile creeping on his face.

‘Truth or dare?’ He asked.

‘Hmmmmmmmmm, dare.’ She stated, feeling adventurous.

‘I dare you to lick salt off Xiumin’s finger then the Vodka off his neck, and take the lemon from his mouth.’ The maknae smirked.

‘I must deny th-’ Xiumin was hushed by her finger on his lips.

‘It’s just a game, Xiuminne.’ She purred, ‘I will make it worth your while.’

Those words were only meant for his ears, but you got an earful. Xiumin was slightly drunk himself as he tilted his head causing you to tightened his fists. Minho lodged his thumb into your curled up fingers. You released your grip, and smiled at the elders attempt to sooth you. Your boyfriend caught the action and made up his mind right there. He allowed Irene to place the alcohol on his skin before placing the salt on his index finger and lemon in his mouth.


‘Try me, baby.’

Irene smirked, taking Xiumin’s finger in her mouth. She licked up the salt before licking the Vodka quickly, nipping at Xiumin’s sensitive neck earning a moan. Smirking, Irene placed her lips on Xiumin’s. The sight made you uncontrollably angry. Minho noticed the rage written on your face  that he placed a reassuring arm around you. Xiumin slipped a sight, lemon long gone, and kissed Irene. Irene was shocked, but took the opportunity to claim Xiumin’s lip. Pulling away, she pecked Xiumin’s nose, before spinning the bottle again. The green bottle landed on you.

‘Truth or dare?’ Irene asked you.


‘Are you sure?’

‘Try me.’

‘With pleasure.’ She took a swig of the wine she had been drinking, ‘I dare you to do a lap dance….on Minho Oppa.’ All colour drained from said male’s face as Xiumin gulped down his tenth soju, ‘And not those boring ones, the most sensual you can muster.’

‘Irene, I don’t think that is-’ You were cut short

‘No excuses,’ Irene rested a hand on Xiumin’s thigh before placing her head on the males shoulder, ‘You asked for a challenge, now do it.’

You felt your blood boil at the sight of Irene and Xiumin. Standing, you felt a bit dizzy but composed yourself. Key had played some sensual music from his phone as you began to move your hips to the music. Walking, you dropped down onto Minho’s lap and placed his hand on the your shoulder.  You were angry and irritated but you knew this was wrong on both men. Leaning in, you whispered to Minho.

‘I’m sorry.’

Xiumin took that whispering as something completely different as he watched you give a lap dance. It was a sensual one to a point where everyone was completely memorised by your movements. Once you finished they all stared at you mindlessly, clapping slowly, when Xiumin got up abruptly and grabbed you.

‘We must go.’ He stated flatly, leaving the dorm quickly.

Everyone looked at you in shock as Xiumin got your belongings, ‘Let go of me, Xiumin!’

Xiumin said nothing, but got to the car and put you in it, ‘Say a word and I swear it will not end well for you.’

You gulped, knowing your boyfriend was drunk. The vehicle drove as you both remained silent with the sound of soft rain falling outside. Arriving home, the doors opened and he dragged you inside before slamming the door behind.

‘WHAT THE FUCK!’ You finally screamed, ‘How dare you manhandle me!?’

‘What the hell was that?’ Xiumin screamed back, ‘Allowing Minho to witness that?!’

‘Minho…MINHO!’ You spat, ‘How dare you make out with Irene, and in front of me!’

‘Only because I saw Minho hold your hand and put his arm around you!’ Xiumin stood up for himself.

‘He wasn’t holding my hand, you idiot! He was unclenching my fists because your damn tongue was down someone else’s throat!’ You retorted, tears in your eyes.

‘I am going for a walk.’ Xiumin took for the door again, ‘I need to clear my head.’

‘DON’T YOU DARE WALK OUT ON ME, WE ARE NOT DONE!’ You scream at your drunk boyfriend.

Slamming the door once again, you fell to your knees in absolute defeat. Letting the tears fall from your eyes, you grunted in frustration as the sobs came. Xiumin wobbled as he walked, the rain wetting his hair. His eyesight was blurry due to his own tears. Stepping along the walkway, he found a park were he took a seat on the swing.

‘Xiumin, you idiot!’ He grunted to himself.

Truth be the matter, the elder wanted this fight to end, he hated that you found refuge in someone so easily. He mentally beat himself for not telling you the truth about the lunch meetings, but now he sat in the rain, and away from the woman he really loved. Hours passed, and it was around 1am. You sat on the bed sniffing. You hadn’t stopped crying since Xiumin left, you felt yourself drifting to sleep when the sound of the rain picked up. Rubbing your eyes, you looked around the empty room.

‘Xiumin?’ You sniffed, ‘Where in god’s name is he?’

You pulled your phone out and dialled the number. After around five tries, you eventually gave up. Stepping into the rain, you shielded your eyes and looked at the early morning sky. Anger still boiled in you but you weren’t about to let Xiumin wonder into traffic all drunk, or worse, someone else’s bed. Thinking to give up, you walked past the park and saw a figure sitting.

‘Xiumin?’ You shouted, the rain drowning out yours voice.

‘What do you want?’ Xiumin’s voice was cold and bitter as the rain, ‘Here to tell me that you going to leave me for Minho?’

‘Why would I do that?’  You asked with a raised brow, curious to see what the drunk man would say.

‘Because you seem more comfortable with him than with me.’ Xiumin sniffed.

At that moment, you felt your heart shatter and knew that Xiumin was now sober. Xiumin could hold his alcohol and was very quick tempered at times, but always spoke his true feelings when he was arriving at the sober stated. The man before you was truly broken, and it was all over a fight that the two of you didn’t want to end. Xiumin was stubborn, but so were you, but he wasn’t your friend but your lover.

‘I don’t want to loose you. He whispered, ‘And to see you in the arm of another man, I didn’t like the feeling it gave me….please don’t leave me?’

‘Why have you only realised this now?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘And I am still mad with you for making out with Irene.’

‘I was jealous okay!’ Xiumin now stood up, ‘I was jealous that Minho had his hands on you!’

‘And whose fault is that?’ You asked.

‘Don’t do this, Y/N…’ He pleaded, tears in his eyes again.

‘No!’ You snapped, ‘The only reason we are in this state is because you can’t keep it in your pants!’

‘I never cheated on you with Irene!’ Xiumin fell onto his knees, ‘I would never cheat on you… I love you.’

You could just stretch out this fight, but Xiumin was getting cold and you didn’t want him to get sick. This fight was getting old, and you needed to move on from this. Sighing at the broken man before you, you bent down on your knees with the rain pouring down and took Xiumin’s face in your hand’s. The elder was crying and your expression fell soft. Wiping the tears with your thumb, you leaned forward and captured Xiumin’s cold lips with a simple peck.

‘I love you too, Xiumin.’


if you don’t know this musicians au that i’m working, CLICK HERE

oh, poor Adrien…don’t worry, you’ll be pretty cool with this new haircut.

I have more information about this au:

- About two years, Alya and Juleka created that: for entering in the AK, you have to let us make a haircut on you.

- Everything changed when Nino entered because he didn’t have to much hair to do something cool, so they putted some pink paint and cool stuff like purpurin and it was just a disaster. Alya and Juleka couldn’t do more haircuts after that.

- Juleka started screaming when saw Adrien, just because his sweater and fancy clothes were giving to her the idea of a totally punk Adrien.

- The band has this style (hair and piercings) because they wanna be different, and they think that this really fits, so, they like it.

- Adrien is just pissing himself when he thinks about appear in the school of classic music, just like a punk, holding a cello.