fancy sunglasses

i’m getting wrinkles in between my eyebrows bc i have to squint all day bc i don’t want to pay $60 to get my contact prescription updated so i can wear my fancy sunglasses

ENTP Prof #3

ENTP: Heyyy everyone! Your teacher guy isn’t here today so I’m filling in.

Student: You’re kinda scary…we can always hear you from across the hall

ENTP: Well, ‘kinda scary’ all depends on what ‘scary’ even is. And, you know, that depends on what fear is. What even is fear? I want you guys to think about that for a moment.

Student: …well I’m scared of spiders

ENTP: Some people are scared of spiders, some are scared of the dark, some are scared of clowns, some are scared of plants, and some are scared of chocolate! I’m scared of dark chocolate. It’s horrible! Why take chocolate and make it healthier!?!? It’s all quite weird, the way food and fear work, isn’t it?I think it must be a conspiracy.

Student: Okay, are you from NightVale or something?

ENTP: I am *grabs a dark fancy coat and sunglasses off of one kid’s desk and puts them on*

ENTP: Welcome to NightVale


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can fitzsimmons just live a long and beautiful life with science and adorable children

and aunt daisy comes to visit them all the time and gently quakes the ground under the toddlers as they stumble around and babysits for fitzsimmons with uncle mack and aunt yoyo

and grandpa coulson comes all the time on his fancy jet and sunglasses and they call him grandpa phil and he tells them crazy stories about the avengers

and grandma may glares everytime they call her that but she allows it because she secretly likes it and then when the day is done her and grandpa phil leave promising they’ll come back with gifts next time

but jemma gets paranoid because she’s afraid the gift will be a babies first gun or alien tech

and their little kiddos have accent’s just like them and their daughters first word is science and their sons is monkey

and when they die they die together from old age and their graves are side by side, saying “beside each other the whole damn time”

the signs + what they remind me of (basically their aesthetic)
  • Aries: bonfires, large malls, downtown cities, loud laughter, swings
  • Taurus: wine, silk dresses, chandeliers, doodles, fresh-cut grass
  • Gemini: bicycles, fruits, deserts, late night walks, plain tee-shirts
  • Cancer: flower beds, overalls, poetry journals, warm blankets, shy smiles
  • Leo: tiaras, make up, amusement parks, musicals/plays, exotic drinks
  • Virgo: bubbles, documentaries, quality headphones, comic books, pajamas
  • Libra: combat boots, posters, old photographs, music festivals, designer bags
  • Scorpio: cigarettes, heavy rain, mountains, cats, dark humor
  • Sagittarius: road maps, islands, college campuses, pixie haircuts, autumn leaves
  • Capricorn: pay checks, dark sunglasses, fancy restaurants, cursive handwriting, record players
  • Aquarius: friendship bracelets, thrift stores, little insects, plants, fluffy clouds
  • Pisces: stickers, electric guitars, leather jackets, animal shelters, piercings

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(not my outline, all credit goes towards the owner)


Ahhh this is the hamster life!

Seriously Dylan, life isn’t fair. While you’re relaxing on the beach with your sunglasses and fancy drink I have to go to work because it’s Monday morning. What are you doing today? #hamster #beach #fancydrink #sunglasses #weeklyfluff

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