fancy sunglasses

When they insisted to buy you a lot of new clothes/makeups/etc.


Kim Namjoon :

He would wake you up from your sleep and smiled, “Babe, wake up! I found that Kylie Jenner releasing new product. I bet this color will suit you.” You frowned and shook your head, “no need, I’m okay with the one I used to-” He sulked and pulled your blanket, “come on! We need to make you prettier!” He cheered. 

“What the hell, Namjoon.”

“I love seeing you happy, babe. You are prettier when you’re happy.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

He would walked towards you who were cooking for lunch. You glanced at him and smiled, “what is it, Jin?” You asked. He crossed his arms and leaned to the refrigerator. He stared at you and stared at his phone. 

“What is it?” You asked curiously. 

“I saw a good dress, it will suit you. Let’s buy it,” he said. You chuckled and shook your head slowly, “no need. I have a lot of dress because you bought it last week.” He scoffed, “but it’s last week, not now. I’m approving your beauty, let’s go buy this dress for you.” He smiled. 

Min Yoongi : 

You were watching a TV show with chips on your hand. You were very focused on the TV and didn’t notice how Yoongi stared at you from his chair. “Are you mad at me or something, Yoongi.”


“Spill it.” He chuckled and smirked at you, “this is why I love you.” You nodded your head. He walked towards you and pulled your hands, “let’s buy shoes and bags for you,” he said. You shook your head, “I don’t want it. I have enough shoes and bags for the rest of the years. You bought me a lot of that.” 

Yoongi pouted, “please? I also want a quality time with you, pretty please?” He did an aegyo so you couldn’t say nor do anything about it so you said “yes”. 

“I love doing this for you.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

“Babe, it looks good on you.”

“Let’s buy this.” 

“Damn, that skinny jeans will look good on you too. Let’s buy 2 of it.” You would stood awkwardly behind him because he moved too much and too fast for you to follow. He got excited when you said he can choose you everything that will look good on you. You sighed and pulled Hoseok arm, “I think, it’s enough.”

He smiled at you, “you think so? Don’t you need more a lot of makeups?” 

“It’s enough, let’s eat.” He chuckled and ruffled your hair before he slung your arm into your waist and making the girls inside the mall got jealous. 

Park Jimin : 

Both of you were walking around in the mall, Jimin told the bodyguards to distanced a bit to make space for both of you. But clearly, you guys become the center of attention. 

Jimin saw girls were admiring the new released bag by Balenciaga and Celine but you didn’t turn your head to the store and keep busy with your crepes and the events in front of you. “Babe, you want bags like those girls?” He asked sweetly and pulled your arm softly to stop. You glanced at the store and shook your head, “nah, I still have a lot of bags in the house, Jimin. Don’t spoil me.”

He shook his head, “I’m not spoiling you, I’m spoiling myself. Let’s buy those bags for you, okay?” He smiled, “pretty please?” You chuckled and nodded your head. Damn, it was so precious when you saw the girls reaction because Jimin was so active for picking the bags for you meanwhile their boyfriend were nervous by them buying a lot of expensive bags. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You widened your eyes as you saw Taehyung came home with a lot of Gucci’s shopping bags on his hands. He grinned widely as he saw your expression. You crossed your arms and let him came inside the house, “what the hell, Kim Taehyung? You supposed to save your money for the future!” You scolded him. 

He pouted, “but I thought we could be a Gucci couple and I saw a lot of cute stuffs that we could wear together.” You sighed and shook your head, “you need to think before we bought something, these aren’t cheap. I know that.”

“Babe, relax, if it’s about me spending a lot of money for you it’s because I like that. No need to worry, I have a lot of money you know.”


“Now, let’s wear some and have a date.” 

Jeon jungkook :

You sighed as you went outside the campus, you saw Jungkook leaned on one of his fancy cars and wearing sunglasses, being attractive around girls. You rolled your eyes and walked towards him, “Jungkook, I hope you didn’t buy anything again.”

He grinned, “I’m not. We’re going to the mall and you can choose anything that you want. You buy and I swipe.” You smacked his shoulder, “why don’t we eat outside or something? I’m hungry,” you pouted. 

Jungkook chuckled and lead you to the passenger’s seat, “your wish is my command, princess.” But when you opened the door, you saw a very cute doll along with expensive shopping bag beside it. “Jeon Jungkook!” 

“Aww…relax, it’s not very expensive like yesterday.”

“It’s Hermes you dumbass!” He chuckled and started the engine, “I’m lucky I have you because you rarely spend money instead saving it for the future. But let me spoil you because I have a lot of money and I want to spend it for you.” 

Neil shopping for a birthday present for Nicky. He’s walking around the entire mall trying to pick out something perfect and struggling to remember every unimportant thing Nicky has ever chatted with him about in case there’s any hints there, but he’s coming up blank. For an hour, Andrew follows Neil around wordlessly and looks utterly indifferent to everything. Kevin looks around other sections of the same stores they’re in, but inevitably buys Nicky something exy related. Aaron knows exactly what he’s getting Nicky because Nicky has not at all subtly been pointing it out to him and then blatantly not buying it every time they go shopping, so he goes off on his own to get it and then meets up with Katelyn in the food court.

Neil is debating giving in and buying Nicky a jacket that looks like he might wear it because Nicky gave him a jacket for Christmas so it can’t be the worst gift, right? And then Andrew speaks up for the first time since they got there to tell him not that one. When Neil shoots him a look, Andrew explains Nicky hates wearing that colour because he thinks he looks bad in it. Neil suddenly vaguely remembers Nicky making a comment in passing about how he was jealous Neil could pull the colour off and he couldn’t. Andrew will not help pick presents out, but through a system of guess and check, Neil finds out what Nicky would and wouldn’t like thanks to Andrew’s eidetic memory and Nicky’s tendency to overshare.

On Nicky’s birthday, Neil hands him their purchases in the bag from the store instead of wrapped and Nicky’s so excited to open it that he almost forgets to make a comment about how Neil’s wrapping is as bad as Kevin’s. Neil says “We picked them out together” and Nicky looks to Andrew, waiting for him to deny any involvement. Andrew just stares at the far wall, looking bored to death and like he hasn’t heard a word either of them are saying.

When he’s done opening all of his presents from the team, Nicky ranks them from best to worst. Andrew and Neil get first place and Nicky makes a point of saying how Neil is a real friend, unlike Kevin who takes a firm last place for his exy book. Aaron gets second place for his expected, but thoroughly appreciated gift. Allison gets the next spot for the fancy sunglasses Nicky had to immediately take a selfie in and then send to Erik. Andrew pretends he can’t see the proud look Neil is giving him for their first place spot.

things the losers club give each other as gifts

- vintage postcards
- pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses
- fancy pens
- reese’s peanut butter cups
- moleskin journals
- scrap booking materials

- color-coded school supplies
- cool lighters and matches
- just yards of paracord
- pics of birds they find in magazines
- stamps
- cook rocks they find on the ground

- slinkies
- those curly shoelaces that make it so u don’t have to tie yr shoes
- silly putty
- anything rainbow
- skittles
- star-shaped sunglasses

- scraps of velvet for her to rub when she’s having a panic attack
- jacket patches
- travel-size sewing kits
- paints and paintbrushes
- knives
- red makeup

- friendship bracelets
- lollipops
- nail polish
- matchbox cars
- beanies
- fuzzy socks

- pocket protractors
- pictures of cool buildings
- tools for his toolkit
- comfy sweaters
- notes that say things like “you rock!” and “i’m your number one fan” to help him get through the day
- pictures of bunnies that they think look like him

- baseball caps
- playing cards for silver
- composition notebooks
- shirts and coffee cups and stuff that all say “Big Bill” on them
- stress balls
- comic books

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You mentioned how nobody requested a Mettaton, so may i request a Mettaton wearing big fancy sunglasses?

Of course!✨

No one asked for him in the dessert doodle requests, so he gets a post all to himself.
I’m so excited to unofficially debut this boi in the Undertale graphic novel (official debut is debut with you guys)!

the signs + what they remind me of (basically their aesthetic)
  • Aries: bonfires, large malls, downtown cities, loud laughter, swings
  • Taurus: wine, silk dresses, chandeliers, doodles, fresh-cut grass
  • Gemini: bicycles, fruits, deserts, late night walks, plain tee-shirts
  • Cancer: flower beds, overalls, poetry journals, warm blankets, shy smiles
  • Leo: tiaras, make up, amusement parks, musicals/plays, exotic drinks
  • Virgo: bubbles, documentaries, quality headphones, comic books, pajamas
  • Libra: combat boots, posters, old photographs, music festivals, designer bags
  • Scorpio: cigarettes, heavy rain, mountains, cats, dark humor
  • Sagittarius: road maps, islands, college campuses, pixie haircuts, autumn leaves
  • Capricorn: pay checks, dark sunglasses, fancy restaurants, cursive handwriting, record players
  • Aquarius: friendship bracelets, thrift stores, little insects, plants, fluffy clouds
  • Pisces: stickers, electric guitars, leather jackets, animal shelters, piercings

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Wears ⬇️
Salmon Shorts W/ Polo Shirt & Sperrys
Aviator Sunglasses 🕶 Fancy Suit
Major: Business/Psychology/Law
Style: Intense/Direct
Dependable As Death ✔️
3 Panic Attacks A Day ✔️
Highly Educated ✔️
Impolite Driver ✔️
Always 💯Real ✔️
Talks Fast ASF ✔️
City Of Destination: NYC 🌃🗽


Wears ⬇️
Man Bun W/ Button Shirt & Vans/Surfer Shoes
Beanie or Backwards Hat 👀 Victoria Sandals
Major: Film/Music 🎸🎬
Style: Laid-Back and Chill
Shallow and Superficial ✔️
Liberal and Triggered ✔️
Just Smoked 10 Blunts ✔️
Skater/Surf Dude Voice ✔️
Creative ASF ✔️
City of Destination: LA ☀️🌴